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License to Practice

License to Practice

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Allaine Rose Mae F. Malala, RN RM MANc

Definition of License
‡ A legal document given by the government that permits a person to offer to the public his or her skills and knowledge in a particular jurisdiction. ‡ The appropriate authority to administer, implement, and enforce the regulatory policies of government with respect to the regulation and licensing of the various professions and occupations under its jurisdiction is the PRC.

. ‡ It is the most important tool for legal control and enforcement of the nursing practice.Need for Licensure ‡ The primary purpose of registration is to protect the health of the people by establishing minimum standards which qualified practitioners must meet.

6. college or university Date of graduation All other degree granted by the institution . 7. 8. Registration ± is the recording of names or persons who have qualified under the law to practice their respective profession. sex and place of birth Place of business Post office address Name of school. 5.Definition of Registration ‡ ‡ 1. 3. 2. 4. Nurses¶ names are recorded in a registry or registration book which contains the following information: Full name Number and date of registration Age.

Such examination must be in accordance with and fully compliant with RA 8981 .Registration by Examination a. Examination and Registration Section 12. Licensure examination ± all applicants for registration as a nurse to practice nursing shall be required to pass a written examination given by the Board in such places and dates designated by the Commission.

Filipino citizen 2. 1. Qualification for Admission to the licensure examination. Holder of Bachelor¶s Degree in Nursing from a college or university that complies with the standards of nursing education duly recognized by the proper government agency. Good moral character 3. .Section 13.

Original TOR with date of graduation. 5.b. 2. Alien Certificate of Naturalization and clearance showing dismissal of case from the Court or Prosecutor¶s office. Original transcript of records with special order. Actual number of operating room scrubs and deliveries assisted. Birth certificate. 3. Requirements for Examination 1. . Marriage certificate. RLE 4.

Scope of Examination Section 14.c. Maternal and Child Nursing. Adults and Aged. Areas of nursing ± Fundamentals of Nursing. d. Scope of the examination for the practice of nursing in the Philippines shall be determined by the Board. Microbiology and Diet Therapy. Nursing Adolescents. . Anatomy. Fee for Examination and Registration Applicants for licensure and for registration shall pay the described fees set by the commission. Community Health Nursing. Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

e. in order to pass the examination. Section 15. an examinee must obtain a general average of at least 75% with a rating of not below 60% in any subject. . Rating of the Nursing Licensure Examination.

‡ Schedule of mass oath-taking is within 15 days upon the release of the results of the licensure exam.Oath-Taking of Nurses ‡ All successful candidates in the examination shall be required to take an oath of profession before the Board or any government official authorized to administer. .

bear true faith and allegiance. obey the laws. legal orders and decrees promulgated by the duly constituted authorities of the Philippines and adhere to the ethical and professional standards of nursing.‡ Professional Oath includes a pledge to support and defend the constitution. .

RA 9173 sec 17 Issued upon payment of prescribed fee. d. Certificate of registration will show the following: Full name of the registrant Serial Number Signature of Chairperson of the Commission and members of the Board Official seal of the Commission. b.Issuance of Certificate of Registration/Professional License and Professional Identification Card ‡ ‡ ‡ a. c. .

d. c. b.‡ a. Professional Identification Card Signed by the Chairperson Date of Registration License number Date of issuance and expiration .

. ‡ If after a lapse of 5 continuous year from the year it was last paid. the delinquent¶s certificate of registration shall be considered suspended. ‡ It can reinstated after payment of required fee and application without examination.Annual Registration (PRC Rules and Regulation Article III Section 41) ‡ 3 years ± birth month ‡ Fail to renew (annual) surcharge of 20% shall charged and for each calendar year.

‡ Intend to resume practice. name shall be reinstated to the annual roster. .‡ Registered practitioner desire to stop practicing the profession shall inform the Board in writing 1 year from the time he stopped practicing to exempt from payment.

.Automatic Registration for Nurses (RA 9173 Section 19) ‡ All nurses whose name appears at the roster of nurses shall automatically or ipso facto registered as nurses under this act upon its effectivity.

. Person convicted by final judgement.Non-registration and non-issuance of Certificate of Registration/Professional License or Special/Temporary Permit ‡ RA 9173 section 22 1. 2. Unsound mind.

‡ PRC Resolution Np. ‡ Excess credits shall not be carried for the next 3years except for Doctorate/Masters.Renewal of Nurse¶s License ‡ Shall renew in 3 years before the due date. with PRC prescribed form. . 2004-179 ± ³Standardized Guidelines and Procedures for the Implementation of Continuing Education for Professional´ ‡ Require that the total CPE credits for registered professionals with a Baccalaureate Degreee shall be sixty (60) for 3 years.

For gross incompetence or serious ignorance For malpractice or negligence in the practice of nursing a. . b.Revocation or Suspension of Certificates of Registration ‡ Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 (RA 9173 Section 23) ± the nursing Board shall have the power to revoke or suspend the certificate of registration/ professional license or cancel the special temporary permit of a nurse upon any of the following grounds: For any causes mentioned in section 22 of RA 9173 For unprofessional and unethical conduct. d. c.

the implementing rules and regulations. For violation of this Act. ‡ Suspension of certificate of registration/professional license shall be for a period not exceeding four (4) years. or false statement obtaining a certificate of registration/ professional license or a temporary/ special permit. For practicing the profession during suspension from such practice.e. deceit. f. . Code of Ethics and Code of Technical Standards for nursing Practice g. For the use of fraud.

‡ Suspension ± the nurse is not allowed to practice temporarily until the final judgement of the case against him/her is rendered. . The license is not confiscated.Re-issuance or Revoked Certificates ‡ RA 9173 section 24 ± re-issuance of revoked certificates and replacement of lost certificates.

.‡ Revocation ± the license to practice is confiscated either temporarily or permanently.

2. use of invalid certificate of registration. Any person practicing nursing in the Philippines within the meaning of this Act: 1. use of above by another person. professional license and professional identification card or special/temporary permit. . 3.Prohibitions in the Practice of Nursing a. without certificate of registration. professional license and professional identification card or special/temporary permit.

7. 6. who falsely possess or advertises as a registered and licensed nurses or uses any other means that tend to convey the impression that he/she is a registered and licensed nurse. 5. abets or assists the illegal practice of a person who is not lawfully qualified to practice nursing. . who give false evidence to the Board to obtain certificate of registration/ professional license.4. who appends BSN/RN or any similar appendage to his/her name without having been conferred said degree or registration.

Any person or employer of nurses who violate the minimum base pay of nurses and incentives and benefits that should be accorded them. Any person or chief executive office of a juridical entity violating any provision of this Act and its rules and regulations. . d. Any person or chief executive officer of a juridical entity who undertake in-service educational program or who conducts review classes for both local/foreign examinations without permit/clearance from the Board or Commission c.b.

´ .Due Process of Law ‡ ³Law which hear before it condemns. which proceeds upon inquiry and renders judgment only after trial.

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