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Alimony Questionnaire (To Help Determine Support)

1. Length of marriage
2. Present employment:
-- # of years working at this job
--rate of pay
--specify bonuses, perks, extra compensation (e.g., commissions)
--prospects for raises, promotion, or advancement
Specify important past employment.
If not presently employed, state why.
3. Education and special training
4. Were you employed at the time of marriage? If so, state the job, rate of
pay, and education level required.
5. State your education level, job skills, special training, and work experience
at the time of your marriage.
6. State the education level, job skills, special training, and work experience
you now possess.
7. Describe your health. Do you currently have special needs requirements that
must be met by an employer in order for you to be gainfully employed?
8. Will you be self-supporting after the divorce? How? Do you anticipate any
special circumstances or unusual expenses you will be required to incur that could
impact your ability to be self-supporting after the divorce? If so, please
9. Did you sacrifice any career opportunities so that your spouse could attend
school and obtain a degree, license, or success in his or her occupation? If so,
please describe.
10. Is there currently any prenuptial agreement or contract between the parties
which specifies the amount of support you are to receive after the divorce? If
so, please produce this for your lawyer's review.
11. Have you calculated your financial needs after the divorce? How much monthly
income is required to maintain your current standard of living? Does this
include cost-of-living adjustments and long-term tax consequences? How long do
you think such support should be paid?
12. Do you feel you deserve to receive alimony? Why?

Author's Note: In order to evaluate your need for alimony (also referred to as
maintenance), it is necessary to consider the above questions and discuss the
answers with your lawyer. Remember that the law differs from state to state in
this area and also depends on the unique facts of each case, so get experienced
legal advice. Also, refer to the Comprehensive Living Expenses Checklist (on
pages 149-151) to help you compute and determine financial need.