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Sample Retainer Agreement with Attorney for Appeal


Name of Client

Dear (Name of Client):

This letter confirms that you have retained me as your attorney to

represent you in the prosecution of an appeal of a judgment granted against you by
Justice (specify name) on (specify date) in the (specify trial court) and entered
on (specify date) in the office of the Clerk. The appeal will be taken to
(specify court).
You have agreed to pay to me promptly a flat fee of (specify $) for all
legal services to be rendered in this matter. This fee shall be paid as follows:
(specify how much up front and how much later upon the happening of certain
events). In addition to my fee, you also agree to pay for all costs and
disbursements upon my request. Disbursements include, but are not limited to, the
cost of the transcript of the trial (which the court reporter has estimated at
about $X,XXX), the cost of the appellate printer to print the record on appeal and
the briefs we submit, and to cover the costs for serving the papers on appeal.
All of these costs and disbursements are estimated to be approximately (specify $)
but the actual disbursements may vary from the estimates, which are only
I promise to keep you informed of all developments as they occur and to
send you copies of all incoming and outgoing correspondence immediately after it
is generated/received.
I will personally handle the drafting of your brief and the arguing any
motions or the appeal in court if necessary.
I look forward to working with you on this matter. Kindly indicate your
understanding and acceptance of the above terms by signing this letter below where

Very truly yours,

Name of Attorney

I, (name of client), have read and understand the above letter, have received a
copy, and accept all of its terms:

Name of Client