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FORM 45.

Notice to Cancel Delayed or Back-Ordered Goods


Your Name


Name of Person or Business


Dear (Name of Person or Officer):

As we discussed on (specify date) by telephone, I still have not

received the goods (describe quantity) I purchased on (specify date), and which,
pursuant to the terms of our (specify, such as contract or purchase order, copy
enclosed), were supposed to be delivered by (specify date).
Accordingly, due to your failure to ship the products to me in a timely
fashion, demand is hereby made for (specify, such as the full return of the
deposit or purchase price) which was tendered to you by check (or in cash) (state
when). You are also notified that I shall refuse the goods and return them to you
at your expense if they should be delivered to me after this date.
We agreed that I could return the goods I have already received from the
partial shipment and receive a complete refund (or credit). Thus, kindly return
my deposit (or the full purchase price) to the above address by (specify date), to
avoid expensive and protracted litigation, which under the laws of this state may
entitled me to recover additional damages, penalties, legal fees, costs, and
interest upon the successful institution of a lawsuit.
Hopefully, this can be avoided, and I thank you for your prompt
assistance and attention to this matter. If you desire further information or
wish to speak with me during weekday business hours, you may reach me at (provide
telephone number).

Very truly yours,

Your Name

Name of Business

--Send certified mail, return receipt requested.