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FORM 47.

Sample Contract by Letter with Employer

Your Name


Telephone Number


Name of Corporate Officer

Name of Employer

Dear (Name):

Per our discussion, it is agreed that I shall be employed by (specify

employer) as a (specify job title) for an initial term of (specify, such as one
year), beginning on (specify date). As compensation for services, I will receive
a salary of (specify $) per year payable in equal biweekly installments on the
first and fifteenth day of each month during the employment term.
In addition to my base salary, I will receive an annual bonus of
(specify $) payable in equal quarterly installments and the company will promptly
reimburse me for all reasonable business expenses on presentation of appropriate
vouchers and records. This bonus will be given as compensation for additional
services to be rendered. Upon termination of this agreement for any reason, I
shall be entitled to receive my bonus and salary for the remaining period of the
quarter in which my separation occurs.
If any of the terms in this letter are not correct, please advise me
immediately in writing. Otherwise, this letter shall set forth and accurately
reflect our understanding of this matter.
I look forward to working for (specify employer).


Your Name

--Send certified mail, return receipt requested.

--Author's Note: Send a similar letter whenever you reach an agreement with anyone
concerning any matter. If the letter is clearly drafted, sent certified mail,
return receipt requested, and you do not receive a response, this will help turn
an oral handshake into a written contract! Be sure to save a copy of the letter
and the proof of receipt as evidence.