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FORM 59.

Document Checklist to Discuss with Divorce Attorney

- Federal, state, and local income tax returns for the past 3 to 5 years
- Corporate or partnership federal and state tax returns of your spouse's business
(or your own) for the past three to five years
- Executed Agreements between the parties, such as a prenuptial or separation
- All documents relating to income, expenses, and property, such as payroll stubs
and W-2 or 1099 forms, copies of leases, statements of interest or dividend
income, account statements from stockbroker or financial advisor
- Bank statements of all personal and business checking accounts for you and your
- Deeds, mortgages, leases held to any real estate
- List of all income-producing assets, such as bank CDs and stock certificates
- Pension and retirement plan policies and statements and records for 401(k)
plans, IRAs, Keoghs, etc.
- List of employer-provided benefits, pertinent employment contracts, stock option
and profit-sharing plans and records, for you and your spouse
- List of all physical assets, such as paintings, coin collection, automobiles,
boats, etc. including bills of sale or registration certificates
- Copies of life, health, auto, homeowner's, disability, and other pertinent
insurance policies
- Personal or business Net Worth Statements previously prepared and submitted for
a loan or other purpose
- Appraisals of any personal or real property or business owned by the parties
- Location and itemized contents of any safety deposit boxes
- Description or records of any gifts or inheritances
- List outstanding debts, credit card records, and loans
- Copies of all wills and trust documents
- Your passport, birth certificate, and social security cards (also copies of the
same for your spouse)
- Love letters or other written evidence or agreements documenting promises of
support, conveyance of property, etc.
- Other important documents or records