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FORM 65.

Sample Complaint Letter to Human Rights Commission (or other appropriate

state agency)

Your Name
Telephone Number

Director of Appropriate Agency


Re: Formal Protest against ABC Employer for Illegal Hiring Practices

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is a formal complaint against (specify employer), located at

On (date), I was interviewed by (name of employee) for the position of
(title). The interview took place at (location). During this interview, I believe
I was asked a variety of illegal questions. The following are the specific
questions asked: (list them)
Although I answered some of the questions, I politely chose not to answer
others on the basis of irrelevance and illegality. After the interview, I was
told by (name) that the company never hired anyone who refused to answer these
questions. Although extremely qualified, I was denied the job.
I believe I was the victim of illegal and discriminatory hiring practices.
I understand that your agency has the authority to investigate these charges and
institute legal proceedings, if appropriate on my behalf, seeking restitution and
possibly enabling me to be hired by the company. Therefore, please investigate
this matter on my behalf. You can reach me at the above address and telephone
number if you require any additional information or assistance.
I am available to meet with a representative of your agency to discuss the
matter in greater detail if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation in this

Very truly yours,

Your Name

--Send certified mail, return receipt requested.