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FORM 68.

Sample Sales Representative Agreement

Your Name
Telephone Number

Name of Corporate Officer

Company Name

Dear (Name):

This letter will confirm the terms of my engagement as a sales

representative for your company. I agree to represent the company in the
following territory (specify states), for a minimum period of one year, beginning
on (specify date).
The above-named territory will be covered exclusively by me, with no other
salespeople covering the territory. There will be no house accounts in the
I will be paid a commission of (specify %) of the gross invoice for all
accepted orders in my territory, regardless whether the orders are sent by me,
received by the company through the mail, or taken at the company's place of
business without my assistance.
There will be no deductions from my commission for credit or returns.
Commission checks together with accurate commission statements will be sent to me
on or before the (specify) day of the month following the month my orders are
I will be considered an independent contractor and will be responsible for
all applicable social security, withholding, and other employment taxes.
This contract will be automatically renewed for successive one-year terms so
long as my yearly gross volume of accepted orders exceeds that of the previous
year (or specify other circumstances).
If any of the terms of this letter are incorrect, please advise me
immediately in writing. Otherwise, this letter shall set forth our understanding
of this matter, which cannot be changed except in a writing signed by both of us.
I look forward to working for you.

Very truly yours,

Your Name

--Send certified mail, return receipt requested.