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Chinese Idiom

Idiom is a kind of condensed story we Chinese people all love to read. Our ancestors concentrate their
collective wisdom and talent in these refined words, revealing the flash side of life from the truth, so that
they were passed on generation by generation.

Please read the household idiom story as follows:




Key Words

株 — 树桩 — tree stump 待 — 等待 — waiting for 耕者 — 农民 — farmer

田 — 田地 — field 走 — 跑 — run 触 — 撞上 — dash against

折 — 折断 — break 颈 — 脖子 — neck 释 — 荒废 — abandon

耒 — 耕作 — plough 冀 — 希望 — hope for 复 — 再 — again

Sitting by a Stump, Waiting for a Careless Hare

In the state of Song there was a farmer in whose fields stood a tree stump. A hare, which was running
very fast, dashed against the stump and died, having broken its neck. The farmer was so pleased to get a
hare by sheer luck that he abandoned his plough and waited by the tree stump day after day, hoping to
get another hare. However, no more hare ever came and he became a laughing stock in the state of

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