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CHAPTER 19 El Filibusterismo Published in Ghent (1891) July 5 1891 - Rizal left from Brussels for Ghent (famous University

in Belgium) Reasons for moving to Ghent: 1. Cost of printing in Ghent was cheaper than in Brussels 2. Escape from enticing attraction of Petite Suzane Jose Alejandro(Pampanga) and Edilberto Evangelista(Manila) - compatriots met in Ghent w/c where both studying engineering.

>> Rizal lived in cheap boarding house w/ Jose Alejandro as room-mate. >> Years later, Jose Alejandro became a general during the Filipino-American War and an engineer, recounted in his memoirs their hard life in Ghent. Summarized below: They decided to bought their own breakfast to reduced their rent expense. Rizal bought tea, sugar, alcohol and a box of biscuits and divided it equally between them which planned to consume it within 30 days. But Alejandro consumed it 15 days while Rizal successfully consumed it in 30 days.


F. MEYER VAN LOO PRESS, No. 66 Viaanderen St. publishing house where it printed El Filibusterismo and offered installment basis. Rizal pawned his jewelry to pay down payment and early partial payments during the printing. >> Rizal received money from Basa P200 from Rodriguez Arias from the copies of Morga s Sucesos sold in Manila. July 1891 - Rizal wrote to Basa from Ghent warningly that he may stop the printing if the money doesn t come. August 6, 1891 - printing of El Filibusterismo had suspended.

Valentine Ventura - he was from Paris and heard Rizal s predicament which he sent immediately the needed money to continue the printing of El Fili. (Savior of El Filibusterismo) >> To give thanks, the original manuscript and an autograph printed copy was given to Valentin Ventura. Complimentary copies was sent to: 5. Antonio and Juan 1. Blumentritt Luna 2. Mariano ponce 6. And other friends 3. G. Lopez Jaena 4. T. H. Pardo De Tavera


Newspaper which gives tribute to El Fili are : 1. La Publicidad - Barcelona Newspaper 2. El Nuevo Regimen - Madrid Newspaper >> El Filibusterismo was dedicated to the 3 friars (Padre Gomez, Padre Burgos and Padre Zamora) Rizal s mistaken the correct date of martyrdom and age of GomBurZa which printed on the book: Date of execution: Wrong: February 28, 1892 Correct: February 17, 1892 Wrong Correct Padre Gomez 85 y/o 73 y/o Padre Burgos 30 y/o 35 y/o

Padre Zamora 35 y/o

37 y/o

September 18, 1891 - El Fili came off the press and give copies to Basa and Sixto Lopez. Filipiana Division of the Bureau of Public Libraries, Manila - where the original manuscript is preserved. It had been acquired from Ventura for P10,000. Consisting of 279 pages of long sheets of paper. 2 Features of in manuscript which not appeared in printed book. 1. FOREWORD 2. WARNING

>> the book printed in Ghent have inscription of Ferdinand Blumentritt with the title of the book. Characters of El Fili 1. Simoun (C. Ibarra) 2. Isagani 3. Paulita Gomez 4. Don Custodio 5. Basilio 6. Juli 7. Quiroga 8. Padre Salvi 9. Padre Sibyla 10. Padre Irene 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Padre Million Padre Florentino Ben Zayb Juanito Pelaez Cabesang Tales Placido Penitente Doña Victorina Don Tiburcio de Espadaña

Noli and El Fili compared : Noli 1.) Romantic Novel -work of the heart -book of feelings 2.) 38 chapters

El Fili 1.) Political Novel -work of the head -book of thought 2.) 64 chapters

September 22, 1891 - he wrote to Blumentritt that he planned to pen his third Novel. October 18, 1891 - boarded the steamer Melbourne in Marseilles bound for Hong Kong. National Library, Manila - preserved the unfinished third novel.

Rizal s Unfinished Novels Title No title (unfinished third novel) Makamisa (a novel in tagalog) Dapitan (ironic Spanish novel) No title (novel in Spanish) No title (a novel of Rizal) Novels Contained in Two Notebooks both in Ironic Spanish No title (first notebook) No title (second notebook)

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