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The Variety of Resources on Earth 1. The different resources on earth a. Earth resources very important to sustain life. b.

Various type of resources like



Fossils fuels

Earth resources
Soil Living things






Air  Composition: i. Oxygen: ii. Carbon dioxide: iii. Nitrogen: Water  Covers over 70%of the earth surface i. Universal solvent: ii. Transport medium: iii. To help cool animal and plants in hot weather through evaporation iv. For photosynthesis in green plants Soil  Topmost layer of land i. To hold roots that provide support for plants and store nutrients ii. For farming to yield crops iii. As habitat for some organism Minerals

compounds and mixtures. fuel and medicinal sources. Earth resources as matters can occur in three different forms. Elements compounds and mixture. petroleum. Matter Elements Compounds Mixtures Metal Non-metal b. 2. VI. a.  Element or compounds that occur naturally in the earth crust  Important as many useful metals are extracted from minerals ores Fossil fuels  Such as coal.V. Atom is basic unit of matter d. A matter is composed of particles either as atoms or molecules c. A molecule is a group of atoms held together by chemical bonds in a fixed proportion Molecules One type of atoms Two or more types of atom . clothes materials for buildings and furniture.elements. and natural gas are formed  Become sources or energy for power station Living things  Such as animals and plants important as food sources.

3. An elements consist of one type of atom Elements may occur as atoms or molecules of the same type of atoms It cannot be broken down into the simpler type of matter by physical or chemical means . 2.Elements 1.