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Change has come. We are change.

A thought given by the author Alexander Lacson for the Filipinos. He left us with twelve simple steps/ways on how to improve our country which are small acts of patriotism. Throughout the years, the Philippines underwent many different trials and changes. Through time, we have grown, failed, succeeded and survived. In today’s competitive world, we should not be left behind living in the wrong habits we used to do.

Follow traffic rules. Follow the law. In every single state throughout the world are rules listed and implemented. Being a democratic country, we Filipinos have all the freedom we could ever wish for but not to the extent that we are breaking the rules and known standards given. Every day, we experience traffic, get stuck in it, get irritated, be late for work and school and brings discomfort and uneasiness. A single Filipino violating such rule causes a major distraction to the flow made by the obedient ones. A sour grape in a basket will destroy the whole basket of goods. The same way goes to us people.

Traffic rules are the most basic of our country’s laws. If we learn to follow them, it could be the lowest form of national discipline we can develop as a people. A culture of discipline is crucial to our destiny as a nation.Whenever we follow traffic rules, we show our love for our neighbor, our love for the Filipino.
Always ask for an Official Receipt Most of us disregard the essence of receipts. The common routine when receipts are given are: fold, scratch, crumple, throw or even throw not knowing what the items listed on it which are important such as the percent of VAT and other stuff. With the use of the OR, the right amount of tax is given to the government which Is then divided and given to different sectors and services such as road construction which are then used by all the Filipinos. Many stores who are not issuing Ors are considered as illegal and makes it unfair for those establishments which give a percent of their earnings to the local government. In exception, small stores such as candy stands and vendors are not affected by the use of OR because their commodities are so cheap that putting VAT on it may mean lost of income for the vendors themselves. Asking for ORs leads to higher tax collections, which means more funds

for our government, which could strengthen our economy and lead us to progress. Don’t buy smuggled goods. Buy local. Buy Filipino.
Americans helps Americans, Koreans helps Koreans, Chinese people help Chinese people while the Filipinos help all except themselves. Yes, we Filipinos love to buy foreign goods and tend to neglect our own. We have a misconception that “imported” is expensive and classy while our own are “cheap” and common. We love

being proactive leaves a big leap in life and makes negative things positive as well. If we just learn to buy and love our own products. tons of inventions were made and a billion number of garbage are made and dumped. Therefore. Recycle. many Filipinos leave and serve abroad. not the economy of other countries. Conserve Now that we are in the 21st century. Throw your garbage properly. Manpower is then lost by our country. It is the birthplace of our race. Always be optimistic and not buy imports and the products branded by foreign names not knowing the quality differences between our local products and theirs. we live in an archipelago. Each one of us. We tend to forget their status and job and anger prevails. Our feelings and moods greatly affect the level and quality of performance we give and the energy-level we exert on activities. Our money should support our economy. We should speak positively about each other and be united for our country and not be the source of misunderstandings and quarrel. Industries and lots of job opportunities are made available to them while we are left with none and even the closure of some companies due to net loss. a reverse reaction will happen. According to the seven habits of highly effective people. a country filled and surrounded by many bodies of water. Because of this. It is the home of the Filipino. We are blinded by our colonial mentality and the later effect of different conquest during the earlier years. hear and even featured on television the disrespectful acts of Filipinos to our public servants such as traffic aids and policemen. Speak positively about us and our country A positive outlook in life always bring out the goodness and best in us. It compels him to do his job right. Every Filipino is an ambassador of our country. We are rational human beings and be deserve to be respected regardless of the race and status in life. . Respect your traffic officer. As Filipinos. It’s nice to know that products nowadays are biodegradable and many projects are launched to help preserve and prolong the environment’s life especially now that we are seriously experiencing global heat. Respect honors and dignifies a man. policeman & other public servants Respect is something every man is entitled to have and receive. Segregate. we can promote our country to other people and not talk negative things about it like issues which are not good and misconceptions as well. We must realize that their job is noble and what they are doing is for our own sake and benefit and not for their salaries alone. Philippines is the country given to us as a people. a number of decades had already passed. is a salesman of our country. We should keep it beautiful. Buying Filipino means supporting the Filipino. We often lose control of the situation and do things beyond our limits. If the positive personality radiates among others. It is a common scenario in everyday life that we see. wherever we maybe. Our money goes to them and their economy grows while we are left behind. we should learn and be responsible enough to throw our garbage properly and learn to recycle and segregate.

It builds our nation. Blessings must be shared. hospitals and roads. do your solemn duty • When we fight for our votes. as a people and as a nation. we fight for our right to make our own destiny. • 9th : Pay your employees well • A company must bring prosperity not only to its owners but also to its employees. There is love of neighbor whenever we pay our taxes properly so our government can help more people. we show love for our neighbor. • 10th : Pay your taxes • Taxes are the lifeblood of our government. It is what builds our public schools. Whenever we help our church. It is what pays our teachers. should adopt one poor child as a scholar. 8th : During elections. soldiers and other public servants. they would become giant patriots of our country someday. by loving • . It builds families. There is love of neighbor when we elect good leaders for our country and people. we help our Creator in His works on earth. • 11th : Adopt a scholar or a poor child • Investing on our youth is investing on our country’s future. Teach your kids to love our country • If we start planting seeds of patriotism in the hearts and minds of our youth today.7th : Support your Church • • When we help our church. There is love of neighbor whenever we teach and raise our children as patriots. • 12th : Be a good parent. There is love of neighbor whenever we help a child get an education. There is love of neighbor when we value and pay our employees appropriately. Every family who can afford.

our country through loving our people. Just as what God’s second greatest commandment states: Love yourself as you love your neighbor. we show and express our love not only to our country but also to our fellowmen as well. In doing so. .