 Today. It has became a part of our life. . info tech . has been virtually revolutionized by the application of plastic. automobile .  Use of this non-biodegradable product (stays as long as 4500 years on earth unchanged) and is growing rapidly.building construction. packaging. every sector of economy. Plastic invention has created a revolution in the world. starting from agriculture.

....000 tons of plastic waste is produced per year.?? The adverse effect of improper disposal of plastic. How it is disposed.   In India 52..  “Hence the question is not plastic Vs no plastic but it is more concerned with judicious use and reuse of plastic”  So. one of the best ways –“Use plastic waste in road construction”.

Polyethylene Low density polymer Carry bags Less than 20 micron .


). . It is first stirred by using hand for 20 to 30 minutes.     Heating of bitumen by blending of plastic upto 170°c. Adding waste plastic of 25 gms (5%) in bitumen of 475 gms (500 gms.  And also we found that density of plastic is lesser than the density of bitumen. Finally it was not properly mixed We decided to use mechanical stirrer for proper mixing of bitumen and plastic. Hence it must be mixed and laid immediately.

 The tests for bitumen were done. We found that the ductility value alone decreased. 4% & 3%).e. . We used mechanical stirrer for the same 25 gms ( 5%) of waste plastic in 475 gms of bitumen and it is strirred upto 20 minutes.. it results that flow is higher in Marshall stability compared to normal bitumen.  The test for bitumen with aggregate were done.  Thus we continued by decreasing the percentage ( i.  We found that plastic and bitumen were mixed well.

  Plastics were added as per the procedure by 4% and 3% Thus we found that 3% is better and fullfilled all the test results.  4% is also good but fails in ductility only. .

% of polymer in bitumen penetrati ductility Softening Marshall Stripping on point stability .

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