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Digital Creative, Content and Management Director

Bio is a digital creative Miguel Gonzalez

and management leader for advertising, integrated and digital marketing firms. Most recently at Momentum Worldwide, Miguel reorganized the agency’s digital practice across North America while launching 10 initiatives in 9 months for Coca-Cola, HP, Microsoft, American Express and more. Previously at DraftFCB, Miguel led the emerging platforms team that spearheaded digital and cross-media campaigns for Boeing, Kmart, KFC and SC Johnson. Miguel was Vice President, Creative Director at Leo Burnett where he co-led the launch of “An Army Of One” for the U.S. Army, managed the unprecedented “Basic Training” webisode series, and launched the first social networking community for Philip Morris. During the dot-com era at interactive agencies including Leapnet (Chicago), Poppe Tyson (NY) and Ogilvy Interactive (NY), Miguel developed and launched interactive experiences and campaigns for LendingTree, a startup brand he named, Valvoline, Dean Witter, Prudential Securities, IBM, MSNBC and Slate online magazine. Miguel launched media mogul Barry Diller’s first web site at TV shopping network QVC in the mid1990s. At his first agency, Gyro Worldwide in Philadelphia, Miguel helped make the notorious Zipperhead campaign that appears in the book Advertising Today (Phaidon). Miguel’s work has received awards from Cannes, the One Show, the Effies, Art Director’s Club of New York, Addys, Reggies, New York Advertising Festival, the Yahoo! Big Idea Chair and ad:tech.

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New Balance needed At Momentum, we faced clients who
breakthroughs in digital and social media as the economy tanked. Season In The Balance garnered enough buzz and positive sentiment that New Balance renewed the effort for another year. Season two will launch in 2010.

New management, outreach and moniBalance Social media

toring were handled by Momentum’s Engagement Intelligence group in London under an internal finance cooperation agreement I initiated.

it shows. TV. . OLA. radio. If you’ve had a great night’s sleep. web videos.Hamptonthe Cloud Nine Bed to Hampton was introducing mid-tier business travelers. The idea was produced in national print. web site. I thought. a national live event tour and experiential Bed Head interventions at airports for weary business travelers. Then we won the prestigious Yahoo! Big Idea Chair award.


Winner oF the 2008 TasTy award for BesT Lunch Performance “this is perFect For our liFestyle. you work with what you’ve In the QSR got. You deliver within razor thin margins.” “Finally a Film that leaves you satisFied.” “We have a liFest yle?” “Feed your appetite For a good Film. When we launched the Life Tastes Better With KFC brand platform. And your results count.” KFCcategory. . we ran print and digital advertising that re-inforced the mainline effort’s “Friday Night Lights” brand world.


So it can be cheap.000.KFC that needs explanation . We built this one using internal resources for only $95. . a For a new product promotional microsite can be fun and smart. too.

the Here’s how national TV spot. for interactive media. On the left is a dvMail experiment in video email that outpulls conventional email by double digits. .KFCto leverage an existing asset. For the expanding banner. you guess what Mom will say and see results.

the had been the core of Amster Yard collaborated with the St.RollingNew York-based team that Rock At Momentum. We activated the campaign through a music tour and local bar events featuring Bloodshot Records artists and a really relaxed vibe that resonated with Rolling Rock’s indie cred. . Louis-based account and creative teams to develop “Born Small Town” for newly acquired AB-Inbev brand Rolling Rock.



Army My contribution to reinventing brand began with the key strategic insight that I wrote on an airplane napkin: “Army Is Strength.S.S. Plus. and Europe with the senior-level clients. I remain closely connected to members of the client team to this day. After presenting at the Pentagon and traveling in the U. the campaign won a gold Effie. Army the U. We turned the brand and the recruiting mission around in the first year.S. .” The results were incredible.U.

. window decals.:: Miguel H. Gonzalez :: 708 445 9096 :: miggon@hotmail. post cards and mouse pads.000 recruiting offices.S. the iconic posters from the launch campaign. It included a briefing manual. banners.com :: U. presented this launch kit that was Army I wrote and drop shipped to more than 3.

Basic Training became the heart Army campaign after its launch.S. this truly ground breaking campaign of webisodes. print.U. And it worked. Army of the U. POS and.S. spots. We also took home a bronze CyberLion. . So. The agency and client leadership came to loggerheads over creative differences. online advertising driven by search effectively inhabited the brand. and the media was already paid for. importantly.

U. .S. plotted the editorial calendar and supervised casting.theArmy I wrote up concept. No pressure. storyboarded webisodes. Then I sold the idea in a tiny Pentagon conference room full of Generals.

U. Basic Training actually became The History Channel picked it up and ran it as a 13 week cable TV series. .S. Army content itself.

Originally. Army’s important sports marketing effort.U.S. .” But champion driver Tony Schumacher quickly embodied the moniker and Army brand values himself. the creative development of the Army I supervised U.S. we named the NHRA dragster “The Sarge.

production and creative duties.S. I actively managed the more than $55 million dollar U.U.S. Army direct response budget. .toArmy sub-contractor In addition supervising the agencies at Leo Burnett.

This viral video won a Gold Medal at the New York Festivals. Family company CEO Fisk Johnson loves it. The idea stems from the benefit: Shout Wipes bring clothes back to life. . The campaign included live events in six markets and online social media support supplied by New Media Strategies.Shout and a great deal of trust for Wipes It takes patience CPG clients to approve innovative work. you’re dead. If the idea stinks.

As a platform for converting NWA cardholders into Delta SkyMiles members. the idea provided the catalyst for everybody’s contribution to the client’s success. Make Miles Matter was produced in live events. online and good old TV and radio. .American Express The way to break through the current stalemate of client-agency of record relationships is to present a campaign that is both strategically and creatively undeniable. Importantly.


.Busch Gardens This site for Colonial Williamsburg gives con- sumers personalization and a calendar application to explore and enjoy the real-world experience of visiting the historic vacation destination.



“The Monster Makeover.HP in an entertainment property and a HP invested retail partnership with Office Depot. We pulled it together with an integrated retail and consumer promotion platform.” .


Microsoft (MSN) Like more contemporary online promotions. With this brand benefit driven program. . It’s a case study for why “buy this. MSN was mailing 35 million discs every quarter. At the time. get that” is never enough. this effort for MSN Internet Access demonstrates how brand relevance can inform a promotional platform idea. we got them a 10 percent lift at $32 per acquisition.

Kraft Foods of conI spent three solid years in the trenches sumer promotion. In my quest to completely understand the consumer decision journey. experiential and entertainment activation marketing as VP. I was compelled to understand how all marketing communication and brand-building campaigns can derail at the fateful “point of decision” in stores. Promo. Deputy Executive Creative Director of FCB/Marketing Drive plus as a contractor at Frankel/Arc Worldwide and 141 Worldwide. . I learned to love the spider chart while winning Reggies. Ex and POPAI awards.

. We were kickin’ it old school while partnering with AOR partners for advertising. PR and media.DiGiorno platform and My team developed the thematic POS for DiGiorno’s NCAA partnership from its inception. digital.

Our challenge was to keep the new umbrella above its constituent theme park brands without losing its identity in the mix.Worlds of Discovery As lead agency for Busch Entertainment Corpo- ration. . we partnered with them through their post-InBev transition as the stand-alone corporate brand Worlds Of Discovery. The site used Papervision 3D and Actionscript 3 techniques for visual interest and a truly contemporary feel (beyond the look).


The people of Boeing embody its brand proposition because at any given hour there’s somebody at Boeing working on innovation all over the globe. I took on a hybrid role that was part creative idea starter and part innovation strategy thought leader. Storyscape came from that off site as a groundswell for the brand idea. we took the client to the IPG Emerging Media Lab and immersed them in digital and social media.Boeingfor Emerging Platforms at As Group Director DraftFCB. For Boeing. .

S. on top of a dynamic content management system to accommodate all the media it takes to explain genetically modified traits and stuff like that.. The site was developed using Adobe Flex.. the latest generation of Flash. .Monsantoreally B2F . Momentum launched the Genuity brand and defined its Brand World. but it’s are actually among the most wired businesspeople in the U. farmers This looks like B2B.

COMMENTARY THAT HITS BE LOW T H E B EL T W A Y What matters. I led the strategic effort and wrote the brand manifesto with the tag line “What Matters.com. my tear with Microsoft after solidifying our MSNBC relationship. © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. and we had a lot of fun with it.slate. The Internet’s informed look at politics and culture. Read it FREE at www. Slate team went on a new business At Leapnet. For Michael Kinsley’s ground breaking political magazine. All rights reserved. . Slate is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.” Slate became number one in its category.


We asked people to make their own copies and pass the whole package forward.Concern This pro-bono project introduced a one-day event in the US in the form of a do-it-yourself word of mouth marketing kit that was mailed in an interoffice envelope complete with push pins. conversation and buzz through online social networks. The campaign included a series of web videos that would today be used as “social media objects” to increase awareness. .

This IBM site won gold from the Art Director’s Club of New York and the unambiguous praise of CEO Lou Gerstner.especially in digital. .IBM As a design-oriented copywriter I’ve often been asked if I can lead designers -.

” And I created the site based on giving fans exclusive access to original content they couldn’t get on TV. integrated marketing to come. The design’s dated. .com was itself a precursor of The original This was not only one of the first advertising campaign web sites of its kind.QVC QVC. it was Barry Diller’s first web site. I’d developed the name “The Quest for America’s Best. But the idea and content strategy remain vital and relevant.

Charleston Digital Arbor. Boston Blockdot. San Francisco Eyeblaster. Louis . multimedia email and more. Chicago Mekanism. Los Angeles dvMail. Even the digital agencies need support here and there. Atlanta/St. London/Santa Monica sixteen30. rich media. Chicago Electric Artists. New York Oddcast. social media monitoring and outreach. kiosks. London VerveLife. rich Internet applications. Chicago BzzAgent. AvVenta. New York Domani Studios. projections. Miami MonsterMedia. Omaha New Media Strategies. Toronto/New York The Seventh Chamber. New York Eye Wonder. Evanston (IL) Klip Collective. mobile programs. I have fostered a network of best-in-breed suppliers for strategic insights. Dallas The Hyperfactory. Miami/Buenos Aires Admob. Evanston (IL) egg strategy. Las Vegas/Chicago Interpolls. Boston MotiveQuest. Denver/Chicago Impact Mobile. Philadelphia Protein Editorial.Development and Production Resource Contacts Digital is far too diverse for any agency to go it alone. Orlando Pointroll. New York The Viral Factory. New York/Auckland eatdrink. Brooklyn/Chicago Driftlab. Washington DC Sia Interactive. content management systems. Pasadena/New York Phenomblue. San Mateo/New York Nearpod. New York/Chicago Feed Company.

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