Akrit, a medical genius in his city, at the age of 7, performed an operation on a girl whose fingers were badly burned, and he was successful in curing her. He has been termed as the boy having highest IQ than any other boys of his age. He started talking at the age of 10 months and started studying the novels of Shakespeare by the age of 5 years. He was invited to London for conducting intelligence test on him, which proved that he has an IQ of 146, which is more than that of Einstein. His father helped in developing his passion into his ambition by presenting him books related to medical sciences. His father left his family because of the bureaucracy system in India and from then his mother started taking care of him. He is confident enough that if he is provided with a lab, he can develop a cure for cancer by modifying the genes. He has 3 aims before him 1. To develop a cure for cancer and aids 2. To get the Nobel prize at the youngest age 3. To conduct researches When Akrit is in town, villagers used to come to him for prescriptions and medicines. His IQ is compared equally with Lord Krishna. Everyone around him treats him like a God. For everyone around him, he seems to be an extraordinary and a gifted child with extraordinary talent.