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Jane Comyns Carr Jennifer Parsons


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Jane Comyns Carr Jennifer Parsons


Making contact

to be: affirmative and nepative Possessive adjectives I to be: questions

I Countries and nationalities



Possessive 3

i family members



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2 A day in the life ...




Present Simple: affirmative and | Present Simple: qu i Adverbs offrequen
Dates; Prepositions of time repositions Cetetrrations
Think Sack Revisian 1 | i.i::i.:= -l:==


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oi differerit?*-: 24
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pe I Adjectives of appearance and personality lnr i Order of adiectives


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Think Back Revision 2 |


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j Rooms and furniture

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'' 46-47 Arlicles (2): a. lhe, no article i48-49 i iil
Countable and tncountable nouns 54-55 -50-51
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Prepositions of place; Furniture


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i a lot of. not much. not



Now and then

j Past Simple (1): to be andcan


Past Simple (2): affirmative of regular


i and irregular verbs; Time expressions
School subiects: Collocations about education


Grant Evans talks Phone conversation about Discussing Grant's job Talking about ability.Dialogues in a classroom rsonal letter: talking about otos of family and friends Carol talkire about her Jack and Shelley doing a Roleplay: descri Capital letters Article: daily life in Australia and answering about weekend activities Crossing cultures: our ialogue: talking about talks about his sons -{rticle: dogs and their owners words text for a competition. con[ainers and pricer Buying food A dialogue about PeoPle Personal memories Website: friends reunited famous j Asking and answering about . Asking for and givirLg permission cation form Talkine about fl ats/houses terviews about Extract from a novel: Anne's House of Dreams about a dream house Describing a room Asking for and giving directions Writing skills: Avoiding renetition Article: fortune cookies Dialogues: buying Discussin fortune cookies and drirk food i : Asking and answering about habits. vour oast A short text about the 1990s Emai] to . Email Writing skills: Linking Article.

I euerythi.144 130-131 Think Back Revision 7 | 126-727 i Adverbs i r28-r29 ii ii i i Animals: Collocations about the environment r Pronunciation Table inside back cover 4 .ng 4l j i 9 Following I 78-79 76-77 r Think Back Hevision tfueqr 7*S I Present Continuous: all forms i Phrasal verbs conrLected with clothes and i shopping dot com 86-87 Comparative adjectives Possessive pronouns Superlative adjectives Collocations and phrasal verbs connected i with techno 90-91 92-93 96-97 94-95 9B*99 I 100-101 l ln9 Healthy body 1 Think Back Hevision 5 I E:" . noth'i. Revision of question forms : The weather and the seasons t20-72r 14 Who cares? L22-123 ': tu'ill: alf forms Words connected with the environment r24-125 l I'lcr :i t.8 Make a difference ! I i 68-69 j Past .140 Irregular Verbs p. i Words and ex lo describe obi dna to: all forms Problems at airports Collocations connected with h mustn't/don't haue to. :l llocations connected with sport i12-113 :l : Think Back Bevision 6 13 lt's a small world i 114-115 j Articles with geographical and i place names I Geographical features. Cuiture Shocks p.nobody.u-.- " ":i.a i i question i oilesrron Simple (3): negative and Torms forms j Inventions i i Compoundnouns : ffi 72-73 i Indefinitepronouns: euerybody.ng. should/shouldn't m.132-139 Student Activities p. i Souvenirs Present Perfect: a7l forms: euer i Present Perfect and Past Simple 104-105 108-109 110-111 Brylgnllertu"t *ithj4sr *o | rili r .ztst. Prepositions r6-t77: ' Descriptive adjecLives 118-119 .

Asking and answering about Article: ceiebrities and the UN IA arity event about a Crossing cultures: charity events . Discussirg preferences Asking for and giving information: Pla AskirLs for information Dialogue in a clothes Article: Nathan talks about his ambition Phone enquiry j Asking about people in class and about a picture Discussing c fashion industry Discussing college courses Discussins oresent activities Offering help. asking for and about mobile phones Discussing gadgets Writing skills: Leaving out words in Instructions Phone conversation Phone conversations otice n visitors to your coun[ry Postcard Talking about a photo Discussins vour e about Descrintion of a Descri Asking for and giving information about countries about culture shock Doug talks about the weather in Montreal a lavounte place Disc cr-rlture shock Discussing weather uestionnaire .t to Iive in Leaflet about the environment Extracts about the Eden Proiect Interview about the environment : We Are The World Dialogues about the Disc Opiniors Formal letter environment ffi Texts recorded on Class CD/Cassette p D .

D eontact infolmation.ffi**t3. using capital letters in writing. Antonio. The family is from Seville in Spain. Pedro is 18 and Alicia is 16. possessive adjectives and genitive s.z ftsafl texts A and B and write the names of the people in the photos. Alicia. Their mother is a teacher. Fr**€*c* lo be. 'He isn't fiom France' is a phoro of our famiiy.? personal IVIakin P' \-/\ ^. *i*t**': *ar* ?*Ek ***a. They're in Madrid. ffi @ This is a photo of Pedro and his sister.*- \\ Ag-:tr Who could say these sentences? Write the correct names from Exercise 1.m 'Our parents are not from Madrici. Shes Te . In the photo. they aren't in Seville. is a doctor. nationalities and families. #ffi#ffiffi &w &?4* #r*&*478= cot. TheY're from Seville'' ffi ca 'Orr English teachers are nrrre lsn 1 r rench.' and 'Thjs from ltalY. countries. Their father. =eL.' Silvia W & 'I a Spanish teacher.' _ ltaljan. 'Ttr I . with their parents. f**** ct+e phone language. Her name's Lola. We're in Madrid with our chi-ldren.' ?m not an English teacher _ I.

v but I _ on 4 Our parents. This is my boyfriend. b We arent students. cnt: pgf the apostrophe (') into these sentences.*z <4_3 . name's Magda. #e's from ltaly. z= 5 We/You/They . 5 You and Tom are in the same English class teacher is Mrs B1ack. boyfriend is from Moscow. Lola _]n L 1 ^t. Renata and Carlos. 'Hi. 1_ 2_ name's Marco.y . I 3 I'm Silvie. I'm 20. names are Polish 4 They're from Brazil. name's 3_ teachersLola. Underline examBles with the verb f0 be and complete the table. are 4_ house is in Seville. from London.*2 7. 6a Were students. Lola and \-Ltonio Spanish. London's great!' 2 c Snrniqh to:rr. I _ London nor. She's 2 I'm 3 My dad's a doctor. Work in pairs.we're students at an English language school here. My name's Silvie. Circle the possessive adjectives and complete the table. student.. : I' l ! I HeiShe/lt Negative =€c €. She isnt from Italy. great.'cE t_ {'aee} b : Weffou/They . She a teacher. --. They arent good friends I W*vk *€ *i:€ 'l and2 2a Theyre good friends. *'m from Y*a:'re a 1 ?**r name's Silvie. Read the texts in Exercises T T T 3a Im his mum.hpr French. Student look at page 142. 1a His mums Spanish. €?=='s from Spain. €'r*3 5a b He isnt from ltaly. '3 i : French.Making contact Use the correct form of the verb to beto complete the sentences about the people in text A. Then listen and tick the sentence you hear. Subiect pronouns Possessive adiectives ?&g dad's French. 6 We're from name's lvan. b again. Student A. t: He/Sheilt **2 : . B. 5 Silvie 6 Pedro and Alicia from Rome. 1I _ a doctor and my urfe an ErrgJrsh leacher.. Atfirmatiue 4a His doctors rn London. €"**g're from Spain.47a7'7| {'* **2} Spanish. b Her mums Spanish. LU11Ud. It isn't very big but it's beautiful. his name's Marco. Complete the sentences with possessive adjectives. We aren't on holiday in London . parents at'e France. teachers. a or b. b to be atlirmative and negative Im her mum. W*rk fr€ **€ Look at texts A and B again. from \laclrrd. look at page 141. . France. T T T tr T = . €*'re English students. Hes a doctor in London. He's Italian and his family is from Rome. I'm from a to$'n near Paris.

we/you/they a:r. Are you two Jack from the USA? Jack 3 |{o.F#w #w ffiffiw\?:4#E Look at the people in the photos (A and B).---.gj+ffi {*."*. I'm a new student...he'y? :3 --. Where are they from? Karen Maybe they're from 2 the tiSA I Brazi.=-.: =.-"*-**-**-4 i : i I . I l. \l hat's her name? Her name's 5 Susan I Juli.. Karen Welcome to England..4 1 Listen again and circle the correct answers.. helshelit :s*u*.. answer the questions. ""ei.---:---.""-."* 1:i. I Sarah Jack Sarah Jack ''f'Jr:ra Yes. Come and say hello. slze . we aren't. you're right. he/she/it : ' you/weithey I from Australia? Yes.::3 i 1 AreLheyteachere? i2 :.". In pairs.. l" .-------:=--.--.21 Who aref.questions your name? €€**r* ar*youtrom? . Yes. Who are they? Are they teachers? Karen 1 I{o. They're very young. . Short answers | =€=?=€'= l|lF. ..i l=. 2 Hi there.e.. . Nice to meet you./No. she is. Sarah Look Karen.^*'^**-i** B Wtr- questions -**--*-./No. EE *xat Underline all the questions in Exercise 3. u^e ore. he/she/it i=. they aretT't. we/you/they . cD1. i .[o. fo fe questions Yes/llo questions 2. We're from Australia. Sarah Hello Jack.:_:a. I Yes.isn't.:---..--. ='a. tlzeg are.----.ft &{fr #.a lislsn and match the photos to the dialogues..L. Yes..-*.. Is she your slster? a Yes. Write them in the correct column. Look at their T-shirts. :_Z :. Jack.'{:ffir2'.. What is the difference between the questions in A and B? i n vednoquestions . Who are they? Where are they from? cor.--./No.r !. Sarah Yes. My name's Jack White. I'm Sarah and this is Karen.

.ou married or cnt.London 1 Whal'a your surname? My eurname'e 7lack.. AWhere'e pizza from? B lt'e frorn lLaly. In pairs. b No.e lis{sn to the countries and put them in the right column below.cors [!1316fi the questions with their answers. d My name's Sarah. Then listen again and check your answers. Chlna -. he is. .ou? 5 Where 6 VOUI ? 4 Are . a I'm 19..''''.. f They're from the LISA. Japan Egypl l-rance Italy Hungary Poland Englanci fieln. ask your partner questions about your list. Complete questions (1-6) below.t -. . How many names of countries do you remember? 'i!'rir:r. 4E {3'*t ?=7:=:= :t =. Student B. Chinese I'rench Polish Russian German It.. Student Visa 1 Paris 2 Tokyo 3 Berlin 4 Warsaw 5 London 6 Budapest 7 Bey)ng 8 Cairo 9 Rome I i:.e lislsn and repeat the questions from Exercise 6.*t:t:. Student A. 4 Married E Single f 5 CountrY: Enqland 6 Address: D aakONree*. she isn't. Where'e Kabbi e W illi a rrr s f r o rr.. 2 What's your Aqe:17 _ 3-old-]. 1 Surname: Dlack 2 First name: John 3 Write a listot three things and threefamous people from different countries. She's single. o No. we aren't.... 10 Moscow I cor. Work in pairs. .'-: English Egyptlan Japanese Hungarian Gities Countries Nationalities Look at the Student Visa form. . look at page 1 41..? A le's from . Then write answers about John in full sentences. Then listen and check.'.-.i $srnplgle the table with the c0rrect country anc nationality Listen and repeat the cities and countries. look at page 142.:tl 1 What's your name? 2 Are you English? 3 Hou'old are you? 4 Where are your parents from? 5 Is your dad Spanish? 6 Is your teacher married? tr l T T T T Which three cities can vou see in the ohotos? cot. .. 4tK. c Yes.

5 Tom's Justin's cousin.Whar's my namel What's my m*m's namei it ien'i. 3 Her parenLs house is in York. helin'e eleLer rs 2 Justin's Jane's niece. 3 Jane's Tom's sister. Which word has no pair? W*rk *t *re€ Look at the underlined phrases in Who am /? and ansvver the question. ask and answer yeslno questions and guess who your partner is. Then correct the false sentences. braLher . Where's the apostrophe (') for singular and plural nouns? ****?. Peterus Lisa's I Peter . and iheir son DaviJ is rny cousln l4y brotherk nan:e is Justin. rs 5 Our childrens friends are areat. A le your 6ieLer'e name Jane? B No.Lhey are.rd Jane a.possessive . # Henrv grandmct*'ler Add one apostrophe (') to each sentence. s€ *alt Possessive's Singular She is my dad's sister. Choose a person from Lisa's kVF"s* &EYE 3? l{y grandparenrs' names family tree. 4 His girlfriends mum Russian.aiaNer brother uncle mother/mum grandmother son aunt grandchildren husband cousin daughter sister stepmother grandparents nephew stepfather father/dad parents niece wife grandfather children cots leeft at the family tree and read the text below. 4 Fran's grandson's name David. 2 John is my dads nephew. are Henry and Fran Pere: a. Answer the questions at the end of the text. lrregular plural Their children's names are Peter and Jane.e rheir children. Regular plural My grandparents' names are Henry and Fran. F€€ee€ €Ee* *emB€ Peterb Lisabfather. Complete the family tree with the correct names (1-4) and family words (a-d). My {amily isn'e very big. 1 Lisa's I-iaa'e JustirSaunt.s fr* Read the sentences about Lisa's family and circle the possessive's. Are your ?arente' name6 Suaan and TeLer? BYee. 1 She is my brothers wife.Telyl.Aunt Jane is i:':y dad's sister. Check new words in a dictionary. 5he's mar-ried t+ my uncie. A Are you Jus|in? B Yeal A z* .*=&r#ffieffi &ruffi w##&ffi#tu&ffiY Put the words in the box in pairs. In pairs.

And you? Other expressions Sorry. What's the right way t0 say the phone number: a. Student look at page 143. e Hello. *. ls that Jane? a Hr. d lhlee live five four nine one zero b three double five four nine one oh c thirly-five five forty-nine ten cot. cor. 1 A Goodr B . Greetings A How are you? B Very well/Fine/Not bad.=&# tu##Effi ru e ru# at the picture. please. wrong number. A Hang on a r_ . it's Mrs Croft.../Goodbye.. cor.b or c? Listen and check. practise the dialogues from Exercises 5 and 6. See you soon/later/tomorrow/on Friday/at 7. B Hello. Jack.flK Look at the caftoon and choose the correct caption: #ilT a. 1{) 11 that Ben: A Snrnr urnn d cntt+ psl the dialogue in the correct order. w:rong number Work in pairs.-':*. 266 7039..tl Complete the dialogues with phrases from i. please? Saying goodbye Bye.borc.Jp**k li*i. thank you. . please. ffi ffi ffieffi # ffi ffi &3. cot. A Good morning/afternoon. Jane! It's Mike! d No. How are you? you? [ [ I T T tr T I In pairs.:i. ':. Nick here.'. I Saying hello A Hello. Then 4 5 6 listen again and repeat. SFf. And b Hello Mrs Croft./Bye bye. . is Tom Brown there. Is that Jane? f Hello. How are you? B Not bad.* *. See you 6 3A B Hi. Bye. hold on. lislsn and complete the phone numbers. Complete the dialogues. g Fine... 1 A Hi Tom. This is Mike. look at page 142. thank you. Is Bob there? b Bobl Danl Aunl y2[el's on the phonel c Hel1o. is Ann. B lislsl to three dialogues. And vou? 24____r5 3 1655 30 _72 0B_ _ ___29 2 _r __ __B__ *_1__ B.tz 3A Hil Is Martin there. Sorry. please. StudentA. thanka. World Music. Then listen and check.tt **i. 2A B Sorry. Take care.rs Look c Yes. A Hello. Mary here. World Nlusic is Tom Bror'rm'r '_. This is Mike. Hold on. Mike. thank you. Then listen and check. he's not here. B Hi. please. 2667039.f. lt's Jack./Hang on a minute. 456 9934.t***1. Ton'L - 2A B u_ e Yes. Use phrases from ***sk" More than one answer is possible. See you later. please? B 4 A Bye Sam. B Hi Nick. this is Mary. *{-j *. Is Jane at home? a Very wel1. Underline the phrases you hear in . OK. Take : Kate.

I'r.. ltai1.l: two [r.C lCLLrr.-'S tvr. tS wL.e wCir.Sfr CCLr.r.alit d"r'er.-4. l'm r.He :.-vei-srty.e e..ii ..erv{15 rronle.ctcs c{ !cL.i) 4rg1 tiier.r A. .tl. t1.ctcs.cl.as {i cni r. Who? Where? the girls the boys fhp foonroorc the liltle boy tho liffla oirl the familSr the friends in a classroom in fho orrdon at home al a barbecue in a caf6 at school at a party on holiday arecl. i'crrlrf.r1 bi-ctlra.S c'.a.'.tr.-.-glr. Iclrr. lm wi.'a r-wc .erj 'f-e llrorrVrS! {i .:. ll.Surr-S '.w-t. Ic1.r.{ tire 11. ca\e.1:irc+-C uS a lamJ..-.at's ilrcrrtas c[ rny le{t !.oecLr-..r.(Si. cor. [r1 .-ct ur.er. r ire f S 1_u. Tl.Letter artr.eli. Tl ...'r..'.gl\t.ttl 1. Crr tf.L.le {itr..Lcw. .ALuSCrr- #3. v.e p. .rt "e. Use the words to describe photos (A and B). € .. Ci. ai-c.e u..otcs. Tlrel ...e... Clrt-uS 4itat lrLS v\tfb) .ET'e# 1 Look at the words and phrases in the boxes.e ba.t y.rl 1cr. Be ..... Cit l1r.. Tlrerl .a The f amily are in "uhe 1arden. ll.rg.li. .r T f u rj!_ L"ke t1.r-e rrlL verl fl-r..r.Ls {br 1cL..e u! me Cru lrclwta. orr.1 b&n)ecLre ui! CLu' gcLt'olett.a...r'Ctire i... c::. int .e I..j I. llere 6Lre twc c{.L.: i_.rfil..411 . g..hc.11.*i. r^rLa.. with photos A and Scit..t t1.r.: l'l'L\t 1"ta'tCt l.o llcw s rrtry rtaat's lctvcLrr"le [a.Loirc{orr. L re ctlre r. =*=v ?2"t3 1?E{= &?:&ffi HW ffi{aW..Anr..t rn.s .cts t. Sitsue '^od.rs ftssfl the letter and match paragraphs 1 and 2 B. n5 tl.e' ..lc/-tr\g i.s wrti. nt.] acLlsr/LS..ert ta' 1.r'.t.rt "e r''.s r.L. fr.v{ c.vte itel:f rew.y urr.jD .-e1t tc Ll..r. rrry bt-ctlre r .u {b4r^rl1 .tf.clc. ge ir-.Dezrr' mai-cc.. \xt mL\nr..

**ea+- today is tuesday * it's a beautiful day! ! I I I a is with my brother.2 *"*. 1 My best friend's name's (ntonth). 1 j\ly mother's name is marre. Lloinant and person 2 six phrases with irz 3 five phrases with orz Match the sentences about the photos. I v vrrvlv 5 I'm from rome. 4e \ Look at =!:*. 3 (cotnttry). Tell the class about him/her.far-ourite day of the rveek. 7t sjobs A A V A A V n E f n I I I I I I Complete the sentences t0 make them true tor you. 1 In photo B.me).4E '{+4}r. Ler birfhdav ie . ask questions about your partner's family members. 4 Chris's mum is John's grandmolher. describe \\vwt!tJ' . Read the sentences. Then complete the second column. . I'm n. *€E E s-g . . lLlJ rrifo rrrrl hic '!ll\ ItliJ I ""=. T"*Fr. Student B. . Use phrases from Exercise 7. Lo mv aieLer. Then read the letter again and check your answers.a*% dp'***=.. 4 I'm from 5 My father is a/an _ AoD. b tlvo of my cousins c the middle.onctlitg) 7 My English teacher is _ Now swap books with your paftner.. Tick true and cross false. Ask about: o their names: Whrtl's .. 5 Thomas is Ben's brother. Chris. o their age'. I I I f I I 2 my father is a teacher and i'm a Doctor. favourite month is april That'a mv brother.tlJ). 6 Meg's Ben's university friend.*! This is a picture of your crazy family! Write notes to describe them.ith 2 I'm not in 3 That's Ben 4 My mum's wth 5 John 3 My teacher's surname is smith.!n"f *t-ir #:"..6. _'=---ts*--.. Find and correct the mistakes with capital letters. i I f| Chris dfl. . d on my righi. I'm 6 I'm in f-l u f-ll L italian. 1 Marco's 2 Alison's father's name is 3 Alison is John's Italian. Find: aunt.Making contact Read the letter again. 2 My birthday's in (daU) is m1.lil: and check your answers to Exercise 1. Ania'a beeL frrend'e nane ia . Which photo are these people in? 1 Alison's dad 2 Ben's 3 Chris girlfriend I ! I 4 Tlronrass fliends 5 -\melia's son 6 Alison's nephew tr I I wffiET&?4# Read the sentences.A:rfi I Gapital letters In English In your language Work in pairs.. Ae'e nexf. Read the letter again. o lhe nlace fcnrrntrv/cilv) lhev are from: Whpre Student A. 1 the plural forms of ma'n. B WhaL'e her name? (tto. Hott old .. 6 My favourite city is _ (nati. p nhntn rt. countries 3 nationalities 4 daysoftheweek 5 months 6 new sentence 2 cities and 1 first names and surnames your family to your partner. A Thie ie my mam.*sid'e *---*r#{-%*. _. (?ume oJ ci..

e/s h e/it Well. like taxi lunch nine club 1 songs shower early morning u.r.=:.: -a :.I . -ch..t form of these verbs: 1 How is t]ne go.fini. she goes out on F riday and Saturday and niehi.?. On Saturdays and Sundays I _ have T my house. =.." at two or three t""t if-t" taxi.. get*. relax++ Verbs ending in a consonant + y: change yto p esr fusr studi+:-.A day in the life . What are they? 1 2s_n_er 3musict_a__er cot.j.3'r#ry{. li5lsp to Carol. talking about preferences. He/She/lt Negative l/YouAA/e/They . regular activities. -x.'=a.s. Who do you think is right? cor. Sh"e catches a bus at about 7p'm' in the morning . .slz. ccttch.::. relct r.!11 ri* tz*t : : her on Sundays..- *l% Spelf . dates and prepositions of time.m Underline all the Present Simple verbs in the texts below and Exercise 3. l. their new neighbour.:. ing rules.te.: =. I start at and finrsh at about one in the I get a home.. wri. 9::iriq* reading for the main ideas. {2*x4.$ Qsrnplgte the sentences about Carol with words from the box. ll:.#tr*. Atfirmative llYouAl/e/They Eiae F..t and I I y oulw e I tl.tey? 3 Find the helsheli..:.alk relax news We use the Present Simple for general facts and 2 3 4 5 6 a and go for a urife _ all morning. stud11. songw_i_er helshelit form different from the I/youluelthey form? 2 What are the negative forms of the verbs for he / she li.F+.*fusJ*€ routines.. finish*a.1#+|}""i}"{=:|j. Then listen again and check. . #ffi effiffi#ffi&#'fe4*&T. She talks about her three jobs. write* Verb ending in -0.:+*'?1 h *a** . Tglt. tI- lil trr sffi Trm lives at number 6l Carol lives at number 63 . don't get up He/She/lt ti**.. catche*. ?iatrsJ* .1# at number 4. I think she works in a restaurant because she finishes work very late' r Most verbs: add s work-$.: 1.x".. late. Answer the questions. : to work. add go{+e:.". I sing at ajazz _..*tz* te1le. ?{"**tE** the Present Simple and frequency adverbs. Look at the photos and read what the people say about Carol. I have at one and watch the on TV..**E6* !'4*r.r'!ft"# !. -sh.s ts*. cards for special days.

n.:isrli_.. WouAffe/Ihey tra.o. 1 writes 2 goes 6 gets 11 thinks 3 catches 4 works 5 has 7likes 8 finishes 9 lives 10 relaxes 12 sees 13 wants 14 watches 15 reads Adam aeLe u0 aL . and she lives here because she wanLs a quiet life..alk._ __-. and on Sundays we don.nLoritrg she goes for a u. .PerhaPs she comes from a We famous family.. She reacls or urites "irl. -.-. Or a uriter .. Then listen and check.-. --- . too _ stre gJ. :::Il..Li". . !l.t.ffi-* rL". 7 Maureen and Stan don't see Carol on Saturdays..t. Complete the sentences to make them true tor you. - ..perhaps she's a sluclenf and s:u...._lj_: a. aLweekenda.* Saturdays. book . 2 Maureen and Stan live next door to Carol.. but every day different vor-g houis r tfri"r.i* lunch at one.j:?ij: i::l: ffi"1. Which two sentences below are true? Correct the other sentences. *:*%.t see her! Yes.:::1-* _ think she doesn't work because she's very rich .. . .nr.. t:%.ri lislsp and repeat the verbs.. 5 Young people watch TV in Carol's house 6 Carol gets up iate on Saturdays and Sundays.. (N0T haves) Look at the texts again.A day in the lite .ic. 2 My parents go shopping on 3 I go to the cinema on 4 We have dinner at every day...- . Jn" I"i parties at the rveekend. _ _ _ _ _ _ shower/drink/coffee shopping/oution holiday up. Write them in the correct column. cot.She doesn't go to \rofk. * . -. then she has breakfa" and relaxes in the sun.. 5 My dad doesn't go to work on 6 I don't go out on 7 I have a shower at go to bed early on Now swap books with your partner.fu* &-*w6z7 i z 1 get 1 2 3 4 5 6 go to have have a go go for a The verb haveis inegular.l rn her rlot. . . i i j Complete the expressions with verbs from the box. He/She tux:: lunch at one." #""'5. ffi::Ft:ae& &..oeen'L work in an office. 3 Carol doesn't have breakfast every day. Tell the class about him/her..i"*. Carol d. 4 Carol catches a bus home from the club.&ome/dressed breakfast/lunch./dinner walk/coffee bed/work/the cinema 1 Carol works rn an office. 1 I get up at _ at weekends. Er_erl.- It's very strange.Lilie JK RouLngi I. ... -'-oo--.

it does. I don't. I don't hear it.m. he/she does. I don't eat breakfast . b Yes.no timel b Yes. I do. Do you eat a big breakfast? a No. i ii .4. I ) E What time do you get up? a before 7a. phone.? a Yes. b No.? a No.m. i-r I LIFESTYLE . i 1 When does your brain work best? a before lunch b after dinner Do you go to bed after 11p.m. Does your best friend you after 9p.. he/she doesn't: l'm in bed. Does your alarm clock wake you up? a Yes. I do.m. b No.1. b after 7a.

. 0o/o heishe/it ':. 2 An earlr bhd . Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do the questionnaire and check 0n page 140. Give an example for each rule. at the weekend? pray spon You alwaye Your partner .. Student look at page 143. b after 7a. Lucy often phones me at 10p. T n T T I T I r -:. 3 I sometimes have a cup of tea. sometimes and never.}{} Look at the pictures in the questionnaire.. 1 A night or. C arrives early al1 the time. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. My mum cooks it 5 ! I ! ror me every oay. Tell your paftner. but on lrridays I don't.. r. don't. so I never get up before 7. J 3 Tell the class about your paftner's answers. Mark their answers. d goes to bed very late. After dinner I'm always tired. Look at the sentences in Exercise 6 and circle the correct rules. 100% Look at the questionnaire again. A Oo you play eporL at Lhe weekerta? BYee.vl .fter the main verb.1.{ ii.-.. .A day in the life . ltlf- questions What time When 6_ u_ You use adverbs of frequency: you gert *p? your brain q+i#sk best? B. cor. . 2 NIy mum usually wakes me up.m.-... 6 Pete 7 B sometimes phones me after 9p. I 10 I usually do my homework after dinner. he/she/it o_. usually Present Simple questions YeslNo questions and short answers l/you/weithey g:* to bed after 11p. **9i Look at the adverbs in Exercise 6 and complete the triangle with always.re lislsl to Jack and Shelley as they do the questionnaire.. if I have time. Work in pairs and choose one correct ending for sentences 1 and2 from phrases a-d.s"*** you w#? Yes. {"$"ffiffi. Work in pairs.u lislsp again.. I'm never in bed before 11. cot. I alwaye play eporL. Who's an early bird? Who's a night owl? 1 Sundays never on get We up early 2 shou'er in have the I a morning always 3 bed usuall)'\Ve to go late 4 usualll.m.:. 4 I always have breakfast....a.. . =.=.T:ffiffi &#F'. look at page 142.}-7?.t=.m. Write the answers in the table. Then interview your partner. o go for a walk read books o go to the cinema o listen to the radio .classes He tired after is 5 to doesn't She partres go often 6 never late T]-Ler.school are fot' Answer the questions tor you. No. Weekend activities Do you . l/you/we/they'_ :t.? No.m. b gets up very early. 2 bejore I after the verb to be.1:#f'F. does or doesn't. a sleeps a lot. J for Jack and S for Shelley. I don't often go to bed before mldnight. he/she/it "ofr.m.. 1 before / a. 1 I love sleeping. Who says these sentences? Write J for Jack and S for Shelley.".7:TG====-=7"'. chat on the Internet What time do you get up? a before 7a. often '_ l/you/we/they Yes.=.:. StudentA. Complete the table with do.:..

r-. ff l{ Y The weather inAustraiia is usually good and Australians like the outdoor life. J 1 In the summer. T# in' "" . Australian families usually sray at home for the holidays. School starts at 9 in the mornins and finishes at 3. underline two or three words that show the main idea of the paragraph. 2 3 Underline I Checkthe impodant words in each paragraph.to [/61sfi the paragraphs in the article with the headings (A-E). 1_ rad lives in Sydney. ##. b or c? Don't worry about new words. ':" r.'The long school holidays are from December to Daf is alu'a.'s hot. Brad wears a uniform to sihool' a shirt and a pair of shorts. In each paragraph. **#. They get together with their friends and family in the garden. Thai food. Australia. SN . In the winter they often eat in restaurants.30p. in the park or on the beach. Brad is 17 and he is in his final year at High School. Decide on the main idea of each sentence I paragraph. i.i:*1"*i:#. A beach a barbecue surfing a surfboard sunny weather seafood bushwalking a a Food flat B Home and C Holidays School D Shops E Free time a school uniform Look back at Exercises words Read the afticle quickly. Understanding the main ideas It's helpful to understand the main idea of a text before you read it in detail. Brad. They don't often go abroad. like all Australians always has barbecues at the weekend.?4 | 24 . There is one extra heading. Then listen and check.ffiffi&wE?&* Look at the photos in the article. He lives with his parents and two sisters in a big flat near the sea. cnt. What is the main idea of the article: a. They cook meat or seafood.:+ E a Young people rn Australia b The Australian way of life c Brad's family Read the article again. That's summer in Australia and Christmas { j .a€!. Brad and his sisters often go to the beach in the summer. Italian food and Greek food are verY popular. I s Brad says. I Check I Don't check new words in a dictionary. Brad ioves surfing: he goes every weekend and every day before school. They often go bushwalking and they do a 1ot of sport.m. Tick the words you can find.d !! fi'nu s {Eq Giil i .' Januar.{zi. Use your underlined words to help you. and circle the correct lzE?.

a:-1==a=t"k{47 Look at Jill's notes on her calendar. 1 The achool is on 2 December. Now swap books with your partner and tell the class Iereaa'a brLhday'e on 2a .:.. is on 25 December. hottses . 1 My birthday's _ 4 April.. B No... ?arly ftfld WA . 3 I always study _ 4 My friends and I always go to clubs Saturda} r-i.. Itrntrtrttu -4.ndoor IzJe? sport? ..cri'.sh ti. 2 My family usually goes on holiday night. abtt ' -=' . Talk about your country. [l.me? o free time: ueatJzer? outdoor or r.. holidays: when? go abroad or stag in your country? AVtle don'L live in ilaLs. tr J E lrJ CE My birLhd..:r* thifi-first r:f June lislsn and write the dates. is on 4 December. on or tr 1 2 3 _ _ _ 21 August/Monday/Sunday night o 8 o'clock/the weekend/night Jantaryl2))4lthe morning/the sununer Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.ay ia on .rt andfi. . we Iive ir amall Aoteea. What is the same/ different about Australia? Think about: . I n))"*no - tr ltl tr o F () **.t lll tr IJJ Work in pairs. are on 13 December.. -'Q -n7o o Dfrt ?'''t='no'' t/e* Year s paft/ write We say May'. Then listen and check.ni. 6 I sometrmes watch TV _ the evemng. 1 3 December = D cora $sy the dates. = o ut o r where people lle'. August. Make the sentences in Exercise 5 true for you.m tiltr second i':f May June l"i:q: thirty-first ./1CCi lt/irltv F ll7=\ [--lt-l 47 brr4hCiT/ ntrtrtrtr trtrtrntr ffiy.. 5 My dad never works _ the weekend. or flats? bzg or smalL? school: uniJorm? sto. Jill's The Jili's 5_ 6 Her 2 3 4 a.I*te second o f (5 3 IT F 2May 31 June cot. Complete the sentences with the correct information.L. start on 17 December. -RlV l Saying dates We trtr vI or or I ll I till -r---{ C4r. is on 31 December. 1 4 July 2 1 January 3 15 May ? J I 4 29 February 5 30 August 6 B September 7 17 April 8 31 October at Complete the sentences with the prepositions of time in.

V:. 2 She goes to the beach before dinner. having a big breakfast. Ghristmas lunch. . Which days do they talk about? 1 Renata Marta 3 Tom 2 cot. &Te# Lfrffi€#*&4## Which days do the photos show? ======# ':'-.z $fufly :i*'*eit *t:+. Tick true and cross false. hot weather. 6 His family open their presents after lturch. th. AMy day io 26 January. 6 He hates ! f opening her cards.:::. cor. 3 She likes ! c watching TV ali evening.1.It's the (1) of (Mcty). loves . helping my mother.ng the Jarni. 1 Renata's favourite day is Christmas Day. (Mal. ij:. ! a shopping for presenls. r getting . 1 Renata 2 Marta really enjoys . It's (my birthday) etc the things you do: meetfrzends.. 5 He doesn't like ! e watching the firervorks. 4 She opens her birthday cards after breakfast.e crouds etc .. Ask more questions.' 7. {3837 | I like/love/enioy: o dancing on the beach. singing 'Happy Birthday'. I don't like/hate: . T I T l T In pairs.'. I b Christmas Day. the things you like/1ove/enjoy: going to the cinema/jor a picnic.:-:'. Use language trom:i:iit:t. 3 Marta's birthday is on 15 August. hat-te cake/a la r'l y.j{:i2 Do you celebrate these days in your country? a Christmas Day b New Year's Eve c a birthday I I I cot. going to bed late.z Listen to Renata. .l). 4 Tom doesn't enjoy ! d her blrthday. =.1and the clues below to help. Listen again and check. . 5 Tom enjoys Christmas Day.Iy etc r the things you don't like. the date/day'. Make notes about things you like/don't like doing. shc44ting. tLLe rtctise. B Why? WhaL do you like doinq on LhaL day? I V== . opan prcsanls/r(t t'ds etc . It's'in. . up early. birthday cake. t:zsiti. . Then match the first pad of the sentences (1-6) with the second part (a-0 below. '"&F**.z fisfsn again. ask and answer questions from Exercise 5 about your day. eating a lot. Marta and Tom. school holidays.4rate: uaktng u72 ea'r|y. .

FT-l Dear C hri>tina. . I Iac?-. brooLs Circle the correct words. .Lo\ta. Then answer the quesiions..d. u:rslnes. Happy anniversary! Be my Valentine! Happy Mother's Day! T f T g ir'6w u. Happy a great birthday! 5 Happy I Merry Mother's Da1-.ar Mr anniversary birthday Mother's Day driving test Valentine's Day new baby exam a.. | ."3 t .wite? 1 wedding 2 De.*#e1. Read Tr*i* T*tcr **.. r a frienci: cld\ing test a relative: his.ty' i\4rs b. 2 Well done/or'l i r passing your pxams. wffi&E&w# Match the greetings cards (A-C) below with the messages (1-3). What special days do these cards celebrate? Do you send these cards h your counlty? Il so. Many happy returns on your 40th.JhLtt. 6 7 I I baby girl. Good luck in your driving test! .. what do vou r. Use Exercises 1-3 to help you.cL ss i i i 4 y r:ul drinng test. 4 Hat:e I Congratulations on passing your exam! Wrtl.9s I y.?'& Greetings cards It's important to write conect messages in greetings cards.. 6 Congratulations on 2a.n I on yotlir new job.A dav in the life . Lcts 4 Lcve {icnt flrlurt artc{ ot't. l2l Vear 1 Good luck i. E*&EFj V**#. 3 Congratulations Dact Write a greetings card t0 the people below.Arer birthday your teacher: a new baby "e sI . I 'in your graduation. Match the celebrations with the correct messages. 3 4 5 n T n a Well done for passing your test! b c d e Good luck in your exam! Congratulations on your new Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yertr! be:>t.i*.

I hate _ eating in the morning. names Their ACROSS are Rosie and Arma. My roommate is a student from ltaly and she B_ speak English very well. 6 is the second month of the year. _ very Hi Marek. They _ 6 Where/Rebecca. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. and this little glrl in the is my sister. (be) eighteen./come from (come) from Rio de Janeiro. 7 In the photo. 11 Your brother's son is vour B '10 DOWN 1 My singer is Sting. See you in Ewa r_ week at the summer camp and I really love it. name He's from Rome and 3 She is my aunt. _ (Iike) dancing. 2 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. so I practise my ltalianl We sometimes go out in the e_ with the other students and teachers. I love him! 4 Her first name's Amy and her is F ox. 5 They've got two children catled Rosie and Anna. Paulo. 5 I don't have before school. Tom is on my left.at 8p. At the 7_ . Then write three sentences with the phrases. Use the word in bold and other words to complete each sentence.4ike doing on Saturday nights 5 a usually go 6 a watch 7 a weekend 8 a don't 9 a night 10 a September b Saturdays b doesn't b evening b September 4 _ := . _ _ _ Septy fureptyltt $&iq(|: 3f rorurrl $ $ for mlrek@y*com SummsrcamD ln Scotlandt 2 on passing your driving test! 3 My dad goes to bed . always I nine o'clock on Sundays. Then complete the answers with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Write questions. This is my all gofor 2play 3 listen to 4 read 5 catch 6eat 7 have 1 tr I I f I I I aabus b music c a shower d books enjoy'?_ English! 3_ teachers are great .m. l'm here with people from Poland. Italy and Russia and we f e sport a walk g 10_ | Italian food 1 a three b My eieLer qoee for a walk every morninq. 1 I never get up before nine o'clock on Sundays. we visit famous places in Scotland. Lucy! Match the verbs (1-7) with the nouns (a-g). I_ 4 What time/you/finish work We often (finish) work at about 6p. We have classes a_ the mornings and after lunch we 5_ for long walks or watch TV I don't really like walking but I love 6_ English films.they're British university students on their summer holidays.ffi Complete the crossword with words from Units 1 and 2. 5 Who/be/the two girls over there (be) new students in our class. We qo to a bar and relax! That's all for now. 9 Good in your exams. She 3 What/you. Are you married or _ ? Alison lives _ door to Brian.m. sister She is my 4I always late get to school early. Hope you're well. Read the email and circle the correct answers. 2 He is called Paulo and he's from Rome. 1 What/your parents/do on Sundays third 2 a study b studying b Their 3aOur 4ain bat b go usually b watching They He 2 How old/be/A4ike _ (relax) in the garden. I for school.

Arer free time.vakes up at night? I 1 Who wakes up verlr 2 Who plays sport rn the 3 Who doesn'l often go to the cinema? Another studenl comes to you. . Describe what you like doing 11r "'. Give your nam( . Then listen to Fiona's conversation and check. ..David E - Elizabeth early? I I morning? I [ ! 4 Who gets home late er. hold on please? b Hello Ben. Say n'here you are from and ask what he/she likes doing in his. Ask where he/she comes from.ii ffi E ij""f. It's the first day of the course. I . Student A Italian Japanese corz: lislsn and check./LLer name. .r. It's the first day of the course. Poland Polish 3 Spain Spanish 2 1 Hungary Hung4rian D a No.- F. Student B You are a student at an English school in Oxford.-'-. rhink Gordon is Fiona'e grandf aLher. corzr lssft at the picture above and guess who the people in Fiona's family are. g Hi. it's Jane. You i. 55846 i d . cor:s Listen to Fiona's phone call with Andrew. A S - . Underline the stressed syllable in each word.Andrew Susie D .. Say hello and your name. Do you want to go out for a coffee? 3 c Hel1o.free time. Say where you are from and ask n-het'e he/she comes from. Later at three o'clock? Greal. You are a student at an English school in Oxford.l I ff i ili: iri Put the telephone conversati0n in order. ls it the same for the country and its nationality? Write S (the same) or D (different).I gf"f i { tli l. Hi. Who lsn'f at the party? I go lo one of the students. Ben here 4 Germanv German 5 China Chinese 6 7 8 Russia Italy Japan f Russran e Yes please. See you soon.B #x. . Then listen again and repeat the words.ery day? I 5 Who goes for a rvalk on Saturdays? I 6 Who never r. . Match the people with questions 1-6. is that Ben? Roleplay this conversation. and ask about his.rr SUSIE Fiona's familv flt il:: iij ir? lj i"1J i. You start the conversation. .

:. What's in each person's bag? In pairs.. can I help in Man Right.11 . Has the mobile it .nd that's my tennis ball.. \\'here are Sam. pefsonality and pOSSeSSiOnS..l t. : ::ir r i i.zz r \\rhy are they there? o \\hat do you think they like doing? cor. This is your bag Thanks very much. . it hasn't.t rt . I've got three black bags.' t i j..'.. A OK. . phone got a camera? No. I have. .i i. a/an.. Man OK.'r:.j riL't ! r. a u.. '.:i. here you are. rvhat have )rou got in it? B A mobile phorLe.. Sorry.'.r. Then listen and repeat the words.l.. using linking words in writing.Same or different? iir r i. Brencla . too.t ln pairs.1. a compuler magazine... lookl Those are my trainers theyvC€O! red stripes.. OK . ruhat about thrs one? A Oh yes . Nick and Brenda? ftsafl the conversation and look at the picture of the Lost Propefty 0ffice. lf ril rr'... the. . r'i'hat about you? B Hi! Nily bag's black.. Man B * ril t OK.allet a CD player a magazine a newspaper a tennis ball T tr tr T tr dictionary I phone ! purse I trainers I a a mobile a A Yes. Man OK.. cor.'l il. Nick or Brenda? [/sl6[ the objects with the words.1 r.. Let's see . . A Thanksl That's great! Man Nou'..':.i.''i appeafance.vspaper . look at the picture below and answer the questions.. describing people..'1.a*q--- Brainr.m . Man OK. Herc you are. Who's A? Who's B? Sam.1. ..':.A. rt hasn't got my name on rt. Have -l-ou! got a black bag? you Man Yes..j'. a ne\.. please....iri:.... It isn'f this one then.. rvell m:.. N for Nick or B for Brenda next to the objects in Exercise 2. oh. possessions. got.bag'SJajt a mobile phone ancl a n'allet Man Hello.''. It rsn't an expensive phone..ri'ff t... make guesses and write S for Sam. adjectives of appearance and personality haue i:'r... ancl my CD player'. A \\ait a minute .

t u*r:}'a. it fl..-=. (you) a black bag. Man No... it Yes. -):l:r:a corrlpnter ur m1. I *_ (you) a purse.-. He/She/ft l:x.u:nt-i . I tu_.!..l*. 1 do. Here you are.l'{:.-nJg*r'x. (the mobrle Man Wait a minute . Then ask and answer the questions in pairs... pleast one.lft a wallet. lunch at fiome er-er1. for lunch? Use the correct form of havelor actions or have qot lunch. Oh .l. door? I think he "_ another black bag? What 7_ questions Who's got Brenda's bag - Sam or Nick? Why? you ie+i" in your bag? Whal*ara she 4*? in her bag? WEEw&./No. A Do yau alwaye have Nea for breakfaeL? B Yee. F}:iEV.:..'o -"=a :a' ilaa1. a ne\vspaper. .)_:.. I '_ a magazine.'ou..beih'oc. i #+.omplste Brenda's conversation with the correct form of have got.t {'_i Brenda Thank . (ahr-ai s) a shori-et' ur the mornings.* *rE tik*r..c1a1-.my CD player's at home./No. | 4_ 6_..ffi. €fu"x &e*ag*E havelor actions. N0T l+e-g€t tea for lunch. \\. (often) barbecues in the summer.. I have got We use have gotto talk about possessions.just Brenda Well... a mobile phone and .*'...:. !_ u_you gotablackbag? Questions and short answers s_it lllf- gr.lNo.AJdi }|efs ! | ?se. I _ \11\11- mum best fi-iencl .. 1I_ i a. a camera. i.u*lea for ' .** you ?z*v* a phone? Fr*o hu fr fofrTFr.hat 'l (you) in the bag? i_..t three bags./'l: z A (ahrar-s) teil fof bleakfast Va. Tts OFF 1'z 4 &is . coffi f.. but this isn'l my bagi Ir a wallet or a CD player in m1.m.s+: He/She/f t "*rztz 11 _'i t"s+? t. -_!- --< We use have gotand havetor possessions but only l't* BUT qssE a phone.+..-aa-. 5 6 We I_amobilephone.il. #*.. **you *z*':*lea for lunch? NOT +tav+y€+got tea for possessions. Negative f/YouMe/They ?*e'.a*you g*E a phone? s l**'a* a phone.*.+ rz*. Man it u_ l OK. Yes. Then listen and check Brenda Look at the underlined verbs in Exercise 4 and complete the table.la':'a Ol t.. and a dictionary.irs't phone) a camera? Brenda Yes.t a camera? . t_ Affirmative lffouAA/e/They fr#. But see that boy by the your bag. t_ Man Yes.r. bag . I don'N. _ Write the sentences in Exercise B in the question form. a mobile phone..

Look at the photos and find one mistake in each description. Then listen and check.


I ltzzte
1 Lizzi€s young and very pretty. She's got blue eyes

.x McuryareL

and long, black, wai,y hair.

2 Margaret's middle-aged and attrictive. She's tall and fat and she's got brown, straight hair'

3 Dan's middle-aged and good_ looking. He's short and he's got dark, curly hair.

cot.m psl the adjectives in the correct column.

Write about Margaret and Dan from Exercise



Then listen and repeat the words.

is and has.
Read ?Ii:zr: ii::; 7t:;i':l Then put the adjectives in

b{ue lon€ na+e-+ve++ing brer$,n (x 2) straight green lazy €+d tall dark (x 2) wary quiet grey (x 2) young black (x 2) pretty middle-aged curly blond live1y
qhnrt [v 2)

brackets in the correct order.


good-looking thin
ivp orcrz-dnind



&HE;m& €fu.*, &-wwgtT
For appearance use this order for adjectives:




lonq brown










She's got long, black, curly hair. He's an attractive, tall, middle-aged man.

Find opposites for these adjectives in Exercise 2.


confident easy-going

Iong quiet young lair tall thin lazy old


1 Dan's got (brorm, big) eyes. 2 My cousins have got (short, war.y, fair) hair. 3 They're (young, attractive, tall) girls and they've got (green, small) eyes and (curly, long, fair) hair. 4 Your sister has got (straight, dark, short) hair

What is 3 in each sentence? 1 Lizzie's young and very pretty. 2 She's got blue eyes and blond hair.

and (big, blue, beautiful) eyes.
Write four sentences about a classmate, In groups, read your descriptions. Who is it?

the'a Lall and ... . )he'e aol ...




Same or different?






I!:::"ri:*i:;:'r;: In pairs, look at the photo and describe the people using words from the previous lesson. A ie prelr,y and ahde 4c', ., , B (ea. o,\e ia aleo ...

Boff goes before the main verb but after to belto have.
We tucltft like tennis.




We've b*€Fe got blue eyes, They're fu *:?3: good-looking. cotst $/fi41 do you remember about the people in the photo? Complete the sentences, Use iipr*t< i)::t to help you. Then listen again and check, 1 Robert doesn't 2


lislsp and write the names next to the right

people in the photo.

Robert Polly Kerry

Read ;tii":r;l;i.! i.lt:i, Write your own sentences like the examples in.ii:t:at. iii:1, Change the words in italics. Ae'a ald, and he'a



his dad. They're

qol lonq, dark, wavy hatr and

amall, blue eyee, '#Ff &T; {}'Lf; Appearance
He's young and he's got short, blond, straighf hair and

got blond _ They've and blue _ 4 Polly and Joanna like music.

tall and thin.

5 Joanna likes dancing but Polly

6 They're both


at tennis.


Complete the sentences about you and your best friend. Then read them to your partner,

big, green eyes. He fooks like my dad.They're both talland thin.
He doesn't look like his sister

1 My besl friend is 2 We're both
annect. i'ct


. (,Lse


t.: .;




Personality and Interests
He's friendly and confident. He is like my mum. They're both quiet. We both loue music and reading. She's very good at sports. I like reading but she doesn't.

3 I'm



:-.= s:-.= ,s a:-.-i :-.. s:-.=

4 I lc,c,k


,l ,a.:

:. a ,- ::: . a.,: ) .: , . .'

-: -..s


S f n-r goocl at -

ancl he she s goocl at

In groups, talk about your family. Think about:

o what/who they look hke: ha



ir, cAcs


what/who they're ltke personal'ity, interests

I look liko my eioNer - we've boLh qo| curly hair, I'm like my dad, We boLh love oporL.





Look at the pictures and read the sentences aboutArthur and Bill.

\lrho's got:

ln pairs, look at the photos and answer the questions.


ister in London?


2 *:,i. rncle in Oklahoma?

r What do they look

Hor,v old are Tlm and Josh?


Are they similar or different in character? Why?

mt"ar lislsn to Paft 1 of the conversation and check your

cur.sr lisfsn to Part 1 again and circle the correct answers.

1 Roger's in his olfice I at h,ome. 2 He's got a photo of his
clr,i,Ldren. I u;tJe on his


3 Tim's short I talL. 4 Josh looks like his rtzt'm /

Arthur's i:.::, :_',ngineer. He's got ;:.* ;tpartment in Ipsr,r'rch The apartment is enormous.
i,E r*=*1

Bill's uilder. He's got ouse in Washngton.
The house is very small.


5 The boys are I aren't twvrs. 6 They've got simi,Lar I


a I

r e nt

p ers



Underline the afticles a, an and thein Exercise 1. Then complete the gaps in

the table with the correct afticle.

In pairS, gueSs which adjectives from the box describe Tim or Josh. Then listen to Pafi 2 and check your answers.




Afiicfes a, an and the
1 We use
before singular nouns with a consonant sound at the beginning and before singular nouns with a vowel sound: i.: *ouse, #E epadment, ;:* *mbrella BUT # university /jurnr'vgrseti/

quiel confidenl
easy-go1ng serlous




hard-working iively shy
cnr.ga Put J for Josh, T for Tim or B for both Josh and Tim next to the words and phrases, Then listen again and check.

_ 3 When we mention something for the second/third time we use _.
2 When we mention something for the first time we use



Listen to the words and write the article a or an in front. Which word in each line has a different afticle. Why? 1

1 play football 2 read

2r umbrella ar uncle

a universitl'

3 like the Internet 4 go to rock concerts

2_house _hour _hand 3_apple _eye _unit 4 _European _Italtan _Amei'ican
Complete the sentences with a, an or the.

.larte wilh a coneonanL eounA

5 study hard 6 want to study at



I !

_ bike is red trainers are black. 2 My sister's got two children, _ girl and _ boy. _ girl is ver.y quiet, but _ boy is very lively. 3 My brother's _ actor. He's got _ Eg,ptian wife, _ Germatr car and _ French dog _ car is enormous but _ dog is very small. 4 I've got _ mobile phone and _ apple in my bag. _ phone is blue and it's got _ camera. _ apple is for my teacherl
1 My favourite things are my bike and my tralners.



Say what he likes/doesn't like. Joah ia eaey-qoinq an).hat/n'ho he looks ltke. 4 They both pla. b father. b alone... . . a Josh b Tim a He's 1az1-. Tim'e Use the information from Exercise 7 and write a paragraph about Tim or Josh. le .. b the guitar. . Joah Iooke like hie rnum. Describe his personalily. write sentences about the twins.. :.4rates. Say u. .F . " .. b have got the same interests. a brolher. tall and .. c He siuclies a lot. a the piano.. b IIe doesnt get gooci n'Lalks at school. 6 Josh is good al painting ilke his c both Josh and Tim 2 Tim prelers lo do things - a with his brother.: . c mother. 3 Tim and Josh a like doing different things. What do you remember? In three minutes.:. c football. They bolh ?\ay . c love sports. c with his friends..< eD1s4 Listen to Part 2 again and circle the correct answers. 5 \\-hat is tme about Trn? 1 It's easy for to make friends. ..

. look _ those photos .. r Which animals do you like? Have you got a pet in your family? If so. I 7 They don't look friendly but they are. 1 The owner and the dog don't like relaxing at 2 They like quiet activities. Winston. Read the article again and follow the instructions. . curly hair and soft brown eyes. Describe: o the oumer and the dog. In winter.the dog takes her! - thcv nevef sit dOwn fOf rr rvj G fni" is me and my dog. too. And it's true! We're both similar in character and he looks exactly like me . They're both very nervous anr^l enernctir: 3 Find the opposites of: quiet (text A) lazy (text B) serious (text C) shy (text C) You want to enter an 'l Look Like My Dog'competition. 2 Complete the phrases with [he correcl nrenosition. Match the sentences with the correct text (A-C) in the afticle. o how they are similar or more than ten minutes! They always want to be out in the garden or the park. But we are different in one way . n 5 The owner is shy but the dog isn't. discuss the questions. We've both got the same eyes and noses. I love reading in the evening and he usually sleeps next to me. I ffi eeople always say that my dog looks . what is it? If not. My wife doesn't take the dog for a walk . they both look at me in the same way! They're similar in character too.ffi€&*E#ffi i: In pairs. photo. r. In this different. f 6 The dog likes sleeping. white hair and thin faces and they both smile a lot. We're not very good-looking and we're both bald! We don't look very friendly in this photo but we're both really easy-going. tr 8 Theyknowhowto get what they want. Winston often goes to gffi work with me .but look at those photos! They've both got the same long..or I look like himl We're both ouiet and a bit shy and we usually like relaxing at home or going for long walks. he's very confident and l'm not! . But he's got a cold nose and long ears and I haven't! r _ winter . but my eyes are blue and his are dark brown. We 1 Underline four different adverbs of frequency. ! home. brown. We're both good at making new friends. l$ll$ Read and match three of the photos (1-6)with the texts (A-c). ! 3 They've got happy faces. . what would you like? We both like . ! 4 The owner hasn't got long ears.. And when they want something. We've both got long. similar _ character r _ home ffi Sh" always says she doesn't look like the dog . I look exactly like him. like me. don't like noisy places.he doesn't like staying at home alone. Choose a photo from the article and write a shon text. o what you think they like doine..

l'm very lazy . Complete the sentences with the correct linking word. Guess what? l've got a new flatmate. Find two reasons why Claire is a good flatmate. Hi Emma. play lennis. We often study together because she loves French and I don't. 4 . 4 want to practise my Spanish. 1 Mike wants to be a doctor he studies a lot. use: 1 _ - to add to say 2 why information. I want a Spanish flatmate. Her name's Claire and we've got a lot in common. To link your ideas. bul so. Give reasons why you are happy/not happy with your . 5 They like music reading. need a lively flatmate. Use the email in Exercise 1 as an example. I love studying English. lo parliee becauae I'm a bit ohy. Ask your friend to wryite to you. I don't want a flatmate with a dog. flatmate. Write an email to a friend about your new flatmate. It's my favourite sport. like me. . 6l #e .so she helps mel We both love disco music so we go to clubs together bui she's not exactly like me. don't smoke. bnapry funcptyur dPtorvlrd B € X : t) * 'srorovrJp' i$. i'm a bit I don'N like qolnq shy. because A text is not natural when all the sentences are very short. She studies French. 6 7 've got two cats. 3 _ to give ditferent information. 3 She's very clever she helps me. Then complete Train Ycur" *rain with and. You are an exchange student. because and but. don't like studying Maths.Same or different? READERS' LIVES zre*e€&7&* Read Penny's email. I don't like quiet people. She hates watching W but I watch W every night because I love films Write soon and tell me about your flatmate. so or because.: . to talk ablt a result. Tffi&iTJ Y*AJffi ffiffi&Ee* I Linking words: and. Link the sentences using an4 but. . I don't like loud music. Penny xxx Study the underlined words in the email. Tell your friend what your flatmate is like. so. 1 2 3 5 I don't iike going to parties. 2 Claire likes music she doesn't like films. 4 We go to clubs we like disco music.

A job for life? jobs."ffi1f cor.eri**#". listening for the main ideas.E# #. . '+cassr:i ili* an application form. Frsu":z.E +r: dictiona4r skills.+ doctor. can/can'f for ability. ?t..r {Gffi#a#ffi#ffi&W e.E. Which two jobs can't you see? Then listen and repeat the words.TTfrt}L !+i.S'\E i.\!r-.. object pronouns.'t We use a/anto talk about a person's job: He's.ltr:'#.- *tr .!n'#. obligations and abilities. asking for and giving permission."!+:afi. **l.!. i. NOT Flds4eete+ .t'r ie' u3" g a.m Match the jobs with the photos.*r. "a. T.lq.iLaa*''n F:'+a.ttst": hctue to for obligations. acook! anutseI aclentist I a shop assistant ! a vet ! a pilot I a farmer ! a fire-fighter ! i i i ii ia fE da -'kffi E a:* "'!.


job for life?

tl tl

2 C

Read the interview. What do the people do? Do they like their jobs? Then listen and check.


Complete the sentences with Jack, Linda or Jack and Linda.

What's your job, Jack? I'm a . I work in a big bookshop on

Oxford Street, in London.
Do you have to work hard?


2 3

5 6

Yes,I do. People think it's an easy job, but it isn't. I have to stand for a long time and I have to remember a lot of names of different books and authors! I have to work at weekends, too and sometimes I finish work very late because the shop closes at 11 in the evening. But I enjoy my job - and I don't have to get up early, because I start work at 2p.m.
What does your wife do? Linda's a She loves helping people

has to work at weekends. has to wear a uniforn-. doesn't have to stand for a long time. have to work long hours. doesn't have to get up early. don't have to pay rent.


Complete the phrases with words or phrases from the box.


_ _



n" e""d


inside/outside/long hours/

but she doesn't like getting up early and she hates the uni-form. She has to work very long hours, like me. She's happy at the moment because she doesn't have to go to work at
Where do you live?


at weekends/at night 2_ special clothes/a uniform

childrerVpeople/money/animals/ your hands 4_ special equipment/special qualifications


Complete the sentences with the correct form of have fo. Then listen and repeat the sentences.

With my parents. It's good because we don't have to pay rent and we want to save money

for our ov,n house.

Work it out

Cooks farmer 3 Teachers 4 Doctors 5 A vet

be good with their hands. wear a uniform.

work at weekends.
have special qualifications.
be good u'ith animals.

6 A dentist

s,ork outside.


Underline all the forms of have fo in the interview What do they mean? Circle the correct answers.

Work in pairs and follow the inslructions.

haue tolhas to a it's necessary b it's not necessary 2 don't haue toldoesn't haue to a it's necessary b it's not necessary


think of a job and ansu'er Student B's questions with short answers. Student B, ask YeslNo questions and guess your partner's job.
Student A, B Do you have t.o work

at niqhl?

Check it out

AYee, I do.
B Do you have to wear a uniform? AYee, I do. B Are you a nuree? AYee, l am.


In pairs, ask and answer questions about your

family's jobs.

AWha|'s your father'o job?
B I'e's a dentieL. AWhaN does he have




Look at the poster about a dictionary. Match the words in italics wilh the grammar words.

Grant Evans works in a circus, ls a job in a circus a good job? Write sentences with the phrases from the box.

1 noun 2 verb

4 adverb 5 preposition

3 adjective

hnrinO/inferpqlinp inh' rlnrL, rrii h dILll v\Uln vvlllL eni11g]go uurrr16/rrLu r\ Jrlrrf).JUU: dangerous/exciting job? work long hours? travel to different places? meet people?
melro r onnd liri ng?
It'a intereet:tnq becalee yau lrave Lo d,ifferenL Vlacee.
cor.:s ft66fl the article. What does Grant say about his job? What phrases from Exercise 1 does he use? Read the adicle again. Tick true and cross false.




*rai*. Then look at the dictionary

entries and answer the questions (1-3).




ln a dictionary you can find: o what part of speech a word is. how many meanings it has.

1 You see animals rn the Ci,rque du Solezl. 2 The Ci,rque du SoLei,L employs 3,500 artists. 3 Czrque has shows in different countries. 4 Grant has to find famous performers. 5 He has to use a computer in his job. 6 All the people in Cr,rque speak English. 7 Grant says his job is always interesting.


r I


the pronunciation and stress.

fn pairs, write questions, Use the correct Iorm of have fo. Then ask and answer the questions,

Student A


cook2 kukl n
_.-.__ '.,*,.

me lkukl v to prepare hot food: My mother cooks Jor someone who prepares food as their job: He works as a cook in a hotel.

1 Grant/speak French 2 artists/be famous

Student B 1 Grant/speak English

2 artists/come from

3 Grant/travel a lot

3 Grant/find new artists A Doea GranL have Lo epeak French? BYee,he doee.


adj sorry:

adi afraid of. rrighrened o{: Hes aJiaid

I'm afraid I can,t help you.
distance from something:

near lntel prep a short
near the park,



*=*kl Use a dictionary to check the meaning and pronunciation of the underlined words in the adicle, What pads of speech are they?

"l:Ily slowly.

/steulir/ adv not moving quickly:I o a----'ur



Gomplete the sentences with the correct underlined words from the article.

1 What are the s5rmbols for noun,uerb, ad.j e cti,u e, adu erb and prepo sztion? 2 Which words have two meanings? Are they the
same parts of speech? 3 How do you know the pronunciation and the

1 His paintings are great. He's a very

2 That restaurant is always full! You have to


Read the sentences and decide what part of

3 She's the manager of the company. She's the 4 My job is to help lhe managpr. T'm her | 5 You have to buy their new CD. It's for new jobs. 6I've got two important _ ten 7 My company is very small. It _

speech completes each of them. Then complete the sentences with words from Exercise 2.

1 I hate going in lhe car with her. She drives

really elowly

. adverb


2 She never goes swimming - she's water. 3 I work in a restaurant. I have lo _

Discuss the questions in groups.



Would you hke to have Grant's job? Why?/
Why not?

rhnrrt !au fiftrr nonnlo

_ work. 5 I live
4 I'm
a great

I can't come tonight. I have to
a disco. It's really noisy at nightl

o What do/don't you


like about it?


it good that the circus hasn't got animals?
job because

\l'rhLy?A\rhy nol?
I woaldlwouldn'I llke hio

6 I like having lunch at my aunt's house. She's




iwa SBfr*sh fl*m* iI & i::t &tt':F!ii htm .t'fi'fi.. I haven't got a driving licence. * K H. Abilities: We can both drive.l? Find examples oI canlcan'f in the ads and the profiles in Exercise 1 and complete the table./No.com/prof es.lnltd. he o_. € . I can swim.r"nrrrg d3!. I l:p. I can't speak a foreign language but Jo can. Prlrit ffi f"lail 'ii] http://www ntajob.Silp Xe* f .7G:* #F #&=Z7G7"G "'f'l*r# 1t *a. We want to work part-time.* PROFI LE Name: Ben and PROFILE Name: Linda White Age: 1B * jo Sims !4 Age: 21 * Oecupation: sports teachers I Occupation: drama student I nterests: Jo nterests: We love sports and go swimming every day..*panyandwe reed {i\m extt Affirmative B 6 B a l/You/He/She/ltAAle/They'- dance.f c. 1 /LtLt'e n l-(u\ 5ne wTLwt tNa a. I love dancing and I like animals. CAII Y||U SPHI( TREIIGHP I need a babysitier for my two lively kids and a dogl Two evenings a week and sometimes weekends.'. {e# fS eol zaeo I& . I often look after her and read stories to her. F*. ) 1{\t )7 . oe6 need '- Questions and short answers l/you/he/she/iVweithey sin g? Yes.jobs are good lor Linda l g can We use can for ability. LUn Ltn"5 d-- . l've got a young sister..or afternoons. $ studies Spanish at evening school - she loves it. weeKends and. Answer the questions. cLrlldren s swimming pools.r.'. I oo.. Abilities: I can speak French and ride a horse. Read the ads and the profiles.\f\L.d"oe4 ffiWr &ffi*& &#.{Ler rWO ffit.ran cu\d 0. il'li*'l*:fffi' B(Ds . 1 Whal jobs are lhe ads for? 2 Aro t ho inhq [r rli-timp nr nrrt-timc' 3 Which job is good for Ben and Jo? 4 Which . -?ffi. I/h What questions 5_ you do? CalI them on 639 0217.elzsvear!% Bourton park schools il**n 8736' part+ime lifeguards for thejr n Negative lffou/He/She/lVWe/They 2_ drive.

swim? . Read the example and look at Call ue on 096 8736. Here you /Uo they Complete the sentences with the correct object pronouns.:Z (1-4).Complete the sentences about the people in Exercise 1. 0bjec-t pronouns Subject pronouns I 0biect pronouns c01.? 3 gil'e you/my homen-olk i"r:'. s _ Linda 4 What language she drle. Listen and tick the object if the ansv._ . she Linda speak? French. Sorry. Ask and answer the questions in Exercise 7. speak French? . please? Can use your phone. -4 borrodmobile phone i X Practise your dialogues.ea. _ Ben and Jo drive? Yes.:'. look after children? 4 A Could I _ B your _. he can. write dialogues with can or could.az Ji6 asks four questions about the objects r the picture. you he she *r# 2 3 . problem. I look after 4 My sister's got a ner. =:=-j 7 27. Complete the chad for your partner.{o Listen and repeat.a $sp's friend Rob phones about one of the jobs in Exercise 1.. look after animals? . I can.:*.€*ts ':'. Do you want to come with _'l 6 I love cats but cats don't like ! lislep again and complete As questions../No. Then listen to the dialogues and repeat them.-^. they dance but cot. are. Act "/ A Can you dance? B Yee. dance? . . I'm sorry. *.:-.4s Listen again and number the responses in .-: : 1 2 Jo 3 5 6 Linda _ ride a horse.1: :. I can't. This is a non-smoking No.'. Can you drive? Yes.=-/#{= ::-':j : f' : ?-. I caril. office. that's fine. I can.':? ? -'- 2 borrorv/dictionarS. speak a foleign iar-Lguage but Ben Linda drive? No.) l-/lEO)q. sing? .:7. please? Yes response Yes. Then complete the table. I I I I 1 We like horses but lve can't ride 2 My dad's got a car but I can't drive response + reason 3 I've sot a little sister. That seat's not cor+z like _ 5 Ben and I love going to clubs. cor. =t . I Could i" I I it WC o_ 5 Asking for permission sit here.lNo.:=={. Use can or can't. . Write the correct response under each question.. I'm afraid not. No Yes. What's the problem? Can he . Listen to the phone call and complete the chaft. of course. o. p1e.v boyfriend but I don't . Rob Yea. 2A Could I borrowB --t^. 1 operVwindow-? rY Work in pairs. ther :. Your partner 3A B Can I _. 1 A Canl B _1 please? cor.'e' yes and cross it if the answer is no. '#*:rk i€ *u€ the highlighted object pronouns 0n page 36. Which job in Exercise 1 can your paftner do? Why? Can I ogen Lhe windov'r. free. I can't sing.=. I can dance. please? .s- ln pairs.

a:::a:a:aa:.iil|i:. 5 Look for new words in your dictionary while you listen. What jobs do they do? #t :fr #. € .ffi l' .:: 'J:.vork early drive a lot meet people A A poetmanlwornan haa to get up early.vork? tirink of a job from Exercise 1 and ans\\:er Stuclent B's queslion (clon't say the job!). Student A.--.:: to heIp you..:.l:.. cot... 3 Stop listening if you don't understand... Look at Exercises 2-4 and tick the sentences that are true.j Match the jobs with the people in the picture....+s cor.i-tiri. : laaaa::::. asli one of the questions from E-relcise 4 ancl guess n'hat Student ..: :a a ']a*i:. driver rr gardener a tal l-... Write words that help you decide which question it is.r. Use the advice in-it:ti'::-ii:.'. a What do 1'ou have to do in your job? b What do you like about your job ? c Where do vou r.". Student B.!t4I!:4 "! get up early/1ate r'vork long hours work outside \.rs lis{sn to interviews with two people from the picture.a:a:a::4._. .'t+ | Understanding the main ideas 1 Think what you know about the topic. 2 to understand every word.. 1 What's his job? 2 \\4rich question from Ererclse 4 does he ansr.-. BYee.a. 4 Listen for key words and phrases. Read i-i.r+ l-isfsn to an interview with another person from the picture and answer the questions.2-.vear a uniform.rx"#"4.{s job is.:t:! i*. :-.ver? Work in pairs and follow the instructions. buL he aan finieh work eady. -i !1. think of one positive and one negative thing about each job.::----r: l-:_ In pairs. Try T T T T f lis{sn again and circle the questi0n the two speakers answer. a.ostmar/$'oman I ! a police officer a u-indow cleaner ! I ! il ii il # * l '". Don't worry about new words./old ciothes finish r. Loo. Use have toand can and the phrases from the box. mr..

... g#&Etr T*23# W#&4l.:i Read i?ai* Y**r *rai* and match the points (1-6) with the definitions (a-0.B. J". '''E#EEl-We#" Read the application form and answer the questions. .tl::1.9A.. Type of job required ski s || .Personal Inforrnation * Personal lnformation l\ationality Marital status Address Phone no Emarl address Fducation Current employmeni current ernploymeni .'. Do you think your panner can get a job? Which job and why? I Completing application forms Forms usually contain special words and abbreviations..-c: . You can invent an identity! 1 What's the person's 2 When r. job I a the job you've got now ! b the you want I c the things you can do well I d your bifthday Skills I e manied or single 6 Type of job required [ | male or female 1 Marital status think Sartek can work aa a .nppLre..:?€.Qy'E-P " " "" "' Work experience PART B * ExPerlenee and skillq Skills .' g C11"8-N t1' "ANP"' rrf ar$3irlrlltr:r.. 2 Date of birth 3 M/F 4 Cunent employment 5 . beca.rg..n?'q. Fill in Part A of the form.&r!*N F*R pARlTl&sm womK Please e*ffipNete in b!a*k ink as:d return te Hur::an Resourees PART A . .. B type of job do you want? o What experience have you got? o What skills have you got? o What In pairs.vas he born? full name? 3 Has he got a job now? 4 What can he do? APPLICAnCrI FOR PAR]:TIME WORI Please complete in black ink and return to Human Flesources PART A Surname First names Date of birth Sex M . work experience ..9- -fo't't"... swap your forms..Qt!f... Then fill in Part in the form above.'YllIeg "'.4 | Make notes about these questions.a-A.Af.1:11..

he hasn't.r .trave got) any brothers or sisters? 2 What time (they/have to) get up tomorrow? (she/canlspeak) I'rench? 4 What (you.q.&ffi Put the words into the four categories.'7.t1"rp-. 8 trr\rl.ll-tinte afu.'nvl tred' iln"l v"'rt'r . he doesn't..tr f i '. I can't. 1 /hor€ Ancl halc /o 1e// zze nhalShe lo a) 1a chc/c:/ A/7/ f'zlt n64 o 12- t ft6//q terT /// 'be horze be{ore //p. €# . 6_ have to work outside _ . He always finishes at 4p.rk Steph thirtrs \L' \ 5 witfr tha hol'sz'norL tuth sV't: weru. b A dictionary and three books.v. They are r' th. d No.cr.. She is Yery _ . 4 We don't haue to I hauen't.--+c NY\t€' Luct"^t f 'we. ezrst'1 lul ' ihe' *t. but I can ride a horse and swim. but she can speak Spanish.a aar z) (J ft ffrb/t.. Put one word in each gap. 4 Susan can sing very well. 3 Tom wants to be a I an actobat. i?2. long.z si 61rtkr7p /teertee dnc.m. bLack. They start school at B. '. Then listen again and repeat the words. 1 Jeff's like his brother. re't))lt'. 5 I'm very happy with my new We both like music. c At 6a.^.c. Uetps . ro go to bed early today.ftave to) work long hours? (you/can/ride) a bike? a No.y wzll Vu'r i f'w''wL ol la'te."J*t"u^n'4ut' sha both very FRItrND thc '{tp. € No.rd drLd: \ l'l' 'f '' . Then match them with the answers (a-f). .orr. bald shy a purse easy-going u.I'w' .*" {u.sLer' I ') -. . s+ green slecp thin magazine seat tutns big easy wqekends different dentist teacher sister itrx Listen and check. Circle the correct words or phrases. I 4 ')[.m.n L-fh+[f'] :l '''''l"{c't"'L r-t '"1* flttnr. Tomorrow is Sunday! 5 Karen's got two brothers and makes breakfast for as / lhpm every morning. curly I curly. =: Complete the sentences. Then add three more words from Units 3 and 4 to each group.hirt s.vocABul&ffiY &ruffi ffi ffi&ffi ffi. Make new words from the words in capital letters. Do you pronounce the underlined letters in these words with r 0r ir? Put them in the correct group. I'm lazv WORK PLAY o- tLrrte verr'.1t ''*n X d't* tu'tw r'""' l'w srre c-l'ud' horu 2 We are very different and Tom is 3 I've got a radio and a CD in my bedroom. dl-cu€ ue hduc (he. 2 My friend's got green eyes and Long.tt' to r.'-bt't r'ea-L t'mu'r \le\'! LaLs TALtrNT FLAT FARM barbartt all the time.'p-rO-td I J^'tlr'. f No. blackhat.rf. T T tr T T T pffiffir-$ffiru#g&3$#r€ . Complete the questions using the prompts in brackets. she can't.bt'L h'r'. 6 Sandy doesn't hctue to I can't swim but her sisler is very good at swrmming. Gomplete the letters from Barbara and Stephanie to their mother./ 1 Mandy and Ally look very similar because / so I'm sure they're sisters.4rave got) in your bag? (he.lnut a'tt'L bcrrrl's rrtt I t'' r 6er lrtutd's ":n't t'^1.ook trainers a vet tall De&r 'vtdt.

too Unfortunately you often have to stand for a long time. #g @ E?* t -: . this is a job for you. Gare.fgf.# A good job for you if you are g00d with your hands and love experimenting n the kitchen. his/her personality and appearance. his/her name and age. please? similar. You have to be good with your hands.L€SYffiF$$ruffi ffiK*ILg ffiffiffi&ffigffiffi ffiffi$tutus What can you say in these situations? Write a different answer for each questi0n. and do a lot of preparation in the evenings. Student B You are at an international sulnlner camp.' sa1. but the salary is quite good especially when your customers like the result and give you some extra money! * & .g!. .# # &.?. 3 Lisa and Philip have got different personalities. \bur fi"iend tells r-ou about het'uerr boyfriend.4rer questions about: . o his. .ftis ner'v girifriend. You've got a new boyfriend/girlfriend. 4 trmiiy can't ride a horse very we1l.you often have to stan before 9a. please? llkes eating. There are two extra jobs. mohile nhone nleasel You say yes: 5 Your a a shop assistant b a cook d a farmer e avet brother/sister: Can I wear 1'orit' trainels toclar-.. you Often have to get up very early and work long hours (weekends tool).46 How do they choose their friends? Listen to Emily's conversation with her brother. \bu start the conversation. your new boyfriend's/girlfriend's name and age.y. Ask about: ./her personality and appearance. cDt.m. 4 A man in the street: Could I use your ffiffi&ffiffffiffi ffiKstutuffi Match the jobs (a-0 with their descriptions (1-4). 2 Emiiy's friends have to be good-1ooking. 5 She iikes Philip because he's rich. Tick true and cross false. Talk to your frrend and answer his. .izo You c a teacher f a hairdresser Roleplay this conversation.er. You don't have to work at weekends and holidays are usually long! But it isn't an easy job . 7 Martrn likes Anna because she T T You say yes: 2 Your teacher: You say yes: W crmArr 0rozlern. - H F& +*s" :str -**+r sdq '=€"" :ffi ]l. You start the conversatlon. nloqqp? n T T T Can I borrow your pen for a moment. # ffi w # re It's perfect if you like working with people and talking to them. 1 Your best friend: Can I borrow your 'l Emily thinks N{artin is lazy. B Lisa's and Martin's friends are very n T 3 A man in a caf6: You say rzo: Can I sit here. You don't meet your customers very often but the customers sometimes get angry with you when they don t like the result of your work. 6 Anna's confident and clever. his/her interests. m This is a good job for somebody who enjoys working in the open air but it's a very dtfficult job In the summer. hisArer interests. Student A \or-r ale at an intelnational sLulr-mel' cantp. lt's not s0 busy in the winter but then you've often got your animals to look after. t lf you like working with people and are good with children.

bedroom a kitchen a dining room bathroom a study a living loom a hall abed abath atable asink tr stairs I anarmchrir'! aroilet tr achair I apicture tr acupboard ! ashelf I I I ! awardrobe! au.€ houses..:. :. '!r:t:. predicting in reading."W#Tffi &Frfurt. {}Y.'... Friendly shared house i-s r: t-.: 4f+3 ?4C#?4 #T###7. Tt++zi++ there i.j"zat|. prepositions of place.nished Furnished -:.::==+::t\! i..!jt.n4ti'. -."r{:ilyt'i1 Look at the photos. asking for and giving directions. Area O*tntC Numb€l of bedrooms :J -l**"rl*-*** F I Furnished Untu. i' . *i:i.A{BW{. rooms."#*#* t85 per week.1cjg t::t:.-'r'. |..i.indow adrawer asofa aplant ashower abasin r tr r T T T e /-. i. Which three rooms do they show? a a cozr [I6lsh the words with the items (1-14)in the photos. Minimun mnt Maxlmurn rent Start Serci! .j{:t i}i2'i t.}{}{.."y1!}.s/there are. j'.\e#t+rt +". avoiding repetition in writing... fumiture.Home sweet home . articles a/the/zero.=={?.. places outside.'-y-*-* words cormected with houses.a* Venall and Co Lettings 4- houses in Oxford . tl:*. some/anu. Which room are the four extra words from? Then listen and repeat the words.

There is a sofa. 2?=.Y1 s*7g. is. Sorry.4! !.*ffi W + + 'SFrllovuF R- 2 There's a Ta: Pepa@spaln. -ne house rs bg bul abil c'a7\1 -tl-ere are sla's 1 -he _ 6 There there aren't 7 There there B No. Circle the correct answers.t' i. .11 i-l:e s.={:::.'. Plural # sofa. There aren't any plants rn the liling room.. 1 There are some cupboards in the liviitg I'oor-n. There'e .=. a sma I ye low wardrobe. any.ere a. a small table and a b g red armchalr but there isn't a TVl There are three big pictures.e I a:ny1 tn negative sentences and questions. There's a warArobe in Lhe bedroorn Look at the underlined words in the email.)\ iaa<a ' -.': ". Lhere ian'L. in the living in the in the there islthere are + alsomelany Singular Now swap books with your paftner. There aren'L any cuqboarda ir t"he iivin4 roo'".. big sofa in my room but armchairs..com subiefl: |llPep!! Hi Pepa. Tell the class about your partner's house.3_ **m* shelves.+ Negative 77=<.:. Which rooms does she talk about? cDe2 Read Compfete the sentences with a. and there are books and plants everywherel There are even books on the stairsl The kitchen's nice too. isn't and aren't. ). _+. 1 There are Eeepry tieeptylll lflrorvsFt . house.ra -. and there are some lovely blue e rnhnards anr-l shclvcs l\.. Tlz*a"* "*r. .F chairs.. 1 You often use: Complete the sentences about your home. ::-:. answer y0ur paftner's questions..'..'a a wardrobe in lps l'1v'q'ee*? In pairs.'#i:* f. T{+*t*.'. so I have to use my moblle.f. are. Affirmative T7+*r* 1-r"'E3 Th*r* 2_!t'zrx* pictures.::=.eet home Michelle's email to her friend in Cambridge..i'taata' :'a a. No.:t Ala tte'e B No.c a plattt . ? a taaa.i. 7 Questions 6--t=::.? 2:.. some. drawers in your kitchen? chairs but there a wardrobe How's Cambridge? Are there anv rnterestlng people there? Have you got a lob? | ove my new summer job in Oxford and now l've got a place to livel t's a room in a house wth some great Eng rsh people from work. Is in his bedroom? isn't.zE ('_ **? (5_ ) ) = table. The only problem is that there isn't a phone.:. 5A lovely houses in my street. in the kitchen. Love Michelle . *s.|n*rr"t #iEg Short answers Y eS.r.t"r.:'. There are aome cuoboarda in the ki-"chet.. 1 There rooms in my flat/ 2 You use: a a I some lvith slngular nouns. Tl-rere afe sollle dt'au-et's in the liritrg t'ocrul..but there isn't a table and there aren't anv chairsl I have to buy some.. 2 There's 3 There aren't 4 There isn't room. Z+ {. and there are sorne drawers .ir:gT:t *+. Complete the table with ls.Home s$. isn't. ls there a phone in your flat? Send me your number and can phone you.tt's. big bathroom in Tom's flat. 3 Are there 4 There are a table. But it's a pretty room. are ot aren't.:: phone? interesting people? YeS.'. ? Write soon.. any plants in my rnnm hrti some books. som.: . there. b some when you knou-t I don't krtou the exact number. I have to stop now I 2 3 4 5 6 There's an armchair in the bedroom. iv r-g'oo'ni Look at the photos of the house again and correct the sentences. "="". . NO r=:-i'::= a'. Find examples in the email to helP You... There isn't a sink in the kitchen. lt'S Smalbut I've uuPvvu' vr got a bed. Thet'e'. t. . a b some I any tn affirmative sentences. Write five questions about the photos and Are there lse ls there . . There are lhree roome in Jan'e flaL.it's time to go to work.4v bedroom's not bad. 5 There aren't 6 There are in the bathroom. There are Lhree roome in mv tlaL.

Il? new or old? hnw o\d? r the rooms'.'J.:1..r.']l'-il"'. What do you know about the book? Part2 & 'It's not verv bie bT:.. Think about: o the size and age of the house: bi. Check your predictions from Exercise 5.. four it'a . Where is Anne's house? Part 1 & Gilbert talk wedcling' Anne and A month before their . guess where Anne's house is.r. I. She uoesn r lrve there now _ but there are some of her tables.''. Tlrere's u'r-u'il kitchen and a lovely living room with a fireplace downstairs..Effi You are going to read an extract from this book. A I think it's in Lhe villaqe next to Lhe harbaur...'. iN'e aot. bI thg.&#Hru# ffiffi tr3 ffi Fffi&ffiE#.. A . lighthouse is beautifut.af.'l'"1r"1.::. I. B No.::. I Lhinkit'a .h. the harbour"r. trees the the harbour thp orto fhp qfrorm garden the village the beach the Jrghthouse Look at the picture and title again. I *>hink '1a. In pairs.. .."-i is beautiful' +i.a ftssfl Paft 2. " . And who. yorr . at the cover and the title. furniture isn.."il1* iR: little white house l*'rffi gi*:' itn **r#. zuhat? where? modern or old4fashi.'.lr's about sixrv years old. And the Four r Who's the girl? How old is she? o Where is she? In the city or the country? o Is this a modern slory? Look at the picture opposite of the place where the story happens.r.. of conrse. Look at the picture again and guess Gilbert's answer.:i'. and there's a small room for _y .:. B No.ther re Dut tney very prefty.vindows at night.lH"t..j" really cosy. coz: fts461 Pad 1 of the story and check your predictions from Exercise 3.... Y$: y""." 'Yes.. il....ur.t$:{ . Look coz. ..i*if':. ho. Use words from Exercise 2 with prepositions 14 on and next to. things i" th. new and roorfi9. a bit otd_ *T^s-'-"i.".? old lady called Miss Elizabeth Russell."nT}:n:t'lT. how many? wlzat rooms? r the view from the house: ahat can you see? r the furniture'." home' what's it like?!' Read Anne's last question in Pad 1.. you have to see rhem.l"*t.l*sr*.t important! There's one very important thing L. the living room r.ffi ffi. from the dining room.*" bedrooms and a bathroom.1e hgtrt from fi.g or sma.wa'lch t-. But Gilbert.d .oned? A I think Lhe houee ia bia and.. Find these words.s the owner of thJhousep....'' r'.ffi . And upstairr.1li::ifi l'*:1'JlJi'.

When you read: c use the information in the text t0 guess what comes next. .. : :.....9 . o o sea. big.{ $*- & :..-. My dream hcuse ie gy -. swinmrl...!. Which exgrcises (1-B) help you it be? Talk about your guesses in small groups.. .Home sweet hor-ne Read the last sentence in Part 2 again.. 1r.':..? 6 *e * *... a \'le\'v trees Ta:lAn a r o.a' . B No.= ..: l. )'our icleas aphone . A i .itg 1:r:ol.. Think about: Part 3 a" r the location: bg the it'r. b to predict what the text is about.: ::. 3 #. #. .. €ry @ry $ ffiF *f_ '-.: . coz.# s l.. .'. o other: gctrden..rc " -^'rpd the ho"se.ff.::i. ..it j . itt tlze tnorLntttitts.e know there'E a kiichen in Lhe hauae. 'l i. 'r.r-r. .f .:'i I Predicting We often know or can guess the content of a text. What's your idea of a dream house? Tell your paftner. a s[rean] .. :-.hink it'a e kitohen.:.* z.'. . ._*.r.s . This helps us lo understand it better.. Use these ideas to help you. Before you read. .. the city. akitchen . 1. use the pictures and the title: a to think about the topic and what you know about it.. .:'..' -. . What could Read -:.:.. Gilbert?' the size: number of rooms the atmosphere: cosg. to predict? Match them to points (a-c).a.: t::. fts3fl Part 3 on page 140 and check your predictions from Exercise 7. . study.a a...

lnt"rt'. epecific flowera 2 a Have you got a dictionary? b Have you got the dictionary? cozo lislsn to the phone call and complete the conversation with a. flowere in qeneral b I love the flowers in your garden.. b My sister likes the cat in that picture. I do. 2 Thev've sol a hearrriiul house but bathroom ls very small. I I I I (a-c)with the correct rule (1-3)..l+i Look back at the grammar in Unit 3 page 28 and read the sentences below.it isn't imporlant to know uiieise one. Bianca Hello.. c What's the address? Articfes alan.jt:ijij':::}:l'':.in"S 0 . because she loves the garden. What's t_ see Charlie 22Park Street. wardrobe. "'nr. too.TiJl'ilq*. because there's something in the house 'T*irzl *r. \&i**V.lf-# Read the adveft. the or no article. 3 Charlie doesn't live alone. Do you dogs. Charlie And we've got dog. I do! So can I come this afternoon? Charlie Yes. &# . Charlie That's great! Do you want to come and room? Bianca Yes. and a ward.{..=#&*#ffi ffiffi &Ttl.ir.j"":.EE *t:E Read the rules in the table and match the sentences 1 The room is expensive 2 Charlie wants to speak Spanish.:O . please? B Yes. 1 A Excuse me. Where are you from? Bianca I'm from Argentina. 4 He lives in a flat. we have.. przzas tn pizzas but _ 3 I love _ this restaurant are awful."t"g111l :a l_ n lgrh c Work in pairs. And what's the room liker Charlie Well. there is only one. What's the difference in meaning? '. It's about your ad. good. she doesn't like. there's 1_ single bed and train station. of course. b It's on the shelf in my bedroom.rl: 1a Iloveflowers. a Do you like dogs? b There's a bus stop near us. o_ bed is new And you can see our garden from '_windows in the room. 4 a My sister likes cats. My name's Bianca. 3 a It's on a shelf in my bedroom. Why do we use a and the in these sentences? There'e a einale bed. Charlie Hi Bianca.5* ' :r*. Have you got S n Wtlere's mrr hqd \. Bianca? Bianca Yes. krtchen table. Find one more example in Exercise 2 for each rule. Bianca You've got a garden?! Fantastlc! I love book _ about London. and a supermarket. the or no article.* * {.uil.* tt."'o -u .o. I 3 No article We use i:* a*r*l* with plural nouns to talk about things/people in general.no article " . It's near the 1_ address? There's 3bus stop near us. which I . b No. .# Ll-ffiEffiWl. They're on _ shelves over there. the.rabe.. n f i ndefinite arlicle ive al an wltn iiingutar noun when it is one of many things/people. Bianca Oh.* r. 4 mobile phones are expensive but people usually love them. Complete the sentences with a.-:JSed 'ii. Tick true and cross false.']:u . too.l. The bed. like 10_ e_ cozr Does Bianca take the room? Listen and circle the a Yes.ll n t. ie new. F ttgg toot *' la:::ill. Charlie here..ihrm? t_ gardens! B It's on correct answer. :I:::: Definite afiicle ffie 2 We use f#s before a singular or plural noun when you talk about specific things/people.

Correct it if necessary.-:7\' '' /\ / 1 The fridge is / ii. : i..rrr.ashing machine is _ the ccroker' ancl the sink. 3_ the sink. B_ a shelf.s! *'1t t '4' \ in .. Work in pairs.c -.r. 6_ the drarver. Then listen and repeat the sentences.r.'. Work in pairs. 1 behind the microurave. The cupboard is the sink.a \/ & 77. 5_ the r. 7_ a chair and the cooher.t". There's a shelf the fridge. 4_ the cupboard..+v 'a'aa i t:: :' -. r.tii" Match the words with the objects (1-B) below.Home s\\-eer r'iint of i l-Lr-.der next to :iii'rrggrgr? above ^r^ 'h&\ ^\A.. .iii. 2_ the fridge.rJZL_ 7\ .lr-.r.:ii:il. Look at page 140 and follow the instructions.1. TAey're ar lae riq^.'a t 3t Now look at your paftner's drawing and check it.l:: u.r. fridge shelf clralver cupboard microll-ave cooker sink cozs \[/[sJs are the spiders in the picture below? Use the prepositions at the top of the page to help you.lashing machine. There's a splder: 2 3 4 5 6 The microu'ave is a shelf..ashlng machine Complete the sentences about the picture of the kitchen with the correct preposition. @@: @g: / . on *>he ieft.- i: -'tl\1.. The u. _ the sink... :uti:t. aay. There's a chair the cooker.. Draw a plan of your bedroom and describe it to your paftner Your parlner dravrs your plan.

cne. AO AQ Shop Post Office pub Newsagent's T Pizzeria AO 4 f'r -+-. My house is on the 2_ 3_ 8_ on.JTJtJtJtJTJtJLJUUU Work in pairs.ffiffiffi&K€s€ffi &ruffi LEffiYffi$€$ruffi Read the invitation and answer the questions.! . Walk lights. Turn right at the on the left. Tick the places you hear on the map. *t -8?'^< get past turning opposrte corner right traffic srffiAK #trT I straight l]''ilIl 11 ).= .v the address.)r. What's Mike's problem? Circle the correct answer.'\.6" PTlEr >t)el n Asking for directions Excuse me. Use the map to help you. Look at the places on Marcela's map and the words in the box. Where can you buy these things? a. Then listen to Pad 2 again and check. c He can't understand the map. . Take the first 5 There's a book shop on the u . Where's Marcela's house? c*z. L4 Juu'e.e Listen to Part 1 of the phone call. 4 Where is it? QOOOOQQ party on invites you to a housewarming 3atUr)a. 1 Who's it from? 2 What's it for? 3 When is the party? a He hasn't got the map. b He doesn't knor.>ee tA? ^-. You can buy a eLamq in a poot office.ro Qomplste Sp*ak **! with the words from the box.t Y> r ^46Y v Address: L+ et"" lo"l' CrCoa . is there a newsagent's near here? to your house? How do I t_ Giving directions Go the supermarket.( |t I 'ir AAflNAAAAAflN \. 4-_'- a a stamp a newspaper some aspirin CD a painting a pizza It's lhe newsagent's. cozro Listen to Part 2 of the phone call.

the li. Write about your favourite place at home. aL Lhe Use the ideas in irc.. too.Home sweet home co2." ' .. |l'a ' . AYou're aL lhe pub.nt m. You want to go to the: a) art gaIlery b) music shop.. There are a lot of trees in the garden. ask and give directions.a*Yt:lt-ti *rai'*. m-usic in :w . Use linking words: and. I play with my dog in the garden. but. . please? Go straight tat and turn 'London Road. Work in pairs. After dinner' I do my the kitch:n. Answer the questions. My f avouril'e place ie Lhe qarden becauee iL'a beautiful. Take the tturning on the right. Walk alon4 Tark Koad and r'urn riqhL opVoeile Caf I tr-tro.arm because it's got a fireplace. etc) o What do you do there? (read. because. '€EFTEE&Wffi Read the two texts.uit'tg rootn etc) o What's it likel lbig. We always eat in the kitchen " homework in the winter. I do mr-homet. watch TV etc) . I listen to. The kitchen's very in the fir. I sit under the trees in the sununer' My dog loves the garden. You're at the train station.ffi My home is not very big but I like it. Give your Padner directions. Student A 1 Circle all the examples of zI. After dinner. In pairs. Why do you use them? 3 Find the word that replaces the phrase in the ki'tchert. Use fhereto replace a phrase about a place. Which nouns does ef replace? 2 Underline all the linking words. I love the garden. Which text do you think is better? Why? 1 w my home' My My home is not very big' I like The kitchen is favourite place is the kitchen' warm' The kitchens got cosy. Look at text 2 again and follow the instructions. t'ss11 P1P) o What do you Like about it? (zrb prittate. Use the map and *B*nL il}. There's a in the winter. Read Trni* Ynur Br*in and use the ideas to make the text below more natural. Use pronouns to replace repeated nouns: d. M. . Then listen and check.pl". Student B Tffi&rrd Y*#ffi *ffiAgFi I Avoiding repetition You can try to make your writing more natural.'You're r What islt? (your bedroom.t Maria is at the bus station. You wanl to go to: a) the post office. so. them. . You're at the bus station. so we aiu'avs ear rhere Man Road. u.v favourite place is the kitchen. b) the chemist's.:. Where are you? B Ar the cirema. ptzzeria ucorner. the Maria Thank you. lraffic )i4hLe. Maria Excuse me.ork and listen to music there . roo. to complete the dialogue. How do I tto Elm Itt cosy and u. Choose two places on the maP but don't tell your partner. \Valk tha nrrh :nd the chemist's. My favourite place is the garden. too' kitchen. The garden ls beautiful' The garden is not very big.

Fr**t4** countable and urcountable nouns. buyng food and drink.s*'*r* ** predicting in listening. 4 Greg can find some crisps. Then listen and repeat the words. FF tu ! I ! some cola ! some bread I some coffee ! a biscuit ! some crisps ! some sugar ! some cheese I some lettuce I a tomato some butter some ham ! I some milk some chocolate a cake some sausages ! ! coz. 8aZ T T r I I f l T #qF .etes him to a picnic. 8 Greg has got some chocolate. Look at the circled items in Exercise 1 again. a Greg's mum asks him to prepare food for his brother Jamre's birthday party. 3aa ffi*xf.rs Q. 2 There's some ham in the fridge. 3 Greg has got a tomato. 7 There are some brscuits. quantifiers. amounts/containers and prices. -#s'i?* an invitation.Eat to live #ffi&wffiFe effi &ffiw w {#ffi&. 6 Greg can find a birthday cake. Tick true and cross false.sg is at home on Saturday morning. 5 Greg has got some bread and butter. ?r. T T T { I # -@# cozrs lislsp again and circle the things in Exercise 1 that Greg has got.4i**"** x*#1*9k^ *h**€ food and drink. b Greg's friend comes to talk about a problem c Greg's friend inr. % 1 There are some sausages in the fridge.wwL&wv coztz Match the words with the photos. Listen to his conversations and number them (1-3).

.) b \Ve can't count them.. tomato? Are there s:tg sausages? butter? Andy Have 1'ou got Greg JtTn trr$ l' ^\u.ri.ith uncountable nouns.. 2 \A. there's'-butter in the ir' . 6_ butter? Gina Yes. - : 2_egg 3_oil 1 _banana 4 _potato 6_chips 5_meat B_apple 7 _vegetables crz.)me lot lrrr. egg and chips ! a ham omelette ! ham sandncl:ts Gina I'm hungry.. 3 We use a I some u. (They are countable. . tor anywilh Questions pluraland negative. Pay attention to the pronunciation of a lel.rr.'e use a I some r.L-i . Carrie Me too..lI . B Are lhere any eqqe? A Na.ti + t: ?. He hasn't got *r:g biscuits... What can they make? Tick the picture. Gina No. What can we make Gina \Vell. There are.'.'. I'r. Student B.::':-. tell your partner.e hrrt I h:ven't got any tomatoes. Do you know what's in your fridge at A.z Affirmative I've got a tomato. an lanl and some lseml. and thele eggs? I lol.\ .rq Write a.e fi'ieil '_ got'r_ oil! potatoes. #a. ll l dll.".Ihen listen.. (They are uncountabie. vu! | | OK preal and rvhat about We don't use a with uncountable nouns: ' : a salrd.'Have f-J1qej"3trg3g*l9l "lYe. horo anl sausages? c. Andy Greg vou qol anv lelruce and tomatoesl Yos I've on1 q.d^c Jdu)dsrJ.) Look at Exercise 4 and circle the correct words in the Uncountable There's sugar. Then listen and check. h. What is the same about them? Countable and uncountable nouns Gountable a We can count them.::: :-: AThere'e aorne milk. =. ask erlra hc-:r Sr-:=-: :.em"getr ':' e _ =- some ham. I haven't got * tomato. \ve can make . Read the dialogue and complete the rule llegative We haven't got a*g milk.t thnrn'c uut lllrlrJ i***-****** s6r ******"-**\--'' rran'l rn\/ ul. we've got are Carrie Have we egg and chipsl 1_ to eat? ham. *?:l.. check and repeat the words. what about butter? Can find - in front nf rrnrrl Carrie Good. we haven't got Carrie r_ can't cook chips because we haven't - and u-e gor.Carrie And have we got E_ bler: i Gina Yes.s*m* cnsps. there's nbread . i1.ith plurai countable nouns.c.. there aren'-.ts Qopplste the gaps with some or any. . j B:EAea*€ SEae €.-eelt coz. -r - Oh well.. an or some. Have you got e sentences below 1 \\re use a I sonte with singular countable nouns.x*V" $€ **st Look at the things in Exercise '1 that Greg has got. We use an'y ls there **g in questions and in sentences both for uncountable nouns and countable nouns.r-.r.

BYeo. Look at Exercises 1-4 to help you. b Don't worrv about it. a Go and get a takearvay rnstead. it's true. 2 Stella's mum wants her to eat healthy food.o examples of 'red'food are red meal. 5 Jodie's daughter says she is allergic to 4 Myra tells Antony to make a sandu'rch. _ and a No. 1 Is it true that 2 Why doesn'l my daughler eal 3 What can I cook for _ 4 Is _ is good for you? ? ? 1I 2J 3fl Before you listen: While you listen: it OK to eat late at night? it possible to bp allergic to gir-es you spots? 6 [s ii rnre thrt _ 5 ls cozro cozrz lisfsp again and complete the sentences. 4 An example of a healthy meal is 5 I think it's bad to eat late at night 6 I can cook _ but i can't cook . 2 I'm allergic 1o _ 3 I think is/are good for your skin.€ | Predicting show' An Talk About lt is a radio phone-in people's O:::t::l: expert in the studio is an exPert on food' . c Think about ihe topic of the conversation(s) and what you know about it. b Try to predict what the person says next. Third caller - Antony 1 I think rs/are bad for you. After the BEEP! listen to the rest 0f each dialogue and check if you are right. like 3 Antonv can't boil T T l T T _ . I think lerrtonaAe ie bad for yo- #'a . Put one word in each gap. 1 Is it true that chocolate gives you spots? 2 ls it true t hal let I uce is good for you? 3 Is it OK to eat bread late at night? 4 What can I cook for dinner? 5 Is it possrble to be allergic to recl loodl 6 Why doesn't my daught er eat cheese? coztz I bul it doesn't give you spots.on'l a7ree. Work in pairs. _ food. Complete the questions with your ideas. Complete Tr+. a Take her to see a doclor. lislsp again to each dialogue and when you hear BEEP! try to predict which answer the expeft gives. b Yes.l aqree.t. Then compare them in groups of three. a Try to predict some things that the people talk about. ?ffiAAr'J Y##ffi #ffiRFF. L#ffiTffi#e&re# #r*&# ffiWW&WA*e# Read about the radio show and think about possible questions that people could ask the expert. lis{sp to three dialogues from the radi0 show 1 \tlyra says chocolate can make you and tick the questions that the people ask.i. First caller 6 T\l. an but he can cook and chips for his girlfrlend. - Jodie A I lhink eweete are bad for you.ireT*'ar *r*i::. Write the advice (a-c) next to the correct number (1-3). C I d. Second caller - Stella Complete the sentences to make them true Ior you. b Go and buv a cookbook.i"onone' Today it "lt*:t: "1. it's not true.

Are you happy with your forlune? Why?AA/hy not? Discuss these questions in small groups...' with Chinese PeoPle buy rortune *'1"" fottuns qeskiss rvhen ili. c in the USA and Europe..r irt" w1i1er can with Your bill' but You arsu " .E-... oiPaPer ai The I am i.r like to tr-v them? \\-h1?AIhr not."ses to in fact' Tourists .n Dragon' . "''""' =-' Makoto can inside .i"' of birthdaY Parties' weo the taste of fortune ii"pr.) 5 Fortune cookies are popular because a they have messages inside. r""T:.4 the 't t"i" utt"rt them and read message inside' f* of Chinese restaurantsit EuroPe' lY *l "'f .ft ii"'" . b get free fortune cookies. c the USA.. 6 Guests at special occasions often a give people fortune cookies.. B) similar (para... there is a lot of sugar .o**on for the walter to . ffi c write coz.1-?.*! cookie' a Coia..theY l* ."or" likt them -t-=."'1993are not the USA and lik"l them.2 If so..11' ".rl:lll":ii':il.'' .? -. a:aPanese u 1."i in" Neu York rn mY Amertcan Uagi* ata.:tt '.. a nearly 50 years o1d. mffi&weyfr# & # # zs #* &===T e=€ Find the opposites of these words in the arlicle.. u-ould 1. I lifeStYle food A :our fortune Try Your r B &ow future looks bright'' on rrrtr This is the message it e storY ofto l915' and oo..You lorrune cookies {ree Fonun" cookies. are tl:l bflet *i. B) boring (para. circle the answers to the questions (1-6).". c nearly 200 years old.i.ir"r biscuits is China' .:.i.or.....ri".Chinese .t idea of fto?'t Su" Francisco'. 4 Fortune cookies come from a Chrna. 2 People eat fortune cookies in Chinese outside (para.4 other sPecial i""[i. *abtita..HL?:'J. You can so in the .: il-' l::?.l.'wl .. b at the beginning of the meal. ftsafl the article and check y0ur answers. it'i"i the hole occaslons' But . A) soft (para.*' ":F iiilil. Student B.*uf f fi.r.ffi messages for fortune cookies. oplnlonl theY are wrong' t ara' is a common because it is P... So most iou-linitn Your meal these in tt't"*.4rer. u''here c&r . 1 What do you know about fodune cookies? Before you read the afticle.o. b nearly 100 years old. 3 Fortune cookies are Student A..". 1 Do you have fortune cookies in your country. --ft*qiffi ' ':'. Take turns.."i. b Japan. b they taste good.t. l. b in China.. restaurants a at the end of the meal. c before the mea1.. find your partner's fortune on page 143 and read it to him. C) What is your fortune? Follow the instructions...-r-Uu. 1 I'ortune cookies are corrullon 2 3 4 5 b a all over the u-ot'lcl.:TIi.f"ffi:LJi"Jff#Tfi = .i.t.'....f L'. C) ordinary (para... ln fact' not many "oor. choose a fortune cookie from the photo and tell your partner lhe number. but . A) rare (para.. like jrrtey very atf re !p. PeoPle to give f:.. :li$*kTi*'.ie1 get them? 3 If not. c they are cheap..

u+i:-r' rr.'t '*4.q: .l J*'i *f *hila+'l..*..:ri. She likes chocolate.e." b 3 d.:* *.L-. Or* F.ir:.l. b iqll *ii i* :i:.. but is she a chocoholic? Look at her answers to the questionnaire.r*.s :...r*{ {trrr** hars ru{ *!:q}l{i1ftte' Do you have a k:t of dreams about chocolate? a li*.r. what do ycu do? i! a I' :.*ffieF#ffi&ffi &p$ffi ffiffiffi&KEru# This is Natalie. we use hou much nouns and hotu man?J vtTth with Uncountable nouns .l*:E*E +v. and not much with nouns..ti.:at*-1&* *.." (9t"".... we use a lot nouns.''i' b ].'uli* h.negative and questions **v.:. ffiw #fk ffiE€#tr#Fs#Ls#F w How rnany bars ofchocolate do ycu eat every week? ffiK Y#W & How much money do you spend on chocolate every rnonth? a Scjl :3:*nilr -. c ! r:$:+*'t ly*..:r:l'l. not lnan!. -.. and \ rith _ Gountable and uncounlable nouns .aL:*r. of I think it's 0K to eat u lazt *t chocolate.::::fu...'.1.?:r. ltt . c ilia:. Is .1{. ***r:'s :€ **c€ How much? How many? Si*rk E€ *ac€ Countable nouns .i3:-i lt . :we*L" @A-?:a:ut t*at.E bars of chocolate do you eat? I dos*? eal €F"##"j.negative and questions ***.:'t-.*-'i:+*.. 2 To talk aboul a small quantity.i.i*i.* *. .. @i..*sa'A gdlg ris?y" b S*l *:**ir.'tt Efut:t.en*H./l think it's 0K to eat * ?*€./ lvith 3 To talk about a big quantlty. j l:en*i' i:.*ar *i'i*e+.::'+'. #€ PH - .*.al*sir.-uc!:* . we use nouns.e* *.1. b T:ve. ra-cat'fu* i. nouns.rr.. :..l'. @ & iutl .r. 1 To ask about quantity.r6te. **r .niqq:l !.a . it'i lJr*i *. Ifyou are sttessed..rt.s {$iJ .s max*fu chocolate have you got? I haves?:t got {#:Lir}fu.ii * r*+*lj:.i:-i !r. Look at the questionnaire again. a:r g.* +za*r+.'* ?c*i:.. l*" it OK to eat a lot of chocolate? @:l*r.i*" How much chocolate have you got in your pocketl bag? a i }e*-..i*tf e bar.:rirg:". ws:*il.lf4r*t w-t.ll haue ..+. Complete the rules below with cnuntable or uncquntable. b I d::r.:.t.atfirmative I have a €'*€ clf dreams about chocolale.*'a: e.

coz.it's delicious! 6 There's some cheese in the 1 _ tuna 2 3 _ crisps 4 fridge.=/7ZGlFzt#H coz.20 $1.95 f d 35c e €2. h" ::: 'j. Then listen and check. . not much or not many. Then look at page 140 to find your partner's score. Write questions with How much or How many. but nol In pairs.70 51. much or many.50 b 20p c $3. _ water _ olange luice cereai 6 f-rr-. Student B. Pay attention to how you pronounce of lav I ..15 3 exercise/every week 4 sweets/every week 5 fast food/every month Ask your paftner the questions in Exercise 6. 1 water/every day 2 vegetables/every day fifteen I ninety-five I 3 one pound fifty f 4 two euros thirty I 5 thirty-five cents I 6 trventy pence I 1 four pounds 2 three dollars $ dollars and cents $ a 51..=1. 1 ! pounds and pence t 57.30 54. Student C.l. Then listen and check. a carton eggs do for the cake? 2 My brother eats 1 _ ne need a packet a box of a bott le of a jar of of a kilo of of a bag of a t in of biscuits and cakes. StudentA. eat _ Work in pairs. Write the numbers from Exercise 1 in the gaps. 4 _ham do you want in your sandr'vich? 5 There's chocolaLe in this cake .o much exerciee.zo fis{sn to the prices of the food in Exercise 1. Complete the gaps wilh a lot of.ur of 2 don't eat 3 Healthy people 1 do a loL exercise.75 7 25c B €4.30 2 99p 3 €1. ask and answer the questions in the questionnaire. look at page 142.15 Work in groups of three. 1 5 51. fasl vegetables.. How many. much or many.Ial.25 6 52. look at page 143.10 - cozzr How do you say these prices? Practise in pairs.50 _ 90c _ fi2. Which countries use: euros?. a lot of.. A How much waler do you drink every day? B Nol much. - - food.55 4 BOc $3. Then listen again and repeat the prices. Unhealthy people 1 don't d.lA lol.]es 8 I-l. pounds? Match the prices with how you write them. look at page 143. sweets. cozrs l-is{s1 again and repeat the phrases.l=Jo Complete the sentences with How much. Answer your paftner's questions wilh a lot. Look at the list of things that you can do to be healthy.Then write a list of things that unhealthy people do. dollars?. 3 There aren'l _ calories in a tomato. but he's not fat.rs Qsrnplsle the gaps with the phrases from the box. 4 5 drink _ don't eat \\ater.25 _ B5p € euros and cents € 75c _ €1.

th milk. yeS. There are (two) len' o That's (t3. 1 Can I have a krlo of tomatoes. You can buy agplee and leltuce in a qreenqrocer'e. look at the photos and think of A That's 54.. 3 the table. B OK.:=-:. The shop assistant says: Can I help you? Ceftainly.. A OK . There's one . Here you are. please? A Certainly. 1'l- ? .50) (altogether).95. please. .751t'_ .. I 1 A Hello there. . Then listen again and check. r please.. and COmplete the dialogues. any ham sandr'r-iches? A Um ..20 altogether. That's all. thanks. Pay attention to the polite intonation. A Thank you..: ... please. too. I The customer says: Can I have a bottle of water. .:it ln pairs. just a second . and the t'_ 1 a kilo of lornaloee at a and B No. and a coffee ll. two things that you can buy in each place.. there's the burger and chips . please? Have you got any crisps? o l'd like chips... t_ 1fr_ e_ Btr_? B *. how are you? B Fine.:. f i-"'f . A That's 53. B Um . and the three dialogues above. '_ Bu_.. a bor of eggs.*ry -. 2 a ham aandwich and wiLh I mzzs Listen to some phrases from the dialogues and repeat them. Prepare a dialogue and act it out to the class. .. Use ':':a:. i_ 52.:. . Here you are. What does the person buy? How much do they pay? A Hi.. please? A Certainly.. thank you. please. . 3 a cheeeebarqer cnt?e ana a v'tiLh Work in pairs. B Oh good.\J*N. .{:F' F coz:z Studv *. 2 # ffitu##v:4{G EEVTE# !a=Er#:T #*&E*&ffi "ii:tta A Good morning. thanks. A Thank you. one . what can I get you? B a cheeseburger with chips and a cola. coz:z Listen to a dialogue in each place and complete Here you are. t'_ cola. please.tr... Choose one of the places in the photos. '_ ? A OK. ? B Yes. How much is that? .::. oh yes. Thanks. Anything else? .

See you there.. but clear 3 gives a reason 4 gives a date and time 5 gives a place 6 (sometimes) asks people to bring things 7 gives contact details r T T l T T shoes ! Hi everyone.--. Come to a party in the park on Sunday. Listen to music (rt'otn hich cottnlriPs. Use Tr. -:-. but bring something to drink. t- and casual clothes. how people can contact you. from 2p.i. r the date and time of the party and where it is. o what to bring.rir Yr:i.. if you want.Eat tu -i-. Think about: l. "*r+*. For information contact u_ See you therel Join me near the river for pafty games and lots of birlhday cake! Friends welcome. r what people can do at the party: rneet peoy. on 0414555634.--. --. u .-= t 'r i' ::--*"f-- .-= ZHffi&Hlreffi Look at the two invitations to a party and answer the questions.m.::-. Put a cross next to the things that are NOT true about invitation A. .here the party is? I c the reason for the party? I d what to bring to the party? tr o hotv to contact Jake? I 2 Which invitation do you think is better? Whv? Invitations A good invitation: t has a title 2 is shor1..--.m. Bring your friends and some food.lt gives a list of things to remember for a good invitation. Read Tiai* Yr:z:r T#. Work in pairs and write your invitation. Patti and Nicola comfortable dancing to hear Where Come and learn Scottish country dancing with us! When? Friday 25 June at 2 # & tuffiffitu#mp pm ffi@H -j___i ) The School Hall Dont miss this Wear chance a traditional Scottish bagpipes! ll Come to a pafty in Elizabeth Park on Sunday 12 May..m. Jake You are on an English course in Britain and you want to organise an international pany.laE?4 T{. eatJood.-6p.: !i=rr:i* to help you. Do you like Bp.- r__':"1 You don't need to bring any food.}t}{4 ###.').8'-r1 | 'l Which inntatton tells you a the date and time of the party? I b exactly lr.tle. Jake Complete the invitation with phrases from the box. Call me on 0405423814 if you can come.

\I1. Vof jam.=? /J'. 7 Have more salad.Then circle the correct answers. there aren't any. ? alcohol. Then listen again and repeat the words. We also need 11chocolate. u. gate apple w?ter armchair drawer cake basin wardrobe sandwich jar carton bae Uncountable lcrl balhroom caz:+ u. and 12of biscuits so we don't A We've got a 13tn. bottle of money ham butter ffiffi#ruH$ru#lffir-#re We can pronounce the letter a in different ways. You can see the first letter of each word.250 grams. I'm afraid. ./ tEt/ /E/ ham hall lable [islsn and check. 3 Our new kitchen is great.I ntan]'The Chnrese Gat'clen ne\t the tt'airr statior-L is realll. 6 It's mrpossible to get lost.tu- alcohol.. please? B Can we open a new j9 No. 2 A flowers in your house B No. cheese . 6 We need two tare good for you. of tuna for this salad. Then add three tomato sandrnech basin sofa sausage water Countable oil plant bread biscuits Vermouth. Then rat home? A Have we got tB No. I'm a vegetarian. there is ct. - books. I the western and a I the comedy. there is.goocl. 8 T[rn right at the traffic lights and my house lhe lel-t. s_ l_ the corner is very good. thank you. 1 A newsagent's near here B Yes. 7 lt's a great photo. there are two. And then sugar. l'Louse is 4 Lookl Thele's something on the floor A So what do we need lo make Tiramisu? B First we need 1 - A the table. Just three. But I prefer an I the Internet caf6 near my school. B So we need to buy '. Complete the dialogue with one word in each gap.a*F&"ffi"€ ffi ffi &fl# ffi effi Complete the sentences with one word in each gap. so I don't eat there is. My Tom's house and Jo's house. We've gol a nel. black coffee and 8 'B Hor. there are. I love the I 4 A books in your bedroom B Yes. Put it on the wall your bed... A We haven't got Put the nouns into the correct groups.our r'vallet is 3 \I1-tl-o best fnends live next door to me. m_ . The I r_.' cooker and cupboards. I hate the I - plants! 3 A Internet caf6 near your house B Yes. Complete the sentences with the prepositions from the box. 5 A good films on TV tonight B Yes. 1 We've got a television in the Write the questions using the prompts and the correct forms of there islthere are.e haven't.v'- eggs. And how tuhave to buy time does it take to make Tiramisu? B About 30 minutes. t do we need? A Hor. and we just need to . We have to buy some. 5 There aren - gleat l'estaltratlts irere but .= ==t: &Y&# ===S. Put the words from the box in the correct columns. 2 I think 1.v B Not t'. & rn to between on (x3) under above the shelf in the bedroom.house is opposlte the bookshop and the bookshop is the corner. 10 Can you buy three please? c- of apple juice. buy a new fin the 4 I can never use the bmorning because my sister has a shower for about an hour! 5 Your school uniform? It's in the w in your bedroom. is _ more nouns from units 5 and 6 to each group. But ct" I the bus that goes from there doesn'l go to my house. 6 A bus stop near your school B Yes. - newsagent's on 2 After dinner Matt loves sitting in his and reading books. i The book is the drawer.

&er your address. You live nert to your school' You start the Student A Are vou quiet.-li otlt. P}ease' b Thank you. there's only one kilo left. look only at your part of the 0 a You start with sentence d. Yg99rn c]qqn kitchen (with l0 HOUSE io easy-going housemates. Ask your friend for his/her address. c Certainty. . more than one Person. Please.'. You don't knou..'hrs. 8390086 and ask for Which place ts good for somebody who 1 doesn'l n'ant to pay more than 5320 a month'? 2 has got a car? 3 r. 15 Here you are. les.+ffi$?ref"Ef. Can I helP You? e I'm sorry..each for 2 nedrooms mrcrowave fridge.. How much is that? h Um . He/she doesn't know your address' He/she lives next to Your school. T\. share wiih 5 iivety. tr tr I tr f Orange or apple? l I I I [ I ! :350 No smokers. drawers. please? Great localion: 1 min walk to supermarket.[:af 'tj!1!iii.. And two cartons ofjuice..!!ri1i. fieaoy to move in from the beginning ot August? Prepared to stay for a year reast? - directions and say if they are correcL.:=:=.e and 61ly ntqL.'.i]fi Read the ads and decide which place is good for the people below. easy-going housemates (all students. shelres and TV Big kitchen and nice living room. use ol lntefnet. Tell him. '. lB0 Per week Call 08972670428 with shower and bath separate toilets.+ i j please. Large living room and garden for smokers :-). Tell him.'. Can I have a kilo of apples. .4rer hon'to get from school to your house. 9550 a month.rair.5 altogether. Student B T#tt':JT'y'll g Orange.i.. . Furnisiied with single bed rvardrobe.'. One kilo then.:. -3alnroom . In pairs. Your frrend invites you to a party at his. look only at your part of the dialogue & 3 Student A starts the dialogue. on bus route (#13)' qulet street. cl-: Student B. o Repeat the directions lo check if you knorv the n'ay nou. ciouble bed . put the dialogue in the right order arc then practise it. Very friendly.4rer house. large room with balcony . You can match some places to 'fire.4{. Please bttts' Per month Plus Mtnimum of 6 montns' . . Snare wlih 2 other students . Student A.. yes. new desK anO . {.jV"j=''. f 80 a weeL plus bills.. dishwasher and mins walk from university. large desk. r Listen to your friend repeating the Uall Bent 1420 deposit !420.r3V/ wafdfobe.':1.leS a'^/av supermarKet r -:volY.'-.vanls a room of his/her or'r'rr? 4 needs a roonl onll fs1 the summer? 5 needs a place for ts-eh.). min walk to city centre. students' 18-22' garage' : :athrooms kitchen' near town centre' &i @ Single room to rent in large 4-bedroom house. Thanks. Student B You invite your friend to a party at your house. and 3 bis :::l1f rivins room two peoplei .&er address. ROOMMATE NEEDED! 3-bedroom Oxford apartment from January 1. clean and easy-going? Then it's-certainly the place for youl Phone 7344596753 conversation. Roleplay this conversation. 0ltZ at uar0tlne. shower and bath.. Ask how to get from schooi to his/her house. r ' iltinules oV blhe {ron fie cllv ttve -lm - 'l. please. Anything else? d Good afternoon. I charrs. Available from 28th June 1cr end ofAuqust. k That's fine.vo kilos of bananas.'e months at least? T tr T T 6 is ready to pal' tu'rce the prrce at the beginning? ! ! . Call David on 0710 9885301 Student A a That's €5. TO RENT double room -:rqe furnished Street ]'eO nouse in Victoria :.

hard-working.-.oes I bctl\s. funny.:*.o-38e 1 Kylie was conJzdent I sLLg at school. shy Can: cook. :anie :E qood-)ookirq and he can caok.*"**. clever. and coulcln't bur\' 1s. school subjects and collocations. look at the three photos of the celebrities and answer the questions. srng.rto I drzLms. snc:k: fnrpior lrnorr ' . Use the adjectives and verb phrases below. sh..ri. dance.. " giving and receiving news. coz. 5 He could cook lvhen he was 18 I B. . confident. 2 She could srng and play tir..Now and then 'ir.ere 'A'l'F'students.F. 4 He couldn't do ltl(rtlts I Fre'rLcLt. Venus and Serena Williams {*-effi"F.i&w LfrffiTw*#frTe{:.o. Ftxz:Ea** the Past Simple of to be and can. Then listen to two students reading about these celebrities and check your answers. u. schooldays. poor. &. 3 Jamie urasn't conJicLent / shg at school. . 7 Thel' could play tennis when they were 4 I 14 B Ther. play tennis.x [1/[sl about their schooldays? Guess and circle In pairs. 6 Venus ar-Ld Serena u'eren't pctor I rich. e What are the people like? o What can they do? Adjectives: the correct answers.o I tl'n'ee lnstruments u.ffi #.'hen she was 13.1i*ir:* i:"*j E*i* *l:+::'F: past and present. an email to apologise. rich.*x. good-looking. . play an instrument. but he could play the picr.

it'e fa|ae\. A Marta could ewim when eAe . . . Yes. .. buy tennis balls? . 6A B No./No. ? 2A B It Now do the same with the past of to be and can.. The other students quess which sentence is false...? A Wae Aimon aL echool yeaLerday? B No.. . ? Could you .Thele_anllLI\. they *clm3#... l/h e/she/it uq**s.four true and one false.. : i tennis? : : Name: Were you confidenL Name: when Yes. ask two students your questions and write their answers in the columns. 2 She can sing. 4 5A Jamie _ B No.. ride a bike quiet. mz..'to? B I think Lhat'e Lrte. two questlons.. were.. thel' _ Write five sentences about the two students ... : hryss# arct {w*r+*}t} l : 5A BNo.... Yee. I couldn'L.. Add one more word/phrase to each group. A No. _ good at Maths/sport. Lively. u e a1 our grandpalents' house. instruments when they Kylie shy at school? 3A_ 1 Venus and children. wasn't.. weren't../No. 2 Whal verb do you use to talk about ability in a Were you at home last night? b Could you use a computer when you were at primary school? the past? Find tu'o examples.. .tm.. clever. he because he OK. you/we/they e**re.. . : tsf*s F. Could they play No... ? Use - Exercise 7 to help you.. conldent..sB$ arot {uuasn't} ' ... you/we/they s"ag*ff e#'t. ? Could you ewim when you were five? Could you .Nou. could or couldn't. afraid of spiders/the dark. : =.. *Fr**k $€ **c€ Past Simpfe to beand can :Shy. he five... Q: Q: ...zo Qsmplste line A of each dialogue with questions a-e. . she _ an'A student at school. poor when they Serena play musical 2 Kylie and Jamie young.. weren't. 1 2 3 4 5 6 ) Wms l/he/she/it confident? Yes. were. 1 He N: N: is confident.Q: Q: B Yes... He **wEd *a*€ {***Edecut} do Maths.. . I wae... play the piano when he 2 They could play tennis 4A B No.. Jamie do English at school? \renus and Serena 'F' students? you ware aL primary echool? Were you .?** **rt<: How do you make a negative and a c How was your exam today? d e Could Tom play an instrument rvhen he was young? 1 question with fo be and can in the present? Write these sentences in the negative and the question forms.. they **+e44*'!... . l/heish e/it &*der* you/we/th ey poor? &s#$E? 59. make a cake/a sandwich. could or couldn't. ""a . 1 What are the tu'o affirmative forms of the verb to be in the past? Find one example of each.l coula. ? No. No.. wasn't.. . he B Yes.. .. but I _ anslver i]l..? and three with Could you . Yes... . *e** rich. Compfete the sentences with was. plurrirlJ.. Look at the examples and write three questions with Were you can She c*e*d sing. 7'*.>r'jingl ' llHe/She/lt You/We/They to be Complete the first gap in each sentence with / ryas or I could.. I waan'L... ? Were you . . I conlprtlels Al . Complete the gaps in line B with ryas. Then. ...and then zfz{*rV" at *zsE Answer the questions about the sentences in Exercise 2. speak English. ? Could you . play foolbalVlhe guitar. Then listen and check. _ _ 1 She was shy. ? Were you . N: N: 3A .. . _ _ _ _ _ could slr.

vhen he r. hnroht lhpr. usttali5'otr a Saturday afternoon. but not many.\Vhat do you know about the 1940s.. 1960s. i loved Tlte Beutles.vas by Th.. reall. of things for the first ilme in the 1960s.about that at the time. a teenager 1940s and it was very clifferent. * tl'"it' I in the 1980s but I remember them rvas quite young .t 5lrdl.dr because the SLar Wars films started and my big brother \Yas a punk: he had green hair! i haled his loud music and his strange dra.tLes.' mum r."""b. and I think h e'q qnrnr tnn rr nrr- - Iucky because m].rterc i ut \ ru' '\ I-lo nlorror] ttrlrldrr'ru in tha otrit rr. tr I tr I tr [ cnz.l's at a news theatre when I u.z fts3fl the texts and check your answers to 'i''Yt. ttnhrpp.vas in the and I did to buy some lhings.e Beo.vorked in r chocolale factorl-l In the evenings r'r.ent to London for the first time in 1964 and sar..as sixteen: my first record r. lrLcr hqrrrl udll'l trrrSulrdr The Hellboys .some people had a television.vas fifteen .they u. 1980s? Match two photos (A-F)with each decade.var \\rell. I r.ere lerriblel He left school r.m) pal'enls were ver. My parents often watched the ner. I bought m)' first record player rn 1963 clnthcq hrrt he t. I remember I u. It u'as fantastic! We iived in the country then and London was rery big. The cinema was popular then: I wenl evely rreek.it uas like a cinema. Then i got my'first job in 1969 as an English teacher in Turkey. . 1 1910s 2 1960s 3 i980s Exercise 1. neu and excit ing.r' The BeatLes' first concert.'e listened to the radio at home . I it u'as drfficult u'as a 1o1. like bananas or chocolate. What a busy ten years! . It lvas just afler the r.

Then listen and check.i. in ihe grrtdett foL fu-.1 '. -r ^h^-l ^l-. Thursday. loved lrregular verbs bouqhL went up very lale yesterday and I r. l€s*age We say last night. then u. . football orL T\. nlght. . Use the verbs from the box in the Past Simple.)va. o grh:l . month. Write them in the correct column. | 3*ceecgftt my first -*ejssf 1 2 3 She hacg.Le gleat shoes in the shop last 1I Sat rtt 'lar. year). to a jazz concer't L)n _ it. 1940s.e regulal past forms? What do you add lo r lc.'l UlU.s. to the cinema last week.i" on/l ldlttlfJ o what you loved... (a week.L loLtr c-2o ot coffeeyeeterday read _ wrote wanted to . 4 Eileen's 5 6 famii5r lo the radio in the I remember lhe 1994e becauee and.ay.r' I T _ 4 Because Tim _ tr 1'a rt'.4rated about di... weekend. 4 I drank o'a. Ann Ann time. . cousin's honse lasl Sunda1.111. last (night. Use the past verbs from the texts in Exercise 2. to . but I _ rt u-as - Regular verbs Present He $alep* in a band.I had lonq h2'" from the factor5r. MarLha drankfour cupe of coffee yeeferd. Time expressions: yesterday. Are the sentences about the plesent or the pastl Look at the verbs. \Vhat is the present form of each verb? 3 Which two verbs har. d I went to London for the first trn-Le ir 1961.gulal relb to make it past? 1 l... c I loved The BecttLes. Use a different time expression in each. lor-ecl hated rvorked 2 Complete the sentences.[€d started listened '_ ^. chocolate for her 3 Eileen's mother r why you remember the 1990s. a I bought my first record player in 1963. 1 Justin 2 Justin's brother is sorn' that he school u'hen he r. 6 stayed Complete the sentences. going to London for the first to Turke. he to school.last hrs honLeu ork on the bus 5 My dad #Ft**Bc #t *u€ Past Simple affirmative We use the Past Simple to talk about actions and situations that started and finished in the past. two days) ago 5 ate_. Now swap books with your partner and tell the class about him/her.' vv@LLrrcu 1r'o. 1995.. rlu) dllu f. Regular verbs played.milv frion. Answer the questions (1-3) about the sentences (a-d).* a CD every day. lrregular verbs Present I often Complete the sentences t0 make them true tor you. Past | #* to the cinema. r 11..e tenrris ur the afternoon. Say: Ieave love hale go lislen get his brother's music.Now and therl '#*rk E€ **xt coz. then 6 Darren and I great. 2 \Ve _ lunch at mr.. 7he . 3I_ sor'r. the 'l9B0s). in 1969. I lielened. . record in 1963.)vur rrnrr/ynrrr rrr. Find twelve more past verbs in the texts in Exercise 2 and write them in the correct column. | $*ryed The Beatles in the 1960s. lhe Beatles.vas fifteen. b He played the guilar in a band. two years ago. friday: he _ horne at srr o'clock last ir-rght. in (June.vas _ late for school.ze lislsn and repeat the verbs. Write a short paragraph about the 1990s.bul yesterday morninglafternoonl Past He S$mF*d in a band evenng. the 1990s. .

complete the sentences with the correct school subject.6s3 O 'l [co: zo . yesterday/last I Maths ! Geography I week. Cross out the verb or noun which does N0T belong in each group.lish test got a good grade for . b passed a took 4 Daniel got a Geography c failed - from York University. First. pcLss / faiL / rnake an exam certificote / ct (good/bad) grade / a7L eram. A I like Lanquaqee becauee I wanL B I iike.e school or university 1 tcLke 2 get t / in az. a b grade c course school in 2003 when she b started C left went '€g##&#AiL-. course / Lessons 4 start / go to / end / Ieot..n) 3 take a test / a certi. Complete the sentences to make them true lor you' Then compare them with your partner's sentences' Which answers are the same for both of you? 1 startcd schoo/ in took my.. / a degree ('i. b good a degree 2 My grade to c certificate school when he was father seventeen and got ajob in a bank..i11. but I my Science exams. Tell your paftner which subjects you like/don't like and why.r:.last trng.n fi.. ffi'_€ .!:=.cote / o.:. Work in pairs.. How many names of school subjects can You remember? 6 I want to take an Art evenings this year. You are going t0 listen to Wondertil World. b exam a course on WednesdaY c school coza l6s[ at the pictures of school subjects above and match them with the words from the box. 4 I passed my 5 I want to _ take exam last lessons this year.F2ffi'r$ 7=:1-.fi.t7 ) sr(o =+['coszg ^ ^^" ?-z-=Y:3ri o lez F< il Circle the correct answers.a song by Sam Cooke. 1 F rench and Spanish are examples of 2 Biology and Chemistry are examples of 3 You can study Algebra and Tiigonometry in lessons 4 People used a slide rule lessons. Then listen and repeat the words. lo travet. 1 Saily got a _ for her History homework yesterday. Check new words in the dictionary. a started b went c left all 3 I liked Science at school. Now listen to the song and write the names of all the school subjects you hear. Informatjon Jechnolog5l (fT) tr History I Physical Education (Ptr) I Arr Music Languages ! Literature I Science ! E 2 3 _ ago. a degree 5 My sister was five.

. English Literature course here last September..reu nite. Anyway. Look at the website below and answer the questions. becauee . When I left school. like frimt The university's in a beautiful old city on the east coast and she loved it there.I JUU lrdvc LU ^t. Two universities offered me a place: St Andrew's University in Scotland and Trinity College in Dublin.and thelr ffiffi&#9ru# Work in pairs. The only thing is. who wrole Dracula! Also. There are museums. 4 study 5 come 6 meet In groups. UUvJL L s o Which uriversity would . Dublin's a great place for stude':s because it's a very lively city with lots to do.'. remember? Guess what? l'm at Trinity Collegel I started m'. o1 her al1 ractiotrs.^ . my father sugges:+j it because he did his degree here.ff-o . Well. art galleries and of course hundreds of lrish pubs. Then tell the class.m:n\.-^. a :: of them studied here.r ou [ke to go to? Why? We think thc nlace hou. 1 Jake r Which university 2 3 4 5 6 Molly Molly's sister Prince William Michael Michael's father T T T T I tr rs best for Jake? Wh5'? Think about a studied Geography al St Ardrew's b studies at Trinity College c was at York High School d studied at Trinity College .. a go travelhng b find somebody c get some adr'rce Match the people (1-6) with what they did (a-d). What does he want to do? Circle the correct answer.lat<el Remember me? We were in the same Chemistry class. Ll::i1. ltravelled around South America for eight months. In fact. but I can't decide where to gol Can you help? Refresh Message List Refresh Message Display Settings i i ! i i added by Molly McGrath (21/05/2005) Hi .LUU. Edil View Iook HeF - . In fact.. So it's a good place for you to practise your Spanishl .\orr. o What Find the past forms of these verbs in the text...we did English together. and l'm really glad I came. I met some reallyfriendly Spanish students in a pub lasi'.com/home/ added by Jake Brightman (20/05/2005) Hello everybody! lwas at York High Schoolfrom'1999 to 2004.:::yili:T :'i i::i:: :::l:lT"j added by Michael Etchells (25/05/2005) i:: f i': l illl lll li"llil1 lll Hello Jake . Which of the verbs are regular and which irregular? do on this ri-ebsite? o Do you har-e arrrrhlg iike this tn your counlry? 5rs11 car 1 travel travelled 2 suggest - re7ular o Is it a good rclea? \\h1-?A\hy not? 3 tell Read Jake's message. srrhiccl UU.he t. She was there at the same time as Prince William. You know Dublin's famous for its writers? Weli... . my sister got her degree at St Andrew's. she studied Geography.t'eats iluY! rLrurL\r lhe beeL place for Jake ie .e=-=-: . lt was fantastic! Now l'm back and I want to go to university in September to study English Literature and Spanish. too: for example Bram Stoker. discuss these questions..\. she tolO me that the teachers in the European languages depaftment are excellent. L---^ .they study English here.

1A Hi Auntie Eileen. It doesn't matter. The other students decide which situations you chose. I'm sure it's somewhere. passed my English exam. Then listen again and check.lookl I passed my English exam r. E got a job. 1I 2n 31 4f ## Now act out your dialogues to the class. cnz. Forget about it. Jason? You *_ B Hmm well i am I failed mv drivino test aorini I rilu") Y!\ A Oh. B I failed my driving test again! A What's the matter? B I lost my mobile phone today. choose one situation from each section:A and B. Never mind.. failed my drinng tpst. Write the dialogues using phrases from $i:*ak *xi. Don't worry.T. . lost my mobile phone. t_ start? | I got a Saturday job! you!When do you _ _? A Tomorrolv. cDffi Study $p*ak *::t and complete the conversations.i In pairs.cz studied very Sp*ak Listen and repeat some of the phrases from *ui. A o you . You can take it again next month.x B l\uttLIItS. . T I suppose you're right. I passed my English exam! A How was your B Great! | got a Saturday jobl Bad news A What's up? You look sad. I hope so. . t_ _ B Hello Alan. Never u_ Oh t_ . Pay attention to the intonation. A What? B I lost m5. tr T I T T news happy! B Yes. Responses day? Responses That's brilliant! Well donel Good for you! How fantastic! 0h dear.vith a grade A! ! You 4A Hi Mum! B A Yes B 10_ hard for it. . rl JJUJt trldt . Yes. B don't''_ . Then tick the good news and cross the bad news. 2 T+r^ :-. new mobile phone today. Hello dear .^+ +l^-+ 3A B rrnrr h hT^+l-i'. +x. I'm so sorry.**x&€ar€G eruffi #sgffiFd€tr€# Match the sentences with the pictures. A B If u.where. lost some money you had an argument with a frrend vou missed the bus for school you got a ne\v computer for your birthday in English B cozg lislsn to four conversations and match them o you got grade A with four of the pictures in Exercise 1.you t' . had an argument with my boyfriend. I can't find it anl.. 2A What's up. *FilAK *AJ? Good A You look I 1E zl) 3I 4I 5I 6I mrssed the bus.as 'oh.

I hope You had a great Party I was sad to miss it. say you are sorry about r. You borror.. Look at Jodie's notes and write her email to apologise to Sarah. a to give good news b to apologise for something c to ask for something Read the email. . o You went out with friends. Then write an email to apologise. I had to look after my rny ml.enl '.ved your friend's CD player ancl you lost it. See you at netball practice on Wednesday? Paula ffiffiffg$ru# Look at the subject box in the email.lyn101 @primus. explanation.). paragraphs: tr I tr Remember to: . but you r. Sarah. ' had ta ga to the suPermar/<et for mY mum after schoo'l had ' to do nY lilaths 1 conclusion: she makes friendly comments and she 5lgPt her name ! 2 introduction: she says hello and apologrses I 3 explanation: she gives reasons why she couldn't go to the part5r I Read paragraph B again.t-ssed the bus . t. lyn'101@Primus. order your reasons using linkers: First.*. Finally. home.lm was at work' little brother because she came home late in a bad mood '-. How many reasons does Paula give? Complete the gaps with the linkers from the box.cnema at 7P'-' ' hope Sarah enioYed the f'tln Finally Then First Afler Read Tia!r 1'**r lhal Choose one of the situations and think of reasons for what happened.tnto toun ' arr. Then. conclusion.com Sorry! A How are you? I hope you're not mad at me! l'm sorry | couldn't come to your school graduation party on Friday but I had a really bad day. give the reasons.v afl ernoon. at lunchtrme. After that. finish with a friendlrr conrrlr. b ln explanation. Use the ideas in 7r=:*7*i:: *:*". B .m. .vere in a bad mood and you went home earl1i o You couldn't go to football practice on *r*i* and match the points (a-c) with Exercises 1-3.com To: Subject: Hi Lyn.vhat hapl. using llnkels. . See 91ort on.--- .tved at the c. .= i :j tld taa .. I missed the bus and I was late for I had an argument with Sally school..a/or/( - verY dt't'ft'cult ' m. What information is there in each paragraph? Match the paragraphs to points 1-3.er-. . An emailto apologise a 0rganise your email into three introduction. What's the reason for this email? Jodie wasn't at the cinema at 6p. Sat urda.. c Make the topic of the email clear in the subject box. to meet her friend.--- and said I couldn't go out! Anyway.

't:t{t#. so the score nor..rnvented Google the irrtemet seirrch engine..?_.:'#fr -E'-F^-{*..+. Chris Well done! Nou'Sarah's question. He invented the light bulb.!t'.1€{t Look at the photos.{:'!}T:ffi f}uwFr.t.:1".i. the Past Simple question and negative fonns..'.' ::it.. the nert question is for -vou. This is a guess .lii:i people a:rd thingS that have inflUenCed our lives.. John. compound nouns. What did Larry Page irnrl Serge5'Brin invent? Sarah Oh.rite books.! i:. -.r'itel Books or a computer pIogIam? John i clon't knoll. indefinite pronouns. \\hat clicl she tr. Nou.i + i i!-1 askin g f o r inforrnation. he didn't invent the telephone.. ::. here's your question. Sarah.v is . !:ii': iit tt a bio graphy. The Aztecs 6w Sereer ".rote books. she u... Chris Right Sarah! Goocl..F:. blue jeans bicycte chocolate Google computer program light bulb books lelephone car 1 Thomas Edison invented the 2 The Aztecs lnvented 3 Sergey BrLn and Larry Page invenl ed 4 Ada Lovelace lr. :.ar ftsafl the extract from the quiz programme What did they do for us? Check your answers to Exercise 1. She \\rote the first computer program! OK.i /'j'.::.i. Did the Aztecs invent chocoLate? John Yes.. What are the people famous for? Guess and complete the sentences with ideas from the box.1. John. Here's an easy question for"1-ou...Make a difference : ::".: .. i:':.-rote the first Chris OK.::. It's about Ada Lovelace. Did Thomas Edison iru-ent the telephone? Sarah No. Chris Soln-John she drdn't u. .f:ii coa.:':\i. Chris Riglit Sarah. OK. thel'did. that's easl-l The1..i..:.t:'ilr.il.

. 3 Whatithe Aztecs/do/with chocolate? a They drank it. When did Neleon ManAeia beco-: we use + I/you/he/she/ue/they + infinitive. Thomas Edison from the USA. 2 What are the infirulives of lhese verbs? r. She svncie books.tl h. she Q:What - ln pairs.! r . itilhHd tily Itllr. He the quiz. b They ate it. #*e*k E€ **€ clo eat u-atcl r'aa. They 1 Find one regulal ancl one ilregular verb in _ 2 Thomas 3 Ada Edison the light bulb. Then complete rules a and b below.id. he did. It 4 Google online in i9BB. Simple we use b To make-questions in the Past Simple B No. they didn'L. Then listen to the next part of the quiz and circle the correct answers to the questions. she ?dre€# books? AWhaN-N groqramme did you wabch when yowere Len? B I watched The FltntsLonea.' T\.questions ueruee*tt What ciid she'. -'. She *E**u€ arsriE* books. they did. Find them in the dialogue in Exercise 2. Russia in 1969 He 6 Sergey Brin _ Russia Lovelace the in 1979. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs from Exercise 5. T1'ri:':k #a*kl What do vou remember about the Past Simple? 1 The Aztecs d. she dE#cc'€. ADid Srazil win lhe laaLWorld Treeidenl of 3otfth t''frica? Cap? a To make negative sentences in the Past + infinitive. write five questions about impoftant people or events in the last ten years.i 1 \\'rr.4ive in Peru? 2 the 2 3 The )impaona The FlintaLonee 4 5 a Yes.t'n:: . Then ask your partner and complete the second column.lt./No. they didn't. Yes. in Mexico. They 5 The Aztecs _ in Peru.i\-. 1 When/Thomas EdrsorVinvent the light bulb? b in 1879 a in 1925 Aztecs.:ia: last r-ear'. 6 What fourteen? - (you) last night? Negative They dE#s*€ Emv*a:E chocolate. Then work with another pair and ask your questions. b in 1998 a in 1988 5 Sergey Brin4eave Russla in 1979? d Yes. Complete the question and negative forms of these sentences. telephone? 2 She rnrote books. 1 He rnvented the light bulb. he didn't 6 Where/Ada Lovelace/come from? b the USA a England -e . N: She books.111-i L. She from Ensland. they Effir'em? chocolate? they Srd. . Adam watched The Fltntetonee when he 'tia. Me *** Yes. she eEEd.2 \\-irele (1-ort) u-hen 1-ot-t 3 \\l-rat krnd of foocl n-ere a chilcl? (-vou) last year? 4 What books (you) when you \vere 5 What music _ Past Simple negative and questions The question and negative forms are the same for regular and irregular verbs in all persons.-. 4 When/Google/go onhne? 6 Tell the class about your paftner.Prer Write the questions in the Past Simple.Ilake a difference e#*rk - Et *aE€ . 0uestions and short answers ffiBd Complete the first column with your answers to the questions in Exercise 8./No.*rire? My partner 1 .. \-rrLl \-i€f€ I€l'-l Atfirmative Thev cc?u*$Ees chocolate. the telephone. online in 1998. b No. they dEdet'{. b No.n'L eaL chocolate. it. Q:- N:He _ the telephone. Complete the questions with the correct forms of the verbs from the box.

telethons 2 Which celebrities raise money for charity? Think of actors. C) _ getlhis when y-ou a competition (para.vork? These concerts made millions of dollars for the UN. Read the introduction to the article and then check these words. How. match the photos with the people. E) 5 you other groups. In groups. spol'l s evenls.ffix e*47. run marathons. 6 the opposlte of uor (para. ollrel l The chariLv evente we have are . st reel coliections.. A) 3 the synonym of 4 the level of education you need to read. Put the sentences (a-e) into the correct gaps (1-5). Why are they famous? Write two sentences about each person. rnrite and do simple Jamozs (para. Then listen and check. But did you know about their UN charity r. sportspeople 3 V/hat do you and people in your country do to help othels? donate money. . a The LrN makes a difference b The excrtrng hr-es of celebritres c L\ celebrities make a cliffelence ro:s Read the adicle again. go on charity walks. When _? 3 In Switzerland. C) _ Maths (para.many _? ? 5 In 2004. concerl s. talk about your country. What do you think the article is about? r-harity events developiLTg countries celebrit.v to raise money to donate money refugees Read the article quickly and check your answer to Exercise 2. What _? Find words in the text to match these definitions. When 6 A book calied |rlotes Jrom My TTctue\s. 1 Pavarotti 2 3 I Stilrg I Shakira I 4 Angelina 5 Jolie tr Ronaldo I Anqelina Jolie'e a tamaua actreeo. collections in supermarkets. Then compare your answers with 1 Tick the charity events that you have. WLly did Lheee celebritiee work for Nhe UN ? 2 In 2003. Where 4 About 120 million. donate money by sending I exl messages.LL (para.m of i. Now I want to help. E) r'ir-. d A Write questions for the answers below Use the article to help you. musicians.. €* . A) 2 you feel this way when you don't have enough food (para.8* &7G* W ffi# &WWil&W ln pairs. b or c.. 1 the synon. )he wae in the film Alexander. clonate old clolhes.. a She n'ent to many different countries and talked to refugees. b Then they gave the money to the UN to help the world's poor neonle. Then choose the best title for it a. school fund raising project s. 1 Because they lvanted to help people in developing countries.

. football stars Ronaldo and Zidane organised a charity game Complete the sentences with the correct compound nouns from Exercise 1. In 2004. 'Ronaldo said. Tlrrn on the for my 4 My parents gave me a birthday so I can take lots of photos. Luciano Pavarotti is well-known for his Povorotti ond Friends concerts in ltaly where the performers. 5 My mum's got a new . noun. proper|y office this plan.ffi?qrqrs gives you some surprising facts about our favourite stars. Then put the compound nouns from B of the United Nations Organisation like Exercise 1 in the correct group. expensive clothes and big houses. 3 lt's cold here.rr-it-.a call my friende every day. the UN and its Secretary General. sick and hungry people in developing countries. Sting and Ricl<y Martin were some of The Colombian singer Shakira is another UN celebrity.$"eh ras"sd ffe. -. 4- U2.. Then make five more compound nouns. .ln groups. Adiective + noun: cenLtalheaLin1.. In 2003. t Then she wrote a book about her experiences called Notes from My lrovels. compare your lists and give reasons. and A mobile phone ie very imporLanl for me t.. \ourr + nou-Ir:' B Many UN celebrities come from the world of sport. 2 I took my Change a word in each compound noun to make new comp0und nouns. earned a lot of money from the book refugee agency. '-They \bu make comporurci noiins r-'-rlli or an acljectir-e a - lt.Nlake a difference w##effi#L&ffiY Make compound nouns with one word from A and one from B and match them with the pictures. . for their work and they didn't do it become more famous. Not impofiant ?g .'When I was a child.:a' i. to :a' ? :'. . We've 6 I love watching films on our got a new so the living room feels . About 120 million children in the world don't go to school and UNICEF wants to give them a basic education. The American actress Angelina Jolie is one of the many film stars who also helped the UN. How many new phrases can you make? 1 I coLrldn't phone you because I lost my - developing countries to help UNICEF with poo| office - loet. - ir'. They just wanted to help the millions of poor. I was often Famous musicians also organise charity events. Kofi Annan. Their lives are not just about parties. e all know about the work (the UN) and its agencies money A home cenl ral laptop washiLrg digital microwave mobile compact DVD computer oven nlaver oame comntrler nrachine phone disc camera heating cirrenLa Read the rule. donated it all to the UN E In 2001. Then write your own sentences with the other three compound nouns. F This week's article in our series ?-3se ffi. films and music.lJ. These celebrities all heloed the UN to make a difference.. Many of them work very trard to give something back to the world. We also know the famous celebrities didn't earn any in the photos. so she can heat and cook food realiy quickly. UNICEF. in Switzerland to raise money. like a real cinema.. Shakira visited many on holiday because I _ wanted to check my emails. She 1 dimng room 2 pop music 3 charity shop 4 sports magazine 5 film star Put the things in Exercise 1 in the correct column for y\u. won the Nobel Peace Prize.

{GV'ffi &ffi & :+* '".i t.:..vas there.ybody like readtnq? BYee. coffio ftssslthe story and circle the correct answers.*E What was man's first important discovery? ln pairs. B. Then I heard t anythzttg I som.ih:ri:irii to help him. anything for things.:.ng .ethi.i thought he was crazy. 'i-:++t:. He giiql::.. I walked into the house sar. ."{4 F}be ffi#rW&{&{i r:r"'r. | )ove it.'+l|+.ything wrong. i went into the kitchen but a nothing I nobody r.:+ films. When I got home./No. Does an:rboc\r nobodg I euergbodTl in the street. Use five different words from \'..:j. to do. with my life.q iu{ ti t rt Indefinite pronouns We use everybody. r'elp him.'f have lr*yfir:*1to help him.'body has got a car. I haLe iL. i Evenybody thought he was crazy. Work in groups.. choose from the things in the box.tfu happen? &s Suddenly. It lvas empty. Questions Does :rry*+#g want to help me? qsnr. I knew 2 sometlttng I a'nything was \\.j'**tj^. 3 Ever).r: wanted to help him./He had *t+ti+i*:.v 1 I but I couldn't see') notLting I cm. . . flobod. anybody ?trzt+x her? Everybody i*vr... :' 1 Nobody likes reading.::'t it i::::i. 2 Everybody wants to travel. he had a great idea. Always use the 3rd person singular verb with indefinite pronouns. nathing. 2 for things? 3 in affirmative sentences? 4 in negative sentences and questions? '*7. Ther: .** Work in groups and write the end of the story from Exercise 4. t''t r:'. Then listen and check. i do. 5 Everybody r.tttrnr. anybody tor people and everything.::: ?"=7:.vants to be rich. nobody.]l:r.vas in the house.Tong.a noise upstairs. I wenL inio rhe livinq room. becavae Read the cafioon story.irzq. ffi.t*. .lig to do. something.y waa Lhere. Are these sentences true for your group? Ask questions to find out./ffrrfu*#. How did Rocky change the world? t:*r. ..rt they wene all wrong! 4 Somebody can play the guitar.s -e Did i: n1. somebody. 6 Somebody I Anybc:dy r. UonoOy lil+.y./He had r. fire language metal the u'heel paintrng wrrting 'T wao Which words do we use: 1 for people? anybod. Negative He #ir:ln'l: have rrrt'. A)oee ar. Affirmative I have to do:. Look at the underlined words in the cartoon and answer the questions. i i him. lJ**+..

for . she rnacle some jeans rvith plastic bags. 5 Sam enjol.. Look at the photos and read about 0xfam.tld people. What do y0u think the listening is about? Work in pairs and choose five phrases from the list. coz. Put Jack. Emmaar Sam next t0 the question that they answer. b had ro pl'r{ 1ise n alk irrg a rrd da nt'ing.on e lJ hu'rLg Tell the class about your charity project..ctr'|..made sorne cheap clothes.nl.l'because a he likes lvorking alone. thel'uanted to raise mone). .inmLs trrrkitro cl re. ll'hat you r. Listen again. c in a charit). seLl t ickr:ts.Make a difference coz.ei lislsn again and circle the c0rrecl answers. b thel. the bo-vs didn't knorv horv to dance. . r gorng on a charity rvalk ht tngl o cloing a school charit5r project . ant.ho it is for: r.li:tshiott sltou:. r rr-nr'l:irro irr r olnrrrr raisitrg Inoneli for Oxfam coz.olk. ". .sz lislsp to the three students and check y0ur answers to Exercise 1. C they were verJr exctted.ircket b she bought some jeans .as the fashion shor.sz 1 Cx \Ns 'NaaD -va 2rciec"v )E Lc raiae ffcney .. col.vant to do: n.l.rrr Englancl? a u-oi'k fol Orfarrr b do charitl.e Io do 'rnr. c he earnecl 5500. 3 The students came for the hshion shorr e:rlv ber-xLlgg ? the.. olganising a fashion shouo hrrving crnerrsir e . yr:u. .tg u.r love clothes and c b thel- rvant to be models.tke pr:sters. b he learnt about n orking in a group. plan a project to raise money for charity. \Vhat did you learn? 2 Holr. c they ai1 learnt something.Lec: t'nt.as important because a some people from Oxfam rvent lo the shorv.rr. In groups. l-alks C glve Inoneli to okl people 2 The students declded to clo a fashion shor. like? . stalt? 3 \\. r'lothes . shop.t' o\d cLctth. ct ch.l. sc:ll. 6 The fashion shon ll. urant to go to Africa.-hat u. clt'iLcLren.did the project. 4 Emrna didn't spencl inuch money because ? sl re borlou ed t he . ry lteopLe .ed the fashion shor. because ? the. 1 \\'hat clo students do for charitl. .lothes ) llnof le in \ l'ricr Decide: r ..es o nthat you har.

Use *pcak **t to roleplay a conversation. ce\ebrttg how: ctt home. I always remember him. He said.vho the person was.' B Yes.friend. We lhlnk John Lennon wao a lfeat B Why? influence 2ecauee . 2 She moved to Errgland thrrteen years ago. Take turns to be A and B. 3 She wrote books about Napoleon and Queen Elizabeth I. curs Listen and repeat the questions from *p*ak **t. he nrote a song for my birthday once. Who was an rmportant influence ln your life? that's true. Student A. I think. 4 She didn't treat her sludents like children. B She taught me to love History..vas a chr1d. A He was a fantastic piano player.e*€ =**&€"are* What influence did the people below Work in pairs. Tick true and cross false. Ask your friend: . I think.v n-? mp in fer-l a a friend a teacher r urit er relative a musician somebody a celeblity else ..t schoo\. utzcle. Marilyn Monroe B B Mike Jones? Who A He was a musician.t you sometlittg. 'There's no life withoul music. have in people's lives? ffi t€sgffi F* F$ g ffi Study $peak *irt and complete the questions about Mrs Mariani with the correct questions from the box. y ou Le u nt. you want to find out about an important person in your trnglish friend's past. 5 Helen wanled to be a History teacher when she r. 6 Mrs Mariani retired from her iob a year ago. sau on tlte T\ Listened to music r'vhy: heLped you. . '_ ? Horn"_ him? A He lived next door to us when I was about ten. like No be Iike him. Read the list of people in the box. Then listen and check. ! I I I I I Student B..n. Work in pairs.t somethi. o. $PHAK *UT I Who was he/she? How old was he/she? Where was he/she from? WhereAlUhen/How did you meet him/her? What did he/she do? How did he/she do that? What else did he/she do? How did he/she influence you? 1A _? 24 _do? 3A B Italy.A B Hor. o horv you met/knew this person. o Why were they important? What did they do? Nelson Mandela wae an imoorlanL geraan for me becauee he believed in freedorn. answer the questions. B Cool! else A Well. . who: parelrt. I'd. B She always answered our questions. In pairs. What'r_ t_ ? t_? ^n Ho hrrj r hio inflronr. 4A 5A _else_do? _you? B Now I want to be a History teacher! when she retired? 6A B Sixty. eoz. cnzro ftssfl the conversation and complete the questions. 1 Mrs Mariani is Helen's new History teacher. . He played in a band. o why he/she was important.who? A He taught me to love all kinds of music. r. tattgh.g ?€ . answer your friend's questions. that? _ B Her lessons were always interesting.:s lislsn to Helen's conversation about an important person in her life. . A Mike Jones was a terrific guy.

t. but. Ada Byron was born in London on 10 December. 1 Tffi&sfld v*uffi #ffi&*ru A biography 1 Write the facts in chronological order. Ada met the inventor. TECHNOFACTS &ffi& t*Wffit A#ffi q: computerworld O2O TECHNOFACTS *= 5*'! ***: THE LIFE OF AI}A LOVELACE Ada had an important influence on computer history because she predicted the modern computer. when she was eighteen. 18'15 in London I t Parents I t Education I Married to r Children rDied r Famous for r I I I I the first computer program .300 other things.lt-:hen (+ sentence). Her mother didn't want Ada to be a poet like her fathet so she taught her Maths and Science. at the age of 36.Make a difference wffigg*F## Tttink Saclc!What can you remember about Ada? Answer the questions in pairs. He died t_ 18 October. Read the text again and complete the Quick Facts about Ada's life. because. In 1980. Annabella. This plan was the first computer program. 7_ that. work c and. ideas. he invented more than 1. then. 1 Who was she? 2 Where did she come from? 3 What did she invent? Read the text and put Complete the paragraph with linking words or time phrases. 'he invented the light bulb.r. . He u'ent to school when he was seven left after three months 1_ he had problems u. then. Use the ideas in Tr*i* Y**r *r*i.rth "_ his teacher. because 18. After that.ords: and.eeks) Later. she wrote an article about it with a plan for calculating numbers. after that. Use different paragraphs for each 2 Use time phrases to say when things 3 Don't forget to use linkers to join your topic. how he/she influenced you/your country.vhat he/she did. Thomas Alva Edison was born t_ 1847 and started worlr thirteen years 2_ . r. when American scientists invented a new computer language. (l. i Birthdate/place | 10 December. so. Write about: . that f I f a in eiiElotne hnking u. marriage. 18'15.'ith: 1843. she worked with Babbage on his new calculating machine. after 2 Underline the trme phrases ln Write a biography of a person who was important in your life/country. Five weeks later. r.ort-t ma t'tlJ dct yslu. Lord Byron and his wife. She was the daughter of the famous British poet. her parents separated. In 1828.:. Ada was a Maths oenius but she also had her father's imagination. 1852. | the paragraphs (A-D) in chronological order (1 -4). ln '1843. happened. Charles Babbage. oiz (+ day). two years latef when she was b family. Then. Ada designed a flying machine. Ada died on 27 November. o_ he rvas thirty-trvo. so. bu. His mother rvanted him to have a good education she taught him at home. Read the text again and follow the instructions. . Read Tr*in Y*i:r Srsii'i and match the sentences (1-3) with the examples (a-c). (+ year). when she was only thifteen. 1931. Ada married Lord Lovelace in 1835 and they had three children. who he/she was. they called it ADA. education. She helped him with his work and he had a bio influence on her life.

tF* GAB#

L&#Y &*&* #ffi&F#ffieffi

Make questions in the Past Simple. Then match the questions with the answers,

Complete the sentences with one word in each gap.


1-ear I rvould like to take an Art

Ln Paris. I really ]ike is 2 The only school Languages. . She 3 Chloe doesn't really hke hates maps and can't remember the names of many caprtal cities. in History from 4 My brother got a

1 What/yor/doAast weekend 2 J enny lbelconfident/when/she,/be/a child 3 Where/you/go/on holiday last summer

4 y olf can/ play the piano/when/you,/be/ten
5 What/your friend/give you for your

tr tr T


last birthday
6 How o1d/you,he/wherVyour parents/buy

you your first bicycle
a No, I couldn't. b I was three. c No, she wasn't. d An English-Spanish dictionary.


Oxford University. 5 When I was fourteen I loved playing computer 6 My Iavourjte subject is Physicai I just love sport. 7 When I travel by train I like listening to my discs or reading books. your exams 8 It's not difficult to when you study a lot.

f To Italy.

e I went to the cinema.
Circle the correct pronouns.


Match 1-5 with a-e in each group t0 make collocations and compound nouns.
A 1 get

2 invent 3 fail 41eave

5 send

tr I tr I I

a the light bulb b an exam

c text messages d a certificate
o university

1 digital
2 central
3 washing

4 microwave
5 home

! !

a cmema
b machrne

lnobody know the answer to this question? 2 I waited for twenty minutes b:ut somebody I anybody lnobody came. 3 F rank was very nervous and he didn'l say sometlzi,ng I anythi,ng / nothit'tg. 4 I can't help you, I know angthzng lnothillg I euerythzng about lhe history of France. 5 I think I can hear a noise. There's somebody I anybody I euerybodg at the door. 6 You looked very serious yesterday. Was somethi,ng I angthzng I euerythi'ng l,Tong? 7 Somebody lAngbody I Euerybodg likes sweets but they aren't good for your teeth.
1 Does somebody I o,nybody


c camera d heating e oven

How do you pronounce the -ed ending of these verbs? Circle the verb that is different in each group,

Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets,

The Internet sometimes makes homework very easy to do! Last week our teacher t(ask) us to write about an important decade (decide) to in the 20th century, so I 2(find) look for somethrng online. I 3a great website called 'The best ten years of (talk) about my life'. Lots of people tdecadc and why lh"y 'Lheir [avourite (u,rile) about a iot (choose) lt, They oof interestjng things like how they t(meet) their future partners, the clothes they u(wear) in those days, and what kinds (be) popular then. I1 of music ntu_ (be) fascinating because many (describe) the 1960s (and people ttthe hippies) or the 1980s (and the punks), (not know) much about and I 12(not have) to spend those times. I tt(finish) my much time online and I 1ahomework in one hour. And then I tu(cannot) believe it! (get) an A. I 'o-

1 worked 2 listened 3 passed



loved died

cooked stayed

4 liked

wanted studied

needed hated


5 started 6 opened




laughed donated walked

oa41 Listen and check, Then listen again and repeat the verbs.



fu#ffigffiru8ruffi SffigLL€

ffiffiffi&ffi€ru# #K€LL=
Put the lines below in the right order to make two dialogues. Then take turns to read out the dialogues with your partner.


$es,, Listen to pad of a radio phone-in and circle the correct answers.
1 Peter was Samantha's

first iove because

a she liked the colour of his eyes. b he was very tal1. c he taught her to swim.
2 Samantha didn't see Peter for many years

Dialogue 1 starts with:

What's up, Christine? You look sad.


a he got married. b he moved to Brighton. c he studied History in London.
3 Blake and Jessie

a were both very good students at school. b had similar interests. c were both ten vears old when thev
first met.
4 Blake decided to talk to Jessie a when she passed a difficult test.

a Good for you! Was lt difficult? b Yes, I passed my Spanish exam! c I hope so. d Hi, Thomas. You look very happy. e What's up, Christine? You look sad. f Well donel You studied very hard for it. g Oh, don't worry. I'm sure he's very sorry now. h Well, it certainly wasn't easy. And I got a
rrprrr dnnr:l drq
rl p


Yes, I had an argument

with Paul this

morning and he was au'ful to me.
Roleplay this conversation. Student A

b because she had a very pretty smile.


because she looked at him.

ffiffieffig$$ffi sKELrffi


You talk to your friend about his/her early school days. You want to find out aboul an important teacher for your friend at his,4rer primary school. You start the conversation.

Complete the text with the sentences (a-0.

Ask your friend: o what kind of person his,4rer favourite

At the end of the 1 960s, Bob Geldof was a music journalist for a magazine in Vancouver, Canada. But in the mid-1970s, he became lamous as the leader of The Boomtown Rats, a punk rock group. Soon Geldof was a colourful figure in the world of music,

teacher was.
o why he/she liked this teacher. o what influence the teacher had on



friend's interests/education/life.

ln November I984, Geldof saw a BBC news report on the famine in Ethiopia and decided to do something about it. He called Midge Ure from Ultravox.2 Geldof then invited some of the most famous Briiish and Irish rock and ooo musicians to form a group and record the song. They recorded the single But the song raised much before Christmas 1984. iust more, millions of pounds, and sold more copies in the UK than any other record until 1997. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie copied ihe idea in the States a few months later, and wrote the song Following the success of the We Are The Band Aid single, in June I985 Geldof organised the massive charity Twenty years later, on 2 July, he concert Live Aid organised another huge concert, Live B, in ten different places around the world at the same time. 0nce again, the money went to Africa and Geldof got nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.

3_ 1_

You talk [o your lriend about your early school days. Your friend wants to find out aboul an important leacher for you at your primary schooi. Answer your friend's questions about:
o what kind of person your favourite teacher was.


$rhy you liked this teacher.

o what influence

Wofld.5_ u_

the teacher had on your interestsieducation4ife.


ffi ffi
ffi w

k ffi

a They invited Geldof to sing at the end of the song with the other American musicians. b It raised even more money for the people

F& w


in Africa. c He called this group Band Aid. d Together they u'rote the song, Do They
Knou.t It's CJzrzstmas?. e In 1978, Tlze Boomtou,tn Rats had their



firsl Number I single tl.rLth Rol Trap.

Geldof hoped to raise about 570,000 for Ethiopia with this single.

ffi ry &.

Following fashion
#***- 6F*€*s: *at* €*{$q *h*a:t clothes and fashion. Fr**{ig* the Present Continuous and the Present Simple; phrasal verbs, clothes vocabulary. frg*a:e *n reading for specffic infonnation; asking for and checking infonnation.
u#ri?* a message.




Read part of the dialogue and underline all the verbs in the Present Continuous (0e + verb + -rng), Then circle the correct rule a or b.

Matt There's a woman in the clothes departmenl and T think she's slealing things.

ffiffieffiffi&ffi &rum w##effi#tueffiY
cns.r lseft at the picture - where are the people? In pairs, match the clothes in the box with the pictures. Then listen and repeat the words.

ajacket I trainers I
trousets a T-shirt

jeans I
skirt boots

a a a

I I a su'eater I qrrnolrqqpq


! I ahat I shorts I

! suit I atie I

shirt I coat I

BossReally? Ts she stealing anything right now.' Matt No, she isn't. At the momenl she's comi.ng over to the T-shrrts. Nolv she's picking one up, ... now she's putting rt down again ... Norv she's lvalking over to the dresses. Boss What are you doing? Matt I'm follow'ing her. Boss Wel1, be careful. Don't go too close! Matt I'm not golng too close ... Oh, now her mobile phone's rjnging and she's anstvering it - no, no, she isn't answering it, I think
she's putting something in her bagl Are you sure! Matt \Veil, I think so. And she's wearing

sunglasses and a hat ... in the shop. That's very strange. i'm going over to her ...
We use the Present Continuous to talk about a regular acilnties.
b things

cose Matt has a new job as a store detective. lt's his first day in the job. Listen to his conversation with his boss and answer the questions.

thal are happening


1 Which person in the picture do they talk about? 2 Is he/she a thief? If not. rn'ho is he/she?

Find the -ingtorm of these verbs in the dialogue,



ask questions and guess the person. lvork laugh thhk about English gramuxar' hard nrite on the board speak Enghsh look out of the windor. she isn't. Questions and short answers B l-es./No. think about a person in the picture. is not (isn't) and are.1. it is. (do) the same things: notetlook. Read the dialogue. Affirmative I t_ followBr. I'ct: **t. the phone.r.'oman B No. Which person in the picture of the clothes depaftment is B thinking about? Present Gontinuous We use the Present Continuous for actions that are happening ffi#w. lem. Complete the sentences about people in your classroom now Use the words and phrases from the box. \tlatt (go) to the changing room rvoman (buy) clothes.T-shirts. 4 near r. YouAiVe/They *r* buy€*g He/She {'r*} Negative | A Is it a r..f:. Iieteninq La mualc. is ('s). A Is she n'earing jeans? B He/She '_ o_go:*n too close./No. coas Put the words in the correct order to make questions.voman? B Yes. $* she stealing anything? Yes. _ 4 Four people (civ) deparlment. Take turns to ask and answer the questions from Exercise 8. 5 6A 3 The chlldren one _ (sleep) and the other _ (shop) rn the clothes :HANGING ROOMS (wear) a jacket. Then listen and repeat the questions. to the '_comEe*g overclothes. am not ('m not). . it's this lr. Student A.. 7 The children B The u'oman rvith the sunglasses _ (put) the T-shirt donn.vindow's Who the sitting 5 me you lislemng to Are 6 wealilg Horr are people lrousers manJWork in pairs..g her.. Far* you followE*g Yes. answer€aeg * **€ {+ A OK i YouAVeff hey *r r**'t} steal€ng anyth n g. Use the dialogue above as an example.' ask a question listen to music \l'ear sununer clothes talk 1 Everl'body 2 Some people 3I 4 Our teacher 5 One person 6 Nobody Everybody ie epeaking Enqlieh. I'm nof. €r# . Take turns. 1 \tiatt ian'L talkinQ (ta1k) to the sales assistant. she es. AVtlhaL'a Lhe leacher doinq? B /'el7he ie wriLinq on Lhe board. she ieac'€.Following fashion Complete the sentences about the picture with the correct Present Continuous form of the verbs in brackets.i:. *€ €he ceE*Fe**? of speaking. A OK. . she is. 1 teacher What the doing 's 2 laughing Is anybody 3 asking many are Horv people questions Complete the table wilh am (m). Student B.is she looking at trousers? That's rightl her? llllr questions yau da1z=4? What What E* she wear9*g? 5_ Now work in pairs.

Match the pictures (A-E) to the sentences (1-5). different. 5 I'm to the shop. 2 It was late and the changing rooms were ful1.s clothes 7 i hate always so crowded. She had to wear an old skirt to the party and she couldn't take the new skirt back because she couldn't find the receipt! What did Andrea do with the receipt? Make guesses. she couldn't do it up! 5 Andrea was very upset. I T T T 4 In her bedtoom. 3 so Andrea didn'i try lhe skirt on. At home. your shoes before you walk on the clean floor. 1 a reason why you take something back to the shop - - 2 something you put on when the weather's hot 3 something people never throrv away 4 something you take off when you arrive home 5 something you don't need to try on before you buy 6 two types of clothing that you do up 1 You take eomeLhinq back Lo Lhe ohop when iL'a broken. He never his clothes from the bathroom floor after a shower. choose the best ideas to tell the class. 1 Please the 2 I bought this shirt six monlhs ago and now I can't buttons! 3 Jack's reatly lazy. rnterestzng. T Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the phrasal verbs from Exercise 1. strange. all these o1d clothes because I never wear them. oh..osphe're. 4I a sweater because it was very cold in the cinema.. s# . Compare them with your paftner' Then. - Write your ideas for numbers 1-6..€**e*. She went to her favourite ciothes shop and picked up a fantastic mini skirt. no . she threw away the carrier bag and showed her sister the skirt. too many people. look at the photo of Camden Market in London and answer the questions. in pairs. g ood atm.#E*Gffi In pairs. stupid. it 6 My new watch stopped.. so I in the shop the changing room j. tnodern You can buy . 1 Andrea wanted something new to wear to a party.GL&ffiH Read Andrea's story. ffiffiffi... (not) man'y thtngs to cl'toose Jrom 3 Do you like the clothes in the photo and rvhy? Use these words'. she took off her jeans and put on the sktrt but . 1 What can you buy al Camden Market? 2 Do you like buying clothes at markets like this and why? Use these words: chectpl erpensiu e.

. All the adjectives are in the article.. Discuss these questions in small groups.i I Finding specific information When you're looking for specific information in a text: 1 2 3 _ _ _ about the topic of the text before you read. Make adjectives from the words in capital letters. 1 Nathan goes shopping at Camden Market evely rveekend. . Just look for the information you want. 1 Nathan has an 2 My brot her isn'l vety _ clothes and fashion. 5 Nathan is learning about the fashion I ! I I ilidustrl. 1 Why is Nathan at Camclen Ntlarket? 2 \\rhat does he lhink of the people's clothes? 3 What is his ambition? 4 \Vhat does he plan to do? Read the article quickly and find the answers to the questions in Exercise 2. Complete the sentences. Look at Exercises 1-3 again and complete ir. 4 He thinks it's easy to become rich and famous. Tick true and cross false. place to hobby. look at the photograph and think about these questions. 6 He can 4121v pictures. - . EXCITE CRtrATE SUCCESS in Holly-lvood. iv*it:'!::.r fts4fl the afticle again.:: leacl ctecide think ]"i+iilt+ Y#tlF{ ffiFlscIi. 4 I think London is a very visit.Following fashion ?= You are going to read a magazine article about Nathan Bradshaw First. but he can't cut fabric or make clothes. 2 He thinks it's a good rdea lo mtx different colours and st5'les.from magazine articles.'ork in the fashion industry? Why?A\rhy not? What clothes do young people lr'eat in yout country? "#E . r \Vhat kind of person makes a good fashion designer? Would you like to u. coe. what information you want to find. 5 I'd like to have a more 6 It isn't very easy to be - job.iir with the words from the box. in USUAL INTEREST FAME 3 There aren't any rea11y people in this film. the text quickly..hen he n'as flfteen. 3 Nalhan sold clothes u.

0G-5. 6 weeks.. I'm making an evening dress for the end of term fashion show.We visit a different gallery every month and this afternoon we're at the Tate Modern.00-4.30p. I 2 weeks. 2.. but ma-ribg not at the moment of speaking 1 something that is happening at fl I I Match the three students Mark. on'aeekdct .m. like t"c do *. We're studying the lSth Century at the moment.i :li ':':': j-t: !:': :lt Work in pairs. European painting . then in the afternoons I worl< on my project.you can use your imaginarion . Saturdays.and I'm learning a lot about computers. watercolours and oil paints. weekends. . Plan. .Thursdays. l'm enjoying the course because it's very different from what I usually do at school. I'n inLerealed the moment of speaking 2 something ihat happens regularly 3 something happening'around' nolr. .aiting here for the other students.ant to do lt: I'tn interestecl I need to Learn abottt . the course takes place: cLt u.e et.30p.m. Where can your imagination take you? Learn to use pen and inl<. Tlte caerae ia . Match the sentences (a-c)from Exercise 3 with the . n-h]')rou $.30-7.. y Lottg I sh. l0 weeks. Right now I'm checking the design before I cut the fabric - it was very expensive! l2 weeks. design theory and history of fashion drawing and pattern making choosing fabrics l'm doing this course because my teacher at school suggested it and this is what I want to study in the future.t's. c I'm r. i. so I'm waiting here for the other students to arrive. enin cl s ho-"r.. long the course is it tctkes . Do you really know your camera? Come and learn basic.30p. 4. lt's really interesting..00p m. lt's very creative .y..00p. I 0.he .00-4. Look at the five courses at Manchester College of Ad and Design. coarae becaaee ir: .. e rvhen 'itr d In the aflernoons I work on my project. b I'm learnlmg a lot about computers. . 9. in th. Which course would you like to do and why? Underline the verbs in these sentences (a-c) from the text" What is the tense in each sentence? Thir* about: . 36 weeks. 5.tr:ekencLs. 20th-Century the Art Art of Michelangelo . organise and create a website from start to finish. .ort I'd.-er rules (1-3). We always have theory lessons in the mornings.. practical rechniques.This is the design on the computer. Saturdays. Mondays.m..1s. ueeks..r.30-6.m. I was early. Janine and Kyra with the courses they're doing at Manchester College. .

rs saving money to bu1'something. Time expressions: always. 1 Anna 2 3 4 5 6 a model erplainrng why her skin ts so good a I drink a lot of lr'ater and I don't eat sw-eets b I'm drinkrng a }ot of rvater and I'm not eatng sweels. Then listen and check.-hat 8 (you and Lucy/do) at home all alone? (help) Lucy with het Oh. is erloying this lesson. I can call them later. this morning/afternoon Which sentence is correct in each situation? 1 a girl in a changing room rn a shop a I try on some jeans. (right) now. (never. so . That's good. so no\\'she 1_ Gran Oh! Wel1. cor.&elp) her! But you 1{r(study) for our No. Time expressions: at the moment. b We're collecting old clothes for Oxfam. I'm Gran (teach) a History ofArt class. plays sport every u. 3 a fashion designer talking about his job a I design clothes. then? Jodie No. _ 6_ 7_ 8 - is wearing something neu. he's at college too. at the moment of speaking. Gran I see. #iE . b We're har. Then ask questions with the Present Simple or the Present Continuous. every day/week We use the Present Continuous for something that is She'- happening: . photography course. I am. so . So. OK.s f. Did Jodie tell the truth? What is she doing? Work in groups. Dad gave it to her for Christmas. bul thp other'leacher's sick. can you get your dad. \lew ieane. We always 9eeu. 5 a student during the summer holidays a I work rn a clothes shop. OK. We'r* *?acd"g+*g the eighteenth century at the moment. today. Jodie 2 a boy talking about a Chnstmas project at school a We collect old clothes for Oxfam. b I'm deslgning clothes. t. Can I speak to Mum? Jodie Oh. Right now I'm'c *E:**6rEeg the design on the computen 'around' now but maybe not at the time of speaking. I tF rench honLew-ork. rsn't feeling rvell todal-. (learn) how to use it. A Anna. She t_ (go) to (do) a school on Saturday afternoons. Gran Jodie Gran Jodie (they/usuaily/get) home? not sure. normally.ing a great time. b I'm trying on some jeans. toda]-. Gran School? Jodie Well. u.sa. it's Gran. sometimes.t Present Simple and Present Continuous We use the Present Simple for something that happens regularly. college.Following fashion o1 l #?zn*r:V" i4. doesn't often eat meat. Weli. is doing an evenitLg tout'se no\v. b i'm working in a clothes shop. usually. (she/do) that? She hasn't Gran Why'got a camera! Jodie She has.'eeket-ic1. Complete the sentences with your friends' names. Gran Hello Jodie. are yau wearin4 anythinq new loday? BYee.. He 5 (not/usually/teach) Gran But he t'Saturdaysl Jodie No. neve6 often. Tell Mum I called. she's not here. often goes to the cinema. Bye Gran. . but we ttexams at the moment.:* theory lessons in the mornings.srnplsle the dialogue with the correct Present Simple or Present Continuous form of the verbs in brackets.. what time 7 Jodie Um.. 4 two people at a fashion shorv a \lre have a great time.

ac. C You work at the g5an. I'm phoning about your new Look at the ad. did you say dot ak dot uk? 0perator No. Sue speaking. Use $p**k *ut to help you.ddress I brocJzure. 5 The caller would like a website o. Japanese. 2 The operator says it's delayed but you don't understand what that means. on Thursday evenings between six and eight. You want to phone the college to ask about one of the language courses. I don't know about the course book.ngs. 3 The receptionist knows I doesn't knota what course book they use. Which two things in Exercise 1 does the caller not ask about? if you like. Caller OK. In pairs. Offer to send him. It's from 3 September to 15 December.s P EAKI N G sr€* LZ*€X*. Caller Um.50 but you're not sure. Write the questions. It's www. Shall I send vou our brochure? That has more information. Weston College. Use SB*ak *ut to help you. SFfiAK *qJT I : W:te*-{i*ddrs* New part-time language courses: Greek. what do you mean by low? Is it elementary or beginner? 0perator I'm afraid I don't know. Chinese Asking for information a 0ffering help o How can I help? a a Ghecking information a a We're enrolling now! Call us on 3224 6785 0perator Good morning.{-geffi Read the dialogue and complete Sp*ak *u? with the underlined phrases. Caller Ah hello. Work in pairs. Sorry. 1 You want to know the film times on Saturday. 5 How much. Caller cnge Listen again and circle the correct answers. choose one situation from Exercise 5 and write a complete dialogue. 2 You think the receptionist said 4./the course/cost? 6 What course book/they/use? cue"e Listen to the conversation.westoncoll. Someone phones and asks for the times of the exercise classes.f. how can I help? Caller Could you tell me the dates and times of the Japanese course? 0perator Of course. =.e . B You 4 The class is at a low I hi. I can give you the address. A You phone the cinema. What do you say in these situations? Write sentences.4rer a timetable. Then act out your dialogue to the class.gh level. phone the train station. Thanks for your help.30 and 6. 6 The caIler hears I doesn't h. Caller Do you have a website? 0perator Oh yes. Portuguese. 0perator Oh yes.ear Lhe website address correctly. 1 The Japanese course slarls in Qantamhor /finishes 2 It's on Thursday montings I eueni. Caller I see.uk. And can you give me some information about the level and the course book they use? Operator WeIl. but I know it's a low level course. 1 You want to know the time of the next train to York. it's dot ac dot uk. 1 What/be/the course dates? WhaN are the couree daLee? 2 What time/the class/start and finish? 3 How many students/be/in the class? 4 What/be/the level of the class? language courses.

.. Caller Oh. Look at message A again and in Tra!ri Y*ur ffirai* tick the kinds of words that you can leave out in informal messages. He has lo qo lo the Jenfisls o1 2. an. OK. . Goodbye. t* :* :* Mrs ReiJ Read the messages again. phono htn .q thal the a-ppainfnent is in school fine. Dear and MrlMrslMs in an informal message. Tell Chris: o who phoned.. 2 You can leave out some words in an informal message.n. sure . Can I take a message? Caller Yes. nouns (college.quet. Evan neeJs Tho-nk you. Coltele V[nou'd. 4545897.t u..::f i to leave school earlut today. rhe (x 6) There's is (x 2) I'm The colleqe Vhoned about . a Please could you tell Chris that there is a place for him on the fashion design course? Oh. and when does the course start? Next Thursday... t b"l ifs at1 ener7enc/. o about the place on the course. : . please. you can leave out some words.cloe>> taNlht' auA cla>> cau'celleA C^Otu-1 teaclner >tcL 1od. subject pronouns (/. Plea"e.e nunber ts 0+1131+ulg. What kinds of words are missing in message A? Put the words below into the correct place in the message. Which ones? . which informal? ffi M\rLn uJet:>tte ssessesi# ffs* ffi 1# Evaa-.Ll..'.Following fashion wdffig€cruffi Read messages A and B. Which one is formal and Which words can you leave out in message C? Cross them out. are) main uerbs (phoned. about the deposrt. phoned . at 7p. teachell . 1 You use 3 You cannot use contractions (I'm.Otl. yo. the verb to be (am. when the course starts. AU"< tn €tA1e tl 1ou\re lnu^1r1 Read the phone conversation and write a shod informal message from Paula to Ghris. a\ . he's not here. that's great: Could you also tell him to send us a deposit of 515 as soon as possible? Yes. TffiA:ru Y##ft S*A!ru | Leaving out words in messages When you write an informal message.'it's) in a formal I I I Paula Caller Paula Caller Paula message. going) T T T tr tr "lvlufy\ fllE A fvtEgsP. Tick true and cross false. . hello. I'n sorr.. \ore.m. Dear Mr Lewis. on tnporlonL Lonnts natch Lonu$t and hts rauquel Ls trokan. I'm sorry.4 . : 1 ci: . thanks very much.l.e wanls to borrow 0. prepositions (fo. is. This is Greystones College. SUT I CAN'T Ftr. la& can*n{ 3a^iut\cL. adjectives (sicK hung9 . i.lD lT" tjltr ## . please? Paula Oh.Ae.30p. the) . 7'n gotng to Ruth t\e q1n olth Sonla - lre tO >U?er ^^o-rLe. tennis ror. Paula Hello. rn) o there's. articles (a.o^:*_ )e>r1rt. could I speak to Chris Knight. there are l n n .

.7 Read big keyPad. comparative and superlative adjectives. == Have you got a mobile? If you have. i think.. g . . Five attractive calcurs and twenty new ring tones! Liz But I lost mine yesterday. and the keS. ?#r.?.. Liz Yes. can you lend me S30? Polly Yes. But hers has got a camera.e ..v. I knor. '..vas slimmer. Polly You're right . describing objects.slim and liaht..havel Modern style . A mobile for S30! Liz So? We've both got mobile phones.. how often do you use your mobile and who do you risually call'? If you haven't..snectlljtfer! to use CheaP and easy -. It r.*J-* I EasYdial .::* *"*4 Sjyitr.. Polly But the red one's more expensive! Liz \!-e11. Liz Hang on! I think my sister bought a red phone llke this last rveek. lvould you iike lo have a mobile? Wh.$l . 'R . Liz. and rt is much cheaper.". technology vocabulary.jlri+. like thrs red phone here. Look at this.s q =-- ''* '.for the same price! \\h-ere did she buy it? Liz In the shopping centte. lighter and more moclern . it isn't cheap but it's more attractive and it's got neu'er ring tones . that's a shame. VerY good Pnce' the ads and the dialogue and answer the Was t60 .L?.stuff dot com fr*a€.?AVhy not? nicer than this. c00. --. but the black one's easier to use. ii+F.pad is reallv rrolv and old-hsl rioned.#. possessive pronouns.nouu 930! I+ questions. 1 2 Why does Pol1y need a ne\ / mobile? Does she buy one? \\hy?AVhy not? Polly Hey.tt++ Ezii:a a*+*i technology. Polly OK. thls S30 one is black and boring. .* a Lost! notice.. let's go! Liz . But look. . Oh. Yout's rnas ffiffi&qq4Fs?#ffi Work in pairs and answer the questions. and it cosl 560 tool Polly Whai? So il's better than the red one here .l:: " . Polly You. i-- . t+tz listening for specific information..

The red. 2 Your phone r'vas nicer than this.r lth.*{ slo**r 1Mv hair's _ 2Mv bag is _ 3 \tly mobile's than Write the comparative form of these adjectives. 3 Her phone has got a camera. 1 fat 2 heavl' 3 difficult 6 old-fashioned 7 old _ 4Mv notebook is _ 5 NIy shoes are than than than than I bad 4 ugly 5 big q lhln -1. Find the comparative forms of these adjectives in the dialogue in Exercise 2. d we only add -r'.* '*www9 We don't double the final consonant in short adjectives Think of one boy and one girl in your class and complete the sentences. "'". 3 #33{'* their cheap*r nicer slimr*ser Circle the correct words. 1 Efu**rx One syllable ending vowel + consonant Two syllables ending My I Mine moblle is smaller than you I gours. phone ie more expeneive lhan Lhe black one.zx. yoar / gotu's? No. 6 It's better than the red phone. 10 oung F*rE . Which adjective is irregular? Adjectives *+. ! : ! new slow t nea:. '*fu. I of I 4 \\re change to i and add -er I 5 \Ve double the final consonant and add -er 7 2 If a one-syllable adjective ends 3 \Ve put more rn front y. b adjectives u-rth two sy1lab1es or more. *t*Z tr . 1 The red phone is cheaper than the black one. Give an example for each rule using the adjectives in Exercise 3. Match below. 6 Our I Oztrs phones are more modern than lrregular m'hrc ltheirs. Possessive pronouns We use possessive adjectives with nouns (it's my phnne) and possessive pronouns without nouns fTb mine). in'y easy eas?{*a" 2 Is this your camera? No.+y" iE Pronouns 'I *+*t my y0ur Gomparative adiectives Adjective One syllable cheap nice slim Comparative his her 0ur #*"+.. Can the class guess who you chose? My hair'e lonqer Lhan here. expensive good bad Two or more syllables r*r*r* expensive fu*9€*r kg+flg€ 5 Is that yoztr I !)oLLrs video? No. to short adjectives ending with one vorvel and a consonant.1 -er' uith -e Find sentences in Exercise 2 with the same meaning as sentences 1-3 below Which words in the dialogue replace the underlined phrases? '1 a to t$/o-syllabie adjectives ending in -y. Then read your sentences to the class. it's h.Fa*r"#" i++ 'l-5 with a-e 1 \\re add Complete the rules for comparative adjectives. 4 Her I Hers MP3 player \vas more expensive thanmy /nzine. it's oar lours. c to one-syilable adjectives.my 7 Are these shoes / m'ine are nicer.ei'rs CD? No. e Complete the table with the correct possessive pronouns. I lost my phone yesterda-v.'i. 3 It's uglier than the black one. it's l'Ler I hers. ft€"&wa& ending -uv. 9 cheap 10 good 2 It's heavier than the black one. 4 The black phone's got newer-ring tones lhan the red one.J*rk aE a*+st" Conect these sentences about the two phones in the ads. 'l nlce 2 slim 3light 4 modern 5 expensive 6 attractive 7 nen 8 eas. 5 It's more difficult to use than the red one.s I her'.stuff dot coni 'f-. 3Is this thei.

a ftssfl and complete the afticle with the correct information from the Complete the sentences.Jalkman became the most successfu'l portabl e cassette p1 ayer because it was the eas'iest way to I i sten to musi c wherever you went.**. 7 Bill Gates. The most popular nortahl e cassette l.(/. Jan Pi olr Krutewi cz. The Sony l.*-* **--****--. the Motorola-V3 mobiie Razr rvas syllable fast small big faster smaller bigger thetthe the 2 3 phone. I use it all the time. a founder of the players in the 1980s and 1990s. It changed people's lives easy easler the 4 ending in -y Two or more difficult successful good bad syllables trregular more ditficult more successful the the 5 completely. James i s Engl i sh but he now lives in Sydney. 3 player ever is the Sony Aki o Mori ta .*. It was only over 4_ Austral'ia and writes about 100 texts a day! ll t-**". 3 My new digital camera only cost S50.-*-. Use the correct superlative form of the adjectives from the box.5 mm Japanese 200 million Wxr* iE **Z 1 I hate television.*=i #ffi&ffiffieffi &ruffi ffiffiffiewfr*&ffi cus. llllll box. ^ specrar companres. Sony sol d the USA. It lvas camera in the shop 4 In 2005. +l^i. so Jan had to order them from ^^^^i ^1 ^^*^--. he lyped the fastest message on his mobile phone in sixtyseven seconds. It had Trusl best 'texter' i n the world is James er. is one of men in the world. bad rich ugly i'-^^-f--+ lilrpot'tiillL useful ( ileap ^l 1989 24 September 40o/o 160 47. 1 I etters and '_ I ots of d'if f i cul t words. € L{ e (J € t-{ E t{ = cl) c) The 0n t 2000. a Pol'ish-born'inventor. Then listen and check. The most d'if f i cul t thi ng was to find very sma11 parts for i t. Superlative adjectives Adjective Gomparative One Superlative gadget dicrionaly is _ I have.. 5 That's _ 0ne syllable ending vowel + consonant Two syllables car in the world! The shape and colours are awful.rlal kman@. i nvented i I i n I979. It's irLvention in hist oly.. created the smal I est te1 ephone i n hi story on l6 Sentemher 1996 in ong. 2 My electronic English - Ti:i*k #ar'ici How do we make comparative adjectives? Underline the superlative adjectives in the article and complete the table. 6I think that lhe $heel n-as discovery of all. 6 better WOTSE the 7 the worst ffiffi .-. the ormer of Microsoft. :::ti: ':a:: company Sony. Morita 'invented the name Wal kman and thi s word is now in dictionaries eve rywhe re ..

please this letter. Describe what you do in these situations. the cheapest? o the most popular? e rhc hiopest wasle of time? r tho mnqt hnrino? o tho mnqt owcitino? We cost 99p.e'. 2 dov.deo I c:t CD I the TV a Game Boy a D\D a r'edeo recorder Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs from the box. an iPod a digital camera 1 turn off the TV I the door I the li. . Next. ui. the light."'_ start the music. he r the computer.a waLch a DVO. Choose ideas from the box or use your own.con / m. Then. first _ player. What do you do when you want to: o watch a DVD? r listen to a CD? \.ght 2 dormload an i. answer the questions. then _ the one you want to play. he listened to his favourite music. a pl]oto? .000 an hour. over of fam'ilies have a Game Boy al home i Match the pictures with the phrases. Then.' #.= a long time. Sctue. a remote conlrol Which ls: o the most important to you? o the most useful? r the most fun? nrint in dov. 4 If you want to keep the document.e )". please? I need to _ 3I_ U2's new single from the Internet last nlght. the biggest number n any country.stuff dot con-r u###&ffiWL&W. lhink an iTod ie the moaL excllin7 becauee we love lieLenin7 lo muaic.. he'.us'i. photo I some hea.nload turn off take out "' the DVD player. After that.c / so'me znformatzon 3 put on a hut I ct.V The Ni ntendo Game Boy@ f i r^st came out i n u_ and was the mosl famous portabl e video game sysfem for mi I I 'i on . Read about what Paul did last night and complete the sentences with the correct verbs.. _ the one in the 5 If you want to listen to your CD. . 1 When the film ends.tork I a CD 5 click on tlze 'prznt button / a printer / an zcon computer games 6 take out ct. 2 Can I use your printer. he . It only nlinl' put v"" nrrt nn . Check new words in a dictionary. company sol d The 100 Game Boys o --*' befween 1989 and 2000 aboul 1.. Work in pairs. Then describe what Paul did when he finished listening. First. In small groups.Nhen I o print out 9 a". I lurn or Ll.. Paui went into his room and ?'e clicked on Lhe SLop icon Lo Lurn off t- the mueic.nload the [ music I 3 click on the icon I 1 1 take out 2 take turn on the D\D player 4 put on the headphones 5 print out the photo 6 put in the CD T T T Which phrasal verbs in Exercise 1 are the opposites of 1-3 below? off 3 turn off Cross out the word or phrase that does nof belong in each group. I'inally.dphones 4 print otfi a Letter I your homeu..') -a. watrt "L.a CD he the CD icon to his headphones.# . he the computer. In the USA.

84=.as Tom angry? 2 What w'as the mistake? 3 \tr/ho do you think made the mrstake? \!hy? %# . home video. .re I ^r^-1^ pdrflLLD problem.'*?*EE!.ro l-is{gp to Pad 2 and complete the information in Exercise 3. 1 \\l-ro are T 4 His gran knolvs hou'to record a 1 Alan phoned his gran because his friend's got a 2 AIan forgot to recold something for Tom. Tick true and cross false. Listen to Paft 1 of the phone call.video and Out un Lhe a Dress 1 'Lurn uL the '' "" aII a+ 6 bui'Lon Lo stofi re-CordLny 1 The rame of the proqramme coa. ?ffi&E$i Y#*ffi ffi#&Eru I Finding specific information a Don't try to understand every word. Match the exercises with the correct advice. just listen for the information you need. What did she forget to write? F -tu* $ t Proqronno: Cllck S+or+s 1 at 2 on Channol3 What to dr: ' ' Lurn on Lhc. c Think about the topic and the context before you listen. Listen and answer the questions. look at the photos and answer the questions. b Decide what information you want to know. She wrote some notes. Look at her notes. Listen for the information you need.s {sg will hear Alan talking to his grandmother. I I tr I *-4 {- Alan told his gran how to record the programme. Read Tr*i* 1*z::r *r*ir:. 1 Why u. T T n oet Jsrn phones Alan about the recorded programme. 2 ru4f LD ---^-+^ d at -. Which of the exercises (1-4) helped you with each piece of advice (a-c).? the people? 2 \\here are they? 3 \\l-rat are they talking about? eo:. Don't worry about new words.G* In pairs. but didn't include everything.

irhn:rjnol<.-*ply ir . c more dangerous than in the past. T T ! tr 2 They just walked by and didn't say hello. b rt can save you time and money. Find the words from the box in the text. What does everybody out there think? !r. can take ihe same shot a hundred times until I qet it riqht."E****gs ***r"cis > Thr**ai: How to send photos MP3s Crazy about technology? Downloads \owadaysa otof peoplesayrhattech'ology sdarge"ous.Youcandownloadmusicfromthe n- rernerardiL'scheapertl-an'nrheshops. 1 My computer's really old.eirher-. 4 We've got a new supermarket near us.*r:r > S. But my favourite gadget is my digital camera.h. 2 AntiTech doesn't like there in five minutes. listen to music or go out with friends.t in our lives but is it bad for us? | think technoloqy's really cool. Which thread are they talking about? Read the messages again and match the speakers to their opinions.justafewsecondsl Youcancontactpeopleanywhereandit'softenfree. very_. For example. It's very quick. him. lt's more fun. too? 3 feels technology can become an addiction? 4 enjoys not having to pay for songs he/she doesn't like? Read the messages again and circle the correct answers. A a il I Technology isn't bad for us . information can you find on this webpage? Do you use message boards? Why?AVhy not? ignorecl upgrade el"ficient lracks corrvenienl. too. Tt's cheaper to rent a DVD. we live in a world of technology and you have to know how things work. It's _ it.Youdor'thavetobuywholeCDs. yuuvLrJ rLvil) UOllgq ICPCUPcVct I lvlgUU)C))CU u)!J/ LL!. t's bril iant! | don't have to waste money on photos don't want. li's very convenient. b a good thing for him/her. He replaces his mobile every six months and never stops talking about it. His mobile is always the latest. Even my grandmother plays computer games now! | really like using my computer and stuff like that.-ca^btLy videos. They complelely _ mel 3 I love their latest CD .*rriia\. . and completely ignore youl lt's not just boring al'rcaccor'l VVr.c. Are you a gadget addict? In pairs.stuff dot com ffi ffi&ffi $ruffi &Fdffi o What ag**&*#L&ffi€ Look at the webpage below and answer the questions.Icanwalk 1 TopGeek says that technology is a not good for people.. books or rent DVDs through the Internet and they send them to your house. but now you can email or text somebody on the other side of theworldin.acisyou ke A'd 1.it's the best thing in the world! lt makes everything faster and more efficient . need to $aste Read the posted messages below. Why do people want to upgrade their gadgets all the time? lt's healthier and much more interesting to read.:nhp:hi1 url d:nncrnr rc Somononaro tr 'Lr like my friend Tom.rrvvV) lurruLU WU).so much easier' than in the past. do the quiz on page 140. Then complete the sentences. most fashionable. your money 6 Don't _ poinp lo the cinema.The thing I hate most is when you go out with a friend and they talk on their mobiles all the time.rh:nn.JUl ''.l. c you can use it to take cheap photos."r< -it'<ro:llrirr rno Andrro< terhnnrnn\/.€ 'F: r Well. b mobile phones. letters can take weeks to arrive. lt'strueri^al lechno'ogyo'ay:animportanrpa. 5 Shopping online is the most _ way to do your shopping. f.@ . c people who don't talk to him/her when they are with 3 ProTech says that the Internet is good because a you don'l have to pay for CDs. a going out wilh friends. most expensive one.all the _ are fantastic.teenstuff az g tt F***strpffi.4rer gtsp xr?*r :: Hofre li:- g t RefrFsh 3*inf iii 1€il wwwl .. I Who: 1 likes technology because it makes communication easier? 2 thinks there are other important things in 1ife.usrrher. but it's not the most important thing ln life. Put A for AntiTech and P for ProTech.

Student A. ## ffiffiWl{:&ffi &Wffi LfiffiYW"*4EY&#.v s_ is it? 5200. -a= . It's 35 by 27 centimetres/metres. about his/her gadget and guess what it is. Hoi. look at page '143. Ard what does it 7 's slev and in sood condilion. ask your paftner questions lrom #Vr:*r is. 4 Hou. Adam Hello. Student B. _? witl witl Adam Adam Hi. Oh.utt laA. lt's smaller than a radio.#F#T What does it I It's grey and in good condition. 2 cm thick. good. look at page 142. my name's Adam.* €'z $** @ . appearance. _? It weishs ?00 olnms. i. Make notes about your favourite gadget. I boughl it in 2002. 3 What _? It's an Arwa 500. long/wide/ lt's 20 centimetres high/thickisit? widelhigh/thick. Then listen and check. What are the people talking e \.=. size . look like? How big is What size is How it? it? it? it? it? 1 Howlt's quite small/not very big. I'rn phoning about the laptop in the ad. Yeah.tt'. cos. and B cm long. AWhal aize ie iL? B lr'e amaller Lhan a raAia. Will. weight.. A How heavy ia it? Work in pairs and roleplay a conversation. 2 How _? it's 5 cm wide. Then listen and check.r:. It's S45. by the way. That's a good price.€q *##&. lt's t200. & about? Listen and circle the correct thing(s). How 5 "ot is it? It oabout 2 kilos.tz to write questions for these answers. cor. r':. A Mikro? Great! What 2ts it? It's 35 centimetres'_ and27 centlmetres " 35 by 27 .ro ftsafl iip+*k {i*l and complete the phone call below.Y.:. ffi -*.an the Sonix.*iari. a CD player pocket PCs a laptop computer a digital camera MP3 players mobiles coe.u [Jgg *']*r'. So what 1_ is it? wiil Adam will Adam witl Adam witl Adam A Mikro. not bad. 6 What _? It's much more attractive than the Sonix. How heavy is What make is How much is lt's a Mikro/an Anwa. 5 Whaf _? It's hisser th. *'. Tl It sounds good. long/ lt weighs 2 kilos/500 grams. price ln pairs. I'm Will. right.rz ls6ft at the photos. other information: make. Oh.. So can I see it then? Write: o what it looks like: coiour.

. . Lost! . Read notices A and B..::i.# me. Then underline an example of each point from Trai* Y*a:r #r*!. prease Reward f i0. o Include information about a ren-ald.W#ffiHgHruffi Read notice A and answer the questions. . o \Vrite what . Yesterday you lost something that was very impoftant to you. .H1:Tff::" par ofheadphones. Write a simple description in note form. r *& . 0ffer a reward! it is.ri:': and check your answers to ii::: H:* Exercise 2. It also needs to be clear and easy to read. . Describe it. It. Tffi&Fru Y*'xJ# Mobile phone: 07764 3142g. . 20 November WednesOay afternoon' Tel: 020 7341785 Mob: 01795 63842 Rewrite this notice. o sliffin grey Holdit X15 Pocket computer with silver buttons If you've got it.s a slim. add a photo or drawing. Write a notice to put on the school noticeboard. Put the information in the correct order and change it to make it clearer and more attractive. where and when. please Phone Karen on: 020 7341 7g5 andmy mobil. where and when 1'ou Lost it.l*li measures _ Wednes day afternoon. Give your name and phone numbers. 01795 63842. lf possible. number is nr_U. i. please phone My name's Karen. My phone _ o sffiall: 10 x 15 cm o left in Bruno's Caf6 last lf vou've got it. I lost my pocket computer last l0 x15 cm. Ifs a Sonit. . anYthing about it.s Cafe.on.: in notice A. Say how to contact you. Use Train Y**r *rni* to help you. . It. a a Name: Jonathan CD player! Layout ..v #ffi&g# | Phone number: 020 g35g 445. Write a big heading. Content You are 0n a summer language course in the UK. 1 What did Karen lose? Pocket computer ___ 2 What's it like? 3 Where did she lose it? 4 When did she lose it? 5 How can vou contact her? I left it in Bruno.bra.s red and black a small A Losf! notice A good notice needs to attract people's attention. Which notice is better? Why? Read E'ain ''d**r *l. Use bullet points to make the notice clearer. in the schoor l.20 November.lTlT::. grey Holdit Xt 5 c s' ver ou. r lncf ude information on what.

please.4relp) me when I'm in trouble. take them off-the radio. . 3 I find Maths easy but English is more difficult. Then listen again and repeat the words. - Complete the sentences with one word in each gap to form phrasal verbs. I couldn't find that CD in the shops. Alicel You can come out with us (not work) todaY.1$L] *A * * L&=€ &?&* #ffi&ffi ffi effi Circle the correct words or phrases. so I clicked on I dou. (8o) 5 \\e hate shopping. (wear) a ner. 5 I haven't got an MP3 player but you can listen 6 to my Walkman I ui'deo recorder if you like. wardrobe. (diificult) to use and lf you think palmtops are (expensive) than other types of computers.-We shopping only when we have to.were old but they were very comfortable. it's very cold outside. you can to the shoP.I know you Complete the ad with the correct forms of the adjectives in brackets. things.com We've got (modern) designs! 1 Can you remove the CD from the machine? n- (good) Prices and 'o take Can you the CD from the machine? 2 Other students are worse than Dan. 2 Could you take off your trousers I trainers. 4 uP rhe 5 Of course. Then complete the categories with three more words from Units 9 and 10 for each grouP. 1 This is a beautiful place for a hoiiday and u'e (have) a great time here. Use the word in bold and other words to complete each sentence' All you neecl is a good palmtop (small) of all computers (light) and l It's (slim) than a laptop or a regular PC (light) model we've got weighs just over a pound! And you can (Practical) if You make it bu1l one with a dictionary and Internet '. come on. than I think Maths 4 Look at this skirt I bought todaY trnglish.v jackel 6 Look! Sophie today. Those jeans aren't Yours! mY shoes? 6 Why did you throw . 4 Can I have the remote control I headphones for a second? I want to change the channel. They up your clothes and Put 7 Please.lb Listen and check. I need to them on. It's a holiday. Isn't it great? 7 The problem with Joe is that he's lazy and he (not study) enough. 8 Oh. 3 \bu don't have to take a coat lszzl with you.2_ - o- t- browser.ttzlocLded some of the tracks from the Internet. popu+ar u+il+stta+ difficult attractive interested digital recorder industry computer portable designer successful up Look at this skirt I 5 What is today. She (aiways. eost How +G_ . 4 Jane is a really good friend. 1 Before I buy these shorts. them in the Complete the second sentence s0 that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. (not do) any'thing 3 Come in.toppalmtops. not a business meeting. What 2 I can't print do I have to do? 3 If you don't like these sunglasses. Where are the changing rooms? this document. ls the stress on the first or the second syllable? Put them in the right group. the Dan isn't Fffi#ru4€ru#$&€E#ffi Look at the words in the box. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in the Present Simple or Continuous. you can'l buttons. the price of this laPtoP? cDs. please! I'm studying. 1 PLlt on a sueater I dress. you're wrong! There's 50% off most models this month and some of (cheap) than laPtoPs them are 6- '- u- lnterested? Visit our website at www. 2 It's simple because I - I've got money for a holiday (not buy) unnecessary please? I washed the floor yesterday. I important at the moment. in the class.

Give the information about the dates and times of the course for beginners. Ask for the brochure and thank the operator for his/her help.. You o a c a o a a a a a a a answer the phone and give information about the dancing courses in the school.a' : . You start the conversation. 4 Last lime Katie u'aited less than a week for her order. Last time l bought a coat online and it came in four days. c a a a a a € o a a o a :a . Offer to send the brochure. So it sometines means that online shopping can be more expensive than regular shopping. 6 The writer tells us not to buy more than one item oI ciothinp on the ri'eh T ! T T tr # >-. You've got a part-time job in an Irish Dance school. o Say what )-ou're phoning abour arrd ask w ffi w 2 Kalie thinks it's difficult lo change clothes at an Internet shop. but the brochure has this information. beginners. just clck on sonething you like and print it out. f teacher/instructor. . it can take a long trme at first. Someone calls to ask for information. lt's that simple! And if you order something that is the wrong size. So. .. ffi ffi w ffi sffi w "ffiw w& t ea c o Say that you don't know about the teacher taaoaatacocaacaia 1 Katie doesn't go shopping for clothes in clothes shops. ?# w for the dates and trmes of the course for 4 # * . .ffiffi&ffi E€zA#=tE€====-:. ca '%@ 3.. 3 Katie believes that online shopping is alu'ays r. + . a 21-year-old student from Birmingham who buys all her clothes online._-. You read an advert about Irish dance courses. introduce yourself and ask how you can help. Tick true and cross false. more convenient and cheaper? We asked Katie Douglas. a o 1 Who are the people? 2 Where are they? 3 What are they doing? '"'ee. . re w. You're at hone and you can find anything you want. Ask for some information about the =# ":&.er)t fast.ing clothes online is not a big problem for Katie. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Roleplay this conversation. Give lhe name of your school. But I still like it this way!' So is it a good idea to buy clothes online? The best answer probably is: buy one item of clothing on the web and then decide for yourself! c a You are on holiday in Ireland. Plus you have to wait for your order.a a a a o O Nowadays more and more people are buying their clothes on the Internet. I guess. ylu can always send it back and ask for your size. Student A it takes time to find a good site and it's important to 3 be very sure about what you're looking for. 5 The extra cost of bul.=== Read the afticle about buying clothes online. a o a a a a a 'lthink it's really the best way to do your shopping nowadays.. Another thing is that yau have to pay for the postage and if you ltuy from abroad also for tmport tax. And you can see all the clothes 0n ylur computer screen very clearly or . ##wffiwe*4# ffiw\T"L% Describe the photo by answering the questions. You call the dance school. But is it better than going to a clothes shop? ls online shopping really faster.' Does Katie see any problems with shopping on the web? 'Well. Student B You are a student at an English school in Ireland.

lost luggage lost relatives dela. coato r Where is the nearest airport to your house? o What are the most common problems at an 1 What is the problem? 2 What time is the next flight from the airport? airport? Choose two from the box.:ffi .*i*2x* **sJ E*Ek *fu**? holidays and travelling.. lislsn to the airpoft announcement and answer the questions. should. shou\dn't. mustn't. s l . .'sfl flights crowds rvorkers on strike lost nassports #ffi .e+ ** asking for. z*iril* a postcard.i. don't haue to. collocations to talk about holidal Fg*a.Time for abreak! #**t3. ?ri**Ei'x* going to. making and responding to suggestions. : TFN #ffieffiffi ffiffi &ffiffi LaffiEffi*&\re# Work in pairs and answer the questions. must.

what are you going to do? Jackie We talked to our travel agent and he's going to send a car to take us to the sl .'1:. he isn'l . (the travel company/ Repofter I see.:=21? Yes.* . we so we $ il W*"+?" aE *es'+" I Underline all the verb phrases wilh going fo in the dialogue. We use (be) goi.r' Repoiler Excuse me.=-. Zt= '. I'm not going to relax. he to_ . I last saw them five years ago. This is the third strike in three years! When'_ (they/stop)? In pairs. I am. (stay) at a youth hostel near the airport.:= ?.r1inn Thpn uro'ro ouut6 +^ r^l-^ d ./No. He's got a nice comfortable bed to sleen inl 2 Reporter What about you? 1_ (you/ Steve wait) here until tomorrow? No. I'm going lo lalk to some people about their plans. This is Mike Blackwell reporting oate Nsvv the reporter is interviewing a man and two teenagers. Gomplete the dialogues with the correct forms of going to.'-}z=? -.. I .lNo. then you're going to relax.r7 Listen to the news reporter and correct the five mistakes in the dialogue. "_.E *:. he iE. b something we plan to do in the future. I am. So. tt: {.I'm noL. wE z. It's a long time until six in the morning. ?*cs.. he ?:. Find an example of a question and a negative with going to in the dialogue. Beth One thing we're sure about . He'*/She'#lt'+ You'reMe'r+/They'r+ Negative l'rzz r.lq.. EE r:tsl going to We use (be\ going fo + infinitive to talk about future plans or intentions.. We only have five days for our holiday and we don't want to wait for the end of the strike.questions What es'* you {3+ritsg2:. i hate relaxingl Reporter So plans. *_ find) the hostel for you? Steve Yes. Then listen and check.. rrL qro lrr tran'l 5uul5 1^ JtdJ LU oi. My brother lives in il I (catch) a bus Bristol. earn a lot of money? . send some emails? o watch a DVD? o havc a hip familv' o write a book? . Are you goiLrg to change your plans? Vac rrto ur L. Melanie Well. I want to be on the first plane to Italyl (your brother/ Reporter Of course. Repofter Is the travel agent going to pay? Melanie No.d^:-^ tu L4Ar train to the south coast and look for somewhere nice to stay.=.wE .. are yot qoinq *"o do Lamorcaw evenin4? Questions and short answers iee you r& arzr. I'm going to sit on the beach and read a book.we (not fly) from this airport '_ again.. '_ sleep) at the airport.*atfain. Jackie Yes.i}{. Repofter Hello.. ask and answer questions.:' 2. so I 6_ (have) into the city and we 7_ dinner together.v:i. I imagine. I u_ . 1 I Melanie on lhe airport srrike. #. 43*tz*4a+r: '. A Are you qoinq Lo wriLe a baok in five yeara' Lime? BYea.. can I ask 5rou about this (youido)? srtuation? What 1_ (not change) my Mark Well."=?}{} y0ur plans? Yes. Whar. Excuse me . We don't have enough time to go to Spain now.. so I can be here really early in the morning. ?s A I'm aoina Lo . I'_ here. after school today tomorrow evening next weekend next month next year in (five/ten) years' time Are rrnrr onino t. The representative u(phone) us later with more information. Finish your questions with time phrases from the box.ng lo + verb to talk about a something we are doing now. He/She/lt 4+s:'? YouWelThey *r'*r"{2 . l4/f. it u_ .}' go on hoJiday? o live in another country? o get a degree? o go shopping? . Then I t_ (sleep) at the airport. \tr/o ar\ ll I d^ind lLo. find a job? Affirmative t' . We're very tired. too? Mark No. Then choose the correct definition below.::. we a:r*.Zeaf here. lNo. (you/stay) here at the Reporter '_ airport? Mark No. tjtziytr. so I really want to go. I3_ (stay) wrth some friends in Rome.Time for a break! c03. the travef dglnt 4.. I'm going to walk every day. 3_ {i?z#'t. unfortunately! Repofter I hope it's not very expensive.?:.

Roman Bath and Tintagel Castle.you don't even need to pack a sleeping bag! '_ Then Fome Comp is foryoulSpend a week at Hightree House in Yorkshire and learn how to act. lmagine life hundreds of years ago as we visit ancient Stonehenge. windsurfing or waterskiing with our qualified instructors. 17) 'l was nervous about the performance. All the centres are near beautiful beaches and '_ all offer sailing. you can see ten! Watch them go past from the window of a luxury air-conditioned coach and stay at some of Europe's top campsites on the way. At the end of the day. In the evenings we stop at some of the best youth hostels in the country. For a change from the water. relax in your hotel room or dance the night away at one of our open-air clubs. but we always have time to do the important things such as visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris.Then come on an Active Beach holiday at one of our centres in Greece. 1B) '_ On our Explore Europe holiday. you can also book an excursion to a nearby village and visit the colourful markets or eat in a local restaurant. Turkey or Croatia. or even be a DJ! Bring your tent and stay at a campsite near the house. 'l had fun and made lots of new friendsi (Sam. the historic Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and eat apple strudel in Vienna. Learn the history of these amazing places from your guide as you travel in comfort in one of our famous blue coaches. and at the end of the week try your new skills in a live performance. . sing. Join us on a five-day tour of the west of England. the home of King Arthur. but I'm very glad ldid iti (Tessa. o_ . dance.

1 in Exercise 1. a campsite or a youth hostel? Work in pairs. becauee . Give a reason. ask the questions below and guess which hoJiday A chose. a hotel. Guess the part of speech and complete the sentences with the correct words. 1 What do you always forget to pack? 2 Do you prefer to travel by coach or by train? Why? 3 Is it easier to book a flight on the Internet or tourist attractions. cover the phrases in Exercise 1. In pairs. an activity holiday. from Australia StudentA. He doesn't know about computers.'Tom.4hing you need Match the ads (A-D) with the questions (1-6). from England The beet holiday forVera ie o What are you going to pack? o How are you going to travel? . say a noun/noun phrase from the box I don't think Tom has the _ to do this job.. 2 'I don't like beach holidays and I'm interested in English history. Student B. choose the best holiday for each of these people. 5 I'm doing a ski-ing course at the moment. 3 travel by a eeat (on Nhe coach) 4 book On which holiday do you. answer the questions. rr on the phone (in English)? 4 Which is the most expensive: staying at a guesthouse. 3 It's really cold today.. Take turns and follow the instructions. Where are you going to stay? o What are you going to do on this holiday? . 1 'I want to meet lots of people and see lots of diffprcnl nlrcoq ' \/prq frnm Aropnlinr Y\ru. Which holiday do you prefer? Why? Tell your panner. a camping holiday or a touring holiday? Why? Read the holiday ads (A-D) and match them with the questions (1-3).. +.:. Take turns to be A and B./an hoJiday entertainment industry b We are the activity holiday expefts. Work in pairs. d Learn with professionals from the 2 go on a. c We travel hundreds of kilometres d They have ever5.and very patient! 6 When we were in Venice we went on an to a glass factory. 1 learn to do something? 2 stay at (a) campsite(s)? 3 go sightseeing? 4 try the local food? 5 travel by coach? 6 learn something about the past? TT trT TTN trtr Ttr TT a Quidebook 5 pack a awimeuiL Look at the underlined words in the ads. The are very good . StudentA.Time for a break! ffiffi&ffi7## Fa*E* o Where do you t= {:= Fz=V u=E==Z===="==F="7:'€ = ===='"'=: In small groups. Then listen and check. StudentA. choose one ofthe holidays on page 98. B a eleepin7 baq A pack a eleepinq baq They were thousands of years old.. . prefer lo go on holiday: 7-:::+?i===l Look at the examples and complete 1-5 with words and phrases from the box. activity youth hostel coach a flight car a sleeping plane beach 'l stay at a an excursion train touring warm bag camping campsite clothes tae hotel a room nt tealhnt Which hoJidays are: 1 in England? 2 touring holidays? 3 activity holidays? or€ $srnplste the ads with a-d below. Student B. 4 'I want to do something different but I don't like going abroad.'Kelly. 2 We visited some _ temples in India. somewhere in your country or abroad? Why? o What kind of holiday do you prefer: a beach holiday. say the complete phrase. from Poland 3 'I love swimming and sailing and I want to visit Europe. I'm _ I'm wearing a jumper! 4 Buckingham Paiace is one of London's Work in small groups and answer the questions.' Mel.

.r. vlue' $ot €l Gorne Gan't Gan I get a iob? No. vi s it th e Em pire o . a lt's a good rdea b Don'l do this.. n'!: s! o!! q { I1 r! n' t We use mustto say what it is necessary to do. r . 3 You shouldn't visit New York in July. _ to do this 7 In Ireland it's iliegal to take photos of poltce buildings. Read the sentences. c lt's necessary to do this. 2 In Ireland rt's a good idea to find a pub where they plal' traditional Irish music. mustn't. r:: ! :."y . Write musf. lffou/He/She/ltAi/e/They i i. 6 h-i Scotiand it's a good ldea to visil some of the beautiful castles. ti vi sit i n J u ly.. . 8 In Australia it isn't a good idea to go out in the sun betr.l!' 1 In England it's necessary to drive on the left side of the road.11i. i. Which information did you Match the pictures (A-D) with the sentences (1-4).. 3 It isn't a good idea to visit Scotland in the wirrter because it gets dark at 4p.'.i-'. shouldn't. lffou/H e/S he/ltAVe/They'1.tlijll::l. :t' i. d It rsn't a good idea lo do this.veen 12 and 4p.. !i. know? Rewrite the sentences using should.il work in the USA with a tourist visa. into the USA' \ Wharl But I didn't hut . -!'.orking hoLiday visa for AustraLia it's necessary to be between 18 and 30 years old.iir' ! !'ll:'..m. 4 You mustn't work in the USA with a tourist visa. 1''. must or mustn't. Use Exercise 2 to help you...18 5.m. should and shouldn't next to their meanings (a-d). this is a tounist visa. 5 In England you can't buy alcohol lf you are uncler. How many of her questions can you answer? We use shouldto say what is a good idea.'r"l t.Voi You haventt vi9a.1111:i.l' l:. 4 To get a l.ii .+ ! I T T *r: y. ilt+.i .. We use mustn'tlo say what you can't do.+i. l/You/He/She/lWe/They . 2 You must have a visa.'.1iri Your friend wants to go to New York tor a holiday.-ears oid.i L get a visa. i r i l. l. You should visit the Empire State Building. Iffou/H e/Sh e/ltAftle/Ih ey State Building. !ri':l'. i+. 1 \\''hen rs a good time to nsrt? Do I need a visa? What are the important places to see in New York? Can I get a job there? We use shouldn'tto say what isn't a good idea.

.ir:':! r you can do it. stop for a rest when you need il buy a lot of souvenirs stay awake follow the flight attendants' instructions talk on your mobile stay at campsites stay in your seat all the time stay in your own country smoke 1 To have a cheap holiday: a you should b you shouldn't c ir!. 6I catch a bus lo the station.. You mustn'tdo it. Write six sentences for visitors to your country.ri-+'t*'T driving a car: : i!': T.i:. touch that.+! :ir rr.'J i.i.rqi:r don't do it a dictionary in the exam. For each situation.ls it a good idea to visit the EmPine State Building? Why did_we com. necessary You ur. should. l. Complete the sentences with mustn'tor don't have to..'' f. complete the sentences with words and phrases from the box.er becaLee . go to school. you don't have to 2 When you are cE'+.: use a dictionary in class. You should. I've _ got time to walk.a. _ 4 We _ be late for school today.. mustn't. It's so hot! Yes. \\'e _ Write about: lvhen to nsit/nol to visit. Work in pairs. . E'r-4iEE .+ll. 1 You 2I _ for 3 You _ Sam. you can ask the teacher about new words. but it's not i1i. o travelling in the country r thrngs to do and places to see. + a you must b you mustn't c you should you musl _ you mustn't you don't have to 3 When you are on a plane: You don't have to do it.j. There's an English test. forgel to buy a birthday present pa-v for the concert.. It's free. 5 It's a holiday today. carne La . tn aumr. shouldn'tand don't have to. a b c . You BUT itl. It's very dangerous..i '. Use musf. souvenirs to buy. o passporls and visas. in JutY? Oh Yes' it's a veFY imPontant place. flext time f'm going to come in Septefirben. o bringing things into the country.

t_ for my beeL friend. Dan So.hat/these trousers? A Iithlnk so.* $ii r""1.ffi Study iii. you could Dan one of those mugs.:*+i: i:ii:i and check your answers to Exercise 3. Mm. look at page 142. Look. about one of these key rings? It's something he can use every day. that's a 3_ idea.m Making suggestions lf she likes souvenirs. you could get one of those mugs. why not? I don't think so. 3 A \\lrat/ihv ear lparty ltonight? B \\./besi friend/birt hday? \Alhat ahould I buy B Why/getiCD? difficult. I don't think'_ My mum's always on a diet and my girlfriend hates earrings. Yes.fi{:. StudentA. Which souvenirs can you see in the photos? Choose from the box. Listen to part of the dialogue again and complete the gaps. I'm not sure about that. What should I Carrie Well. Listen to the dialogue and match the souvenirs to the people. What you suggest? 'get a Carrie Hmm.e birlhday? A That/good idea.Tfu?+fr'*s.these are traditional shortbread * and some earrings for your girlfriend? These are very pretty. She loves getting-srouvenirs. cDs. Then think of three souvenirs that visitors to your country buy. the most important is my gran. Carrie Well.1 fr. -a7 +z{l'Fi .:":l Asking for suggestions What should I buy for her? What can I get for my dad? What do you suggest? a kev a traditional rino iewcllerv (carrinos) : T-shirt ) " -' mug a toy food a CD a basebali cap (a doll or a teddy bear) Dan is going to buy some souvenirs.lii# # F+. look at page 143. I think/love stories/boring. My gran drinks a lot of tea! OK. 2 A I rnant/see/film/this weekend. A I/not/sure/that. Dan Yes. 2 if she likes souvenirs. 1 A What/l/buy. .. Why don't 8_ box of biscuits for your mum . Then practise the dialogues in pairs. Pay attention to your intonation. then what *_ I get for my dad? He's more Write dialogues using the prompts. and repeat them. Dan Hmm.#fi f". .gt 3gran_ 4 girlfriend _ Responding to suggestions That's a good idea./trorrible! Work in pairs and roleplay a conversation. What about one of these key rings? Why don't you get a box of biscuits for your mum? l mum_ 2 dad _ cos. eoez Listen to the phrases from ii1+Lii. why u_? Maybe the one in the shape of a London bus. What/suggest? B If4ike love stories/you/see Hearts a:nd Roses. Student B. they've got the T[be map on them. They.ffi.F1. i_]iil. Now there's my mum and my girlfriend.

Simple to Read the postcard from Vienna.e a.___ (v.:. S v\flnl ._ -L."1t:iit''.t. Str''-lr Br-. A|ce flellc cuC l-etor t-no4r frclr l'roaf^r-! (ln\'t'e': Wa t-_____.r{tf l..twcu:.iit l:l 3 Write about your past activities using the Past Simple.1 CloC..( l.f/.a!.rc! '. complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.1/ . it '---*-- tt hAt-{tt LMv (be) rt vercy tnLere:.r. '/ c-ster ..v..--l l.r'e - 'l'e P stre . LLccg) trtere ttL t.e F.1.t: vur-'.:'r ?. r. XX.Ll. Look at the underlined sentences in the postcard..tx )4ttrL.. 4 Write about your plans using going to.Time for a break! ffiffigYgF€# What do you usually write about in a postcard? Tick the things which are true for you.\ qa ?. iV. L'Li ^. A. tr.'\lr .c/\ tl.tv I L \ dLt.rr rL .r-1 7e.sgll.tu'L LhtLrle:. where you are and horv long you are spendtng there. the people . o the weather and the food.rLrt Sl.rf ALuce Write about: .0 iunta._____ Gee..rsit ed I I tr f] o where you are o your plans .-... :i. o{ \cve.l J.sL. your family o the o places you r.rcr. i:er. Which tense do you use: 1 to start the postcard and say where you are? 2 to write about your past activities? 3 to u. r '') l: T Lcvtit Lot. Number the things from the list in Exercise 1 in the order that they are in the postcard..:0JL) 0t.t<.a&t€.u.. i: D La*{. Then number the sentences in the correct order.re. \rJ4LlzrCf .trrw crt*. the traffic o the weather T tr tr T I tr c the Present Continuous I a the Past b goi.. A.rite about your plans? I r ! Ill Ii: t t:. Match them with a-c. . *'.tL ll l] l:l l:r rl: ! x . ?+i* ''it:2.. 2 Say where you are and what you're doing.tLrat\Cb\tL(1. ...ver Vl+L. 5 Finish with Bye for now or Lots of love and your name.. .e l/]..stcf gSa zTl Iitglzlitel.Y.l--\' . e1 .c.l a*& .!i\i\'j' 'l'o wt11 li '\" o ''o ' frr. N"- n-.2*& | A postcard I f I I I i:: lir tai 1 Stad the postcard with Dear + the person's name. il Choose a city that you want to visit and write a postcard to another student in the class. your plans for the rest of your time there.__.b.._____*_ (. o.rC o_. so.-.:..t .: tl.ro :. o the famous sights you saw and what you did. ivtutg tlro \._-. hitd. lll i:. food . 1r..\ ct't-!S Cr. .y tcL(). Remember to start and finish the postcard correctly.ng Look at the postcard and Exercise 3 again. Study E'* l:l .In the postcard below.tr . i:l I I I lt: i.Ll- v. using the Present Continuous.c. rL I . 4...^.:: F4E{* E *** ** &..

:?:+. never.'rn but we don't know when? 2 Which sentence uses the Past Simple? 3 Which sentence uses the Present Perfect? "8"#e . When did you join? Gary Umm .i. Then find the past pafticiple forms of the verbs in the dialogue. DrM And you don't feel better. DrM And how much water have you drunk? Gary Lots! I've spent a lot of money on mineral wafer. Doctor Monroe. Oh dear. euer. Hmm. And have you eaten any fast food? Gary No. really. Yes.. And I haven't drunk any cola. Last night I ate a big salad. do regular exerclse: ioin . Look at the leaflet again and tick the things Gary talks about.'rn.. And have you tried any of the advice? Well .eat fast tti. How are you? Hello. DrM Well. 1 Which sentence tells you: a exactly when Gary joined the g5rm? b that Gary joined the g5.*k ii't litres a gYm! . iust. Yes. it was for my sleeping problem. That's strange.:4: Complete the table with the Past Simple forms of the verbs. ".r' rv everY night Gary in the leaflet a bit longer. l've eaten lots oi vegelables. 1 Who are the people? 2 Why is the boy there? What do you think his problem is? cus:s fisafl the dialogue. Why don't you come back and see me in two weeks? Thank you. sports vocabulary F**+c* ** dealing with new words in reading. Gary.i"€'*rH tE *qlz Look at the underlined part of the dialogue and answer the questions. And my mum has bought me a bike. I haven'l .. I still feel very tired. I joined about three weeks ago. . so she *ffiffi vegetalles eat lots of fruit and of water a day . I have.'. DrM Goodl Have you used it much? Gary No..Healthy body . Fr*r-fzi'** the Present Perfect and the Past Simple. It's for my birthday next week.. doctor! See you again soon! 7i:zir. I see that I gave you an advice leaflet last lrme. describing a photo.. DrM Gary DrM Gary Dr Dr Dr Dr M Gary M M M Gary Gary Hello. &*ffi#& FaWr === mffi# ffiWW eW. Not good. I have. ['ve joined lhe gr.* take vitamin Pttts *#?%=$'R h:qn'f oirrpn it tn rno DrM Right. Have you ever had this problem before? Gary l?[ll?'rt - No.. talk about the things you do/don't do. I think you should follow the advice drinks tike cora food ". it hasn't. In pairs. Look at the photo and answer the questions. ?*e*r4t*'t*uz***E#t"s'uai*estslhealthandsports. yet and already.Ag"&ffi Read the advice leaflet. tll ra"q* a ouestionnaire. Have you done anv exercise? Yes. Has it helped you at all? No.

r Complete the sentences with the correct Present Perfect form of the verbs from the box. nol Where (you/do) your homework? 5A _ (finished) it before dimer B Yes.'.q.i-.. (se11) them all Sresterday.i"+.?r.. it tia.l".ur.harren't got it.tt. I Atfirmative l/YouMe/They He/She/lt Negative l/YOUAlle/Ihey I i:. 1A B Yes...+u|!. AWhen did you Lake them? B 1 Lookl They _ a new car.:r+ He/She/lt . (1-oLL/see) .:.? In pairs. . Did Gary tell the doctor the truth? Gary'e walched.'t :i:it+r.).i" had this problem. i. Use the Present Perfect.. Write sentences about Gary.".of her books 2 Sam (read) the neu. lots of vegetables. +rti (*. 0R No. {.lil?. It's really big! it much.rl. 5 It's 10p. everin the question form.i.Ot dO eat haVe "v' "- bUy taken vitamin pills (when?) o eaten Indian food (when?) r had a part-time job (what job? when?) e travelled abroad (where? when?) o been to a live concert (where? when?) A lave yau ever Laken viNarnin Ville? BYee.Healthy body ..:".ili'iir. but he (look) for the nel Blasl CD 3 We _ in all the music shops but thel.. I ir:.rill*.'r. l have. H &"*: F*o . Look at the photo of Gary's room. 2 I bought a new bike but I _ 3 I can't go out because I have no money.'i. She i.1.l+. :[.".iil a big salad I+1. h .rsh dictionary'.:'. _ (not leadl manl. any cola. f!.-lhe actions happened: l'-'ri.i:.i]l (i:.t.questions How much water i'ri:r'i./No. Have you r. we use the Past Simple: I :.i+r had this problem before? No. lf the answer is yes. we _ Present Perfect We can use the Present Peffect for actions in the past when we don't say ..c#':ii:... 4A I_ (you/lose) it? B Oh.ri:.\r"rnie? _ (seel hel half an hour ago. The shops (lose) my nerv Engl. ask a question in the Past Simple using the prompts in brackets. a iol ol videoe. Has it l'r+14. and she a lot of vegetables but no fast food.ri.'i) g:'r.m. Ae haen'"" drunk much waler.i you? He/She/lt Yes. I a1l my money on a new computer! 4 John a sandwich for breakfast.pil We often use *'1 Ouestions and short answers lffouMe/They Have you !"tii:1:ii any of this advice? Yes../No. lllf.) l.jr'::. l've trrr*.il.=. ask and answer questions.1 Complete the gaps with the correct Past Simple or Present PerJect forms of the verbs in brackets..:.::rtit?. her homework. I haven't. i'i iu i . I lre::*. cnond nnt rrqo .li: you.: it to me. 6 We _ Lael year.one on Saturday. it fti:::::rr''i'.:!. lf we know exactly when something happened.

1 More people did sports and exercise in the past. Decide if the word has a positive or a negative meaning How neurobic is yourlite? Do the quiz on page 141. 1) 4 sight (para. Work in pairs.rJ sr slcxx.Frrro. o Tick the words that look similar in your language.IE n']A the article again. 1 pri: \\hat's the title of the book? 2 Who inrote it? 3 What is it about? Read the article quickly.Ofiq'e tu*. you don't use the left side of your brain when you clean your teeth.:ara.-s {lncrJsruy ue . verbs or adjectives? ?ace - noun Now think about the meaning of the highlighted words.T.>ol sosrc.[ox.2) 6 unexpected (para.r oi .rno-{ 3. What part of speech are they. uq. 1 pace (para. Tick true and cross false. Think about three things you plan to do to make your brain better. 1) 2 reduce (para. sr:1c{ru'ex* sa. Read it upside down and answer the questions. T tr f.{tiy rir€. olclutrs . Follow the instructions.4) 8 creative (.':tq11eeq nsADrr*G eru* €##effia$tu&ffiY The text in the blue box is upside down.8 u1'*X 'u?EX oousJA^. o Look at the words and phrases around the highlighted words.riJ arIS 1T1 u{}l?EtrrJfJJirl GqJ..:ara. Read the definitions of the highlighted words. B I'm no| qoinq Lo follow Lhe eame rouLine when | 4et.. B## 2O HEALTH AND FITNFSS .'n that our brain doesn't aiways stay tr the same.E a. 2) 7 improve (para. o Decide if any of the highlighted words have a positive or negative meaning.noq" i}IfiI?J€ uE pna. 3 Reading upside down is a routine activity.rff Jrlr:A eIo*5. Circle the correct meaning. pffIicii a. Which ideas helped you most to guess the meanings olthe words? Effi&t*€ Y*15ffi ffiffi&gf* | : Dealing with new words 1 2 3 Decide what kind of word it is: a verb. 6 You can only do neurobic exercises in certain places. Don't worry about the highlighted words. "ilieJC{ . enez4 Read Frrnoz{ UIEJq . Read the words around it to help you guess the meaning. Underline the reasons why reading upside down is good for you.rno{ da'.4) a changes b speed a make smaller b make bigger a a detailed study of b new results of a detailed study a the abiJrly to see b the ability lo hear a makes you feel good b makes you angry a not surprising b surprising a make it bette b make it worse a intelligent b with lots of ideas Look back at the highlighted words in the article and read Train Y**r ffirni*. nouns. 1) 3 research (para. A I'm 4oin4 No clean my LeeLh wiNh my oLher hand. 2 Scientists have shov. Then tell the class. a noun or an adjective.r.{. 4 You help your brain to grow when you open the door with \/niir a\/ae nlncorl n tl 5 If you're left-handed. Look at the highlighted words in the article.ErI paitrs} ?sl?u*rD.2) 5 annoying (.{q s.?I '"s.

r.i.:: xjrc i:i yr:r".ii ir-r:*. so it prows.i: ke*p .1*: t* Cr: ili lTl h" old expression Healthy body. so it can work better: They call these adivities neurobics .:i.v ifr*r*'s a n*".The pace of life is faster: so more and ^nore neoole have started do:np soorts and aerobics classes to exercise their bodies and reduce stress..!l:l* . But if you look for your key and open the door with your eyes closed. But research has shown jt is also impo.t -*r:. ia . not your right.ir i:::ai:i fit. and this makes the brain work harder: And try cleaning your teeth with your left hand. vou use the ripht side of the brain.'}ii" E€**E"*fuy .4.. $:.. For example. and so helos it to develoo. Dr Katz says. liicj Ar:"* ei*i:'r 11i:v* 'l* g-'x-r l{i i}:* . € 4 4 In to his oook. Yi-:r": *..y ki::d *:' :.. healthy mlnd is more 1 I important than eve'nowadays.iai ::j . do neurobics! "t. But when we co it upside down.'Everyday lrfe is the rrnhir (lvm Ynr . exii.i.se In this lrv*r+i{'$ ti:'. it becomes neurobic because you use your not your sense of sight.When you use your left hand. One example is reading upside down.This can be very annoying because it's more difflcult and takes longer: But it causes a new emotion and this unexpected emotion in an everyday context also stimulates the brain..:. . .. or vice versa.:': Th*t:ljiSi-:l1 Iir*l<u i:.ri a*::*bi*s k**p* flii * h:-:i nrrr. & 3 There are many simple neurobic exercises you can do.r{:*li arsri:i:i*s i..i"{:i$+.:: .n. H.tant to exercise you. we use our sense of sight in a new and surprising wayWe have to concentrate more on each word.-:: ir ffitr OS e it! s+r"i. A right-handed person uses the left side of the brain to do this action.aerobics of the brain. 2 Scientists have discovered that some activities help the brain to change and growThis makes the brain stronger and healthier.. Reading is a routine acrivity that we do with our eyes.an do neurobiC exercrses anywhere. -b''sense of touch.:i. opening the door when you get home is a routine activity.tf*s*3rE*ru. bra. ::i. So if you want Nlor improve your memory.7t-. do well in exams and be more creative.

c another team/player d the world record &€Ree€ €Re* €c"ap3 With the verb f0 g0 in the Present Pedect we use beenor gone. Make common collocations. I have. been gnne shows the action has not finished A Where's Claire? B She's g&*e sailing. b Well. I haven'L lave you? a It's just started. Football GoId medal I list I Men's high jump Women's 200 metres T T cosrs [Vlsfsh the TV presenter's questions (1-4) with shows the action has finished A lt's late. yes. the race hasn't started yet. Match the verbs (1-4) with the nouns (a-d).ave you ever d.'rnpic Games? 2 Have you ever been to the Ol}rmpic Games? 3 What sport do you like watching best? Why? cuq6 Listen to the dialogue in an Olympic TV studio. Tony Peters has won our first gold medal. Where have you fu*exa? B I've *sssr to the gym. points b a match. I won lhe 1OO metree lael year. rrvLr\rJ ooili-n JdmlrE i"l^ Juuu ?wruL 'l athletice coazs h-d ffiffi&ffiffi &ffi &*&# tuE#€ffiruEF€# In pairs. 1 win 2 break 3 beat 4 score T T tr T a goals. )ave you ever been aailinqz A No. answer the questions. s the correct answers (a-d). ask and answer questions about the sports in Exercise 3.one aNhleLica? B Yee. athletics basketball diving table tennis crrr-lino c:anncino qkiino volleyball rock climbing h:seh:ll Ormncclinc e)Jrru'uJUr\J hnnl. 1 Have we won any medals vet? 2 Who's number one on the gold medal list? 3 What time is Poland's match against I - Austria today? 4 What about the women's 200 metres? T T T A l. In pairs. But the runners have iust come onto the track. Russia has already won ten. arace. a|hlarice Complete the table with the correct sports from Exercise 1. Listen and repeat the names of the spods from Exercise 1. d The high jump has just finished and..^. c Well.lissABuL&ffiY Match seven of the sports from the box with the pictures. Listen again and check. a medal 1 When and where were the last Ol}. €#s . Underline the stressed syllable(s) in each word. Number the items below on the TV screen (A-D) in the order you hear them. The kick-off was five minutes ago but they haven't scored any goals yet.

.'?it :.t' "' :' .1 Jamous)? to (name yet? oJ afatnous pl cr. A Have you heard from Ben _? B Yes. 2 A When are you going to tidy your room? B Mum. - . I have..ce in your country) Negative and questions They iirr'itl.v any goals '.. i:'i. I '.. 1 Just and already go before I after the main verb.: ..:. a rn affirmative sentences when the action happened before now but we don't knorv exactlv when in negative sentences and questions. (a short time ago) . in pairs.ave you evar read'ihe i-cro at B'(ea.'t'i. i: ? (actions you expect to happen) A ?. Then. i ::-::: another medal. i aaver'" ?'. t€[ medals' (befOfe nOw) ::.i.:. Joe? I've remembered .. I've talked to him.1:.t:1: Complete the dialogues with /usf.. '| t-a'? t:'t :.1 Present Perfect with jusf.. i il. already and yet (name of the book)? 1 Have you ever (name of afClm) yet? 2 Have you _ (name oJ someone 3 Have you ever 4 Have you Affirmative They'l''.:'.:'" -' ?. fot actions we e1pp6'1 to happen in affirmative sentences r'vhen the action happened a very shorl time ago Circle the correct answer.:r Russia':.lrii.. Check the past participles of these verbs on page 144... i1l'iiij. I've _ done it..:t:'. Look at the underlined words in Exercise 3 and answer the questions..I have to send an emaill B Hang on.lNo.iiiili'iii li t:.r' . 1 What tense do we use these words with? 2 When do we use them? Write the words nexl to the rules (a-c) below.'. they !li. Men's high jump New World Recordl + ts r. I did it an hour ago! 3 A Can I use the computer.. I haven't finished checking my 1 emails _. I need five more minutes.Healthy body . ask and answer the questions. He phoned a minute ago. Which are the same in the Past Simple? begin come find forget go wtile know make meet put read see speak swim take teach think Complete the questions with the correct past pafticiples of the verbs in Exercise 7 and your ideas. 2 Yet goes at the begtnning I end of a sentence.rli ii ''' ..1. already or yet.

. brry Lree the twrt t.t.'r'r". They all look happy.7.iiti..T.? Listen and match the description to the l't" I Now read the description and answer the questions. ooo\ box afu..n.e ryrctss rr. I can see five people.batLbLl\ beL turL 2 I can see . In pairs.Mat.irvy desription of picture B.woLher rs ow Llne rrqhL runrL sV. . a baseball supporters grass cheering correct photo.e':' puLLrwr a. tlnexy ve brouaJt a. f. Lhere.'=.Lhrnfts or"t ol Lhe ba4s 'ln"... Which tense is Start with a general description of the photo: It's a picture of a park.tire sr'\t\tq at"C tALrv/r.M-er tlne' tree 1tr'. Use Use the Present Perfect They've just arrived...o t4au. 4 Maybe their team has just . add more details and write a Lnwvy to hrs laLher i +t^tnr LV'e.{... Exercise 4. How often do you go there? Find these words in the photos.y ou...p\u\ftiw La Vlaq bccsobtrll lLter TL's snrurq and tbeu.no-.r'"y.. cDus In small gr0ups..er boq is oarroyq a. there's a big tree.::i.t"fi t!. VroLt^re ol a Vc. Read it to the class.eevtttrsers ure ryeLttnry Llnp.a-'trw a au. lL's I 0.tttor - Llno Varents a. the most common? 3 Which words and phrases describe the position oI people and thingsl 4 Which words does the speaker use to make guesses and to give opinions? the Present Continuous to describe what people are doing: The younger boy is carrying a baseball bat.st arr.riiijJr!i.'s a. I think they're a family. look at the photos and answer the questions. aw . btatWet on !. ii.. Then listen and check how similar your descriptions are. 1 How does the speaker begln the description? 2 Underline the different tenses.e LVreoT're ohrlLrc-.-..we-eLud" arl' 1 It's a picture of a hockey pilch in a park. Look at picture B and complete the sentences.i.sono barys f tV..+"*iEj..Tt'iiE{:.. i.aA cud' Make guesses and give your opinions: Maybe it's the weekend and they're having a day out.ybo rL's rn Lrcyta-r'l' ccur see {ve Veop\o 11"eq'vo 5'"..8"fr t:Er{.lru thet.. + justtor recent actions: Give details about the position of people and things: 0n the lefUright. bat a blanket a hockey pitch a cool box Read .-ru.i and check your answers to cos.ii ijl..y ct\l laoL f'a+?f atvL re\asod" the.nC Llnetr Llnre. Do you have parks and sports facilities like this near your home? o What are they like? Are they popular? . tO help yOu.f2t. 3 On the right. 5 But the goalkeeper doesn't look .t. 6 I think they're . Use the ideaS ift':.1..r:.y'rn- a la-v..t/oe rL's th". MaL.lr:.. . five girls are .Ltae rra4..

Which piece of advice did you find most useful? gffi&gru Y**Fe ##&EF€ | The manager of the South London Gym wants t0 prepare a questionnaire to find out what facilities people use A questionnaire most in the gym and how to improve it. .. Check that the grammar in the questions is correct. Swap your questionnaire with a partner and answer the questions. tick the things that you cannltdo at a gym. Match the advice (a-d) with Exercises 2-5. the exercise machines I' . Please circle your answers... ffi Yes and he/she was helpful. r Start your questions like this Hottt often do Aou. 5*x: M/F Aqe: 16-25 26-35 36-55 ffi every day three times a week once a week rc less than a week ago more than a week ago l've never been to one.* {&* s't'r*ke t* answ*r ?hes* questio*s.ke to .r *rairr and the ideas below. ? Hou lnan!/ . the gyrn better for y**. stafting tr personal a Choose a title so the reason for the is clear.an? Read -Tga!q: Y*ur *rai*. do. I c Put the questions in a logical order.sp ort s ? t I rl Complete the questionnaire below with the correct questions from Exercise 2... ffi all of them some of them none of them Yes.. ? Haue gou (euer). d information at the top. No. ? Give two or three answers for people to choose from.. o use Choose a title for the questionnaire from the list below Write it next to South London Gym.nn? g Have you worked ever with one of our personal trainers? Tick the five questions in Exercise 2 which you think are most relevant for the questionnaire. ii ll r'l i -t: il ii tr WdffiE€€ffi# ln pairs.. hctt-te you . r r oo I o exercise classeS play baseball go running have a sauna o go sailing o do judo T T T T T T T T a Do you like the g5rm? b How can we get the g5.. a When last did you go to an exercise class? b Is the g)4n near you house? f b Write questions which are relevant... work with a personal trainer . questionnaire with more general questions and with c How many of the exercise machines you have tried? d Where you buy your gym clothes? e What else you would like to have in the g5rrn? f How often you come to the g. You are going to write a questionnaire to find out I how much sport and/or exercise people in your class "'#:.'rn into shaPe? c Are you making the most of the g5. Use the answers to help you. ? Would you Li. r Ideas for a title: Hou sporty are you? Pr o . Pf*as* tak* a f*w *:*e"::*nts s* that Naffie: lru.sp orts or anti. Use Trai* .. for example word order. ? When dzd you Last .ta i: I i: Healthy body . Look at the questions and correct the grammar mistakes.. but he/she was not helpful.. ffi a sauna a caTe a )acuzzl E=eE ..

t . 6 Tom wants to be a famous sportsman and a medal aL the Ol). wthe worid record but 7 She didn't bthe race was really fast. Jeff's plans for this week t lrclV /h/ roc/h y' C.X) buyT sollvu\tYs ior lnad-s on )eff haa already Iidled his room. = I by coach.m. no! I've forgotten to pslpeninp hao Do vou knowwhere it is? 3 The last time we went on holiday we didn't in a hotel.iust watch . The food is terrible! (visit) 4 In July we Robert in Athens. Then listen and check. He's saving money for a trip to Budapest.ns y' 6nd.rnpics. Watka [ot.murliit I thouldn'ta: 1a swam bswrrm 2a drank bdrunk 3a began bbegun fiii*r*"'lr:'iil:'t% 4aran brun you pronounce these verbs? In pairs. esere fl6vv do 1 Once I swam five kilometres.yt vrstt. lte t'idled it Monday mornin4. I've already drunk two cups of coffee.€**s** Le*Y eF€# ffi ffieR€ F#effi Put the words into the five categories. but tI like trains more. 1 My friends prefer to Read the advice and circle the correct verbs. guesthouse campsite coach diving canoeing basketball mug volleyball jewellery train \\har (your friendsido) on holiday? 2 Amy parents in their shop. 2 No. read the sentences. 5 It's her birthday tomorrow. Remember: You . JouT ahe gVn / f fnaa7 A*arrtoon) t Lu'r(4€ en6c/3 1o {rcertdS Beth and Eva's holiday plans in Chicago ry hove to You' mustn't I clon't EatheatthYfood' what You eat! .rd"ol. sp-. ): 6-on't smoke' You jlli. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of going to and the prompts in brackets. s_ our flight today. (shehave) a party? (not go) to 6 Bill the cinema with us. (you/stay) 7 Where in Spain? Look at the two lists.p- L\ne bcLanrc h[trLe-.Yortaa7 /hornul7) . Write sentences using already and yef.a. They show what the people have already done and what they haven't done yet. (not eat) here any more. Follow the example.r mustn't I don't have ftesh air' 4 PaY for to Fffi#*€#ru#ses€#F€ sr:g Listen and circle the verb forms you hear. It was very expensive. r€ac/'7-h€ //a/he o{ +lre Pose' . thank you. 4 I think we should btwo more points if 5 They have to sthey don't want to lose the match. 3 The concert began at Bp. 4 Have you ever run a marathon? gaffi .s y' (\a.tu. '.c. sotwe. my 2 Oh. 1 (help) her 3I F I Complete the sentences with the correct verbs. Then add two more words from Units 11 and 12 to each group.o - on i ai"i . You can see the first letter of each verb.4\t^sekt4r..

a ::r: tt:. Suggest an English-trnglish dictionary as a good present for Gioria. c should take swimsuits with them. Sundays tired. 2 He has to win a gold medal at the I I I I X next Ol1'rnPic 3 He doesn't train on 4 At the end of the day he is sometimes very Games. Tick true and cross false. 3 One of the towns the cyclists are going to visit is a Moher. . about tennis.-. Student A Your friend Gloria. b Burren. c play b hsten to a dance to . a. :. Say 'no' and say why .urnon. She/He is going to Gloria's birthday party and doesn't know what to buy for her. 5 Before big matches he doesn't thirk tr ffiffi&#gruffi gKgtLs Read the advefiisement and circle the correct answers below ' . SF€&KEru* SK€LL= Describe the photo. 6 He's going to train for five or six weeks during his holidays. c Ennistl. 1 David has already been on the radio. : :a' -. : -l. from your English class. -. o Tell your friend what kind of music Gloria likes best Qazz and techno). c They ride 9-12 kilometres 2 The group members a day. Ask your friend for a suggestion for a present.you know that Gloria loves listening to music. b The trip is good for the best cyclists only. .. o Say'yes'to the second suggestion and say why . ffi ff * .a. You know Gloria better than your friend. Then answer the questions.LE$Yffiru8ru€ gK€LL€ cpcar Listen to an interview with a young tennis champion. A friend from your English class asks you for help. b have to carry everything on their bikes. # € M ffi H @ 4 On both days they are goirg to Irish music. Suggest a CD.l:' 1 What can people do on the beach and why are beach holidays so popular? 2 Do you like beach holidays? Why?/tr/tLy not? Roleplay this conversation.: : .'aa' :a'. . Student B * ffi ffi ffi ffi M ffi k q#@ a have to ride together all the time. friend who knows Gloria better than you.l::. You're talking to another 1 What is true about the trip? a They ride more on the second day. . You don't know what to buy for her.Gloria has already got four dictionaries. has her birthday tomorrow. You start the conversation.

not far from Cardiff. It's in North Wales.t Complete the table with examples from Exercise 1. Articles with place names We use the definite article f/re with: gfoups of islands rivers groups of mountains seas oceans - - - - We do nof use an afticle with: countries cities - continents roads il. one of Europe's biggest cities. in the northwest of England. and it has lots of good shops. l4frite a personal letter.I l' = s It's a small world ffiead.. 3 Regent's Park is a big park in London. tr T T tr I n n f. l'= Fraetise article the with place names. has a very good market every Saturday. 11 Lake Windermere is more than 16 kilometres long. Fseus en describing a favourite place and dealing with new words in listening. It's very long.'* gg€ . It's famous for Nelson's Column and the National Gallery. lisien and talk ehcut geography and weather. 7 Trafalgar Square is in London. There's a very famous zoo in it. 5 The River Avon goes through the beautiful city of Bath. 6 The Atlantic Ocean is north of Scotland.ffifu -/)' I 2 Skye is an island near the northwest coast of Scotland. 10 The Orkney Islands are near the north coast of Scotland. I -*t' ! Lffcrk it su€ :. question forms.i:H. 9 Portobello Road. weather vocabulary. It's in Cumbria. 12 Princes Street is in Edinburgh.-isiands - - fiflIil. I tr 4 The Black Mountains are a group of mountains in South Waies. B Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales. in London. Gffief#Ew&ffi &rus wstre##ffiffiY :i Fj Read the sentences about the British lsles and match .

The other students guess which sentence is false. 1 London is _ the southeast _ England.'ti+.. 11 _ River Elbe is in the north of _ Czech Republic. Read your sentences to the class..It's a small world .Fest Complete the gaps with fhe if necessary. 5 Cardiff is _ the south coast _ Wales.r. 1 Madagascar is an island in Indian Ocean. Then work in pairs. Mount Oll.."llij:i. .mpus is the highesl mountain _ Rrver Nile. Student B. in _ Asia._Republic oi Congo is in _ _ AJrica. I I I I I tr BTrtel A Lake Corno ia in Lhe BFaieej aolth of lLalv" =. Lake \ictoria is the source of _ 4 5 6 1: in Greece. AThe loire ia the lcnqeaL river in Frarce. . Work in pairs. 12 _ Caucasus Mountains are between _ Biack Sea and _ Caspian Sea. 4 Bath is _ the southwest _ England.':: United Kingdom (tili: a republic:i.. You have three minutes to study the facts in Exercises 1 and 3. 6 Northern Ireland is _ Great Britain.rl'+ : We sometimes use ffe with a country when it is: l l{orit: a kingdom: i.i United StateS of America UK) (iilr 954. Student A. 2 The British Prime Minister lives in 3 _ _ _ Dov. look at page'142. Then tick true and cross false. l. B _ Tatra Mountarns are in the south of is part of _ UK..ri Czech Republic a plural name: iiii. 10 The most famous recording studio in the worid is in _ Abbey Road. Sourt[t .. _ Golden Gate Park in _ San Francisco is bigger than _ Central Park in _ New York. Complete the gaps with .rynan Islands are in _ Caribbean Sea. 7 _ Ca:. look at page 143.lt:iLriFi i.ning Street.. 3 trdinburgh is _ the north coast _ Scotland. in _ London.f il I _ Northern Ireland Poland. lvest --. Write three true sentences and one false sentence about places you know. on or 0f.:t . . 2 Mount Snowdon is _ South Wales.n.a':... but it is not part of _ Great Britain.

eTg## In pairs..l:':ni.tr2.!i:. luIt's the most unspoilt/ . Complete the gaps in ri*+:tli. attention to the stress. Pay Think about your favourite place and complete the sentences with your ideas.L ^-'^. a quletest b beautiful u . tick the adjectives that describe the place in the photo.. i-:r.llj !" I It's reaffy peaceful/dramalicll What I like about it is the natural It's the kind of place where you can fbeauty/3 /orelaxf luplace l've ever been to. Check new words in a dictionary.. coffi Listen to some phrases lrom !j. noisy I natural peaceful ! amazing ! f busy ! quiet I relaxing ! exciting dramatic ! unspoilt I ! coffp Listen to Paula talking about Loch Lomond.e Vlace ie Sarcelona. {Ey.ii-^ f noisy e the space g go for special occasions h the atmosphere d forget ail your problems :]!i3+.*ak iii:i you hear them. i. |:= "e"E#::-- *"7:E=--*. My favouri'. Underline the adjectives in Exercise 1 that she uses.-^^+ clLrLnrS ^ 1rru. Then tell your paftner about the place. Then think of three more adjectives to describe it. 5 It's the -.. lr'e realiy ... in AVain.i with the correct words and phrases. Add more details if possible. 1 My favourite place is and 2 It's really in 3 \\ hat T like about it is 4 It's the kind of place n'here place I've ever been to. . I qo Lhere every eummer wit'h ms f ''erde. I ! T as cor. **l and repeat them..u Listen to Paula again and number the phrases from 3. - :'1+ . n .

but at first I was impatient because of the way people do things. Were your predictions in Exercise 1 correct? Complete the gaps (1-5) with the correct sentences (a-e). c people don't eat big meals. men dye their hair red to show that they are very religious. b he couldn't find the road signs. fl ]. This is because of the wonderful warm climate here: nobody wants to eat a big meal or be outside when it's 2 David had culture shock in Japan because a he doesn't travel much. The pace of life is slower than in England and people go out later in the evening. b is something that everybody gets in a new country. too hotl' This is often because the visitor iooks different. Culture shock can make you sleep a lot or not enough.coulci cause culture shock for a rtsitor"l eaE . b So. They feei unhappy. In Bahrain. 'I love living here now. is very religious. 'Usualiy you find some things. Go out and enjoy life. 'People stared at my pale skin. Their advice is: try to make friends with the people. and keep active . It was impossibie to read a menu or a road sign and very difficult to buy train tickets or food in a supermarket. Look at the pictures. has travelled a lot.dont sit in your room and do nothing. exoression describes the nesative feelings that people can have when they move to a new The Read the afticle again and choose the correct answer. Then listen and check.|EI^I [|JtIUflF a A common cause of culture shock is the language.sa fieafl the article quickly. and they also thought I was special because of my red hair. c he couldn't understand Jananese.7. o Have you suffered from cullure shock or c1o r you know anyone rvho has'? \l'hat things about your countr). d \Vhat is culture shock exactly? e Alother reason for culture shock is people's reaction to the visitor. _ 4 suffer the nsitor 5 people's reaclion my pale skin 6 people stared 7 a cure culture shock the people 8 make friends _ culture shock _ _ _ _ Discuss these questions in groups. What do you think culture shock is? coe. b people go out late when it's cooler. Complete the phrases with the correct prepositions.. read about the new culture. c is something that you get if you are tired. stressed or lonely. lrom London. but in Japan everyrhing is in Japanese. in English.' Helen moved to Seville six months ago.It's a small $rorlcl i3. 3 In Seville a people don't go outside because it's too hot. but he experienced the biggest culture shock in Japan. and eat much later. country.'anted to look specral.84#{"8 {AT:A {:t W #1# eWrES*&ffiW == You are going t0 read an article about culture shock. 4 Craig a b c has red hair. to study Spanish.' 5 Experts say that a culture shock is permanent. like signs or maps. b you can cure culture shock. \fhat feels like culture shock at first is often a srear exoerience in the end. David. is there a cure for cullure shock? c People can also suffer from culture shock because of different customs. too. 1 Culture shock a can make small problems seem bigger. Craig lived in Bahrain when he was a teenager. 1 move another country little things 2 get annoyed _ 3rn'aiting_abus Most experts say that it is important to be patient because the feelings do not last forever. u. and even cause headaches. and they often get annoyed about iittle things (standing in a queue or waiting for a bus). You can find the prepositions in the article. I felt really isolated. c culture shock makes you lazy.

. 3 c \\'e put a modal verb (ca'n... :. .tl the Olympic Games . u..ili'.lr ..Are you world wise?ffiwffiffi EE * a b three four countries are there in Great Britain? ffi ffi a b c are the Olympic Games going to be in 2012? London Moscow Paris a Manchester b Liverpool were the Beatles from? c London a 1999 b 2000 c 2001 a have Portobello Road.:'.i-r..:i..: ... ? Questions with the auxiliary verbs What Where Why $rhen How many Who Work in pairs.? What :'...rr.':'.. ....u the first president .. Camden and Brick Lane li. should) before the subjecl... in San Francisco ffi Bay? a b Washington Lincoln in does Tokyo mean "' English? -"r"-" ' ffi a because a lot of unusual birds live there b because there was a famous prison on the island c ln because a lot of film stars live there c eastern capital a eat it b drive it Australia. ? Wh€fo ii:..li the capital city . have iitlr"rt rl 4t1 r:s1. clo. .)1. .' ..r.. ffi times has St Petersburg changed'its name? ffi ffi ffi a Montreal b Toronto is the capitar city of Prlqr uttv t'r vsrrcrLrcri canada? a once b twice c three times was the first president of the usA? Em c Ottawa a Chicago b New York c Washington a cas'e town b western city city can you see from the top of Sears Tower? c Roosevel do people visit Alcatraz lsland.'r. ? How many times ' .lr'ir'l'::. a we put the main verb be before the subiect. guess! colss Listen and check your answers. ? What .. .. ..i:: there .. before the subject..i . .i :. peOple .t"ltiuty verb (be. Where l. Revision of question forms Ouestions with the main verb fe How many countries :. ? Why i.. Don't do the quiz yetl word. How many questions can you answer? lf you don't know. :'. b We put ur..::. Camden Lock and Brick Lane got in common? they are all English tswns O are all English politicians lltty ffididlrelandchangeitscurrencytotheeuro?ctheyareallLondonmarkets. .. You need to use some words more than once.? reland :: :':' . St Petersbufg r.ri The Beatlestrom? Who r. ? What ' ' ' you ':"""' What city ' "'? EEF:U .'rr. Tokyo 't'.:t.. ? f How do we make questions? Look at the questions again and match them to the rules quiz (a-c).. .. .ti. What rl. ? When 'i... play it should you do with a didgeridoo? c Complete the quiz questions with a question from the box. fq do.. Portobello. hat:e) Questions with the modal verbs ca4 should you :::::::::: .. I ..

between 25 and is the best season. The maximum 1 In spring it's r-rsually warm and degrees and there is not much temperature is about in summer. from Canada. .-F+{. _ ? How ? ln pairs. Where _? 7 The potato came from South America. is it true that the English weather is terrible? I've heard that it's allvays cold anci it rains a lot. Doug What about voend and storms? Mary Yes. _? 1 The opposites of: (It's) hot 2 Three more adjecti"ves lhat end in -y: (Tt's) stormy. normal day the temperature is about minus Sometimes. You can ask about: n people e places o s). / rain much / snorv / 4 There are clouds / brin4 Lhe potar"o Lo Europe? B ln 1584. it's true that it can be very cloudy ancl r. 3 Doug thinks that 4 Montreal is famous for its . 1 It snows i 2 It 3 There's rain / fog doesn't co$e Listen to Doug talking about Montreal and complete the gaps. Read and listen to the dialogue and find these adjectives..winters. What's the weather like in spring ancl autumu'l Is the u'eather in rryinter more similar to Euglatrcl ot'to \lontt'eal? Whv? Z=a"'* . Match the pictures with the words in the box. but English summers are often warm and sunny. a lot. icy^ _.vel in autumn and winler. Then listen and repeat them. 't There are thrpe colouls in fhe Rritiqh flro Holv many _ ? 2 The first Ol. and sometimes in spring. +s = Discuss these questions about the weather in your country. Then ask other students in class. ? What _ 4 People go to Loch Ness.' T T fog ice tr T sun storm T I rain tamnorqfrrro f nind f-l f 6 The football World Cup is going to be in South Africa What do you know about the weather in England? Think about the four seasons: spring. Mary Well. Then listen and repeat the words. is asking Mary about the weather in f. Doug What's the r. write six quiz questions about the world.It's a snrall TF cD$6 Complete the questions.veen 3 and 6 degrees in the daltime and there's olten ice on the car windows in the morning. The temperature is betr. Complete the phrases with verbs and nouns from the dialogue to make r did )ir Waller ?aleiqh typical weather collocations. [ogg1.4"-{ cor./spft in pairs.ngland. Sr-ntl:nd tn sce lhe Loch Ness monster. who-? in 2010. dry _. but it's certainly cold.way. there are ice . - . cool What Poland has had three capital cities.vnpic Games were in 1896.ESi. wheu it's very colci. in \+F{\'iJ#+#.rnbols (flags) o sport n food A V/he Doug Nlary. I I \Vlrere You should take offyour shoes when you go inlo a house in Japan. but there aren't many storms . coasa [)6s9. it's often windy in autumn and winter. autumn and winter. an)'. not much really. summer.v a lot? Mary No. snol\T.not bad storms.veather like in winter? Does it snor. r. cloud sno\.degrees. friffi N .vith temperatures of 2 It can be very . why- ? 5 Christopher Columbus was a famous Italian explorer. On a ciegrees.:z \f.. When "t &- a: _ ? 3 You can eat tapas and paella in Spain.

a noul or down. 3 We try to report I support each other if we have problems. if you know other words from the same word Decide what kind of word it is: an adjective.S. 1 What place does he choose as the best place to live and what reasons does he give? 2 Is his answer the same as in the survey? ::*. Answer the questions. 4 In Britain the family is still important. . do you think? icEiw. Read your sentences to other students. . Decide: if the word is positive or negative.S:r Listen to Part 2 of the interview When you hear BEEP!.-*$'r o it has clean air and rivers o people earn a lot of money o people live for a long time o it has a warm and surLny climate o most people have jobs o it's a good place to have a family o it has beautiful scenery We 1 banned 2 ideal a stopped b reduced 3 support 4 unemplo. Look at the ten flags. 2 There were 111 countries in the survey.. 1verb. . circle the kind of word that you think is . 1 The goverrunent completely banned I handed It.' '.'rnent 5 income a unusual b perfect b help a agree a prices b people without a job with a free time b money people earn think LhaN lhe moaL imporNant reaeono are . Look at Exercises 4-6 again. Listen to Part 1 of an interview with Sean. 5 Most people have a higher income I 'increase. Listen to Part 2 again and think about the meaning of each word. 2 lt's an idle I ideal place to have a family. . Read Train Ycur Brain advlce (a-c) in th1 correct order. TRAIF! Y*LlR ffiR&llt! | '-. ls it positive or negative? Then choose a or b. Which country is the best place to live. 6 New companies have created more in Ireland. 4 Britain still has high emp\oyment / Ireland in 2003. missing. ! I -I tr a student from lreland. and put ]he A magazine recently did a survey to find the best country in the world to live. ls your country a good place to live? Look at the reasons in Exercise 1 and write four or five sentences. Circle the word you hear.F. Tick true and cross false.#5THruFruffi - What makes a country a good place t0 live? Choose the three most important reasons from the list. n tr n jobs I unemrylogment. .r 1 Sean thinks that F lorida has a better climate than France. c family. 5 Unemplol'rnent in Britain is lower than in Ireland. :i: Dealing with new words a Try to write the new word b Guess the meaning by listening to the context in which the word appears. 3 You could smoke in public places in ! ffiF: Listen to the sentences with a BEEP! in Exercise 4. . . adjective adjective adjective 4 noun /verb adjective 5 noun / verb adjective 1 noun / verb 2 noun / verb 3 noun / verb Listen to the whole interview.

tl. to wrile to vou. but 1 ' * iti"-" little difficult cfass ! ) . Say hon'you are and erplain n'hy -vou drdn't wrrte before. o Tell him.11.4rer him.r*.0. .1r# i"'ju f that r h.A:f#:: .with words from the box. too.a"t.. 6 She wouid like to have some Spanish friends.:: here and to is 99 dil:::ent and B rhe weaLher here November England . i.ilIn'*' ff.. '-' Dear LucY' A How are You? :l I tl :ia ili :i i :l : t: :: :i :l ::l . Remember to stad and finish your letter correctly.0. r . Te11 o Ask him. 3 dashes and underlining. o When did you last to a friend? o What did you Complete 7r*z*. r hope they can be . Take care or 5 See you soon.*:TT./htrr vorrr sood nens. has sot a dog. Write a letter to your English friend. Which person from the afticle wrote the letter? A personal lefter and the person's name. forms.". T T T T T T So that is my news. f ood is f antastit paerri-trice witt' cream rs "*u dish is ice "11:u?l vegetables) ' and the delicrous ' I thing is that sneak C The onlY negative 1. s stillsit outsia" u too .rlo. that's mY news' hear Yours ' haven't I'm sorrY I b"-?-1 1'-ttt i"tY written before but mV ttrilf monLh busY.'-t-:. \Zrire soon and tell rne yours. S/irh best wishes Jusrine t how she starts the letter 2 how she finishes the letter 3 six examples of contracted forms (I'nz) 4 examples of exclamations (!). dashes (-) and underlining You've been preparing for exams.It's a small world WffiffiEruffi Work in pairs and answer the questions.''l'.".. '"tit-f verY much sP-"i=it -(1 Cq-::tlVlnO i-n gtre 'ElementarY hard'.h.llti.d*ififf '.]*J. You know my father works company? well' next monrh we are norrrtt"t I have got some gr A.::"fr: Read the letter again.irll.'f.:T r : l i:::' t:: * s g Write soon' l'ots of }ove ' ]:):g tl l stay you been " rhe US to . 4 Write about good and bad news in different your letter with lofs of love. /'m.:i't miss mY r'iJ.nt"' ": it. =" to make new friends ' I'd love to D So. finish Dear exclamations paragraphs contracted write a letter (or an email) Tffi&sFJ write about? Y*ti* *ffi&:*€ | Read the letter.vs.4rer your bad ner. 'vry €€g .r and rewrite the letter below to make it more personal. il i.. 3 Helen's writing the letter in a caf6.".it'='i"-tlv sunnYl t warm and "u' '"'ie *:. 1 Start the letter with Use Use 2 _ _. They make the letter more informal.". ff3.. compare your letters. It's the ""a "f great tlme! ilm naving a _ Use Train Y*ur Br*i..:''.". 2 Helen arrived in Seville in August..y. L.J:'1.. .mY.i1ilJ ir. Andrew How are you? I am iT...'. ln pairs. Tick true and cross false. 4 She loves Spanish food. 5 She only has a basic knowledge of Spanish.1r..4LL "-' :" love the PeoPle' tn" students tt" ilty-iriend]-y-' "1ttu t'"":::tt" . Then look back at the arlicle 0n page 1 17. have not written before. My cousin Rob in the hotidaysl'rn:llt'l:u '"1 come and f. 1 This is Helen's second letter to Lucy. Circle the following elements in Helen's letter.€*:=: *r=!.

Illwon'tfor the future. &?&ffieffi &.*&w Le#Tffi*&\ffi# === Match the photos (A-E) with the topics (1-5) below. adverbs.Who cares? '***rj. ** giving opinions. Which is nof a problem? Read tlre leaflet and complete the gaps with the words from the box. ?r:e*Ese* '€:lri'z* a wi. agreeing and disagreeing.vater 1 climate change 2 clean energy 3 larger world population 4 air pollution 5 endangered animals T tr tr bigger l l . Which sentences talk about the problerns in Exercise 1? r#erse drier grow energy change plants r. words and collocations to talk about the environment. Yr:*tz* N?*Lx* **# 2*7k *fu*e+*" the environment. semi-formal letter.

2 Temperatures wiil go up by ten degrees in the next 100 years.:'}.ii will 1. c the future. 'l People _ do all their shopping ordine by 2020. 5 There be enough food for everybody.vhat people a are planning to do. 5 There won't be enough rain in Europe. b the present.Then tell the class. _ _ _ Willyou . 1 The most serious problem I I n T T tr buy a flaVhouse/car have a good job get married co+r lislsp and check your predictions in Exercise 5. it l+li{....'+.Who cares? ii. 2 They talk about l. Affirmative The weather L_'::.+i+. 1 We breathe cleaner air. Teople won'L Aa all their ehocpinq online by ZaZA. 6 Peopie _ earn more monev in the next five 3 The world 4 We _ a with i".ilirli.:**g+ in the next 20 years? 1 Will the climate get warmer? Yee. 3 There be more people in the worid than _ nowadays.:t.ion.e Listen and repeat the questions" Then write your answer for each question.. b predict for the future. iL will. will be water pollution. i xitt i'iii i'. 2 Tiaditional schools _ exist in twenty years' time. Io. 1 The sentences in the leaflet are about a the past. years.::.:l::11"'"-yl'l:':*:r::"::: 1lt. enOugh enefgy. try to guess his predictions. coa./No. 2 Will the summer get hotter? 3 Will the winter get colder? 4 WilI the world population get bigger? 5 Will pollution get worse? 6 \\ril the future get better? Time expressions: o i+ the next two years/months o . First. ) yrill. 6 TWo billion people r. drive electric cars by 2015. In pairs.:l"lii +ii .ii hotter. b without to./No.von't have clean water. ask and answer the questions. 6 Many animals die out. Ouestions and short answers #iii the warld ::. Read the leaflet again and complete the predictions with willor won't. Then read the sentences below and circle the correct answers.ttt. ir: fuo days'/months'/years'time 2025lnext Friday. 3 By 2030 the world's population will be eight billion. Tick true and cross false.tiri +? Yes. I won'L. 5 Computers _ become very cheap next year. fhe moaL eerioue 2robierr: wiil be air pollur. in the next ten years? go to university Me My partmer 4 The weather continue to change. fffHow questions r*. You _ _ travel around the wonld earn a lot of money move to another city/country will hear Dr Leavey talking about the environment.i! We often use gef with a comparative adjeciive to We can use wrllto predict future events. 3 We use uilll'*^on't + infinitive _ change a lot in the next ten years./No" it wan't. next week/month/year z.':! What are your personal predictions for the next ten years? Tick what is true for you in the table below Then ask your partner and complete his/her colrimn. it'. A Will you qo Lo univereity in Lhe flexN ten yeare? B Yee.tt::+{+'!.j. Correct the false sentences. 2 The climate stay the same.ili{:i."li What do you think will happen? Gomplete the Eaps with willor won't. Negative We 'it:liii t|rit ir. mean become.E5 our world . a'E& . Underline all the examples of willand ryon'f in the leaflet.. 4 There'li be more buses in the cities.

\^/^ Ldll lL o | i.::]:.^..artce ul>l lE/ld lu. hI d +-^ -. .::. our .-{ . Lt tc / . Pvt Lqr o.i ..L luu)dl lu vvdl) Pl:nlc arp imnnrtlni rL tn rrq LU ur | '4t tL) ai s lt..ses with rhOUSandS Of vLr ur5 dl lu Ll lE/ olc oLLUoll/ olants and L'ees r'om all over the wor'd.t. ff J:?:JitJi:5. Planrs produce oxygen and oxygen gives besl possible future - and how wrll we get Lnere?' We hope you will enjoy Eden.. :.i a. Go to the Eden Project and travel the world in a day from the hot.... I// I _ We re here to help people of all ages to t ! understand the relationship between nirntc 4 tu -^^^l^ rnr Prdt tL) PsgPts.! :ffer thcm r:refi rllv qo we can continue to USe them in the future. u4/.They lool< like something from another p anet! They're called biomes -^^ +t^^.^.'i:.i n:^-. / 2 There are also lots of other interesting things to do and see - beautiful gardens outslde. to +L^ ut nr *^^ rLdr r uc)c -r-" n I rEr -^^ !^'^rts and the warm lYediter ranean.irl- .yir]6lloa+rcc usLou)L We ' want to tell the stories of the plants that lnfluence '.l':j.: lifc lt i< thc ctnrv nf the nl:ner j We also built Eden because we are optimistic and believe there are solutions to the world's nrohlems lt's a nl. lt's a fantastic place an envlronmental centre wlth three huge plastic domes about 150 metres high.-..r:l ": '': i: .'.:.. Fden's sreat fun.€ : : ffi.. rn^ --r..'What's our . concerts and the largest ice rink in Brrtain.The Eden Project ffi lf you're near St Austell in Cornwall.' ''.....And I'm sure you'll recognrse the biomes..: l.You'll have a wonder ful an amazing learning experrence! time and it'll also be i The Eden Project B.. \A/a mr rcf lnnl.1.orr.a1^y bio preenhor.: . story-telling.. ..rre where we ask.They used them in the James Bond movie Dle Another Doy in 2002.And after your visrt. Eden is not a theme parl< like :ii .. humid rainforests of South America.t^^! v vu --il .'l:r:-l'j .< rives. v vE lllu)L lvvl\ gvsr / r{rr.Livii 15 | rsdLr hcr. l' .: .1n::ii::-*l' )) .:..'.. there's one place you shouldn't miss..: .-. art exhibit ons.. .

Discuss the questions in pairs. 1 Where is Cornu-all.a lislsn to the song. Ti:i:"rk ***. cD44 Look definitions. b Each plant has a label which explains whal it's for. Then listen and check. o What do you know about the song? When did 5 very. hke food. 4 You can only see them inside the biomes. What happens there? 2 What can )'ou do at the Eden Projecl? Read the two texts about the Eden Project and check your answers to Exercise 2. entertainment and medicine. Then complete the gaps Tick true and cross false. a We use theatre.:. 5 Because we'll need to use them in I I ! ! the future. Do you like the song? Why?/\. very large 6 to change something or someone in some way - - come out? Why? o Do you think songs like this are important? Why?/IVhy not? . (1-4) with the sentences (a-d). c If we all work together. Listen again and complete the missing words. 1 They're from Australia. d Eden opened in March 2001 and quickly became the third biggest tourist attraction in Britain.<i What do you remember about Cornwall? 1 Where are the plants and trees rn the bion-Les In pairs. Make guesses. music. 6 Because they think we can find answ-ers T T to lell this story. answer the questions. co+. ta-r'es ffiffi&#€re* e#* L:€*€*?&cre& Are the answers to these questions in Text A or B? Underline them. 3 F or clothes. What is it about? a helping people in need b giving money to children c protecting the environment at the song 0n page 141.Vhy not? o How is the song related to the aims of the Eden Project? it . we can make a difference. co+g Read the texts again. 1 warm places where you grow plants 2 the answers to problems 3 hot. What's the main aim of the Eden Project? What do we use plants for? Where can you see plants at Eden? Why is it important to look after plants? Why are the people at the Eden Project 1 What do 5'ou think the Eden Project is? optimistic? Read the answers to the questions in Exercise 6. dance and much more 2 To help people understand the relationship between plants and animals.) from? 2 3 4 5 6 2 What famous places can )rou see in Cornwall? Look at the photos of the Eden Project. Match the highlighted words in the texts to these to the world's problems.\\-h. clothes and medicine. wet 4 a place where you can go ice skating Discuss the questions in small groups.

irregular? Endangered Animals e. Please give generously. and they are dying out fast * about 1. Adverbs We use adjectives with a noun and adverbs with a verb. Find the matching adverbs in the text and complete the table.000 times faster than before.pes of animai are now in danger? 4 What are the two main oroblems for animals? 5 How can you help? 2 Why are animals dying Look at the adjectives in the table.g \uZ . Over 12. Animals have always died out naturally in the past" Dinosaurs lived on Earth for a long time before they suddenly disappeared about 65 million years ago. There are only about 1. so animals have nowhere to live and can't find food.000 pandas and 6. People are also cutting down the rainforests.000 different types of animal are now in danger. but we need more help quickly. Add other animals you know" Read the advefiisement and answer the questions. There are two main reasons for this . 1 When did dinosaurs die out? out faster now? 3 How many t. 1 What do you add to most adjectives to make an adverb? 2 How do you form adverbs from adjectives endLng in -y? 3 Which three adverbs are Our organisation has already worked hard to protect the panda and the tiger. Pollution is affecting animals very badly. quick bad sudden generous aduerbs natural easy good hard fast Look at the adverbs in Exercise 4 and answer the questions. i.f-j {:z:!rn il. '". t +i. Visit our website at wwwendangeredanimals. and building houses and roads.pollution and population growth. panda co\\ monkey sheep penguin dolphin liger pig donkey lion whale crocodile cheetah elephant koala Complete the table with the animals from Exercise 1. Find out how you can adopt an animal and save its life.##€$.&f# Match the seven animals in the photos with the names in the box. adjectives An animal is endangered when there are not many of its kind alive and it could easily die out.. But nowadays we don't look after our animals very well.000 tigers left in the world.com.

Check new words in a dictionary.Then compare your sentences with a panner. Add more words you know to each column. 2 They/speak 3 He/run 4 The dog. Cars the air. lnf nf plpntrinitrr 1 She slowly her rides bicycle very 2 brother plays My badly tennis 3 We homework do quickly our always 4 last very can She swrm 5 money spend They carefully their 6 speaks very friend well My English Make the sentences in Exercise I true for yuu. complete the sentences with narnes of animals. It will 3 Don't throw old newspapers away. quiet loud fast noisy happy quick 1 She/type 7he'e Nypinq very quickly. _ _move 3_ 4 _move 5_ 6_ 7_ 1 2 usually walk slowly. very elegantly. I ri). 1 Don't drive to work. swim very fast. climb trees quickly. and _ roar ioudly. paper clothes d€+phins energy water bicycles air food rubbish rivers cans bottles oceans forests fish beaches litter mountains electricity plants plastic bags wind sea dolphine Complete the notices (1-5) with the verbs from the box./bark 5 He/eat 6 They/Iaugh Put the words in the cornect order to make sentences. _ lhe environmenl .r / bi.Who cares? zE**e#a?Le#€ Complete the table with the words from the box. _ a theml 4 Take old plastic bags with you when you go shopping.e my blcycle very faeL" 2 Switch off your stereo at night. Then tell the class. / the enui. Print on both sides. o+s lisls6 and write what is happening.sh. eat their food quite noisily. What do you d0 to protect the environment? I cycle to achool - lL doeen'l ?oiltfie'-"e air. 4C= z*4 .iuers 3 recycle trees / clothes / newspapers 4 save water / paper / taind 5 protect rubbi. 1 waste clothes / food / paper 2 pollute the ai. Use a dictionary if necessary. save protect wasLe pollute recycle In pairs.cgcles / r. Cross out the nouns that do nofcollocate with the verbs. Make adverbs from the adjectives in the box.ronment the countryside / Complete the advice with the correct form of the verbs in Exercise 2. It will 5 Don't _ paper. very quietly. We Lhink NhaL cowa ueually walk elowly.

you should complain about it. Personally. Practise the dialogues in pairs. I know what you mean but . I don't think it's a very good idea. Student A. lL'e very unhealf. st John's Road' EPPing Registe'ed Char. Agreeing Yes. Lhey ehould ban emokinq. I'm afraid ldisagree. but I don't agree.tY No 7592350523-1 . That's true but they cut down the trees. Listen again.(- 1 A I hate this new shopping centre. Discuss the sentences in Exercise 6 in groups. Then listen again and check. 1 They should ban smoking in public places. I don't think it'l1 make any difference. # w ffi 1I cD46 2a In my opinion. Giving opinions I think it's horrible/tenible/greaVwondeful. that's 3-. I don't think it'll make any difference.. A lr my opinion.ffiEffiF&&*e# # ffi * # 5 In pairs. B Sorry. you' A What? I uit! complaln about Work in pairs.# ) Sorry. | (completely) agree. why? A Well.r. \. Match the pictures to the conversations.1-T-i-Tt--:--'---'--1I \ ! lhe shops t\ but they had to cut A Yes. l Disagreeing (' ( . We need trees because they produce oxf/gen.#wffi ewEY&# e*&w *. Do you agree 0r disagree? Make notes. ffi tr l-. Smokinq ia very unhealNhy.. B. I don'L a4ree. I B it's a very good rdea.- B That'e lrue. I aqree. Yes. PARK. look at the pictures and answer the questions. bul .1 -\--t -\>'4t=l tr 1 *-':-T t-l-. you're (absolutely) right. Student look at page 143.hy. but I ou-.o Listen to two dialogues. Mum? B Yes. I agree with you. SFSEH *LJY I :co+... 2 Supermarkets shouldn't use plastic bags 3 People are more lmportant than animals and plants. I think it's Fl Roqllrr? 2 f/. Yes. Tubltc placee are for everybody. Use the phrases in Sp**k **9.__. dov. look at page 142. NOT GAR PARK! Epping Environmental GrouP -rr. are great! il STOPI THINKI REGYGLE! 2A Are you throwing those bottles away.. $fufly 5p**t< **t and complete the conversations.:. Does the second person in each dialogue agree (put A) or disagree (put D) with the first person? 12 //-' a ..n the trees to make a car park. You could recycle them. u- Yes. Look at the sentences below.e the pictures show? o Are these things good or bad for the o What do environment? Why? coc. I agree'- But we haven't got any recycling bins around here.

--.Tt :l frnd a different Place fortl*--. Lhe council hae made a mieLake.ir'" ru. Read it again and answer the questions in Exercise 3. r {L.1-ive near the park and old people.larsl f . *ryi* and the prompts to help you.-J ^-a:t_thc__saurc i l -rau r Dan %o. I feel very strongly about . . Try not to use exclamation marks.': What do you remember about informal letters? Answer the questions. f read that rast week _ iarticle !.. 1 Why did Thomas and Dan write to the Read llni* ''{t":t. Thomas Johnson Dear Mr .n^^ r fliJo" J#.:. But in my opinion the council should find a different place to build the flats.az ef .Who cares? =l:'::--- W'#ffiETEF:## Read the extract from a newspaper article.EiI-Hffi us I Do somethinqt e €E* E. . it'$. End your fetter with Yours faithfully.. the council has made a mistake. Use words and phrases like ln my opinion.t. I am writing about your article Local park will close! which I read in the Sunday edition of your newspaper. write Dear Sir/Madam.:. about? Thursday Seprember 29 Local park will close! The town council wants to close Green Park early next year. . It will also be very bad for the environment to cut down the trees..f 1ry{91r11*111rlrir:.. Do not use contracted forms (l'm. Local residents are really angry about this. I feel very strongly about this subject. It's planning to build 150 new flats for old people on the site. opinions the same? Tft&fru -f##ffi ffiffi&ifl* | A formal letter of opinion Dear Sir/Madam. You've read an afticle with the heading below Write near Green Park and go running there every day.. Young people don't care about the environment! o Express how you feel about the article (you are very angry about it).Iones. People of all ages use I live a letter to the newspaper giving your opinion about the article.. dashes etc.lease help -= ..""'L yo u r n s r. Faithfully. What is it V:=.orp ap e r r r fi I_"::n people. I hope your newspaper will support local residents." :: a . ln my apinion..r.tir. . sure they c. Underline sentences that mean the same in Thomas's letter.. tbout alL this. 1 How do you start these letters? 2 How do you end them? 3 Can you use contracted forms? 4 Can you use exclamation marks and dashes? 5 What do you put in each paragraph? Thomas's letter is formal..ir #r*irt and check your answers to newspaper? 2 How do they feel about the article? Are their Exercise 4. Use the ideas in lysivl.t.s terribleJ _vsd1 r. t . Read the two letters and answer the questions. environmentl r"J'. lf you don't know the person's name. it and it is especially important for children to have somewhere to play. I agree that old people should have a comfortable place to live. Look at the underlined sentences in Dan's letter. j P. Staft a different paragraph for each opinion. .rixreal*. In my opinion.f. .

The targest island is'. 6 It was very cold last night.uiiitfl]lli:ll'illiiiill.'lhing to eat. smoking in all public 7 I thlnk we should places.e* #Wr#a{ffiffi &ffi Complete the crossword with words from Units 13 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.I can't see much. Florida. f----l very well..:Ez. I've ever € = * 4 Brighton is by the sea in the south of England. animals will die out in the near future.Andros and i: Nassau.="€ &7.. 9 It's possible that it'lI rain today. the capital is t-*.l:lll.:. Bahamas are a group of islands in'Atiantic Ocean off the southeast coast of 3l. Write questions t0 ask for the missing information' 1 They left Italy in 1986 because 2 Before 1 May 2004 there were onlY - in the Mediterranean Sea 3 Some experts say that many birds. Use the word in bold and other words to complete each sentence' 1 There is a E = and 14.r the sea.r==: 1i'. i. The sky is 1 Clprus is an countries rn the EuroPean Union. oJ --theair.i:i. usually a strong B DOWN 7 reaily badly. Cars- 14. 3 I haven't been an)''where more exctting.there ls 4 The weather . i. Just take ---not a bath in the morning. front Longrnan Dtcti.very It's -is 11 Take some warm clothes with you. 5 I don't think we should drive in city centres' 6 In my country we care a lot about the ---theenvironment..Alps.:l:liti::tt-. 10 . 5 average beat them. Most peoPle rubblsh..ti:::rtilfilit)tiiiis:lltir}tt:ili:riri111r1. 4 place It's the been to. 1 Do you think the climate will contlnue to a shower.. There's nea. but are not fish. won We they played the opposite of south.. 1 lot of rain and fog in England.r:i.on the car windows.llil i t i environment. in England. live in the oceans. today . is a big wiid cat. You can see the number of letters in each verb.illliil.r:r:.'-'.r. so I'm sure there's ..ctrtarll Etrylish Lct'tt'gtnge a'ncl' Culture EffiLT . coast Brighton is Flnol:rnd ACROSS of = 5 They played really badly so it was easy to here is about 2 I think the 15 degrees.lil:ggl]lllll**:rrl:fil l 3 I think everybody should do something to s- lot of 4 Don't throw that away! We -----a food and in many African countries people don't have an:.i:. Complete the sentences with one verb in each gap.ia:ifa:t:::i:. and here .r. It flows from the west into 1011- i !.iii{fr:i u_ Lake Ontario is one of five lakes known as r- i 2 It's easy to future? . North Sea. the Great Lakes on the border between i United States of America and s_ Canada !: . colder in the The weather future.rrr:ir:::. dark clouds and heaqr rain.often are winds. It's the highest mountain in the western part of 12-:i..in the water.. 6 Sandra's going to take her final exams very soon: in Complete the gaps with ffe where necessary' very-.-.:ill!:rl:l. --- .L::ililli.$ ::. Thames is the longest river in England.lr:. :::*illfrllirri':r:iiimlr Mont Blanc is a mountain in 13. * often It is 2 The weather ! E j will get hotter in the future.x::::iliiilti:ii:tii:ii:l:iliiiit.... It can run very A fast and it lives in Africa.rl.Europe.. 4 In the next two years I will move to f-*--__-l ' with us when we go 5 We often take a 3 Peter can on holiday.*".

' said Peter Smith .vard three times. r Ask your friend about his. c island c south c tiger c healthy 3 The students have already r. They had to decide what they would like the area to look like and what thev wanted to do.' Teachers at Cumberland High are doing their part by helping students with their projects and giving their time and advice generousl5r The school director.one of the students involved in the project. ffi +€E 4&w# ffi 'We still have to think about what to do with the money we get from selling the vegetables. You agree: in their local area and thought of ways to solve the problems. Describe your favourite place in your =* 4= '-4 ?c'= -.wffi#ww?'&*caz==?+ Look at the underlined letters. the students researched several environmental problems I think everybody should do something to save energy. we can all help to save our planet. have taken part in some landcare projects. 1 We should plant more trees near our school. == '4 = < * + . You don't agree: Twenty-one students from Cumberland High School. 'I believe a lot of our children will continue to protect the environment in the future in one way or another.&er country. Yozt agree After a long discussion. "# tc= # '=g sutrlmer and winler Student B F+ a& E_l You're talking to a friend from your language course about your favourite places. .r int et. save water or energy It's simple. Student A He was very happy about his students' involvement in the school's landcare activities and said. .4rer favourite place in his. Read the afticle again.' t You're talking to a friend from your language course about your favourite places. You start the ** ry tu ffi# conversation. You have never been to his/her country. Tell your lriend why this place is ]-oui favourite. First. Tick true and cross false. '== country. Next year they are going to plant winter vegetables and sell them to the local community The schooi will later use the money to fund more envlronmental projects in the local area. Read the afticle and put paragraphs (A-F) in the correct order. o Describe the weat her in fhis plate ilL ihe summer a nd r. You don't agree: Roleplay this conversation. They spent a long time discussing the environmental issues with their teachers. =:=. 'We want to spend it very carefulllr We'll certalnly need some money to prepare posters and inform the community about our activities. c culture o+z lislsn and check. 'l project.200 km west of Southampton. ffiffie#$ru# ffiffiEtuLf:. ffiwffi#"ffifr+4ffi ffiffiHtutuffi What can you say in the following situations? Write a different answer for each opinion. Your friend has never been to your country. We can all do something recycle newspapers. o Ask about the weather in this place in the a*. believes this kind of environmental work teaches students important lessons for the future. It was a vegetable garden near the school they created it without chemicals or pesticides.von the Environmental Project Ar. . Then listen again and 5 The students want to earn some money and use it for other projects. Which letters in each group are pr0nounced differently? Circle one word in each group. Michael Donaldson.bmeuntain 3aclimate b prg 4asea b clean 5asun bbusy repeat the words. the students decided on one project. 2 The teachers didn't take part in the 1 The students made a I I ! I I fl ariver b conttnent 2acqgntr5. If everybody does their part of the work well. and this year won the Environmental Project Award for the first time. Yott don't agree: m U il 2 I don't think it's a good idea to ban smoking in public places You agree'. Ask why this place is your friend's favourite. lol of preparations before they chose thelr project. 4 Peter Smith believes everybody should protect the environment. 6 The school director doesn't think that the nroiectq :re lrlti qr L imfrortant for the children's education.

-Ut z gb .i"..t #. -+:-.!60u FEE -.ffi ffi ffi x eg ffi W ffi ffi K W OM .-cl P 5 ll : . ?prtc. = iie fbo'c E i = i * € I .)Tni ch li gaE =.r-G =c)9 =1=6 P VY b{ 'F rn s -.o ^(n o. i.) trto) cn9 =H- = !l 0.Eli P eX..rr Ee ep uf . I U F w . x if. *k.: gi.g$:i Et:$€! .+gi==i:?i t S ltl \O k ffi t . Fs 9rx t* (.v.2. # i= "2 .rr e= o. € x--d # * e = gE E t -v:r i E j E # t 3 t T FE X* E. !' . ui i p . E g t 1= f . g F ?€*s# €# fl-.'i.= r E P *. I . E n r 'E= 'o cn n A >\ c 5 '= q oc -f - .{J =:Y O. g s % ffi E Cl.:..j 6 ni- fo-x.? *'a 6. E$ €' s I "= .i.9 = LF .i.: !i.lvx I n # % ffi # ffi 6X: 'iH AA LU. = s = V f -a H € N=f 'EF^^ 6J # & % ciU) ffi ffi .u o o) a- rF ffi t M t cL@5 o 9ot= :i ox ct4<> c)'coo =(!rn crrgl h.=7 =.. s jEg € :: 8: l*= s i .r+7=ri*c=.i. r € ii f . E!.- h . a ti h :5 E.CT re ow ffi (Effi tt {& W rfuffi# o Ore ffi M w {&$ 6 . F fr'. w # ffi trDrv\n cq''l -L\Ai .

o =Xbg .e sq : e g::-.2 Z := '= = =-.r oD slrr (o 5 :i ii .: C Q i= :"{ :!+ a = E.9 s 4 Ple E F.. 9= 3 t =.E. =.i it @@CO@ = == 5 a=.ul!l-: : E=s .s=. 'n -.:.: lq l: 6 rc\co ESF F c.i VtE lt : 3= f. i 1 == f.= i: = 9i -.. .'_ = =- fiEb = -Xtr-.Et'^.*g Ei l€ IF.i.= v) -.i= o c)< H. tl*: = -.=E : --v-(\G)=f. :=..3iE ?= S F3 .+ . .! .9 ^ = -= . ! ==i=Er:= gt g8^ ==.C ?=-= i 9E 'i(s g iEEg =:-p?.(J.=IEEZ?*=ei = V 6 1ie= =q i:l=.i ! EE EE ?. Q a' o == =: r c\tcr) i E i E .o '=. S x z ..-:=: ='== .E ===--j!='Zi 3= :.= i. ->.\ E-c <O bF -= i'- E = L L- O . ===F2:::=E -E.-.: g n _ = (D .s EE :.< = =--o) EEE := T:.ib E. :s E *E rE .9 J:: 6 .:. E < cDO =:E E-fi =Fc =g=_ ='==.= = .Y.i = == -.t.E = := i! E ='= 1Z . 6 LV= ==pE c..gq ='..=:inilz rrr A€E:= .= .: HX ..'=.^ (EE $a* . J :. 1 E=i ': = c5 = Lv) : L E F g g E==i== =ii €s -=1 F.=28 === E 6.o a . .= . rrrrrrrr c' . E$r ':l E=lgtEEi. = .q+ EB f-cn.g = 3-: ': =i j= == _.

- -O c6.iW Y€ -'ll d^ ':o..a () '!. Ii =!'t +dt ln =v !tr Y.r =^>=-(t:-" = ----.g =E.. H= &L F!l v . *o liY E c) a'. =. Z E oaa aE -u .N =P ..-y € dl€^- da xw x- € n F Ex pF =A =t -e ctt .^A) - fi E )<":9 uPtvl -L!- c x':---J_\.c=:e.s. * nr EEE FI --€ F S== tt Frr F t t.U h .u! GE :E F ffi 1& # - €E Sl = 9=':i=. = YL 6 c) Foo ** sf tO (g .-Xu .=E I CEE E-r= En-.Y 6UE r= (D dP! qF ^.=.4a - tr LL = = ? al) r\co ti U>.: = 6 o U = -crlCv) E -) = _= a Lr- F .^ :s yu) y9 R. E 7-.

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L. .) q) l. N c o o O o =1= Efi ri) P L € a d al (J 6d > cn.t "if.&F . z.t -r.F e.n '!:+i . :6. -: Y 51:.: I ! : bI 'i.7! EEI .l:. l!.Ja '-u .7| -d iY?: LV "..J llkl !tr:.!i't ' 'il+i 't"r. .iii +.: "ti.5o F.. eE E EE = =c E E.'i.Ei EEIEE fiEi* ? eEf#IF$F' O Q.:.Eb '--el rE-(/)iFX: 7 iF 'aF€EE#E .u =t .tj&t i tr C.I 85Os o g Eg. 7 +'.o F tr AJ (>1 >.:: E.EqtE _c a5....'.i1 i:i!je! i = :JrT:: E.= '!v -.. tr o E . v! ! \ lm 6''4: *1. Et N co s ro(o c 5 - E€EB ! 5 -_ cG E o tr -.>i . ' /' l -c..l 1. .: .: L F EEs F q = ssES€ P .. .. (-. I 93Os € eE Pf Eko. 5 H v 'l.. l 1-' l="ziz:=..= tt : a 7..'.-. .' .i : . .E'E i rv 'eE Ero fifaiEgE s. E =t F ?E3.i . 6J o Fi d -> .cl = i I l . ii: .] i: ]rr. Li ar : v € c.: =b E= Ed F '\ r:ir tl:. E E * i e * r' u eEaif g 8 E H fr58:_ E (-.:.:. 2 \: HI 3 ilr] v:: ih -i t.5 EE eC !=1==:ti=i! fEtr EE E€ Ee c) - tr o .'ut'.'J l o . l '. .:*.*-: I a Ol :" x' ' ..i.€ sgEEg:.: ::.:. t9 E Q cg - '9i ::. Yl : 1.5E EE o d's'i€ e=i5aE3.. E ..+ i .^C!Of^= E 4g b s F. e ii c I' i : .c r'.rl:' qlrriP"'l jl I cTi! .. 'J tl t' i -.:: frEE g$*E i EES g 6EE g oF'E o€.E E F "C 5 -c O-= O=i^ o X.." i#iI* li: ri:l'i-n :j5 ' I 1 jtr:* . : i. .E re E Fr 'r CE EE -q a .!6 E s I8t"E"d 8 6 8 e'-*s set s gEtEEi. a.d a'.! . '".': i'ri: E Fg = E u=fi g €_=i= a:=: CE.. :: .noi' : g !':. i l! i 'iu.' ir: :t :r :: I I I I 3. I.. ctr = (-. e.:.a =.(Il=:Es t 97Os gFEg€Ei: I n t iliEf ()JOvcEcl i ?ei iu:e Ea'Ps*'.:= ..

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i'..: o.rv i *6Y I o{)a.= o@ ch _ox F* A g'* -? -t tri r! -i ml t !r] 5 .| 9* --nl+i! iois= a' i'''.bt F . ia\r'r l. ?.e !x l*os i i ju^xt r-U+ Dix x.ii> ]UAF iFsLl lLrh-l >.=l ..(U 1*.\ s*6'i i i"=o I _e Y*i :+url icd(EoJl i i i I I :5 *l I IV-L] l=Ln l\v nl* a):c I n+": €1 -hi A ilc9 v.l'.'-- i5.E F6 ()o F o -...Q _Y.:_v i fi x{ YAUJ ffi W >U j5g . EY L:J qh A (! o g' z G..:. E =.. i--> gsg J vrf I l )\ g ri#l iri*l :ii til 1:! I i . .r# q4! :: la {..' l .. .-:€t i r ^i7 i 6"rrg I f\ .f€ E =: 5C o. ../j ioi€ '_*l-t 1 I ??::^.- WA - u i< js *_*/ s j i .svi i i*& jud-l i i i i MQ€ v/fi n I n T #s #= i ^. I . 3El{ ol - r Ep r€ -ha I 2}<.i r !d l^m.= O r^ 'I I i^rl I j td\vut vt i E >'f lLl lt\-=l I Y: i1-\-Fi\ tvtv Eatt: : lu5'"1 l:*nl*l lulXnl i-LVI : l .d Y o* -g . .:l ..:'.)l<TT v rl 9$X *nul r I lcYXl tv! .1.g (j. wa ffi ## Effi #* gx -A ft a.e\ Ee* esg r i fiE$ €^*B gs$s-1 gse E E€SE$ E$p€E EF: #$E t$$ 5 Ec]fii:> F€= AAA AA g € gE H-" € E€sH .. .iYfCl irF+n: titthYl livtdfl r: in UV c* :oY::i +u:....os =tx c.r.7 € nn) l i l #r T: h !' !ei I O.o o tE o ... I u-= s+ s.". w w tu @ ## --^ v ffi '"* E -F g{ Ha PE.n-rVl I tdv=i c xy.i fs r 5 0* nrS ii 60 )i .= l{a" 9X EE A e'x -. . o. i 5...v-..b L. .it afi it *"i.]C > . cr S lL= I l^vfl ivCza l-Lw.r ".huargnl 6k?i t5:>'! I ffi ffi W tu g 3* +uj :ltgd I :l I I l^"v.s i hq# j(u v €! ffi w w ffia. 'R cr''0) -: i L i i-Ln L ivd\-l v t\ u ts l i lFar>. 1 l I i .E >'rc i 'e}!r' I ]JUd] aAl -- r .v.. J a! U e? s$c I ih.'.tt I I I ! n I *.

.Eo tcE E = o ..i r-= 96 s..9 "h EF I =. cJ -*:- r#1i* . E. . H dr : A''t^LLw! x4<*r Y r = E =bt FESt F q ..i-. - '"! ooO?) g AAF. P<B -6 o) = a U) = . c_O!c.u. '-c -V-V5 L!+.! ts. ! ) '"Xa=Fa R. .i r r ?5.---.-< D--- U--1 i '"-oP= a ! -. Eo) € i:.-'rtlz F.d E zV^ ?: e^=.:>€ j>' = . Y'AX i ^ q.E + -+.r*+* *..: = P E ".lt +:azi..-i 5! 8= € -.i *P >' F..:..c EE j= '^ HEE53=EEEE Ed =T <Si- H\ ^-.7 = Fi -r :: 7PY.i -q . .E .gE i=.=== t: a= .2 ". =i!d!:e E .6 -.:< = . .rl =ii* ii3E!BggIEEt. ij =. =' x Y= Y..o k EA F =.2 s€iFEi3.q >\q) "i9x ^ -x(J !!cde Er.=€ -'.9 :t.=t qi .-=. +o 6: 2 (J bn.5 rlnnntr a- s .E 5 =e sz.# E:+f tE+.t^-.9 h I .t li ! d ^t'- : = Hh >_ or-r Q G w ts . (5 ^ c-:.== C ==5>=n=F =d EE E -(rtCD=f tO E -C\l CrJ=lrr)(. o.CE ='i -CG.i .. t63 gi .=-oi 'i. ti-<>rr= o: A c! o > *'^= s: > > -----aaaaaa \\\\\\ c)OOOOC) +HHHHH (\l c') sf lJ.= ctr a.E Z . '.F*q ZA. .^^ a^-*Lu! *_-v 9eL-v99 Cl'-g= C.Y- = i-o L € =- N.-R . E P g: =. .!: = --O i: .i t=J-: CJI<r-i -V C.!.* *h-- {Jaaaa = gffi# ...9 >' or r FE )!s >*.>zE=E: .E f*ijt:1.ET i€* ta SE l-" r ?E li!rd 95(J > u->. .=2=2 i..x E FE E ! -i ^ro 9.-_ 9 t6. =.iii:ti e€ tb=: i'e ! eX aE g E iEEgE.4 -. F E 35()Yt P-o!cj+i I a € 'E .= Ec)+ obo= ui : l. d.g+iE6-+sEEH'q:'EF 9. dJo) E.J o = ..=o) ' i -r. q o a.hn- d2 p ! E .t.: E _c .-.t€=.1 '=-='= !5 cs.gf.E ch o € .-: = ".E E eE. v!- o."--.) CO .ol\ EH 6 j: E iE S Sr.6 :-i <Fq.= q5-V F E =f r. ^E..=. #c) !l =.=1 u = t.-5!? 6.? x 9 -T iEgiiIj3itigi{j -.=F F F:. EPE g:b.EH.Acd.

here ie.#*e*Et4*T"9. too.tt Try to go out with them more! gew .**€i*z}*:**'.round the house Gilbert?' 'Yes! There are some beautiful trees behind the house and in the garden.* * "E+c**4i*r1. Ez* r t:i'* * t". ask and answer questions to find the spiders in your partner's picture. Don't show your picture to your partner! I I c answers You are delinitely a gadget addictl Do your friends call you a ge. p r:. Very healthy Mostly I b answers You like gadgets but you aren't an addict. perfect! I can't live in a place w-here there aren't any trees. What's your answer? new clothes a mobile phone with a camera I a b c a pocket PC lu I Your computer is broken.** #. n&r *re:*z *z t. Well donel nt1ostty Draw six spiders in different places in your picture.z** ft. 13"*iia'{}uF.qz+ l''*.* &7.:==zTz'*.*r""#{{.' 'Oh. &*"**art6 *rc* #p**k"2azg" Ecr:v'*i. {**#* &*. a b c le la I What kind of camera would you like? b a 35 a a disposable one mm c a digital zoom Ll'*it *.t+r*4rgx7*#1' Do the quiz. r I I I I Part 3 'Are ihere anv frees a. You can only ask 20 questions. The garden is very pretty.. You are definitely an eariy bird. #x*rr. I II E Your parents ask what you want for your bifihday.:. You are not a night owl or an early bird: Find your partner's score. b1 b1 b2 b2 b1 b1 You are definitely a night owl.12 **EE it depends. *u*r*i*rc 3. Lhere ien't..-''-}4EE3:ffi . . f.lNo. g*r.. 3{:.. You're happier living without technorogy.' :C e )letr -'t g-cllEei zt:l:lisr? them b t' I a How do you usually arrange to meet a group of friends? phone text them email them c l2 What can your mobile do? send messages connect to the Internet You haven't got a mobile.':. p*rS* A la lhere a epider on Lhe fridqelunder Lhe chair? BYeo. It's in front of the house and there's a little garden gate there between two tall trees.2. :. But that's impossiblel' 'But there is a stream in the garden! It goes from the garden to the sea!' 'Then this house is my house of dreams .10 1 2 3 4 5 Points: a2 aI a3 a2 a1 b1 b2 b2 b3 b2 c3 c3 ci CI c3 I Il .4rtrV. Do you agree with the answer? I I I I I *.{ *## {**Z**4t}#.i*'*a*a.j.. What do you do? use a pen and paper until it is repaired use the phone to contact your friends go to an Internet cafe a b c l6 I a b c lmagine you are on a desert island How do you feel? relaxed you like being away from the hi-tech world 0K for a couple of weeks terrified you can't live without your mobile phone - - and email I key Mostly a answers I You are definitely not a gadget addict. In pairs. I'd Iove a little stream. Totals: 6 8 t: ! -7 . Use each preposition once. Are you an early bird or a night owl? What is your total? 1a2 2 a2 3 a1 4 aI 5 a2 6 a2 t: ::i' \j*it #.

somewhere will soon make a We're al1 a part of God's great big t_ And the truth. yeah.1 #€weE*ae€ {5n$t €. It's never too late! AKonaldo ia from ArqenLina.. let us realise Oh. ls his/her life neurobic? How neurobic is your life? Do you follow the same Well. out Single ! There seems no hope at all But if you just believe There's no way we 11_ fall g€€ . ffxer**** S. ha ien'L frorn ArqenLina. & m*€cw#€c*s Su same place for your holidays? Do you prefer to watch TV 4 3 2 2 1 rather than qo oui with a friend? Do vou like trvino new hobbies? 1 *rmme*ar a*d ffi**#Ea:g. we'll make a Just you and me Atrd their lives E_ someone cares 7_ day Well. and it's time to lend a hand to life The greatest gift of all We can't go on pretending day by't_ That someone. He/She listens and corrects the sentences. Circle your paftner's answers. Then check the score. that change can only come When we stand together as 12. *r**e*t*r *elei Sp*ak*erg. 3 Age: 4 Marrled I 5 Country: 6 Address: When you're down 1('_ 22 Green Koaa. Score 24 or more: You're keeping your brain alive and healthv. E:xS* B" There comes a time when we hear a certain call When the world must t_ together as one There are t_ d. UKitut o_ giving There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives It's true. (clue: Polish) Sa'ai€ - USA for Africa 1985 3. Yeah. Ask and answer the questions in pairs. #x*r*Es* *. you know. (clue: Brazil) B No. (clue: the USA) 3 We're in an English school. p*g* €*5. ffx*r*i** p*g* ?. Song: We Are The World 1 Paris is in Spain. (clue: Polish) 4 I'm from Russia. (clue: France) 2 Venus and Serena Williams are from England. weli. love is all we need lchorusl We are the world We are the 5 We are the ones who make a brighter day So let's Student A Ask Student B questions and complete torm 2. 17 -23: You need to make some changes in your brain exercise habits.e"lcz*EiE" **a#i*g **d Y****seg*ry. Ex***i** ?. 3 4 Student A Read the sentences to Student B. pag* €S*" 3 4 Quiz answers: 3 2 3 1 2 4 4 b (English is the language of the air) 5 a THANKS b apilot 6aGerman bltalian cEnglish dDutch e Czech f Spanish 1c 2c 3c Do you do the same things every weekend? Do you always go to the 4 4 3 2 1 3 2 . send them your heart so they know that be stronger and free As God has shown us by turning stone to bread And so we all e_ lend a helping hand lchorusl Student Visa 1 Surname: 9milh 2 First name: James 3 6 Student Visa 1 Surname: 4 Married [-l slngle Ll 5 CountrY: U9A Address: Ase'. well. yeah [chorusl "*asifltsy* Never Sometimes Usually Always 4 3 2 2 1 routine when Vou qet up? How often do you take a new route to school or work? Do you always have a shower at the same time? Do you like trying different kinds of food? 4 Sl"c**k tu He*r*ise €.24 2 First name: NrwYorf.rng. lde from Srazil. yeah. 8-16: You should start doins neurobic exercises. #**€ *4 ffi*xdi*g *erd List**i*g. Then answer Student B's questions using form 1. p*g* €##.

(clue: Spain) 3 We're in a French class. where/youllive? = Where do you live? You agree 1 2 3 4 5 w'hat tlme/you/go to school? you/have a big breakfast? with this because: r erlq nnllrrto tho rir o pollution is getting worse . They ehould. . *rammar e*td Lr*?*nex4 u Zx*r*E** 4. I 4 Married I Single 5 CountrY: Auel. *'ta?E i.r e** ffi*#dEar*. Student A Discuss this statement with Student B. Sa*r*9s* . r Say yes to the second suggestion and say why.i*4.60 $8. .*r *4*e #.. from Ar1enltna. Answer Student B's and Student C's questions about prices in pounds and dollars.p*gx#8. Call a shop and: . 3:*g* S. low much ie a kilo of bananae? AKonaldo ia from Arqenr"ina. p*g* 1 Surname: Jonee 2 First name: Ernma Student A Test your partner with these questions.€. geg* € &. . Student A Write the questions and then ask Student B. find out about the price and thank the shop assistant for the information. *#a*e\s*rE * aT * ili *t*i? i st *. Write Student B's answers. $FE**kicrff fr*d Student A You want 4"is'H**g*g. p*g* #S. *ra*rc+*r '*xt| &px*?. tr5a:i€ Student Visa G€*" €*u #rxmr**r 4## g****acEe{g?#xaF{:A**.J*Et *.*= p*g* ?" Student A Ask Students B and C for the prices of food and drink in euros and complete the table. Ask your partner for a suggestion. ban care tn cir"y cenlree. le's lrorn Srazil. he ion'|. o Say no to the first suggestion and say why. flE" 7 Student A You can't decide what to buy your parents for their wedding anniversary._. 1 Rome is in I'rance. A Student B Read the sentences to Student A.ilrii: t. cars cause traffic jams o the city will be cleaner what music/you/listen to? your best friend/phone you at the weekend? you/get up early on Saturdays? #€*#ere€ ffi m*E&wx€$es FJ*i€ €. Then listen and write the numbers Student B says. (clue: Poland) #*i€ €*. W****a. offer. *s*r***e 3. #r*m*a. fie*rctx* &. (clue: Italy) 2 Julio and Enrique Iglesias are from the USA. Then ask Student A questions and complete form 2. size and weight. 2. He/She listens and corrects the sentences. frx*r**s* ?. say why you're phoning and ask what they have on Student B Answer Student As questions using form 1. . Sg:*mkcng xcee* tEs€****9.r r rvtJdb Ur:E? € €. *c*r*c** 3.*E*rg. choose one of the two cameras and ask about the appearance.25 40p I'm from England. UKitut I t w2z. 3Age:1&_ . to buy a new digital camera. gxg* *. They love watching films and they've got lots ol DVDs. px g* 3 *6. 3 Where is Madagascar? 4 What's the name of a long shopping street in Edinburgh? 5 Which lake rs the source of the River Nile? 1 899 2 672 1J*?u" 4573 3 0801 73664 3301 4 t54r2 77588 € #*# n 4. You begin. **#* €'€" Studeni A Diciate these numbers to Student B. (clue: Brazil) B No. cars use a lot of petrol .ratra 6 SydneY Address: 15 \ leeL ALreeN' Student Visa 1 3 6 Surname: Age: 1 Which river goes through the city of Bath in 2 First name: Great Britain? 2 What are the names of two parks h the USA? 4 Married 5 Counky: Address: f Single I H&ffi . Sp**ki*g a=*L1=2*xz*9. (clue: Engllsh) 4 E r/$ kilo oI bananas a rin ol lomatoes a packel 6[ r'fieese a €_ €_ €_ a bag of ajar of coffee a carton of milk sugar $1. 7v. Exer*iss ?.

3 cm wide 250 grams s250 grey and white L0 cm long. Discuss this statement with Student A. it wiil be difficult for people to get to the shops . . weight and price. . Student B You are a shop assistant. z-l****za1*y7.80 bottle of oil $9.. Look Size Codo 200 Nixo Pixo Student B Write the questions and then ask Student A. gt*6* *#" Student B Ask Students A and C for the prices of food and drink in pounds and complete the table. gag* #F+" &. Ey. Wear blue clothes todav - for oood luck. #g**Hareg e#4 9-1*2**t*#" *x*r*i** #. Write Student A's answers. A How rrucA ie a box ot biecatr. 5 cm r. You You are a very positive person. Y. *. #x*r*€** 4. Offer two cameras (Codo 200 and Nixo Pixo). the buses will be very full o taxis are very expenslve r the shops will lose a lot of money don't agree with this because: Nothing in the world is difficult if you really want It is a oood time to make new friends *= E**=++=?*:y. p*ge B #*it €t*. . pxgx E&X. #s**?-iaeer e{c#V**#*4}Z*rg.o you live? black and silver 8 cm long. fr:x*r*ic* 3. . # w*EapseTW V #*il 7 .vide Weight 400 grams s210 1 what time/you/get home after school? 2 where/you/do your homework? 3 your best friend/go shopping on Saturdays? 4 vou. *r a*w*e:*r r:ls* 4. 1 What are the highest mountains in Greece and Wales? 2 Where is the Natlonal Gallery in London? 3 Which islands are in the Caribbean Sea? 4 Where is the Republlc of Congo? 5 Which street does the British Prime Minister iive in? 4jrcc+" Your fortune cookie says: -* 1&. Then dictate these numbers to Student A. Answer Student A's and Student C's questions about prices in euros and dollars. p* g * ? 6. Student Test your partner with these questions. ban care in ciLy cenLree. Student Your paftner asks for a suggestion for a wedding anniversary present. Sp**k$arg sffid Lis€*e?*rrg. Student C Ask Students A and B for the prices of food and drink in dollars and complete the table. size.50 r irr nf nnffoe a pacrket of cheese €2./watch TV/at weekends? 5 what films/you/like? LE:'si€ Price #a.e*r*E*x . p*6* 53. Student B Find your partner's fofiune and read it to him/her. 3 some shops will have to close ffiEw#wmT r**aa.a€'E €. A customer calls you and wants to find out about digital cameras that you have on offer.ffia*r*E** B *. They ohould. 13.*E**i*#.j*EA 1*. #*#* 3E&. 1 645 2 988 Elzszl 3329 3 0201 70025 2648 4 79664 59077 *** Lz*lrsxi**.iln nf crrrceooc */ zlO E&# .x? *ffi# Lt. E .99 e L. &p**k+xg xn* ?*ix€xxc**. p*gx Ei . {+e*r+\x* it.e? A How much ie a iar of coff ee? $ I box of biscuits a carton of milk a a c/$ €tt $ 5_ kilo of sausages S- s_ a a kilo of bananas €1.%p*x?". R**di*g **d V**ahr'cF*rg. Student 1 Don't worry about the future. Your luckv number this month is '16. flxer**s* 4. where/you/live? = Where d.75 a bottle of oil $ a bag of sugar s a a rin ol romaroes 90c (€) box of biscuits 52.€s . *. Answer Student A's and Student B's questions about prices in euros and pounds. #xrl* *8" Student B Listen and write the numbers StudentA says.l9ztiz. B *a*r*is* 7. . . Suggest some cinema tickets. Student A begins. Suggest a DVD. Answ-er the customer's questions about the appearance.

caught l::i' forgot feJt found J forgotten l:3i Ilmr know learn t<new had I l:.lrregular verbs beaten become begun break broke 0r0Ken illis buy cdfl i bought I I coutd caught I fixlnn' bought been able :iilT' l:lil'. i :ity :ff' l::l catch .r known left lent llearnedilearntllearned/learnt lent lend r44 .

:el : latal i la.sel : Rlayer lower tireo flower . / Itl tdt tie die butter walked feet fir happy De0 teddy bear tw /gt ItS cat grve key school Itl check l. I niece read these receipt police gym guitar pretty spaghetti married key I chair jeans face visit ldsl /fl tst ldl /s/ ghost bigger match natural age gadget soldier coffee phone laugh of any bread friend 0ad /o:/ /D/ bath bottle art half aunt heart watch boughl throw they sell cinema listen psycn0rOgy scenery message tul /uit put boot 0ul lzl 200 ty lsl lhl /ml lnl /tJl shop measure nose buzz sure ambition revision lstl lel : I : bird brother .. sport your daughter small draw vJar floor book could rude blue fruit move shoe group flew some cousin serve eafly turn the about actor colour hot map n0t srng lot road who summer Diphthongs (two vowel sounds pronounced as one) know think leil /eul grey gold lake wait play break eight sunny ltl /r/ show eyes coat height buy ball /atl write by brown like die high about noisy sorry ty lw/ yellow usually Europe beautiful new laul /cil lrcl /ee/ boy hear warm one whale quick hair sure nere oeer there their teddy bear square lue/ poor toilr Triphthongs (three vowel sounds pronounced as one) lercl .Fr*sE a€sg*Ex€s*se €a*4x G01'ISONANTS VOWELS Symbol tpl lbt I Key word park bath Other common spellings happy rubbish Symbol Key word Other common spellings Long and shorl vowels /:. la.

see page 11 be extensively prepared for school-leaving exams see pages 2-5 Teachers.105-85 19 1 llililllllll ililltltliltl www. For further reading at this Ievel see Anne of Green Gables and other level 2 readers. Students . can easily adapt lessons and tests with photocopiables and the Testmaster CD-ROM. be motivated and confident with activities that help learners both understand and internalise srammar rules and avoid common mistakes. ' * can make every lesson different with the variety of material in the Students'Book.. It's all in the name! With Success we recommend the Longman Wordwise Dictionary.rongman.. the video.. photocopiables and tests. enjoy their course with the inspiring and up-to-date topics and'Culture Shock' sections. be able to speak easily * * * g see page 135 see page 63 " with a syllabus that focuses on communication in real-world contexts and vocabulary.com .@***G !Etur!ry Anne of 6reen Gahles Elementary Students' Book AEE AEE stas**cats asag?L t* sea****{9" a*a*fu*rs :a. 5!- il|8$5. the CD-ROM. with a clear syllabus supported by exam practice and exam strategies.&s?t t*: er*at* gr**t E*sse>s?t*. Sac***sc giv*s *h*a:a th* *pp*r*aa:aat_v" will . I SBN 978-1 .. .

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