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Transformer Protection

Transformer Protection

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Published by: Yamini Upadhyay on Feb 21, 2012
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sparking . y The overload relaying may be provided to operate with a time lag to provide back up protection .PROTECTION REQUIREMENT y Protective equipment for transformer protection includes gas relays which give an alarm on incipient faults . small arcing.and surge arresters which give protection to the insulation from high voltage surges . .other protective relays. y Incipient fault include loose connection in conducting path . differential system of protection which gives protection on phase to phase faults plus phase to ground faults.

Safety And Monitoring Devices y Fluid level gauge y Vaccum gauge y Pressure/vaccum switch y Sudden Pressure Relay y Pressure Relief Valve y Fluid Temperature Indicator y Hot spot temperature indicator y Gas temperature indicator .




Buchholz Relay .

While doing so the mercury switch attached to the float is closed and the mercury switch closes the alarm circuit . which being light .The Float. Floating in the oil in the Buchholz relay tilts down with the lowering oil level.The product of decomposition contain more than 70% f hydrogen gas. thereby the oil level in the Buchholz relay drops down. y The gas gets collected in the upper portion of the Buchholz relay .The arc due to fault causes decomposition of transformer oil. rises upward and tries to go into the conservator.Buchholz Relay y Principle ² The inciprnt fault in transformer tank below oil level actuate Buchholz relay so as to give an alarm.

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