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Topic 7 Evaluation Year 12 IB Design Technology Human Factors/Graphics

Evaluation and the Consumer


Working in groups of 3/4 you are going to make an informative PowerPoint

presentation due for next lesson about Evaluation and the consumer. You need to
address each of the following points, find examples which can illustrate your

1. Define value for money.

2. Compare price with value when assessing a product for value for money.
3. Explain how consumers apply criteria to evaluate a product for value for money,
referring to before purchase, purchase, initial use, and long term use.
4. Discuss how the criteria in point 3 are assigned different weightings depending
on the design context.
5. Explain the relevance of quality assurance to consumer associations for product
6. Discuss the role of consumer associations for product evaluation.
7. Explain the contribution of the media and education to product evaluation.

Add the bibliography as the final slides with hyperlinks