Heavenly Father, You have inspired us with a common vision which has now become a challenge accepted. We realize that the challenge to serve is both a privilege and a duty- an honor dutyundeserved, an obligation freely observed, and generously given.

Conscious of our vocation of service, then, we come to discover You by sharing with our neighbor what is most precious to us: our life and our love. Give us the courage to enter into life s mysteries, to respect life and celebrate life...... Even as life comes to us in a special child. Give us the wisdom to see life through Your eyes, to rise beyond our doubts and risks, to go forward and bring our love to others around us.

Ready to heed Your call in Your special Child, recognizing that when that child calls, You call, Heavenly Father, at this moment, we rededicate ourselves to our profession s challenge of service. AMEN

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