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Max Allen Rogers Major: Software and Information Systems (423) 276-0031 mroger50@uncc.


Main Achievements:
y y y y y y y CISCO CCNA Discovery Courses Certificate of Excellence in Information Technology in 2009 Internship with Union County Public Schools Technology Services Member of the 49th Security Division. The Vice President of sophomore, junior, and senior class. Quick learner, accustomed to working in a fast paced environment. SECCDC (Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition) Team Member.

Extracurricular Activities:
y y y y y y Network and cyber security exploitation / Information assurance. 49th Security Division. C++ Programing. National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Java Programming. Reverse Engineering.

Experience with:
Wireless Cracking Nmap Wireshark John the Ripper Ettercap Backtrack Linux Cain and Able Nessus Pyrit Hydra Metasploit IDS Software Nexpose OphCrack IDA Pro Aircrack-ng suite Backtrack Linux Cuda Brute Forcing Kismet Windows/Unix/Linux

Job Experience:
Computer Doc: y Hardware/Software repair. y Virus removal and research. Internship: Union County Public Schools Technology Services. y Worked under a network administrator.

Central Academy of Technology and Arts: Graduate University of North Carolina @ Charlotte: Undergrad