Name - Pongattum Inba Uravu Author - RamaniChandran Genre - Romance Climax - Happy Ending Main Characters - Sudhakar (Hero

), MadhuManjari (Heroine), Kanakalingam (Heroine's Uncle,Villain), Sakuntala (Kanakalingam's Wife) Plot Sudhakar's parents and MadhuManjari's parents are rich and close friends. Their parents decide to get them married when they come of age. Once both the family go for picnic. At that time due to an accident the boat capsizes. With the only life jacket they allow both their children escape by asking Sudhakar to take care of MadhuManjari and MadhuManjari's mom tell her to hold on to Sudhakar. The parents pass away and the children survive. At that time Sudhakar is 10 years and MadhuManjari is 5 years. MadhuManjari's is a poor fellow but a scheming and a cunning one. As MadhuManjari is the daughter of the rich person, he takes custody of her. Also he carefully avoids Sudhakar's family by threatening MadhuManjari's safety. They then give up hope but they wait for the time to rescue her from his clutches. MadhuManjari's parents in their will clearly mention that when she turns 21 the property will go to her and her husband. If anything happens before, then it will go to Sudhakar. Also Sudhakar is partner of the property which MadhuManjari holds. So Kanakalingam brainwashes MadhuManjari by saying that it was he who took care and then defames Sudhakar and family. So MadhuManjari believes her uncle blindly. Sakuntala is a good lady but she too is threatened by Kanakalingam. So she carefully takes care of MadhuManjari by not allowing her to get closer to her son which is Kanaklingam's plan to get her wealth. She wants MadhuManjari to marry Sudhakar as per parent's wish. So she acts sternly and so MadhuManjari does not know her inner motives. MadhuManjari grows and is haunted by the childhood incident. She vaguely remembers but could not figure out who rescued her. Kanakalingam cunningly tells het that it was his son (good for nothing) who rescued her thereby planning to get her married to his son. MadhuManjari now (Beautiful, intelligent but fickle minded) is 20 and one day she meets Sudhakar (dashing, smart and handsome) by circumstance. Sudhakar tells her that her uncle's son has swindled money from the factory of which he is also a partner. She can save him only if she marries Sudhakar. Also he has written confession of her Uncle's son of his fraudulent activities. If she fails to marry Sudhakar, her Uncle's son will go to jail. So she marries Sudhakar and at that time Kanakalingam is away. On the nuptial night she is haunted by her

Kanakalingam poisons her mind by saying that Sudhakar has married her only for money. Sudhakar asks MadhuManjari to transfer her property to his name before leaving. Sudhakar and his family know how wicked Kanakalingam is. So he makes another plan. Meanwhile Sudhakar has a cousin named Ranjana. At that time Kanakalingam comes and when he knows that MadhuManjari has transferred the property he gets furious. MadhuManjari agrees to it. Sudhakar and MadhuManjari have a turbulent marriage life because of her fickle mindedness. Sakuntala asks her to go back. MadhuManjari is smitten by Sudhakar and she readily settles with him. MadhuManjari is confused and she also her nightmarish dream again. Sudhakar tells her that he loved only MadhuManjari and he was just helping Ranjana as a relative. MadhuManjari refuses and says she does not want it. There he can force her to sign the document so that he can kill her and put the blame on Sudhakar. He threatens both of them. He tricks both Sakuntala and MadhuManjari and takes them to the remote island. So they never respect him. So he spends time with her. MadhuManjari is heartbroken now as she started loving Sudhakar deeply but she could but go against her Uncles' wishes. He plans to take her to his remote bungalow. He thrashes MadhuManjari and threatens her to transfer the property again back to his name. She dislikes MadhuManjari. Ranjana's family has some financial trouble and Sudhakar steps in to solve the problem. He bides for the time so that she can know the truth. As Sudhakar loved only MadhuManjari.nightmarish dream. She is upset and wants to leave the house. Sudhakar saves MadhuManjari again who now realizes that it was Sudhakar who saved her in childhood. Sudhakar consoles her and they both have a memorable and lovable nuptial night. MadhuManjari interprets that Sudhakar is cheating on her. Kanakalingam is frustrated to see his plans shatter by his useless son. He also clarifies all her doubts. Sudhakar comes to rescue her and says Sakuntala informed about her whereabouts. At that time Sakuntala tells her in detail of her parents and also how bad Kanakalingam is. Sudhakar knows and doesn’t say anything. They escape but Kanakalingam seeing his plan shatter shoots them. MadhuManjari apologizes to him and says that she was in love with him long time back and she wanted only his love and . Ranjana had plans of marrying him and Sudhakar's sister is also closer to her. MadhuManjari now realizes her fault but feels it is too late. But Sakuntala advises her that she should trust her husband. Sudhakar advises her to consult doctor. This is taken by MadhuManjari in a different way. She goes to her uncle's house. Ranjana is disappointed. He also wants her to get back the Confession statement. She agrees first but later refuses on the advice of Kanakalingam who tells her that Sudhakar wants her to be declared insane so that he can abduct her wealth. After being hospitalized both Sudhakar and MadhuManjari come home. Whatever Sudhakar or his family does is interpreted by her wrongly.

.not anything.. . Both feel that cannot live without each other and start again their happy marriage life....

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