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Happy in Singapore

Happy in Singapore

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Published by: Louis Sheldon Legros on Feb 21, 2012
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Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore

Study Tour Singapore
Denitsa Boneva, Hristo Boyadzhiev & Louis Legros ± February 6th 2012

Agenda (1) Information about Singapore (2) Key Values of Singapore (3) Singapore Food Industry (4) Information about Happy Restaurants (5) Business Customs to Consider (6) Recommendations to Happy Restaurants (7) Key Takeaways Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 .

2% others GPD per capita ~US$41. 14% Malay.8 million expatriates) 75% Chinese.000 Trends: Desire for luxury Hectic lifestyles drive demand for convenience Singaporeans try to live a healthy life Infrastructure Ever expanding FTA Pro Business Environment Flexible financial schemes Highly skilled domestic labor force Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 .0 million inhabitants (~1.Information about Singapore Facts: Located in South Eastern Asia 660 km2 Island ~5. 9% Indian.

Key Values of Singapore Hierarchical society (13th in power distance). Work is formal. with great respect given to one¶s boss. and chain of command is followed closely Great respect is given to the elderly Family oriented (3rd lowest individualism score) People often think of how decisions affect the group instead of themselves Multicultural Population Not risk-averse (lowest uncertainty avoidance) Various faiths are practiced Harmonious culture Respect and Face are very important to individuals ³Kiasu´ (fear of losing) Highly competitive society Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 .

Indian.Singapore Food Industry Variety of cuisines ± Thai. Vietnamese. Strong demand for convenience Purpose of dining out is not only to satisfy hunger ± it¶s a social activity and a way to spend time with others Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 . busy working professionals also frequent Sales of home delivery and take away grew by 94% in constant value terms between 2006 and 2009. American Increasing expenditure on consumer food services Most spending on dining out is on chains or independent hawkers Multiple independent food chains with a common area Fast food outlets are popular amongst teenagers and students.

Spain Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 .Information about Happy Restaurants Started in 1994 in Varna. Bulgaria as a seafood restaurant Moved to become a Bar & Grill diner Found on top locations in cities and key points on main road systems Introduction of Happy Sushi restaurants Currently 30 restaurants around Bulgaria and 2 in Barcelona.

Business Customs to Consider There are three main ethnic groups in Singapore: Chinese. but instead parts of a whole Accept business card with two hands Either a bow or handshake is acceptable. depending on the person Shoes are rarely worn in a household Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 . Muslim and Hindu Therefore some customs like gift giving & food vary Each group doesn¶t see themselves as separate.

fruits) Offer take away and delivery because of the growth and demand for these extra-value services Cut down service time in order to target busy working individuals who want a good meal on the go Open a beachhead in the famous Lau Pa Sat food court in the business district Offer a wider range of dishes at different price levels to target both younger consumers and workers Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 .Recommendations to Happy Restaurants (1) Offer some traditional and local dishes (Singaporeans prefer rice-based meals. vegetables.

Recommendations to Happy Restaurants (2) Partner with a local beer producer like Tiger Beer Familiarize themselves with the specifics of the Employment Act as laws in Singapore are different and penalties are enforced Promote a ³racial discrimination-free´ work environment and company policies (national legislation has no equal opportunities) Building personal relationships with suppliers and partners is key Send chefs to the Global Chef Exchange (and other similar events) that is organized yearly in Singapore ± a good way to exchange culinary ideas between local and foreign chefs and restaurateurs and get the Happy name out Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 .

Key Takeaways Singapore: It¶s remarkable what a country can do with vision. It seems like a powerful law system backed up by radical penalties could shape a perfect society. Family is the basic unity of society. There is a fundamental belief in racial and religious harmony. the latter is based on consensus. not contention. political determination. practically zero corruption and lots of work in less than 50 years. Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 . The community takes precedence over the individual in Singapore.

They have different values. attitudes. looking to the East is no longer a luxury.Key Takeaways Doing business in Asia: At times when the West is ³neck-deep´ in debts and in dire need of an economic boost. not contracts ± this is the only way to guarantee long-term business prospects. and practices which need to be understood and respected if one is to be successful. Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 . Focus on building relationships. but rather a necessity. It¶s a misconception to label all Asian countries as similar when it comes to doing business.

Thank you! Happy Bar & Grill in Singapore ± February 6th 2012 .

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