In a moment you will enter a magical world

.. moment....In just a moment.

«You will witness something really strange .

..You will witness ..

.An amazing illusion.. .. illusion..

.« an illusion of David Copperfield.

Although this is a common program. that.. .. you will see that...

mind. through the monitor. see your mind.I can. .

You can see 6 different cards. cards. Just think on it. Think on one. it. it. one. Do not touch it Do not click on it. I will find the card on your mind .

...Now look straigth into my eyes and think on your card.

I do not know you.. I could not see the card you have chosen« «but I know exactly the card that is on your mind.. .

¡Look! ¡¡Your card is gone!! gone!! .

¿Surprised? .

¡See you! you! .

...You have seven days left after reading this message... ...

....... .unless you send it to your friends..

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