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3 Muscle Types Guideline

Directions: First, read the first section of chapter 7 addressing the three types of muscle. This is found on pg. 156. Second, fill in the following chart on the 3 types of muscle. Use the internet if you get stuck. Lastly, on pg. 157 label the arm in reference to the skeletal muscle.

1. Skeletal
Diagram of 2-3 cells - add color to them.

2. Cardiac

3. Smooth

Location? Where are these muscles found? General use?

Do they have striations? Define the term:

What do they generally look like? (ie. branched, cyndrical, long, tapered?)

Voluntary or Involuntary? Define the terms. How many nuclei? Other important pieces of information?

) Insertion- 3. .) Origin- 2. Provide a sentence using the terms origin.) Tendons- Provide a sentence of your own using the terms noted in the directions. insertion.Name: Date 3 Muscle Types Guideline Directions: using the text. label the diagram and define the terms. muscle bone Define: 1. Use figure 7-2 caption to give you an idea.