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 One feature added to stop vehicle by mobile phone anywhere . General object to track motor vehicle with an integrated system  A tag is comprise to vehicle & receiver tag to reader which detect vehicle by sending RF to vehicle . .

Reader to code the RF echo to make in useful data y DTMF based fuel locking & unlocking of fuel of vehicle .y A temper-proof electronic vehicular license plate within integrated transmitting components of 12 bit code capable to have status of vehicle y Mobile receivers to detect vehicle.

and Owner¶s Name 8051 Tx PORT 2 Rx DATA PIN RFID BASED VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM .Display Vehicle No.




y Greater data capacity y No line of sight requirements y Automated reading y Theft protection y Easily & fastly read .

mainly tag collision & readers collision It is when two or more readers overlap & tags are present in small area .y Collision :.

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