front elevation 26’ back elevation


3 bedroom family style or 2 bedroom + loft models footprint: 1525 sf living area: 1660 sf decks & patios (as drawn): 353 sf garage: 278 sf total sq footage: 2531 sf Intended to fit on a typical 40’ Seattle City lot

1 32’





61’ upper floor plan

6 4 5 3 2

1 2 3 4 5 6 sleeping bathing cooking dining living garage

main floor plan

Currently growing + evolving, we reserve the right to change plans, specifications, materials, features without notice


www.placehouses.com 206.281.8225

8225 .M front back Currently growing + evolving. LLC www.com 206.placehouses. specifications.281. features without notice PLACE HOUSE MEDIUM PLACE HOUSES. materials. we reserve the right to change plans.

com Generally. specifications.com 206. site specific work is not included.Standard for flat site: •Grading •Excavation •Site Backfill •On-site storm water management (utilizing elements of Low Impact Development) •Concrete Slab Foundation (Subject to site conditions.placehouses. LLC www. inspections & soil testing •Paving and Surfacing •Taxes •Permits •City/county fees •Hourly consulting fees to expedite permit process •Utility fees and connections •Full basement/crawlspace •Demolition of any existing structure •Finish & equipment upgrades •Design customization (hourly consulting fee) •Engineering fees for custom design •Site access equipment •Freight outside of Seattle area •Detached garages •Additional consulting and contracting fees for building outside of the Seattle area •AC upgrade •Super Green upgrade Currently growing + evolving. & material depends on the site) •Light landscaping with drought tolerant plants •Entry walk •Choice of three finish packages. Prices will vary according to location. materials.$220. Budgets have been established for an ideal construction scenario) •Concrete Finishing •Patio/Deck (Exact location. we reserve the right to change plans.8225 . Costs based on estimates for the greater Seattle area. WHAT’S INCLUDED? WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED? questions? call: (206) 281 8225 write: bethany@placearchitects. •Site specific engineering: snow loads/steep slope/earthquake zones/local requirements •Site design and site plan drawing •Site survey. features without notice Cost per square foot typ: $180 . to include: Lighting & communication Fixtures Appliances •1 year’s worth of green tags to offset the polluting effects of your energy use by supporting the development of clean renewable energy. PLACE HOUSES.281. size.

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