The analysis of Derivation (Al-Qiyas

Factors affecting the proposition of foreign lexical items in the lexicon 1- Religious 2-Cultural 3- Linguistic The sacredness of Arabic and the foreign words in the Nobel Qura an Is Arabic language sacred? why? and how does this aspect affect Arabic? The Developmen of Arabic Arabic had faced two challenges a) Hellenic science and philosophy (13th century) b) Colonialism and European influence (19th century) Arab grammarians and Al-Qiyas a) Abu Al-Awad Al-Du ali b) The two rivial schools of Basra and Kufa c- The men of Nahdah The analogical method of derivation Basic lexical items (finite primitives) => Morphological Process => Neologism (infinite) Three main forms of derivation a)the simple or small derivation b) Metathesis or large derivation c) root transformation or largest derivation The simple derivation and linguistic molds (qwalib) a) fi3alan denotes profession or type of activity b)fa3alan denotes fluctuating movement or commotion c)fu3al denotes sikness d)fa3al denotes hapitual activity or profession c)mif3al denotes instrument Advanatages of using linguistic molds Principles of using new words a) derivation from existing roots b- approximation of older vocabulary to new meanings c- translation of foreign items in the descriptive paraphrase

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