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Musculoskeletal System Word Building Exercise

Musculoskeletal System Word Building Exercise

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Published by: Catherine West on Feb 21, 2012
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Musculoskeletal System - Word Building Exercise Using the following word parts, complete the word that best

fits each definition given below. Word parts may be used more than once. NOTE: Some terms use more than one combining form. Some may have more than one correct answer. arthr/o chondr/o ili/o oste/o brachi/o cost/o lumb/o pelv/i/o calcane/o fasci/o myel/o ten/o cephal/o fibr/o my/o thorac/o cervic/o humer/o orth/o vertebr/o

1. Pain in the arm: arthalgia______________algia 2. Tumor-containing muscle cells: __mastocytoma___________cytoma 3. Death of a segment of a bone: __________osteonecrosis_______necrosis 4. Relating to the ilium and the sacrum: ____sacroiliac__________sacral 5. Pain in the heel: _________calaneodynia___________dynia 6. Protrusion of spinal cord through defect in vertebral canal: myelocystocele__________cystocele 7. Inflammation of a tendon sheath: _tenosynovitis_______________synovitis 8. Concerning the ribs and the neck: ____cervical_____________________al 9. Fusion of two bones: arthrodesis_______________desis 10. Excision of strips of fascia: _fasciectomy__________ectomy 11. Pertaining to the lower back and the ribs: __lumbosacrial___________________al 12. Edema of the head / brain: cerebralodema______________edema 13. Pain in chest muscles: ___thoracodynia____________dynia 14. Pertaining to the face and neck: _________cervical____facial 15. Tumor of fibrous tissue and cartilage: fibroblastoma___________________oma 16. Softening of cartilage: ____chondromalcia_____________malacia 17. Pertaining to the humerus and the radial bones: _humeroradial______________radial 18. Science of mechanical devices for orthopedic use: ___orthotics_______tics 19. Visual inspection of the pelvis: _pelvioscopy________scopy 20. Surgical repair of a vertebra: _vertebroplasty___________plasty

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