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DEAR FRIENDS, With your support, The Bay Citizen has become an essential and award-winning source for Bay Area civic and cultural news. We're helping to blueprint what a news organization, and the news itself, will look like for generations to come. In 2010 we published more than 1,000 stories on important topics that without The Bay Citizen would be under-reported-or left untold altogether. We publish our stories on our website,; in print through our partnership with The New York Times; and, beginning in 2011,on KGO radio. We launched in May 2010; already, the news The Bay Citizen reports is reaching several hundreds of thousands Bay Area residents each month. Our mission requires us to innovate. We use technology to change how we report the news. Our strategic investment in technology enables us to supplement our stories with videos, databases and other interactive elements. Those interactives let our readers make sense of the news in their own lives. Our readers participate in the news by commenting on articles, submitting tips or writing a Citizen Blog. We also break new ground with our financial model and path to sustainability. Together, we are proving that local journalism can be a community-supported public service. We ask for your help, and we are inspired by your response. In 2010 we raised more than $10 million from local philanthropists, corporations and foundations to help underwrite some of our operating costs over the next several years. And, 2,155 individuals became contributors to our cause. We can't thank you enough for being a part of our early days. Here's to more good news ahead! Sincerely,


F. Warren Hellman Chairman, The Bay Citizen


The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report

DEAR FRIENDS. The Bay Citizen was founded to promote creativity and innovation in local journalism and to catalyze community engagement with the news. Last year, thanks to you, we made great strides toward both. After months of planning throughout 2009, we launched, which provides in-depth, multimedia reporting on civic and cultural events produced by professional journalists, on May 26, 2010. A few days later, we began producing the twice-weekly Bay Area report of The New York Times. Five months later, we received our first journalism awards for our coverage of business and the environment. We drive public debate with our stories: Our coverage of the spike in whooping cough led to other news outlets' reporting the story. Our searchable database of school vaccination rates was one of the most-visited pages on our site. We were out front on our coverage of the November 2010 elections, the Johannes Mehserle trial, the tragic gas pipe explosion in San Bruno, the fierce debate over pension reform in San Francisco and the alarming death rate among local veterans returning from war, among other stories. Our innovative arts and culture coverage included investigating what were allegedly lost Ansel Adams negatives, dispatching local literary star Dave Eggers to illustrate the San Francisco Giants' World Series appearance and assigning an author to blog about reading Mark Twain's newly released autobiography. In 2011,we have been expanding our editorial team, enabling us to produce more ground breaking coverage of important issues. And, we are expanding our data journalism team to further leverage technology to engage our readers. With key support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, we will share our publishing platform with our peer organizations, enabling their newsrooms across the country to work more efficiently. Thanks for being a part of this effort to sustain journalism and create a next-generation news organization for the Bay Area.

President and CEO 3

"The time has come for new thinking and aggressive action to dramatically improve the information opportunities available to the American people, the information health of the country's communities and the information vitality of our democracy."
Knight Commission

Professional journalism plays a critical role in maintaining our democracy by providing residents of local communities with an unbiased fact base, a watchdog on powerful institutions and a tool that encourages civic participation. Yet news organizations across the country are facing a crippling financial crisis. Due to the recession and changes in news consumption, advertising revenues have continued to plummet, forcing deep cuts in newsroom staff across the country. Approximately 13,500 fulltime jobs for newsroom professionals disappeared between 2007 and 2010. And in the past 10 years, newsrooms in the u.s. have lost more than 25 percent of their full-time journalists (American Society of News Editors 2010 census).

In the Bay Area, an independent analysis found that newspapers collectively reduced their newsrooms by more than 50 percent in the five years preceding 2009, from 900 journalists to 400. Reduced staff has resulted in a precipitous decline in the number of original, professionally written stories about the Bay Area. At one major newspaper in the region, local news coverage has shrunk over the past decade from 100 stories per day to only 40. Coverage of key civic issues related to education, health, public policy, science, and arts and culture has declined twice as much as coverage of local sports and entertainment. At the same time, a 2010 study by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press indicates that news consumption is up: "There

are many more ways to get the news these days, and as a consequence Americans are spending more time with the news than over much of the past decade. Digital platforms are playing a larger role in news consumption, and they seem to be more than making up for modest declines in the audience for traditional platforms." Online media has, in fact, surpassed newspapers and radio in popularity as a news platform and now ranks just behind TV. New media expert and New York University professor Clay Shirky compares these changes in consumer behavior and the news industry to the turbulence in the 16th century brought about by the invention of the printing press. The news needs a new approach. That is what The Bay Citizen is all about.


The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report


The Bay Citizen is a next-generation news organization that aims to preserve the integrity of professional coverage of Bay Area civic issues and cultural events, while innovating the way stories are told and the way readers consume and interact with the news.





High quality editorial coverage of civic and community news, from public policy and education to arts and science

Broad distribution of content across multiple channels to engage diverse audiences and promote civic participation; foster local content network; co-create content

Leveraging technology to produce and disseminate news cost-effectively; develop a culture of entrepreneurism; become a lab for testing new tools to enable compelling, interactive content

Expand diverse revenue streams including memberships, sponsorships, earned income and philanthropic investment; testing new business ideas to sustain local journalism



These values are especially important now as the public is increasingly skeptical of news media's credibility. We aspire to build a trusted brand in local, fact-based civic and cultural news about the Bay Area.


Stories by The Bay Citizen appear on our website,, as news breaks. We also bring a collection of our stories to our readers' inboxes in our daily Morning Briefing email.


Our content collaboration with The New York Times makes us the second of only three news organizations in the U.S. to produce a local section in the esteemed 160-year-old newspaper. Our stories reach more than 61,000 Bay Area New York Times print subscribers, as well as visitors to around the world.

~bc Ne\lt lork ~hncs

"This agreement with The Bay Citizen is another big step for The Times toward two goals: helping meet the demand for the highest-quality local reporting ...and finding ways to collaborate with trusted providers to get that job done."
Bill Keller, Executive Editor, The New York Times


The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual



In 2010, we initiated collaborations with 27 news sites and blogs that focus on hyperlocal coverage of different neighborhoods, communities and cultural topics. In addition, through a special partnership, The Bay Citizen features stories and blog posts from the ethnic media organization New America Media on a weekly basis.


In the first months of 2011,we released our iPhone app to deliver Bay Citizen news to a mobile audience. And we launched our relationship with KGO Radio AM 810 to share our reporting with listeners around the Bay Area.


The UC Berkeley journalism schools' expertise in new media and hyperlocal news sites has shaped our approach to our mission and our community. In return, The Bay Citizen offers mentoring and paid internships to give journalism students an opportunity to hone their reporting and multimedia storytelling skills in a real-world environment.


"Our stories shine a light on Bay Area news that is otherwise going unreported. We give residents the information they need to understand our community and our world."
Jonathan Weber, Editor-in-Chief

Central to The Bay Citizen's efforts is our staff of 18experienced and award-winning journalists who aim to deliver otherwise-untold "big stories" that inspire public debate. Our diverse mix of story types embodies best practices in modern, multimedia journalism. Our newsroom is committed to editorial independence. We operate free from partisanship and influence from funders or advertisers. The Bay Citizen maintains a strict "separation of church and state," with editorial management entirely independent of business operations. In 2010, our reporters covered the following beats:

& POLITICS This year we provided extensive coverage of local and statewide elections, including feature stories on key ballot propositions and candidates. On election night we debuted interactive data applications with live poll results. Our coverage of San Francisco's pension-reform initiative and its aftermath continues to set the agenda on this critical issue. We brought readers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the drama that led to Ed Lee's appointment as San Francisco's interim mayor. We brought context to understanding Oakland's ambitious but risky efforts to become the capital of the medical marijuana industry.


Our coverage of the environment and land-use decisions included major stories about the proposed Saltworks development in Redwood City, the Hunters Point redevelopment plan and the Alameda Naval Base redevelopment plan. We helped educate voters about ballot measures seeking to invalidate California's global warming protections and block public-power efforts across Northern California. We reported on pollution at Bay Area beaches, innovative plans to develop wave energy and the growing importance of green energy as a regional economic driver.

on p.72)


August 12, 2010 NEW LAWS FOR URBAN FARMERS Changes would make it easier for farmers to earn a living in San Francisco

January 6, 2011 BEHIND-THE-SCENES POWER POLITICS: THE MAKING OF ED LEE How three heavyweights propelled a civil servant to the precipice of power

July 10,2010 VACCINATION RATE LAGS AS WHOOPING COUGH SPREADS Parents who don't immunize their kids worry public health officials



The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report

October 16, 2010 AFTER SERVICE, VETERAN DEATHS SURGE Suicides, vehicle accidents and drug overdoses take lives

November 12, 2010 PAYMENT SCANDAL ROCKS SF UNIFIED Administrators funneled money into own accounts, documents show

February 3, 2011 YOUTH CHORUSES ALL THE RAGE IN THE 'GLEE' ERA Bay Area children's singing groups are taking on advanced repertory and building worldwide reputations



We broke the news about increased rates of whooping cough in the Bay Area, and the role of anti-vaccine sentiment in the epidemic. Our story on local vaccination rates, and its accompanying data app that lets readers search immunization rates at local schools, is our most popular article to date, having been viewed more than 50,000 times. We revealed the troubles at Planned Parenthood Golden Gate that caused the organization to lose its national affiliation, and our reporters investigated the conditions at Napa State Hospital that have led to multiple assaults on staff there. We produced awareness-raising stories on environmental health issues, including Superfund remediation efforts in Oakland and the local impact of pollution from the Valero Benicia Refinery.

superintendent's efforts to bring his successful formulas to Oakland, problems relating to lax oversight of online charter schools, a bitter dispute over remedial instruction at City College of San Francisco, and the troubles the UC faced over its president's house.

for the homeless, the extension of foster care service to age 21and the veto of funding restorations to the state's child welfare system.

We revealed an elaborate Ponzi scheme based in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood and exposed the backstory of a major local insider-trading scandal. We explained the complicated tale behind the sale of the historic Huntington Hotel, and our reporting brought to light the dubious nature of a now-abandoned plan to sell many of the state's landmark office buildings to developers.

Our team's reporting on the Johannes Mehserle trial featured real-time coverage of events in Oakland, including extensive on-the-ground video and photography. We investigated the notorious gang rape at a Richmond school, brought continuing coverage of the controversial gang injunctions in Oakland, profiled a murdered community leader in San Mateo and explained the San Francisco Police Department's initiative to keep schoolchildren safe.

Our investigation broke the news that a group of San Francisco Unified School District administrators engaged in a long-running scheme to funnel district money into their personal bank accounts via nonprofit community organizations. We also reported on the Emeryville school

We are committed to using the power of journalism to help the underserved in our community. Our story on veterans revealed that many more California vets have died from high-risk behaviors and suicide after returning home than died on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan combined. More broadly, we reported stories about economic threats to free mental health care services

We brought a keen focus on news and trends to our arts and culture coverage. On the investigative front, we published an exclusive series of articles about the claims that photographic negatives purchased at a garage sale were the "lost works" of Ansel Adams, including the revelation that the art dealer who appraised the negatives was a convicted felon who embellished his professional credentials. We had an early report on City Hall's push to revitalize San Francisco's


The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual


...",., -_

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prru,.jlif't~ ~~~~'oJ .;t"'"~



I......!o£I'::ill~ r


October 28. 2010 THE WORLD SERIES, DAVE EGGERS STYLE The best-selling author takes his sketchbook to the ballpark

mid-Market area by incentivizing arts organizations to move there, and revealed pop artist Jeff Koons' threat to sue a small San Francisco gallery for copyright infringement. We also featured arts stories and profiles on everything from youth choruses to Burning Man Radio to war photography by Iraq vets. Our culture blog provided a mix of short news items and multimedia-driven streetculture items, such as videos of BART station poets and the fashion scene at art openings. Notably, in partnership with SF Arts, we launched a customizable database for readers to search for upcoming cultural events. We define culture broadly, and our culture coverage aims not just to inform but also to entertain and engage our readers. When the San Francisco Giants brought the World Series to our home ballpark, we sent best-selling local author and illustrator Dave Eggers to "cover" the World Series in drawings. Author Gary Kamiya blogged for our readers about his own experience reading Mark Twain's autobiography.





This year we launched Community Journalism Projects, which are sponsored by local organizations and companies. The projects provide interested individuals with opportunities to practice and refine their multimedia reporting skills on a variety of subjects. Bay Citizen staff led aspiring citizen journalists backstage at the San Francisco Opera and A.C.T.,where they conducted interviews with cast members.

Our expanding family of blogs offers a conversational take on a broad range of topics. Pulse of the Bay, our breakingnews blog, keeps readers up to speed on the news of the day, with original reporting and links to other media sources. Culture Feed, as you might guess, provides an insightful take on cultural happenings of all varieties. Quality of Life focuses on environmental health-the way in which our physical and social surroundings impact our well-being. Sports Riff offers analysis on the teams and the happenings that are such an important part of Bay Area culture. Three of our blogs offer an explicit journalist's perspective: In the Newsroom, where we talk about our coverage decisions and our own perspective on major news events; Talking Pictures, in which our staff photographer highlights innovative developments in the photo world; and The Sandbox, where our tech team weighs in on the fast-changing world of data journalism.











The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report

"Technological innovation creates a bright future for online news organizations."
Brian Kelley, Chief Technology Officer

TECHNOLOGY FOR AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT The Bay Citizen's mission relies on technological innovation. On the business side, we prioritize strategic investments in technology to build the infrastructure necessary to deliver news content in an efficient and cost-effective way. Our technology backbone supports the demands of an active multimedia newsroom and provides the foundation for tools and features to engage our audience. Our technology team built The Bay Citizen website and architected a platform for audience engagement. We make it simple for readers to submit story ideas, comment on articles, write their own Citizen Blog-in short, our readers

"live" our news through technology. We also use technology to connect with readers through email news briefings and various prompts to allow readers to become members. Technology animates our newsroom stories by making data transparent and accessible. Our stories have deeper impact through their accompanying data applications. When readers can find immunization rates for schoolchildren in their community, track San Francisco city employees' salaries and explore polling data and real-time election results, our news has even greater meaning in their daily lives. Our data applications are consistently some of the most-visited features on our website.

TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP IN THE NEWS INDUSTRY Our role as a leader in technological innovation is recognized throughout the industry. In December 2010, The Bay Citizen and The TexasTribune, another leading nonprofit news organization, received a generous $975,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to share our advancements and innovations with our peers, many of whom do not have staff with technical expertise. Working with The Texas Tribune, we are developing a free, open-source software platform that will enable news organizations to support all forms of new digital media (from text, audio and video to interactive applications). Using our platform, newsrooms can improve their editorial workflow and front-end, user-facing site designs, integrate membership-building tools and raise revenue through an integrated donation platform. We announced the distribution of our platform in March 2011.Within a month we received more than 300 inquiries about adoption of our technology backbone.


The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report


The Bay Citizen was founded on the premise that local journalism needs a new business model. We believe that the Bay Area deserves quality, professional reporting of civic and cultural issues,and that given the opportunity, residents will support a new nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining and reinventing it. Our approach mirrors that of many successful nonprofit organizations, including public broadcasting networks. Both NPR and PBS have succeeded in leveraging public support to provide high-quality, trusted news and information. The Bay Citizen's funding streams will be diverse and include contributed revenue sources (e.g. member donations, major gifts, foundation support, corporate sponsorships) as well as earned revenue from online advertising and content distribution royalties. Original, in-depth professional reporting is expensive, and every contribution helps. We project that The Bay Citizen will achieve financial sustainability by 2014 under a carefully crafted, multi-faceted revenue model.

Our revenue comes from: MEMBER DONATIONS Member support from the Bay Area community will ultimately be our largest source of steadystate revenue. SPONSORSHIPS Corporations and foundations can support The Bay Citizen in general or for coverage of a particular issue by sponsoring a beat. INDIVIDUAL MAJOR GIFTS Philanthropic support is key to our start-up phase, but over time, our operations will rely increasingly on revenue from members and sponsors. FOUNDATION SUPPORT Foundation grants support general operations and specific initiatives. ROYALTIES We receive a royalty for the content we make available to other media companies.

Efficiency and a cautious approach to expenditures are cornerstones of our philosophy. We use a number of strategies to maximize resources, including the following: Leveraging our strategic distribution partnerships to reach Bay Area residents who prefer to consume news through radio, TV and print without having to own or operate expensive broadcast and print assets ourselves Creating and using opensource technology solutions and forming strategic technology-driven collaborations



By the end of our first year (December 31, 2010), we achieved the following milestones:

Our plan to cover stories that are otherwise going untold has been immediately and consistently attractive to readers.






The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report


Annual Income
(in thousands)



CONTRIBUTED Individuals Foundations Corporations Other***

INCOME** 3,153 7,891 179 46 (171) 2,064 2,674 1,088 5,221 179 218 1,647 2,898 1,020






Subtotal Total Revenue & Support

$93 $11,362 $4,563

$93 $6,799

$191 $5,756

ANNUAL EXPENSES Program Expenses Newsroom Online Membership 1,916 651 414 2,836 1,214 560

Support Expenses & General & Media Sales



Management Development Sponsorship Marketing

234 352 62

393 227 271 296

Subtotal Total Expenses

$648 $3,629

$1,187 $5,797
as audited by Regalia & Associates.

* The condensed 2010 financial information is derived from The Bay Citizen's financial statements A complete copy of the audited financial statements is available upon request.
** ***
Includes money raised as part of start-up Includes one-time start-up capital campaign. and discounts applied to multi-year grants. costs in 2010, allowances


The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report

Revenue as a percentage of budget















Hellman Family Foundation

The Fisher Family Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund Mimi and Peter Haas Fund William and Elizabeth Patterson Foundation Jeff and Laurie Ubben Diane B. Wilsey

FOUNDING BENEFACTORS S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation John S. and James L. Knight Foundation John S. Osterweis Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor Anonymous FOUNDING PATRONS Blum Family Foundation The California Endowment Ron and Gayle Conway George and Leslie Hume Cathy and Jim Koshland Douglas Shorenstein

FOUNDING CONTRIBUTORS Nancy and Joachim Bechtle Craigslist Charitable Fund Tench and Simone Coxe Stephanie DiMarco and Jim Harleen Lynn Feintech and Anthony Bernhardt Rocky Fried Alexander Wallace Gerbode Foundation Philip and Alicia Hammerskjold Katie Hall and Tom Knudsen Mitchell Kapor Foundation Kevin King and Meridee Moore Georgia Lee Lev and Galina Leytes Janet McKinley Paulette Meyer and David Friedman Dan Safier San Francisco Foundation Patricia and William Wilson The Woeber Family FOUNDING SPONSORS Amy Bernstein· Bryan Byrd· Mark Colodny • David Coulter and Susan Weeks· Sandy Dean· Traci Des Jardins • East Bay Community Foundation· James Farrell· Mike and Lisa Frazier· Joanne Hagopian and John Eknoian • Philip and Maurine Halperin· Neil Henry· Dr. Sandra Hernandez· The Harriet Heyman and Michael Moritz Fund· Susan Hirsch and Susan Leal· Suzie Katz· Colin Lind· Carol Melamed· Nicola Miner· Kurt and Tamra Mobley· Mary and Gary Pinkus· Charles Schwab Foundation· Mayo Shattuck III • Mayo Shattuck IV • Gerald Thompson· Ellen Ullman· Susan Wolfe

"I couldn't be more proud of The Bay Citizen's early successes. Leaders in the Bay Area philanthropic community have really gotten behind this cause. They're thrilled to be part of a next-generation news organization producing essential news about our community."
Chairman of the Board F. Warren Hellman


The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report

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"I have watChed, sadly, the decline of journalism nationwide .... To see The Bay Citizen bringing back true journalism to the community gives me hope that I have not had in years."
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The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS F. Warren Hellman, Chairman Co-Founder, Hellman & Friedman Neil Henry Dean, University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Dr. Sandra Hernandez CEO, The San Francisco Foundation Susan Hirsch President & CEO, Hirsch & Associates Jeffrey Ubben Founder, ValueAct Capital Diane B. Wilsey Philanthropist Andrew Woeber Managing Director, Greenhill & Co. Lisa Frazier, President and CEO, The Bay Citizen

Paul Grabowicz Senior Lecturer, Associate Dean and Director of the New Media Program, University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Susan Mernit Founder, Oakland Local Jim Schachter Associate Managing Editor, The New York Times Evan Smith CEO and Editor in Chief, The Texas Tribune

Zusha Elinson Staff Reporter Aaron Glantz Staff Reporter Jennifer Gollan Staff Reporter Gerry Shih Staff Reporter John Upton Staff Reporter Shoshana Walter Staff Reporter Adithya Sambamurthy Staff Photographer Marie Mcintosh Editorial Assistant TECHNOLOGY Aurelio Tinio Senior Software Architect Joshua Bonnett Software Engineer Peter Gullekson Software Engineer Sydney Lupkin Data Researcher for News Applications Tasneem Raja Web Producer for News Applications Shane Shifflett Software Engineer for News Applications David Suriano Lead UI Designer BUSINESS Keith Meyer Vice President of Marketing Rose Roll Vice President of Membership Kristin Crawford Manager of Operations and Events Katharine Anderson Operations Analyst

STAFF (as of 5/15/11) EXECUTIVE Lisa Frazier President and CEO Jonathan Weber Editor in Chief Brian Kelley Chief Technology Officer EDITORIAL Steve Fainaru Managing Editor, News Jeanne Carstensen Managing Editor Queena Kim Community Editor Mia Zuckerkandel News Editor Zoe Corneli Online Editor Reyhan Harmanci Culture Editor/Writer Annette Fuentes Associate Editor, Community Health and Education Andy Wright Assistant Editor for Culture and Community Katharine Mieszkowski Senior Writer Elizabeth Lesly Stevens Senior Writer

OFFICERS Rose Roll, Board Secretary Vice President of Membership, The Bay Citizen Christian Selchau-Hansen, Board Treasurer Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations, Zynga

EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Amy Bernstein Vice President for Thought Leadership, Manpower David Brewster Publisher, Editor, and Founder, Crosscut. com Sandy Close Executive Director, Pacific News Service Bob Cohn Editorial Director,


The Bay Citizen

2010 Annual Report

In 2010, The Bay Citizen began to establish itself as a trusted source for civic and cultural news about the Bay Area. In the year ahead, we will introduce our work to a wider audience, leverage technology even more than we have already and encourage even more participation from our readers and the community. Specifically we will:

Produce more groundbreaking, otherwise untold stories on Bay Area issues. Build a signature story type that combines large-scale data collection with sophisticated graphical presentation and interactive tools. Expand the number of content partners we work with and the ways in which students and citizens interested in journalism can participate in our work. Expand our culture coverage to include arts columns, as well as a robust daily blog covering a broad range of culture news. Launch a series of speaker events, debates and live chats with reporters. Launch mobile and iPhone applications enabling users to share photos, and utilize Facebook and Twitter to an even greater extent to solicit input and increase discussion about our stories. Leverage our in-house technology team on behalf of the emerging nonprofit news industry by developing, documenting and distributing our open-source software platform.

Establish a multi-disciplinary Research & Development Incubator to create experiments and innovations with the University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, School of Information, Haas School of Business, departments of computer science and engineering and other departments and universities. Significantly grow our audience through content distribution partnerships. Launch a branding campaign to introduce The Bay Citizen to new audiences and drive traffic to Triple the number of members supporting the organization and enhance our engagement with members by launching new member benefits.