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Getting Started 1

Getting Started 1

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Published by: じえん ら on Feb 22, 2012
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Welcome to Bookman!

Swipe the screen to turn a page.

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You can also download eBooks you like using eBook publish service such as Feedbooks. Downloading eBooks from the Internet The built-in web browser allows you to download eBooks easily from the internet. a bookshelf called “My Library” appears. You can download some free eBooks on our website: Access to Bookmanʼs website.) 3 . When you tapped the link above.Introduction When you first launch Bookman. Here is a good place to start. You can start adding eBooks to your bookshelf by downloading them from the internet or transferring them from your computer. Bookman can download PDF and Comic Archive files. (For now. You can download eBooks to “My Library” with the web browser. the built-in web browser appears.

. Open iTunes and select your device. Or Drag & Drop files into Bookman Documents. Click on the Apps tab. 4 .” to choose files. 5. The file will be displayed automatically on a bookshelf after completed syncing.. 3. 4. 2. Click on the Sync button. Scroll it to the bottom and click on Bookman in the Apps.Copying your files to the application To transfer your files using iTunes: 1. Click on “Add.

The default Username is “bookman”. 5 . tap the settings icon in the lower right of the bookshelf screen.FTP File Transfer via Wi-Fi network You can transfer files via Wi-Fi network by using FTP client software from other computer. The default Password has not been set. We recommend you change the Username and Password for your security. and tap on “FTP” in the section of “File Transfer”. If you change any setting. You will see as screen below: Select ON “FTP server” to enable FTP server function. Account and Network settings will be used when it is connected from FTP client software. restart the “FTP server” to reflect them. To be enabled FTP function.

Port) as shown in the upper part of the window. 1. 6 . Password.Open FileZilla. Username. and input same parameter as FTP setup of Bookman in the 4 text boxes (Host.How to setup FTP client software There are many kinds of free software released on the internet.Click “Quickconnect” in the upper right of the window. which can be used on both Windows and Mac. 2. Here is the instruction to setup FTP client software using one of the free software “FileZilla”.

and the light is off when it is completed.Select the file you want to copy in the left column.Restart Bookman after completed file copy. To get more information about functions and support. please refer to “Support” in the Settings.3. 7 . All brand names and product names used in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The file will be displayed in the right column. only this document file “Getting Started. The file will be displayed automatically on Bookmanʼs bookshelf. The file list of the computer will be displayed in the left. At the first time of startup Bookman. 6. Drag & Drop it to the right column.pdf” will be shown in the right column. 4.The red light is on in the lower right of the window while copying files.The file list of Bookman will be displayed in the right column when the connection is succeeded. 5.

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