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Mission Statement

Every step toward unification, security and prosperity should be accompanied with moral rehabilitation so that the virtues of honesty, self-sacrifice and charity may once more become the international tag by which every citizen and country may be identified. When all is said and done, we cannot defeat abuse of power if we do not practice justice, we cannot be good democrats if we have no virtue and honor, and we cannot subdue the forces of gross and ruthless materialism with corrupt, tarnished and dishonest. We cannot ascend the mansion of progress except by the ladder of virtue and to be compliant to international best practices and standards. As a global partner for unification, we will not rest but share to provide quality social and humanitarian services to stakeholders with professionalism and integrity in a secured manner and be responsive to the needs of the community to improved work environment in order to translate our dreams into action for peace unification and development. We have embarked on a journey of transformation to rebuild a stronger unification for a better world peace. HRH Dr. Datu Camad M. Ali Founding Chairman, Executive President SPMUDA International