Personal Profile Paul Ohia holds an MA in Translation and is a senior Nigerian journalist, serving as an editor on the Foreign Desk

of THISDAY newspaper, a front-line Nigerian daily. Paul also serves as a Special Advisor to the Governor of Abia State, Nigeria. Educated in Nigeria's first state university, Abia State University as a translator and conference interpreter in the nineties, Ohia pursued his passion for journalism after completing a Bachelors (BA) French and Masters degree (MA ) in French/English translation. He started as an intern with the Post Express newspapers in 1999 and became a foreign affairs reporter in the year 2000. He rose to the position of an editor on the foreign beat three months later, making him the most upward moving journalist in the Nigerian print media then. Ohia later edited the political page of The Post Express in 2002 from where he was employed by THISDAY in 2004. He has written over a thousand articles and features and conducted hundreds of interviews on politics, diplomatic affairs, development and foreign affairs. His foreign desk reporting has made him to have a good insight into the developmental needs of his region. Born August 11, 1970, he said that his love for journalism was influenced by the post war situation of his country. Then his region in Eastern Nigeria was engaged in a war against secession from the entire country and the oppression faced by his people was not represented well in the media. This led to marginalisation of the place in terms of development. To this effect, he felt the urge to give vent to the voice of people who are neglected in terms of development. Paul is currently establishing an African Union Magazine Publication that will serve as an independent advisor and watchdog to the Union. He hopes that this will ultimately culminate in establishing an African Union media outlet, that will give a voice to all Africans and those who have the interest of Africa at heart to speak to, and guide, the leaders aright.

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