DDTV IMP QUESTIONS UNIT 1 1) Explain in detail about ASIC design & development flow.

2) Explain about the levels of design description. 3) Explain about a)concurrency b) simulation c) synthesis 4) Explain about the module & what is PLI 5) Write about simulation & synthesis tools 6) Write about a) Keywords b) identifiers 7) Write about a) logic values b) data types c) operators 8) Write about test benches. 9) Write about use of module sim – SE 5.5/. UNIT 2 1) Write about AND gate primitives with an example. 2) Write about module structure & explain other gate primitives. 3) Write a program for AOI gate circuit & explain it. 4) Write the program for 4- to- 16 gate circuit and explain it? 5) Explain in detail TRI state gates & write the truth table for Tri-state gates. 6) What is meant by array of Instances of primitives? Explain A byte comparator. 7) Explain the design of flip-flop

1.What is behavioral Modeling? write about operations and assignments? 2.Explain briefly about the functional Bifurcation? 3.Explain In detail about initial construct? 4.Write about always construct? 5.Explain the concept of assignment with delays?
6.Write about a)Delay assignment b)zero delay

7.Write about blocking & Non blocking assignments? 8.Write about the simulation flow? Explain it with a flow chart?
9.Write about if &if else constructs? Explain with examples?

10.Write about repeat construct & for loop? Explain with examples?

Write about Time delays with switch primitives? 9 Write about Instantiations with Strengths & Delays? 10.Clearly Explain the Basic Transistor Switches. with an Example? 6. Explain clearly? 8.Explain about C-MOS Switch? 7. Write about the Strength Contention with Triregnets? .UNIT-IV 1. Clearly Explain about-Operators? 5.What is meant Bi-Directional gates.Write about delays & continuous Assignments? 3.Explain briefly continuous Assignment Structures? 2. Write about Assignment to vectors? 4.

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