To The Circle inspector of Police, Miyapur Police station Miyapur From The Residents Block IV RBR complex, Miyapur


Sub:- Parking on the Roads – Night Time – Not safe Sir, This is to inform you that the parking of vehicles in the west side road is not feasible due to the following reasons. 1. Auto drivers park their vehicle at late nights which will cause disturbance to all our residents. 2. By parking vehicles infront of the road, the movement of our own vehicles from our apartments will be a problem. 3. Already there is a drainage problem exists and we are not in a position to move on the road sometimes due to this. If vehicles get parked, it gives us lot of inconvenience. When heavy vehicles are moving on this road, all the four blocks have decided to place a gudder at the entrance to avoid heavy vehicle flow. We have also adopted the same. Please consider our request and allow us to stop the vehicles to park on the roads. ASSOCIATION

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