Current Trends Issue in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Longer Life Span -the average individual can now expect to live beyond the age of 70 and many will live longer. many workers retire at earlier age than was the case in previous year. .THE BRIGHT FUTURE OF TOURISM 1. the five day workweek is standard and the four day workweek is becoming common leaving several days for other activities.Early Retirement -at present. 2. At the present. the six day workweek was the standard for most working people. 3.Shorter Work Week -in the past.

This is due to higher wages and two-earner households. The modern highway system has reduced the time required for automobile travel between any two points. 5. .4.Greater Mobility -improved roads and better transportation make it easier to travel every year. 6. Thus.Smaller Families -the average family size has decreased. it is easier for the family to travel and travelcost less if few family members travel. Great Disposable Income -the average family has more money to spend than before.

ISSUES IN TOURISM Marketing Legal Human Resources Operations Consumer .

MARKETING ISSUES Changing Demographics Changing Vacation Patterns Market Segmentation Frequent Guest Programs Maturation in Segment of the Fast-Food industry Consolidation of the commercial Lodging Industry .

3. or offensive work environment. 2.LEGAL ISSUES Liquor Liability ‡Ethics in the Tourism Industry ‡Human Resources Issues ‡Sexual Harassment ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 1. It unreasonably interfers with the person·s work performance or creates an intimidation. Submission is made a condition of the person·s employment. hostile. Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for employment discussions affection the person. .

Employee Turnover Employee Assistance Plans Employee Empowerment Operations Issues .

Allows a business traveler to communicate with any travel entity from any place including airplanes and rearrange or reconfirm his travel plane. Elimination of tickets ² there is no longer a need for the traveler to carry an actual document from an airplane seat or hotel reservation. . Communications ² business travelers frequently change their itineraries to suit their changing requirements. Interactive CRT·s . 2. 3.interactive television is now being used in some cities.AUTOMATION 1.

.SMOKING/NO-SMOKING The prohibition of smoking in tourism enterprises is an issue that is of increasing importance to owner and managers in the coming years.

were regularly destroyed by fire. taverns inns. . Everybody agrees that all steps be taken to prevent illness that are caused by the manner in which food is handled or to the food itself.SANITATION AND PUBLIC HEALTH A very important issue in food service is sanitation. RECYCLING SOLID WASTE CONSUMER AFFAIRS ISSUES FIRE AND SAFETY fire and safety have always been important issues in the tourism industry. and hotels which were usually constructed of wood. In earlier centuries.

. Successful food service operators will have to give greater attention to the nutritional content of food in the years to come. 2. Robotic labor sources. Extend reach in less-developed countries. Improved security of personal information. 3. 4.DIET/NUTRITION HEALTH The trend of healthier dining will surely continue . THE FUTURE OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY Increased speed and shopping of the internet in developed countries. 1.

8. . Improved navigational system for rental cars. Upgraded internet personal digital assistants for operations. Comprehensive branding campaigns for large and small operation. artificial intelligence 6. Reservation system with more sophisticated.5.Electronic entertainment venues in rental cars and planes and cruise ships. 7 . Marketing mass customization 10. voice activated. 9.

11. Global anti-terrorist microchip security system 16. Blended hybrid accommodations 15. Virtual online customer communication 12. Electronic travel agents 14. Just-in-time seats/rooms/cars inventories 13. Improved customer relationship marketing information . More nutritional fast-food offerings 17. Emphasis on eco-tourism 18.


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