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2011 Hematology Glossary

2011 Hematology Glossary

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Published by: pieterinpretoria391 on Feb 22, 2012
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Erythrocyte, Nucleated

These cells are found uncommonly in body fluids and are
usually derived from peripheral blood contamination in which
circulating nucleated red cells are present. Occasionally, they
may arise from accidental aspiration of the bone marrow in
an infant or adult with osteoporosis. When the nucleated red
cells are a result of accidental marrow contamination they are
earlier stages (polychromatophilic and basophilic normoblast)
and may also be associated with immature myeloid cells. The
cytoplasm should be carefully evaluated to distinguish these
cells from necrobiotic cells. Nucleated red blood cells due to
peripheral blood contamination tend to be a later stage of
development (orthochromatophilic normoblast).

Erythrocyte, Mature

These are typical blood erythrocytes without nuclei and similar
to those present in the peripheral blood. They are not typically
found in normal body fluid samples and reflect hemorrhage
or traumatic contamination. They may also be seen in
association with many disease states, such as malignancy or
pancreatitis. Erythrocytes may appear crenated in certain fluids,
but that finding is not clinically significant.

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