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Hi, My name is Carol.

I´m 29
years old. I´m Russian, but I
live in London. I´m an
engineer. I work for an
English company. I´m
married and I have two
children, a son and a
daughter. My son is 7 and
my daughter is 4. They
study at a school near our
house. My husband is an
engineer too.
Nice to meet you!
Hi, My name is Robert. I´m
40 years old. I´m Brazilian
and I live in São Paulo. I´m a
pediatrician. I work at a big
hospital. I´m single, but I
have a girlfriend. I live with
my mother. Her name is
Sheila. I have a dog. Its
name is Fred.
Nice to meet you!
Now, talk about
Her name is Natalie. She´s 35.
She´s a biologist and a professor
at Columbia University. She´s
very famous and successful.
Natalie is divorced. She has one
son. His name is David. He´s 9
years old. Natalie lives with her
son in a big apartment in the
She works hard every day. She
goes to work by subway. She
doesn´t like to drive.
Natalie rides her bike every day,
and she likes to read in her free
Paul Jenkins
IT professional
No children
Works 10 hours a day
Free time:
Scuba Diving
Now talk about Summer house and 3 cats.

Prepared by teacher Mary Xavier