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June 2010

Identifying optimal location of a brand and its competitors in the mind of consumers or a market segment to maximize potential benefit to the firm ´Locationµ of the product is such that the consumers/market segments think about the product/service in the desired way

Basic Concepts Death of ´one-size-fits-allµ Mass production >> Mass customization ´act of designing the company·s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued space in the target customer·s mind Key steps: Who is the target customer? † Who are the main competitors? † How is the brand similar to the competition? † How is the brand different from the competition? † .

Target Market Market ² set of actual and potential buyers ² motivation. ability and opportunity to buy your product Market segmentation ² Dividing into Homogenous consumer groups Customization vs. Cost tradeoff ² is ´Mera wala greenµ profitable Segmentation base: † † Descriptive ² Customer Oriented (who is the customer?) Behavioral ² Product oriented (customer·s product usage) .

Worriers ² seek decay prevention Independent ² seek low prices . toothpastes and /or deodorants ² Sensory. fresh smell.Segmentation Approaches Behavioral ² most valuable .seek social acceptability ²brightness of teeth.for e.g.seeks flavor & product appearance Sociables.

Segmentation Approaches BaldingerLoyals Rotators Deal Selectives Price Driven .

Segmentation Approaches ´Market Factsµ a research company has developed a conversion model to measure strength of the psychological commitment between brands and the consumers openness to change. .

Segmentation Approaches This model segments users intoConvertibles ² Threshold of change-highly likely to switch brands Shallow.Not ready to switch. but may be considering alternatives Average ² comfortable with their choices. unlikely to switch in future Entrenched ² staunchly loyal. unlikely to change at all .

Criteria for Segmentation Identifiability Size Accessibility Responsiveness Profitability.most important .

Consumer Segmentation bases Behavioral † † † † † Psychographic Values. activities. lifestyle User status Usage rate Usage occasion Brand loyalty Benefits sought Geographic † † Demographic † † † † † Income Age Gender Race Family International Regional . attitudes. opinions.

B2B Segmentation bases Nature of Good † † † † Demographics † † † † Specification Kind Where used Type of buy Financials Number of employees Size of production Number of establishment Buying Condition † † † Purchase location Who buys Type of buy .

Points of Difference Strong Favorable Unique brand associations Based on Attribute Benefit Develop a USP & a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) .

Vicks Action 500 ² fast relief Lays chips vs. TV·s with remote locators USP ²     Dettol vs. Moov ² does not leave stains Crocin vs.Points of Difference Attributes ² Kraft cheese ² more milk Benefit .Ikea ² reasonably priced furniture and home furnishings for the mass market. Bingo chips .Savlon ² does not burn Iodex vs.

negate competition·s PODCNN ² POD. lockers etc. Creams must moisturize and keep skin soft ² gentle. ATMs.in-depth and up-to-date news channel POP . protective. Competitive POP.adopted varied programming such as interviews & talk shows like other channels .Points of Parity 1. Category POP. caring 2.necessary for a credible offering ² Banks must have different saving options.

4. Define & communicate a competitive frame of reference Choose POP and/or POD Establish these POP/POD Update Positioning over time . 2. 3.Steps 1.Positioning Guidelines .

Bingo etc. .beverages. Kellogs.Step 1 Establish a competitive Frame of reference Communicate brand category membership This helps provide consumers with a frame of reference & avoid confusion in consumers mind Important when introducing new products ² ITC. McKinsey etc. Well established brands do not need this ² Coke.Wiils-Fiama.

healthy to eat .Competitive Frame of reference Company can straddle 2 or more frames of reference BMW ² luxury & performance Kellogs ² taste & health Maggi ² fast to cook.

Deliverability Criteria Feasible Communicable Sustainable . Desirability Criteria Relevance Distinct Believable 2.Step 2 Choose POP/POD 1.

Step 3 Establish POD & POP Taste vs. quality Powerful vs. safe Family & Fun Nutritious vs. taste . low calories Low price vs.

2. Separate the attributes ² Head & Shoulders ² 2 attributes ² dandruff removal & sleek. shine and healthy hair Leverage equity of another entity ² brand ambassadors ² Sachin Tendulkar & Boost.Establish POD & POP 1. 3. Reid & Taylor Redefine relationships ² Apple·s Mackintosh ² user friendly & powerful .

Involves a progression from attributes to benefits to value creation ² (Maslow·s Heirarchy) ‡ Cream/lotions ² moisturizes skin. Reacting ² Do nothing Defensive Offensive .Step 4 Update Positioning over time 1. Laddering ² move from low level needs to higher level needs .healthy & glowing skin.beauty & confidence 2.

Updating brand positioning  Laddering ± Product functions >>> core values Abstract values Motivations Benefits Attributes .

To make brand memorable † Inspire ² Should stand out with a higher meaning † ..Brand Mantras Short phrase that captures the spirit of positioning Provides guidance to all the activities of the brand Emotional modifier>> descriptive modifier>> Brand function Its should Communicate the category and boundaries † Simplify.

.Brand Mantras Expression of ´Heart and soulµ of brand Short 3-5 word phrases that capture the essence & spirit of brand positioning & values Creates a mental filter to screen out inappropriate marketing activities Communicate the category and boundaries Simplify. To make brand memorable Inspire ² Should stand out with a higher meaning Emotional 3 Aspects McDonalds Fun Nike Authentic Zee Masti Descriptive Folks Athletic Magic Function Food Performance Movies .

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