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Occupy Cleveland will debate & vote 6pm Wednesday, February 22nd on the FIRST Occupy The Heart Fest
on Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio April 28 through May 5, 2012 WHERE: WHEN: WHAT: Public Square, Occupy Cleveland tent, West Roadway 6pm, Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Occupy Cleveland General Assembly debate and vote

In pursuit of unity among the 99%, Occupy Cleveland’s General Assembly will debate and vote on a proposal to apply for a permit from the City of Cleveland to host the First Occupy The Heart Fest, April 28 through May 5, 2012 on Cleveland’s Public Square. It will be a week long celebration of love, peace, non-violence, and exercise of our constitutional rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. We invite all in Cleveland, in Ohio, in America, and the world, who support Occupy Cleveland and the Occupy Wall Street movement, to come celebrate our rights together for a week. We are the 99%, and we like a good street festival. Occupy The Heart Fest will feature musicians, artists, theatre groups, chefs, food trucks, advocacy groups, organized labor, students, churches, performers, face painters, balloon lovers, office workers, lawyers, carpenters, hunters, boaters, golfers, Browns fans, Indians fans, Cavs fans, St. Ignatius alums, St. Ed’s alums, Christians, Jews, Muslims, people of all faiths and no faith at all, West Side, East Side, city folk, suburban commuters, factory workers, supporters of the May 1 General Strike, commemorators of the May 4 Anniversary of the Kent State Shootings, white, black, brown, yellow, red, young, old, and everyone in between. Please join us in peace, love and non-violence to welcome spring and raise our voices together in solidarity with the 99%.