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Card drawn Ace

Title "Waterfall"

Instruction To perform a "Waterfall", each player starts drinking their beverage, depending on the direction of the game (whether you are picking cards clockwise or counterclockwise). No player can stop drinking until the player before them stops drinking. Make a funny face. The player who drew the card takes a drink. All participating women must drink escolhe 5 para beber All participating guys must drink. All players must point toward the sky. The last player to point must drink. TAPAR O NARIZ Pick a person to drink with you for the rest of the game. The player who drew the 9 says a phrase, then the players go around in the circle saying phrases that rhyme with the original. No phrase may be said twice, the first player who can not come up with a phrase, or says a phrase that doesn't rhyme must drink. The player who drew the 10 picks a category such as "sports teams" or "bands from the '90s," the players then go around in the circle saying items from that category, the first player who can not think of an item or says something not in the category (or if all items have been exhausted) must drink. Create a rule that all the players must obey until the end of the game. Example rules include, "If you touch your face, take a drink" or "If you swear, take a drink," etc. Whoever draws this card becomes the "Question Master". Whenever they ask you a question, you are not allowed to answer them. You can still talk to them as long as you're not answering a question they asked you. If tricked into answering a "Question Master" you must take one drink. This person is the "Question Master" until someone else draws a queen. cup rule remove a piece of clothing. no socks, shoes, hats, accesories. Only tops or bottoms -

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"You" "Me" "Whores" "Jive" "Dicks" "Heaven" "Date/Mate" "Rhyme"




"Make a Rule" "Question Master"


King joker

"cup rule" "remove"