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Business Communication Books that can be referred for the exam are: a) Lesiker & Flatley b) Business Communication

Today- Bovee & Thill Topics covered by Rajaraman Sir in class are as follows: a) What is communication?d b) Different types of communication d c) Process of communication..d d) Meta-communication.d e) Feedback & empathy..d f) Four constituents of communication Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing..d g) Open communication climate importance.d h) Information overload..d i) Importance of communication in an organization.d j) Why you should be a good communicator?.....d k) Ultimate purpose of communication.d l) Cross cultural communication ( most imp. Three aspects of cross cultural communication-non stereotyping, ethnocentric, non-judgmental)..d m) Non verbal communication (kinesics, proximics, etc.).d n) What makes a good presentation?........d o) Context of communication.d p) Three types of behaviour (passive, aggressive, assertive) ..d