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C.C : CEO/Vice Chancellor Deans Heads of Department Date: 14 February 2012


Referring to the above-mentioned matter please be advised that the Online Pre registration schedule for the March 2012 semester will be held from 20th until 23rd February 2012. Details are as follows:FACULTY FISE / CFS IMS (BMS/DMS) FBMP FHLS DATE 20 Feb 21 Feb 2012 (Mon & Tue) 22nd Feb 23rd Feb 2012 (Wed & Thur) 20th Feb 21st Feb 2012 (Mon & Tue) 22nd Feb 23rd Feb 2012 (Wed & Thur)
th st

VENUE Lab 0301 Lab 0301 Lab 0408 Lab 0408

* Please follow the dates to ensure the smooth running of the pre registration process. (Computer labs will be opened from 9.30am to 5.00pm and close from 12.30pm to 2.00pm for break) Students are required to strictly observe the following; 1. Registration must be done through the Mentor at respective faculty. 2. Pre-registration is done with the assumption that students will pass all registered subjects in the current semester. March 2012 is a short semester; no. of credits pre-registered must not be more than 9 credits. (Except for graduating students) Please note that this pre-registration is COMPULSORY for all students and non-compliance to the deadline will lead to being fined RM50.00 with additional charges of RM5.00 daily. Please refer to Admission & Records Dept on Re Registration dates for March 2012 session.




Thank you.

Note; Students are advised to observe the difference when pre-registering for any of these subjects. 1. Codes for MPW Subjects; Difference between Foundation, Diploma & Bachelor. 2. Subject codes; old code & new code.