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[APIDARYJOURNAL EWELRY J ARTIST CONTENTS ‘My Turn from the Etor Handmade ... with a Vengeance 6 Your Turn Design Challenge @ Letters B Their Turn ACalley of This sus Conrinators 12. Net Profits: ASite of Your Own by Cathleen MeCarthy mare yak nets 14 Cool Tools & Hip Tips: “New” Lapidary Equipment by Helen | rigos PLUME AGATE/CABBING 18 Smokin’ Stones: Phume Agate by Sharon Elaine Thompson 20 Plume Agate at the Source materials by Jim Landon 24 Graveyard Point Plume Agate Cab cabbing demo by im Landon FACES/CHASING 26 Trends: Masks & Faces by Annie Osburn 28 Primitive Copper Mask Pendant Jewelry project by Tom & Kay Benham 34 Jump Start Your Chasing & Repoussé ‘ool demo by Tom & Kay Benham 36 Large Repoussé Tools tool demo by Tom & Kay Benham 42 Picasso to Koons: Art to Wear design by Cathleen McCarthy ARGENTIUM STERLING 50 Argentium Tips tips by Betsy Porter 52_Argentium Filigree Earrings Jewelry project by Betsy Porter 58 Silver Clay and Wire Ring ADVERTISING SECTIONS. Jewelry project by Arlene Mornick 72 Advertisers Index 76 Classifieds 77 Gem & Jewelry Shops 7B Jeweiry Classes cs ‘ 64 Facets, News & Product innovations 68 Ask he Experts by Tom & kay Benham 70 Indexto Volume 65 80 ‘The Lapidary Journal Jewelry Arist Doer’s Profile: Linda Kindler Priest Site Clay and We Rng ‘ee Mec pgs 4