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Problem Analysis

This complex project has the scope of adding new registration of patients. It Stores the information about patient diseases. This project also displays the services provided to outpatient. This project is all Patient test and its management. This project is to manage the patient details including personal, hospitality and providing the result of test in a short time. This program also provides immediate details needed in the hospital management.

Requirement Analysis
In the typical scientific laboratory there is a large amount of data that must be tracked and analyzed. In my current work setting we collect data from outside laboratories, analyze the data, and then return the data. We process thousands of samples per week. This makes tracking and sorting the data very cumbersome. We basically serve as a clearinghouse for data to be batched out to our customers, the independent researcher. Our laboratory considers itself a high-throughput sequencing center. Our daily objective is to make the lab more automated. We are continually striving to use more robots or automated

data entry. For automated data entry we use bar codes. Bar coding tends to have fewer errors in data entry. It also allows us to generate a greater amount of information for any given sample. The more we can automate the process the more samples we are able to put through the system. Each of the independent researchers in the company is looking for a particular disease by identifying the disease-causing gene. Once the gene has been located the researcher must get the DNA sequence from the gene. That is our job. We at the sequencing center take the DNA sample, with the gene, and run the sample on our automated machines. Once the sample has been analyzed we put the analyzed sample, also known as the DNA sequence, into a database that the researcher can access. This is a very general idea of what the Sequencing Center does. The role of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is to keep track of this data.

Data Flow Diagram