 Owls  Moths\Katydids  Chameleons  Cheetahs  Octopuses  Anemones  Glass Catfishes  Lemming  Ptarmigans (TAR-mi-gans)  Sloths  Leaf-Tailed

Geckos\Geckos  People, even!


Chameleons can move their eyes

360 degrees! Chameleons change color depending on their mood. Cells in the chameleon’s skin help it change color. Chameleons can change their skin to almost any color.

Fun Facts
Fun Fact #1:

Some octopuses can change texture, as well as color!

Fun Fact #2:

are white with pink eyes!

Animals that Camouflage: Ptarmigan Collard Lemming Arctic Hare Arctic Fox Stoat

Arctic camouflage is not instant. Take a lemming, for example. It has to grow its summer fur. And it has to wait a while as it grows. It happens because lemmings do not have living cells in their fur that change color.

In the right picture, you see a female ptarmigan who has started to grow summer feathers. Her partner (on the left) will be white a while longer to stand out on the brown ground and attract predators to himself away from her, while she sits on their eggs.


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