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NSE 506E Fabrication Techniques in Nanotechnology 2012 Spring Semester Introduction to Nanosystems and Nanodevices: Fabrication from micro- to nanotechnology; Scaling issues in miniaturized world! Basic Thin Film Growth and Processes (PVD, CVD): surfaces and interfaces Advanced Thin Film Growth and Processes: Atomic Layer Film Growth (ALD), Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), MOCVD, Pulsed Laser Deposition for nanofabrication Diffusion processes, Ion implantation and oxidation Optical and e-beam lithography, LIGA and X-Ray lithography and photomask technology Nano-Templates by plasma-based etching, dry-etching processes Nano-templates by wet etching and stamping techniques Nano-templates by charged beams, by scanning beams electrochemical, nanoimprinting Nano-wires, CNT and controlled growth of columns Nano-fabrication by Self-Assembly Processing on polymers and ceramics and materials issues in fabrication Principles on process integration Student presentations Student presentations Student presentations

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