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1 Information Summary (ATDBB1)

DB2 UDB V8.1 Eligibility: Programmers, Programmer Analysts, Associates, Sr. Associates and above About the Exam : There are 54 questions in this exam Duration of the exam is 75 minutes The Passing score is 61% Syllabus: 1. Planning a) The DB2 Universal Database family b) Universal Databases comprehensive Tool Set 2. Security a) Controlling database access b) Authentication c) Authorities and Privileges d) Granting authorities and privileges 3. Accessing DB2 UDB data a) Server instances and databases b) What makes up a DB2 UDB Database? c) Creating a DB2 UDB Database with the Create DATABASE command d) Creating a DB2 UDB database with the create database wizard e) Deleting a DB2 UDB database

f) DB2 UDBs directory files g) Cataloging and Uncataloging a DB2 UDB database h) Cataloging and Uncataloging a node i) Cataloging and Uncataloging a DCS database j) Cataloging Remote Databases with the Add Database wizard k) Database objects 4. Working with DB2 UDB data a) Structured Query Language(SQL) b) The select statement and its clauses c) Transactions d) SQL procedures 5. Working with DB2 UDB Objects a) Db2 Universal databases Data types b) Understanding constraints c) Creating tables with CREATE TABLE SQL statement 6. Database Concurrency a) Understanding data consistency b) Isolation levels Reference Material/Preparation for Study: General reference materials on IBM DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Fundamentals certification as available in the library.