Five Ways to Cut the Costs of College Education John S.

Uebersax Californians for Higher Education Reform February 10, 2012

1. Expand advanced placement testing: let students 'test out' of any course, or even get a diploma that way. 2. Integrate 'outsourced' courses into curricula. For example, The Great Courses(tm) video lectures are much better than most college courses. A library can buy these and students (registered or unregistered) can watch them. Testing and grading could be done by local instructors. 3. Institute a Great Books program at every college. Let students get from 1 to 2 years course credit by reading Classics. 4. Eliminate or greatly reduce the college accreditation system. Accreditation for undergrad studies is unnecessary; it's merely a means by which existing universities and colleges monopolize the market. If accreditation is removed, communities, churches, etc., can found inexpensive local colleges suitable for many students' needs. This competition will drive down the tuitions of existing colleges. 5. Eliminate student loans for undergraduates. This will force colleges to lower tuition.

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