October 8,2010 Dear Dr.


I wanted to take a moment and respond to your email of 1015/10. First, your battle could not be 23 months as your have not lived there that long. You moved into the first stick of four buildings in January of 2009. The remaining buildings were not completed until the summer of 2009. In a perfect scenario the parking lot would have been topped in late 09' or early 10'. I take, and continue to take, full responsibility for that delay. As I have mentioned several times, my bank, in their infinite wisdom. stopped funding in 2009 and I was forced to seek a refinance of the project. Your community's parking lot will be paved this year, as we discussed and agreed to at the meeting last month. My organization, for what it is worth, has been severally hampered by the credit crises. I am sorry that it has also caused you an impact. Your community, while not perfect, is a very nice one. Second, the pictures you took were of the tree save area and the next section of Karen blvd., areas that will not be mowed. We did mow behind the curb as requested. Third, several years ago I was cited by Prince George's County for a drainage issue at Adnell Woods. It took several attempts by my engineers and contractors to solve the problem. which was solved several years ago. I believe the statute of limitations has run out on that issue. However, Adnell Woods is a beautiful 162 lot subdivision and we are proud of that development. My organization has developed almost 1,000 lots in Prince Georges County and are proud and those developments. including Lincolnshire. However, we are far from perfect and have over the last 16 years of business made mistakes and try to correct them in a timely manner. The last three years have been the biggest challenge to our company; many of our competitors have, in fact, gone out of business. While we have survived. it is difficult as we have not been able to solve problems as quickly as I would like. Fourth, PDC has not been irresponsible with the financial payments of the HOA, period. As I have already made you a where, the HOA has an annual budget of $15,840. The accounts receivable last week was over $10,000. This is more than a few homes as you stated in your letter. We have paid Pepco and Waste Management as fast as dollars come in. period. It is categorically false that payments have not gone to service providers. I also mentioned that my bookkeeper can meet with you at any time to review the financial records. One can simply not pay bills if 67% of the annual budget has not been paid. To that end, we stopped the mowing contract to focus on the trash and power. We did warn the residence in prior quarterly billings that if payments were not received services would be terminated. Lastly, we have also not charged a management fee in over a year. We requested nominations for board members over six months ago, as the first step to turn the HOA to the community. I am now working with Carol White of Prince George's County to expediate the transition of the HOA. It is my fault that this transition did not occur sooner. Please have the members of the community begin to nominate a President, Vice President and Treasurer/Secretary, this will help spend up the transition.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional concerns or if I have not adequately addressed them in this letter. Also, as we begin construction to finish Karen Blvd., I know issues will arise. Please call me directly to handle any of these issues that may arise. Thank you.

Michael Camock PDC, Inc.

Good morning, Mr. Carnock: For the convenience of all reading this correspondence, I have embedded your letter (sent by attachment on 08 October 2010) into the body of this email. Also, if you have any further comments, please kindly "Reply AII". I must take a moment to thank you for replying. I am even more impressed that you felt the need to reply to a message that was not directly sent to you. I had given up on attempting to correspond with you directly, as it never produces a reply. To whom exactly, should I address future correspondence in order to warrant your response? I find it somewhat amusing that you would think you could remember my plight of purchasing and moving into my first home more vividly than myself. I do not recall your presence at the settlement table nor do I recall your help in moving into our new horne. My husband and I settled on our home on 14 November 2008 and occupied our home on 15 November 2008. We have settlement _documents and mover's documents to support this. So, Mr.~~n~~, your statement is 100%· false. Perhaps you are confusing January 2009 with the time that the community finally --".F.-j received telephone, cable and Interogt services to render our security systems fully functional? Or perhaps you are mistaking January 2009 with the time that the community received temporary street lighting provided by Ryan Homes? Possibly, and depending on your level of research, you are confusing January 2009 with the time that Mortgage sold my mortgage to Ban k of America. If this is any indication of your company's record-keeping, I completely understand why the community is facing many of the issues at hand. I also find it quite entertaining that, instead of addressing and solving the problems of the community (of which your company is currently managing), you would spend time disputing two months. The fact that the community is not completed in the 21 months you noted is still utterly ridiculous.

v r,



The photos which were initially attached were taken from my front door. I did not venture out into the neighborhood. That is the sight I see every single time I 'open my front door. And while you may believe that our community is nice, I'm sure this is not the view you have when you enter and exit your home. When we purchased, we were not told of a tree save area in front of the homes. We were informed there would be a tree conservation area in the rear of our home. The first picture is of the intersection of Karen Blvd and Wilberforce Court. Wilberforce Court is included in our development and as you can see, the grass/weeds are well above 12 inches. As per PG County Property Standards Group, this is a code violation. The second photo is what you have just described as the tree save area. I would, however, like to see a site plan (which was never delivered following the 07 September 2010 meeting). The third photo is of the Karen Blvd section that meets with Wilberforce Court. The last time the grounds were mowed during May 2010 (by Ryan Homes), this area was mowed. Also, I was under the impression that you also have a permit to complete the construction of this section of Karen Blvd. Does this not also include maintenance in the interim? If, indeed, that is not your responsibility, please do accept my apology. Regarding the ~c;tQ~UWoods development, I am very well capable of reading and actively comprehending the article. At the end of the day, my concern is my home and Addison Glen. The fact that you have developed "almost 1,000 lots in Prince Georges County" is irrelevant - in my most ''''~·~'f'''Jl<''.r:-T~'~J·!'t humble oplnlon. I am happy that you are "'"l proud of Addison Glenl~j_r:t~~Q!flst1k~. That makes one of us, as I most certainly am not. Do you consider a community in which the utilities are exposed to be nice and beautiful? Until June 2010, there were exposed live wires in our community. This issue was rectified at the expense of Ryan Homes. To this day, manholes and other utilities protrude from the ground preventing our neighborhood children from safely playing outside. Is this what you consider to be a nice, beautiful community? At the very least, it is not safe.

PD¢ has positively been irresponsible with financial payments of the Association. For example, on 07 September 2010 Mr. Russell Carroll (PG County's Office of Engineering) sent the following message: .Just a follow up from today's meeting.

The requirement for snow removal by the perinitt~~ (PDO) can be found in Condition 1.3 of the street construction permit for both Wilberforce Court (3121.9-2006) and Karen ~o';!Jf!vard (3~~5~~~"--0~).S.ii,~'W te~ova(,.~spo_,~SibilitY~ re,.,main$ with ,-PDC ~n-til permit acceptance ·by. tJje-COUIltY.~ Thanks I am sure you are aware as you were also copied on this message. Mr. have these funds indeed been refunded to the Association's account? As previously requested, the residents of Addison Glen would like copies of the full financial records as it pertains to our Association (and as justified in the Maryland .t;frme1t~ Association Act). In addition, we would also like individual financial statements so that we "''''"'''-'PiV"' ~(~~;-'I may balance our records • against yours. I have spoken With many m_Q[Tl~.9 .!1ru;J! .W . that have paid their assessments. There may possibly be an error in recordkeeping that could easily be cleared with proper correspondence and documentation.






As for my home, the balance of our 2010 assessments has been sent. According to our bank, payment should arrive on 18 October 2010. We have sent $165.00 for third quarter assessments and the balance of $141.51 for the fourth quarter assessments. The fourth quarter assessments do not include $23.49 which we paid directly to PEPCO'to ensure that our common area lighting would not be disconnected and our safety compromised. I will also send this documentation directly to your office. It would be an honorable act if you applied all recently received assessment payments (from

homes 1145, 1121, and 1127 for example) to the Waste Management account to resume our services. You stated, "We have paid e.,~p'co. and Waste Management as fast as dollars {have} come in, period. It is categorically false that paymen"ts have not gone to service providers." I have documentation that RE~C_Q has not received payment since 16 February 2010 through at least Friday, 08 October 2010 (the date of your email) from Rt.>:Q, Inc. My home alone has sent payments (which were cashed) to your office in both March and April of this year. Mr. ~~, your statement is 1000/0 false. Please, if you so believe that you have paid service providers, "categorically" explain why we currently have no waste management services and no payment has been submitted to R~~ since 16 February 2010. .
""'i<n;¥;.'C'"":'~ ... '~


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