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Homework: Chapter 2 Force systems 2/102. Express F as a vector in terms of the unit vectors i, j, and k.

Determine the projection, both as a scalar and as a vector, of F onto the line OA, which lies in the x-y plane. Answer Vector: -0.242i -0.140j kN, Scalar: -0.279 kN

2/125. The right-angle pipe OAB is connected to the cable BC with the tension of 750 N. Replace the 750-N tensile force which the cable exerts on point B by a force-couple system at point O. Answer R = -598i + 411j + 189.5k MO = -361i -718j + 419k N N-m

2/130. Compute the moment MOO of the 1.2-kN force about the axis O-O. 250 lb 1.2 kN 4.2 105 mm, 8 200 mm, 12 300 mm Answer MO-O = 349.05 N-m

2/141. A 5-N vertical force is applied to the knob of the window-opener mechanism when the crank BC is horizontal. Determine the moment of the force about point A and about line AB. Ans. MA = -375i + 325j N-mm MAB = -281i - 162.4k N-mm * 1.8 lb 5 N, 1 25 mm, 2 50 mm, 3 75 mm

2/142. Determine the vector expression for the moment Mo of the 600-N force about point O. The design specification for the bolt at O would require this result. Ans. Mo = -55.15i - 13.86j + 40.83k

2/151. Represent the resultant of the force system acting on the pipe assembly by a single force R at A and a couple M. Ans. R = 120i -180j -100k N MA = 100j + 50k N-m